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Trinity's Awakened Empath Project

Since stepping back from Openhand to work on her own projects last December, Trinity has been baking a different kind of cake. Many of you will probably know, that although she's been focusing more on development of her culinary skills these last several years at Openhand, she's also a heightened empath, meaning she has a wonderful ability to sense and feel other people's emotions. It's a divine gift which can bring light to the challenges very sensitive people feel living out in the daily challenges of the world. Find out more about the exciting things Trinity is up to...

What is an empath?

Here is a video by Trinity explaining what an empath is...


Awakened Empath Website & Courses

The video is taken from her new website called "Awakened Empath" which has plenty of material from video to article, through which to learn more about this important gift that you might have. Do check the website out...Awakened Empath

On the website, you'll be able to find more about her exciting debut weekend course in Glastonbury...

I know that one of the very special things Trinity has in store, is an online interactive course for empaths scheduled for release in May. So do subscribe to the website.

Trinity, I know I speak for everyone in the Openhand community in wishing you well with this very wonderful project. May it simply soar!

Empath training on the Openhand Facilitator Program

Not to forget of course, that a big part of the Openhand Facilitator Program, is training people in developing heightened skills of energetic empathy - being able to tune into another's 4D field, feel their karma, and then help them process through it. This includes the release of entities and implants.

Discover more...Openhand Facilitator Program




Open's picture

Great job Trinity - it takes a lot of courage and bravery to jump right in the deep end with this. But you're expressing your passion and so it will succeed.

Fond blessings

Open Give rose

Trinity's picture

Thank you so much Open.
I feel truly blessed to be walking the path of my soul and honouring this calling. It warms my heart to be able to help other empaths unveil their true gifts of beingness. This line of work is most certainly my speciality.
with love

Moonbeam's picture

Trinity ! Your new website is stunning! So exciting that you are offering assistance for the empath to maneuver the tricky waters of intense emotions and energy swirling all around us.
This new venture is courageous, inspiring and so you ! Hearty congratulations and heartfelt love coming from this coast.
Jan xo

.Jen's picture

Just so exctied for this venture!! What you are sharing is so incredibly valuable and impactful. Deep gratitude and love, Jen

Trinity's picture

Thank you for the kind words Jan & Jen - that means a lot.
Really thrilled to be able to share this new venture with fellow sensitive souls!
Big Love to both of you from Avalon.

Aspasia's picture

Such a beautiful, ethereal artwork your web site Trinity, which I had a look at on facebook. So much thought provoking information and helpful insights. I look forward to dwelling deeper into the content and your offerings in this and other areas.

Much love

Fiona Reilly's picture

Hi Trinity,

This is so awesome! Such support is much needed in the world. Thanks for highlighting and exploring with people such a valuable and often misunderstood topic.

Having experienced your Empath course a few years back, I know how powerful and beneficial it is. It was a really transformative experience for me as I began to see and understand what being an Empath means in my life.

I am much enthused about participating in your online course, there's always so much to explore and learn around empathic experiences.

With love and appreciation for the wonderful gifts you share with the world,


divinespark's picture


Can't wait to take your online course! The 'can't wait' feeling is the hypervigilant HSP part of me! ha! I bought a book on HSP's thirty years ago, anxious to understand how my clock ticked, and was so relieved and happy to find that there were others like me out there. I haven't always honoured this gift and instead have sought to 'normalize' and suppress it to better fit into society. Many times in my life, it has felt all too much.

I am thrilled that you are offering your services to the world to help empaths and highly sensitive persons to master this extraordinary, healing gift. Coming together with highly sensitive souls who feel energy empathically will no doubt be hugely healing and transformative. Plus we now have all the wonderful resources you offer through your website and you tube channel.

Big thanks and lotsa love!


Distracted Yogi's picture

Gorgeous and flowing! I loved the visuals that complimented your dialogue. This is such an important subject and I'm very excited about the support you're extending to all who have yet to discover their inner calling. Beautiful beautiful:)
Enthusiastically shared!

Trinity's picture

Aspasia I am so warmed to hear that you feel the ethereal nature of the site. It's so beautiful to have you tuning in.

Cathy I sense you surrendering into your awesomeness more and more. Thank you so much for the kind words and your stellar encouragement. It means so much to me.

Distracted Yogi Oh how delightful! Thank you so much for the reflection and inspiration. Really looking fwd to seeing you in Seattle next month for beautiful connections in person!!

Fiona I feel so touched, to know that my work has helped inspire the understanding of your own journey over the years. Your love and enthusiasm have been totally invaluable for me. I am feeling so blessed.


This morning I am working on a new chapter/module for the online course. I'll be with it full time (apart from when I am in Seattle with Openhand) until it is published on May 1st. I am absolutely thrilled that it is is happening and so much looking fwd to sharing it!

with the biggest heart full of love to you all

Marye's picture

Dear Trinity,

So great to see your new adventures presented on your new website! I look forward to following how things are going to unfold for you in the future! I do hope there will still be room for inspiring and yummy new recipes though! Clapping

Much love,


Trinity's picture

Thank you so much for you kind words Marije.

I fully plan on spending time with my Conscious Kitchen and would very much love to keep developing new recipes Smile I will be catering on most of the Openhand residential events as usual too.

with love

Etta's picture

I have a very deep respect and love for you Trinity. You are an inspiration to me and I am so happy that you are following your heart and sharing your gifts with the world. I am soooooooo excited about coming to your empath course in April. It makes my sacral and heart chakras do a little dance of happiness when I think about it. Sending you huge love at this exciting time. Xxxxxxx

Trinity's picture

Right back to you Etta. I am so touched - thank you! I am thrilled that you will be joining the empath course with me in April.
Happy dance right there with ya! Dance 4