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A Wanderer

We are all sacred wanderers, Wallahs: souls with a service and a duty to awakening; to embodying unconditional Love, that Pure, Limitless, All-inclusive Awareness - to coming back Home. And we are of service to others and the Earth – we know it, we feel it and we want to live it. That’s why we are all here… and now here with Openhand.

I am indeed a wanderer… Energy dancer… Love maker… Body inclusive… Gender expansive… Animal protector… Nature Morph… Amazonian Divinity. Do you see a Mirror?? The energy dancer in me feels a great sense of fulfilment when facilitating open, conscious and transformative dance spaces with people coming from various backgrounds. I tend to co-create what I call mindful acoustic movement landscapes within the mainstream mental health sector.

Making love to the dark side in me and in others manifests in various forms. One of them is a long-term personal engagement – experientially and academically - in Buddhist-oriented practices. Another is my role as a certified Mindfulness teacher designing and delivering courses to all kinds of populations including businesses and in the community. In my body inclusiveness, I co-create re-alignment through the physical with anyone who is drawn to my work as a Pilates Flow instructor. I have been holding such spaces for over 24 years now. Being gender (and all) expansive, I value expression of diversity and have been exploring libido as the body’s natural energy that longs for freedom in the dance movement landscape. The animal protector in me knows the interbeingness between us all - all sentient beings. Did you know that our shared consciousness-field is littered by the agonies endured by billions of animals exploited everywhere in the world in many ways? I share this with you because I hear their agonies every day – and you can too, just listen.

I speak out in festivals, street stalls, community events, Mindfulness courses and on-line as a liberation activist who sees the intersectionality between ours and animals’ liberation. In loving Nature I morph ceaselessly: into water flows and mountain tops, into vast oceans and silent desserts. I tend to share this passion in ‘Mindfulness with Nature and Animals’ courses delivered in the community and the mental health sector. The Amazonian divinity in me is fully connected and inspired by Openhand. A beautiful, powerful and divine landscape that is fearless, catalytic, loving and true.

For more ‘technical’ info regarding my dances have a look on my web site:

To all You Wanderers in the Openhand Community

Finally, to all of you wanderers in the Openhand community and beyond - the old veterans and the new comers - I extend my heart felt gratitude for creating this virtual space where everything becomes possible. I am now wandering here as the Openhand Community Coordinator and a vessel for your creations.

  • “Herman Melville in Moby Dick spoke of wanderers in all epochs and meridians. He said: “I’m tormented with an everlasting itch for things remote, I love to sail forbidden seas’”…. Watch this amazing video narrated by Carl Sagan and feel deeply into who you are! Love and Peace x


Sending you a warm welcome to Openhand, within your new role as Community Coordinator.
It's a real pleasure to know you and feel the incredible depth of compassion that you have for sentient life.
with love

It is so beautiful to share that depth of compassion for all sentient life with you :) Your light shines in Openhand.

Much love xx

Haha I say 'home' ...for now! As a kindred wanderer I watched that enthralling video and couldn't help but grin wildly throughout it, thank you, thank you!
Welcome Aspasia! Such a beautiful introduction I feel already so connected to you. I'm, of course, eager to watch this next unfolding of you.

Much love ❤️

Hi Aspasia,

It's so wonderful to have you taking on this role - hurrah!

Your beautiful energy, enthusiam, commitment and love will bring many gifts to Openhand and those you encounter along the way.

It is indeed a pleasure to know and connect with you too. You are an inspiration (f)

With much love and gratitude for being awesome you,


Just read your posts Michelle and Fiona!

Thank you both for your warm welcome.

Michelle, I love your energy a lot, you bring freshness, uniqueness, immense creativity and colourful daring passion! Of course we are friends on FB and that's how I got to know you more. Yep, I can see a daring wanderer here in you too! Makes sense you loved the video! There is a lovely connection here indeed. thank you again.

Fiona, you are such a angel! Thank you for your help in my transitioning to this role. Precious. I look up to your own gifts, your empowering soft presence and your unnlimitless empathy. I so much look forwards to seeing you again in one of the courses at some point. I will always remember your small delicate and powerful hand supporting my back while my whole body was thrusting in being activated! Grateful. Thank you.

Love you xx