Kim Agren (USA)

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I have always had a tremendous passion for life and have longed to find my purpose. I have a strong will and determination, pushing boundaries, exploring limitations and searching for truth, feeling it at the core of my being. After a powerful awakening experience which shattered my reality I realized that it was to find something WITHIN myself, to uncover something greater, something inherent within us all. To unleash my truest expression, whatever that is, at any moment.

Shortly after I was guided to Openhand. I could feel the truth of what was being shared at a soul level and was drawn in like a magnet. Over the last several years I have witnessed countless times how the Openhand tools can help anyone attune to and follow their own soul, unleash their beingness and find a more aligned version of their truth. It has been invaluable on my own journey to walking my path, realigning with the flow of the universe, and confronting fears and attachments.

I am honored and grateful to open myself as a channel to help catalyze the spiritual unfolding of others on their journey to authentic beingness. I can offer a compassionate and honest mirror to help highlight the illusions that are limiting our ability to see the truth. Only then can we consciously work with our distortions, balancing courageous confrontation and surrendered acceptance.

    "Namaste. I honour the place in you where the entire universe resides... a place of light, of love, of truth, of peace, of wisdom. I honour the place in you where when you are in that place and I am in that place there is only one of us." - Mohandas K. Gandhi

Contact and Pricing:

I live in Florida USA. If you resonate with what I am sharing, you can contact me by phone at (727) 207-1723 or through email:

I do individual sessions via Skype.

My suggested payment is $75 for a 60-90 minute session.

Stage 1 facilitator:

Kim is one of those rare individuals who seems to create energy like dynamite! Whatever challenges you're facing, however hard the graft, she'll be there with a ready smile, supportive hands and bundles of 'possibles'. She's a can do, make it happen person, who has a special way of harnessing the flow, and channeling it forwards into manifestation. It's not always an easy energy to ride, but when you catch it in aligned way, it will move mountains and shift the heavens. This exploration is a part of Kim's life mission. So if you resonate, then she'll certainly cast a poignant reflection on where you're at, and how to move through, in a more aligned way. Looking for a solution? Watch out world!


This is awesome Kim!!! Your "bright as the sun" energy lights up everyone around you. You have an incredible depth of insight, and ability to cut through the story and hear the truth and offer perspective with heart felt compassion. Never one to walk away from a challenging confrontation or situation, yet you find a way to express through the challenges with gentleness and humor. Many, many people will benefit from working with you my dear, beautiful friend.

Lots of love,

Congratulations Kim. Some of the things that stood out for me when we met previously were your warrior spirit, proactive, upbeat energy, and a big big smile! definitely you are a spiritual warrior with a big loving, warm heart and energy! How great you are stepping into this facilitation role.
with love



I am dellighted to see you go public as a "dynamo" Openhand Facilitator. I can attest to the truth of your profile through personal experience and am ever grateful for our ongoing coaching sessions. Cutting through the bullshit of our personal stories to unleash our authentic beingness is not an easy process, to say the least, but there you are, ever ready with your courage, commitment, passion, and compassion. And patience, I might add (i.e. when I blather on and on ha!). All that and your sunny smile and lighthearted humour to melt the heart and ease the load through all the anguish and tears, whilst piercing through to the truth behind the illusions.

Watch out world, indeed! For those ready to blast off, step right up.

Warmest Congratulations, Kim!

x Catherine

Big congratulations, Kim. Your dynamic energy will serve you, and others, well as an Openhand facilitator.
Way to go, girl!!!

Big hugs,

It is awesome to see you listed here Kim. You are a truly special being and I feel really blessed to know you. There are so many things I love about you. Shine on!


it's great to see you listed here! It was such a good experience to work with you during the level 3 course this year.
I wish you all the best on your journey and hope a lot of people will have the opportunity to work with you as a facilitator.

much love

Thank you all for the kind words and loving support. I have been digging in my heels a bit about putting myself out as a facilitator but the timing feels absolutely right. I wanted to do this from the moment I found Openhand a few years ago and read all the course descriptions. Yes please, sign me up!

Jen-You are like having my own cheerleader=), always so supportive and inspirational with your commitment to the path. I am blessed to have a friend like you to intertwine with along the way.

Ben-Thank you for the well wishes and heartwarming energy. It always makes me feel like getting a big hug<3. I look forwards to seeing you again soon.

Jan-I can feel your enthusiasm and appreciate all the support when I was there and through the ether. Wish I was joining you again in Victoria, I know it will be great!

Catherine- I just love the way you are so expressive through writing, a good reflection for me. You are such a beautiful mirror and I am grateful beyond works to know you and work with you.

Trinity-There are so many things I love about you too my amazing angelicious friend! =0)

Oliver-So good to see you on here. I learned so much from working with you this summer, not to mention all the laughs. I'm still working on a way to trade you some Ray 1 for some of your Ray 2.

With love,

You bring such beautiful infectious energy to everything that you do - this is wonderful!!!
Love you hugely....

Hi Kim,

Massive congratulations for taking this step! What stood out to me in the week we spent together was your bubbly energy, your willingness to be vulnerable and then push through it and just how much you cared.

I think you'll make an excellent facilitator, not least because you're such a great listener, intuitive and attentive.

I wish you many interesting explorations.
Big hug

Go Kim Go!

You have such a marvellous and bright energy.
Such an earnest infectious enthusiasm.
I'm very sure you will make a great facilitator and be a fantastic help and support for people on the path.

Bravo you!

As I look at Kim's photo, and then at the photos of other facilitators, it feels like a variety of energies coming together to create a dynamically beautiful multi coloured, multi dimensional quilt.
Thank you Kim for your contribution, and thank you Openhand for bringing the pieces together.

Beautiful, fiery, earnest, generous friend of thrilled I am to see you here as a facilitator. Your courage, dedication and search for true expression is greatly inspiring...Love you. So excited to see you next month and to bring in the new year together...cannot think of anything I'd rather be doing. xo Joann

Cynthia your way with words is remarkable...thank you...

Thanks so much guys!
Cynthia- You do have a beautiful and honest way of expressing. Just thinking of you always bring a big smile to my face and warms my heart.
Richard-I can feel your calm, supportive and gentle presence from here, your words are very heartfelt and always chosen carefully. Lovely!
Rich-I think of your breakthrough on the level 3 and it inspires me often. I appreciate the kind words and encouragement.
Joann-My fellow spirit warrior friend, thank you for always being so supportive and loving. I am also so excited for the gathering next month. Can't wait!

The connections here in the Openhand community are so important to me and I feel them growing stronger within myself. It keeps me going at times, knowing this is here and being able to tune in with others on the path. My deepest and most heartfelt gratitude to Open and Trinity for all you do and to all who tune in here to connect.
With love,