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Return to wholeness - the true nature of healing


Listening to our inner voice
There is a natural flow to life beyond judgement of good and bad. The flow is designed to create each circumstance for our optimal spiritual evolution. It’s what we all yearn for at the deepest levels. Yet how many of us are really listening to that inner voice?

Nothing happens by chance. If healing is to be truly effective, then above all, we are invited to embrace the deeper meaning of our circumstance. It’s a way of life that beckons all awakening souls...

To me, spiritual healing is the return to wholeness at a soul level or in other words, the remembrance and integration of who we truly are. By ‘remembrance’ I mean at an energetic rather than an intellectual level. True spiritual healing takes us to the root cause, that will unravel our blockages through the layers.

As an energy worker, seeing Universal Life Energy in the field as I do, it’s quite surprising to see what goes on in the field. How many people override the processes that lead to our optimal evolution and return to wholeness?

I see Universal Life Energy everywhere, like most people see the third dimensional matrix. I see how it flows and where it ‘coagulates’ as blockages (often where we notionally isolate it off in ‘containers’). At times, I am given to help to recalibrate and balance energy within an individual, group or the field in general. At other times, I help to clear energetic debris being released. I see past lives and related karmic convergence of energy. Most of the time I am simply a bridge between worlds, acting as an energetic mirror to reflect an experience that is innate with us all at a soul level. It’s not about over riding and disempowering others. It’s about helping others to remember who they truly are. Above all, it is always invited on a soul level, otherwise I just don’t go there.

Two main camps in the spiritual healing world
It seems there are main two camps in the spiritual healing world:

    1. The first is about empowering others to get up, awaken and open their eyes. It does not violate free will. It can be soft and gentle, it may equally be tough, yet it is real. It seeks only to remind us who we truly are and to inspire our own soul to animate our beingness in this world.

    2. The other camp owns benevolence for its self and thereby creates something it is not. It creates an alternative reality to escape from the world that we wish to leave behind. It may appear like evolution or spiritual healing, but actually just forms another illusionary bubble. Perhaps a more desirable one, but a bubble none-the-less, isolating us from full self realisation.

We all have to decide for ourselves which camp we are really in and what serves us best. Some may be quite happy in a bubble. I’m not here to convince anybody of their truth. I am here to help another discover it for themselves.

The law of karma
If we ‘take away’ the pain and suffering of another person, the karma that created it in the first place, will simply recreate it in another form.

That’s the same with anything. If we have a physical or emotional injury, that is notionally ‘healed’ and the original energetic source of disharmony is still there, then the injury will reform again somehow (if not physically then perhaps even emotionally or psychologically).

Nobody (no matter who they claim to be), can remove the karma that causes our suffering for us. Others can assist and inspire us in a way that might catalyse the most profound shifts, yet they cannot ‘remove’ the karma. However, a Universal Life Energy Worker can help clear the debris once we have broken through the karma ourselves. They can help you to the gate and perhaps even greet you at the other side, but no-one can walk through it for you.

Freewill and non-violation
Benevolence will often inspire a shift in perception, an insightful break through or even a miracle. It does so by inspiration.
It does not interfere.
It does not manipulate.
It sends out a frequency that touches the same resonance in others who are ready to awaken those aspects of themselves that have lain dormant.

Benevolence does not ‘try’ to awaken higher consciousness in people. It just does so by resonating outwards, fulfilling itself by its very existence. It inspires people to unveil their true beingness.

True spiritual healing is the same. It does not seek to disempower another by manipulating their energy field. It often awakens a life changing moment of realisation, igniting a recalibration at an energetic and then cellular level. It simply awakens that which was already in there. A person can only realise it when they are ready to.

Co-creating together
It may already 'be in there’, but it’s important to remember that we co-create together. It can be invaluable to have the support of another on the journey... especially one who can dance with the benevolent spiritual energy of the universe.

So, even if we have to walk through the gate ourselves, we need not be alone.

Soul to Soul


Vaso's picture

This was so interesting.. great article

Thank you for being here with us!


Open's picture

Great article Trin - and very poignant right now in these times where many are waking up to healing possibilities Wink

I'd like to support your story with a quick anecdote that happened to me in a Health Food Store a while back...

    I was standing in the queue waiting to buy some food and couldn't help hearing the conversation the person in front was having with the till lady. She was talking about how she used to grind her teeth until she went to see a hypnotherapist who had now 'cured' her.

    Instantly I felt the question well from within... "why were you grinding your teeth in the first place?" She turned and answered..."oh, because I hate my job!"

    It was clear that the healer had simply taken away the pain and with that the mirror to her inner self thus removing the possibility of greater self-realisation about a key aspect of how she was living her life.

It's a simple example of how easily 'healing' can disempower us if we aren't first helped to see the deeper meaning in it all.

As you quite rightly allude to, ALL illness, pain and suffering OF WHATEVER KIND point to some form of internal disharmony where a deeper realisation is being invited and offered...

    "Many of us spend our whole lives running from feeling,
    with the mistaken belief that you can not bear the pain.
    But you have already borne the pain.
    What you have not done is feel all you are beyond that pain."

    Kahlil Gibran

So let's first try to understand the pain and what it is showing us before we help people work to remove it.


Trinity's picture

I love the story Open (and one of my favourite quotes).

It offers a powerful example of how the original source of disharmony will keep recreating the pain until the root cause is resolved (in that case the ladies 'hating of her job', which clearly still existed despite removing the symptom).

Réka's picture

thank you for this article! I feel it adresses some of my questions I asked you recently...

I very much feel with what you say... As a yoga teacher (I actually dislike the word) I never felt like I am teaching anything at all... I always much rather took the position of a "spiritual doula" (if anything at all): a doula (Greek word for woman helper at birth, a servant in fact) never "helps" a woman through her birth - she is simply there to follow and hold hands (whatever form that might require). In fact the major tenet of alternative birth is to accompany the mother through her own LABOURynth (;-) - Chris), never taking away from her an ounce of "pain" or pleasure which is the inherent constituent of her own birthing process - in this case into motherhood.

I never felt I should ever spare anyone any experience they have to go through... Like: often mothers with a ceasarian history come to me and ask : how can I birth my baby now naturally? I always say: first of all, let us help you accept that this coming birth too might be a cesaerian.

Anyway, this is just to back up all you are saying here.

Still, one question stays with me...

Where do we draw the line? Are there in your view situations where someone really does not have the strength to go through? Really, grinding teeth because hating job is a clear example. But what if someone is really beyond the point of having the strength to go through alone? How to pinpoint such a state?

Thank you.
xx Reka

Réka's picture

Is it really 'pain" we are so afraid of?
What about these thoughts? Smile

That which we call “nothing,” can only actually be experienced during moments of unbearable happiness. At the height of happiness everything ceases to exist; there is nothing. In its essence, happiness is much more destructive, more “metaphysical,” than misfortune.
If misfortune befalls us, we fight, struggle, and harden ourselves, but happiness, when it floods over us, also crushes us, sucking our strength dry, leaving us stripped, crazed, and frustrated. (E. M. Cioran)

Open's picture

Yes indeed Reka, happiness can in many ways be MORE destructive (to presence) that can pain and suffering because we want to identify with it more - we're so programmed in society to wanting it or aspiring to it.

I think what we're really afraid of is pure presence itself - the void, everything/nothing. Because when it happens for us, when we drop into it, then it makes everything else an illusion.

Even the notion that there is someone or something else other that yourself has to go - and that can be especially hard to deal with. Except that when we do let go of all of these identities, then the sense of liberation, contentment and pure 'isness' cannot be surpassed (it is all there is!).

So many people arae afraid of that - they either create an illusionary life running away from pain or on the other hand, chasing happiness. Best to let go of both!


Trinity's picture

Thank you for sharing Reka. If I needed a friend during birth process, then you'd perfect :innocent: .

    Reka wrote: "Where do we draw the line? Are there in your view situations where someone really does not have the strength to go through? Really, grinding teeth because hating job is a clear example. But what if someone is really beyond the point of having the strength to go through alone? How to pinpoint such a state?

I don't draw a line, but rather feel what is right in the moment.

There may be tendencies, yet, we never quite know what we are divinely given to do until the moment arises. It's also worth remembering that we draw exactly the right people to us as a reflection of something we need to embrace, integrate or learn ourselves.

with Love

Cody's picture

Im reading a book right now called "Healing the child within". I actually found it at a thrift store today. A lot of the core concepts are almost completely resonant with what we talk about here, and stem from a myriad of psychological reference. It also mentions the spiritual aspect, and the true self, even the "observer" or presence.

Some key points that I have noticed within this book.

1. A lot of the issues (karma) stem from suppressed feelings that existed during childhood. It seems a lot to do with dysfunctional families, lack of feeling unconditional love or affection etc.. My guess is that if you were born without karma, than both your parents were happily married, non-alcoholics, and loved you unconditionally.

2. Identifying issues with profound self honesty. The book mentions that these issues will manifest themselves in outside situations, and can be suppressed which creates a cycle until they are identified and one is ready to walk through them. All kinds of behaviors (things like co-dependancy) are a result of these karmas, and they are a guiding light as to the core of our pain.

3. Grieving of the issues. Releasing of the issues involves grieving, or feeling them. Feeling your feelings in order to let issues go. The books notes the importance of sharing these feelings with people and groups that you trust and who will listen. This reminds me of this forum, and some close friends. It also said to be careful and not to share with absolutely everyone, as some people will not actually listen, try to change you or help you ignore those feelings with more self destructive cyclical behavior (this reminds me of some friends I have who are into those behaviors, which makes sense, hehe)

The Approach: It mentioned 3 approaches of psychological reference...

These are like steps or gateways.

1: (ACoA View, Gravitz Bowden 1985)

"survival - emergent awareness - core issues - transformation - integration - genesis (spirituality)"

2: (Transformation view, Ferguson 1980)
"awakening - exploration - integration - being"

3: (Classical view, Campbell, 1946)
"separation - initiation - return"

I haven't gotten to the transformation, integration, and spirituality part of the book yet. I am just in awe of how some of what seems "older" psychology has a clear importance put on spirituality and awareness. Of course not all psychologists are familiar with this, but man! That is so cool to me, and I thought it would be cool to share in this thread.

Trinity's picture

The answers have been there for aeons, for every generation, in different forms. It can be quite exhilerating when we realise we are not alone in our realisations.

The Other David's picture


amazing article and very interesting timing for me.

I have been going through quite difficult times energetically. Some energy is came up from the base, but went straight into blockages, wich caused immense physical and energetic pain. It was so strong that I physically collapsed at one occasion, because I lost consciousness with a stroke of energy coming up and just fell over on my head.

The energetic symptoms were so strong and debilitating that I contemplated to see en energy healer here. Several friends of mine go to see a a super-clairvoyant woman that seems to be quite powerful. All report lasting changes and huge breakthroughs. I witnessed some of them myself because the peoples energy changed so dramatically after sessions that it was obvious to me and most friends and relatives. As far as I can say none of them went back into their old energy.

But from all I belive this just doesn't make any sense to me. It was very tempting to go, because I was sure this woman would have been able to give me release - on the other hand I just do not belive in this kind of path and felt great resistance in me to do that kind of thing.

But sometimes I am unsure because everybody is having such great results from this kind of healing. Am I just unable to accept help? Is it just another form of egocentrism to do it "all by myself"? Wouldn't it be stupid to reject medical care in many occcasions?

You say "nobody can shift karma". What this person states to do, is to "trigger" the karma that is underlying the issue, then helping you to feel it or regress back to the time/life that it happened and then removing the energetic debris. You still have to be willing to feel, but it comes very close to "removing karma".

After three weeks I found a way to deal with the block myself and reading your post seems like a confirmation I did the right thing. But I am still unsure wether I just bring unnecessary suffering on me, with trying to do all on my own.

I just felt to share the story, because many people seem to have similar "unsure" feelings about engery healers.


Open's picture

You ask a poignant question David...

    You say "nobody can shift karma". What this person states to do, is to "trigger" the karma that is underlying the issue, then helping you to feel it or regress back to the time/life that it happened and then removing the energetic debris. You still have to be willing to feel, but it comes very close to "removing karma".

Do you not recall that's pretty much how we've worked with you? Wink

Yes certainly we can activate and catalyse the break down of karma by striking a resonant energetic frequency and then working to 'hoover' up released energy. Trinity and myself work that way too.

The key point I'm sure Trinity is making here, is that's not going to work for anyone who is not ready or willing to let go (which I know you know :wink:).

Much love


Trinity's picture

Hi David,

Thank you for sharing the story. It is an interesting example to use, especially as your description carries parallels to what is also being described here. It's difficult for me to accurately comment as I have never met the healer you talk of in person. There is certainly a difference between claiming to remove someones karma and helping to facilitate, whilst the individual resolves it themselves.

There is one important thing to bare in mind... many healers can and do create an incredible effect. It doesn't mean they have actually removed karma. That would be impossible by nature of the law of karma. If a healer makes such a claim then I would question their credibility. The 'healed' experience may be a 4th dimensional one - feeling great because it is a higher dimensional experience. Yet it is still capped (or in a blissful illusionary bubble) - meaning that you can't evolve past that place until you go 'back in' and deal with the karma through a 3rd dimensional incarnation.

A temporary effect (the healed karmic bubble) can last hours, weeks, months, years or even a life time. Many people are not yet ready to evolve at the karmic level because they haven't yet fully processed within the lower three dimension, so it really doesn't matter to them on a soul level if they delay it until a later stage in their journey. It may ease things on a mind level, but that is different. The mind can create all kinds of things to placate it.

An energy worker can certainly help to activate karma by mirroring, reflecting or invoking an energy. It is important at this stage to work on a soul level. So, for example, if someone presents talking from the mind about what they want removing or heaing, it just falls on deaf ears with me. I am not moved unless the soul speaks. When the soul speaks, we know that the time is right.

Even then, it is not about removing the karma. It is helping to facilitate the journey.

This is less pretty. But it is real. We then have to fully own up to our stuff. Acceptance, embracing and looking our darkness 'square in the eye'. People are often less willing to go there or in many cases at the moment just not ready.

Empowering yourself to deal with the blockage is very helpful. People have lots of karma! If you can deal with it once, then it empowers you to deal with it yourself when the next karmic experience beckons to be resolved.

As Chris mentioned, we do help facilitate the karmic journey here. Much in the way I've described.


Open's picture

Trinity you said...

    "People have lots of karma! If you can deal with it once, then it empowers you to deal with it yourself when the next karmic experience beckons to be resolved."

Yes indeed! As you well know, people often say they've processed this and that or done such and such healing. But my observation is that very few are yet ready to really process at the karmic level - it's mostly only really been done at the level of the intellect. That's why its complete nonsense to speak of humanity ascending any time soon or as an entire group in one shift.

People will have dozens and dozens of karmic past life attachments to process, which can last a lifetime - many of which are not pretty at all. They come in waves of experience. And yes, by far the most powerful approach is to facilitate the person to begin to deal with it themselves. That way, when a process kicks off, they are immediately able to work with it without needing to refer to a healer.

True healing is about self empowerment.