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Michelle Boyle (UK)


In 1997 following a series of synchronistic events, a change of job and move to a new area I discovered a new way of being. This new chapter brought with it the start of my spiritual unfolding, embarking on walking a path of understanding a deeper aspect, of unravelling the bigger picture and with it learning about energy through various spiritual practices. This included different forms of healing, meditation and energy work, which I have practiced since. More recently I have been working with children through meditation and also spiritual facilitation with Openhand; both of which I feel passionate about and both of which my heart and soul yearn to express and share.

For me the Openhand approach of empowering people, encouraging deeply honest exploration and of understanding where someone is on their spiritual path, has been literally life changing. It has guided me along my path of exploration and understanding and I have the beautiful feeling of coming home!
That is why, from the depths of my heart and soul, I feel to share and help people in their journey of unfolding and embracing more of their truth, in line with the natural flow of the universe. Through offering a safe and loving space in which to connect and work (in a spiritual sense facilitation or meditation flows intuitively and with love, from a place of soul connection.

I am naturally Empathic, which means that I feel what is happening physically, emotionally and energetically in people and in the field. In working with energy and blockages, energetic shifts happen, sometimes when these are felt it can be deeply profound and other times felt less deeply, but always they bring more alignment with soul and connection with highest truth. I find that things which are ready to come up to be worked with will be triggered and these can then be worked through with deep honest and soulful exploration, bringing more alignment with soul and embracing more of your highest truth.

Service & Pricing

An individual Facilitation session usually lasts between 1 to 1 and a half hours. I live on the Gloucestershire / Wiltshire border in the UK where I am very happy to connect in person or we can connect over the phone or via Skype wherever you are. I also have links in Cornwall and am able to work in person there sometimes.

I invite a donation of £40 for a session, but please do not worry about money, if you cannot afford the full amount, make the connection anyway.

Way to Connect

So, if you pause, truly pause and take a deep breath... do you feel to connect... do you feel to put a foot forward? Maybe you have a question or feel to arrange a Facilitation; if you do, please make contact through email: michelle.boyle@advantage1.co.uk

Wishing you love in your heart, connection with soul and trust in the flow of life, from my heart to yours.

Stage 2 Openhand Facilitator

Michelle is a deeply empathic stage 2 Openhand Facilitator. It means, whether face to face, or through the 'ether' via the internet, she can connect up with a person's deepest, innermost, and often buried, aspects of themselves. In this way, that which has been repressed, becomes active. As the space is held lovingly, the blocking layers can then peel away. This is Michelle's deeply intuitive gift.


Trinity's picture

Hey Michelle,
Big warm welcome to the Openahnad Facilitator team. It's wonderful to have a fellow empath on board.
with a heart full of love

Open's picture

Pleased to have you on board Michelle.
A great addition to the Facilitator Team.

Open Ok

Michelle Boyle's picture

It means so much to be here and to be able to offer forward the gifts which you have extended to me.

Thank you for the warm welcome, from my expanded heart to yours xxx

Michelle, your connectedness to feeling and intuitive nature is just the support we need on this planet. All the best on the journey with love. mike