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just wondered anyone got any tips on being vegan ? I had three periods of a few months but always felt kind of weaker. I gave up meat when a teenager (40 plus years ago) and also fish for about 10 years. I feel if I have to move around under pressure (waitressing) a big build up lactic acid and next day feel like I have been running marathons :) Recently I asked myself "whats going on, why does my body do this" I heard "you need creatine" when I looked up creatine I found out it is a protein only available naturally in meat and fish! If theres not enough creatine in the body then the body goes into anaerobic metabolism (lactic acid is the by product). A lot of athletes etc take creatine supplements. I couldn't find out tht creatine can come from any plant sources. You can buy it as a supplement which is vegan so have ordered some.

Anyone else have a problem with physical activity like this when on a harmless diet? I would say after maybe thee hours of running around my body struggles. I'm pretty conscious about the rest of my diet other than the fish/eggs. No dairy and only organic when I can get it sometimes difficult on the very northern tip of Scotland. I don't use any chemicals on my body or in my house. Just this problem of feeling weak which somewhat lifts when I eat fish again.

I take a plant based multivit and mineral (not made in a lab) I think I eat a pretty balanced diet having researched a lot. It upsets me to think of how other beings suffer to sustain me so I think I block off part of me when I eat some things.


Hi Elaine,

Tips on being vegan... I am not sure if I can specifically answer your questions, but I am happy to share a few thoughts.

If you feel better with fish, then you might benefit from incorporating more healthy fats into your diet (like avocado, coconut, nuts, seeds, hemp or flax oil). It sounds like you are doing really well with your lifestyle though from what you say - fab!

Regards to energy and fitness, there are a tonne of vegan athletes out there who eat a totally plant-based diet. I've never heard anyone ever say they need to supplement with creatine.

This doesn't directly relate to your question, but might be nice for you to check out anyway...


Thankyou Trinity - very helpful video and your comment about the healthy fats . Going for the change - just looking at some of your recipes - have found in books I have bought some of the meals are not very tasty! be nice to try some of yours thanks again Elaine