Say Hello - introduce yourself

We LOVE to know who you are, where you are from and how you came to find Openhand.

This is our 'meet' and 'greet' forum thread.

If you are new here... (or even if you're not, but haven't shared here already), then please come along and say HELLO. Share as little or as much as you like.

Looking forward to meeting you soon!

with Love


I am Yulia Sokolov... at least so 'they' said and I believed them hhhhhh and since then everybody calls me that. On this website I am appearing in the red jersey (at the moment) under the nickname 'someone' (see upper right corner).

And eh... well, that's about all :)

See you around!

Hi Guys,

Great to see the new Website!
My name is Vaso Argyrou and i am from Cyprus. I found Openhand over a year ago. i met many wonderful people and i made some good friends through Openhand.

Chris and Trinity, i look forward to seeing you at the New Year Retreat.


Hi, my name is Mark Kennedy and I found Openhand a few years ago at the perfect time for me. I live in England and have attended a number of courses, meeting so many lovely souls from many countries and backgrounds. A huge impact on my life, with the selfless support of Chris, Trinity, Lesley, David. What I love about Openhand courses is the fact I can be delving deeply into things that are really tough and challenging but there is always laughter, friendship, support and great food. The web site is what brought me in contact with Openhand and continues to provide a great resource. Thank you so much.

Hiya there All,

I am Réka from Budapest.
I love Openhand. I'm harbouring here these days.

There are many things that fire my soul... if I really have to FORMulate: mostly my children, 3 of them blessed miracles, then my work which is somehow and always about the liberation of the most authentic expression of the feminine in us all, and of course MUSIC and dance, or any kind of body and breathwork, etc. ...

But most importantly these days a certain flow of existence that we often call freedom ...

So here I put one video, as good as any other video could be.
Today i feel to post this, tomorrow i could post something totally different...
Love to you.

Hello. This is Becky.

I've been involved with Openhand since Sept 2010 (I think!). Just the other day I was thinking how short a time that sounds, but it feels like so much longer - in a good way! I was introduced to Openhand by a friend who did Five Gateways and raved about it, and I haven't looked back since. Thank you Chris & Trin, ably supported by lovely Lieutenant Lesley and dextrous Deputy Dave!

I live in South East England with my 3 children (aged 17, 12 & 10). I am a mediator by day, working to resolve conflict between neighbours and within families; and by night I teach yoga. I find that the Openhand philosophy is completely aligned with the ancient teachings of yoga and this has brought about many positive changes in my life.

best wishes to all

Hi my name is Theresa. I'm living in Australia and came across openhand about 2 years ago. I don't tend to follow anything religously, however if I find that something's vibrations are pure and inline with truth and spirit based on how it feels then I tend to keep a connection to it. i have not attended any of the openhand workshops however I found that the 5 gateways book helped me to feel "normal" and understand what i was going through...i also enjoy reading the posts by Chris and Trinity and know that they are truth because they always seem to come to the same realisations at the same time as I do and/or have realised the same things as myself, so its nice to have confirmation and also hear it from someone else because that can also help me feel clearer in my mind about it or understand it a little better as well as give me self confidence and self-belief about what I intuitively know to be true.


I am eternally grateful a group like this exists, and with so many members!
I do not know what to say more than I am willing to help, contribute and learn as much as is prudent or proper. Live everyday as though it is your last, Learn as though you'll live for ever, right? ;)
Hahah I guess its not even about being right or wrong anymore its more about being and not hahah. I am a bit of a sap for writing and while my poetry is far from {[my]} own I hope you will enjoy these verses.

A prayer through sepheroths

Fear thee not, it shall cease to be,
after my pen has gleaned my teeming brain,
and books pil`d in charact'ry high ,

like full-ripen'd rich garners 'grain;
upon the night's starr'd face, behold
Huge symbols of a high romance;
I live to feel and trace
the magic hand of chance with {[_our_]} shadows

I feel a fair creature of an hour. when I realize,
That I shall forever look upon thee more!
We relish in the faery power
then on the shore Of unreflecting love;—
Of the wide world I stand with you, and think,
Till my Fame to nothingness sink.
Love and do
one day at a time.

Hello wonderful beings! My story is much like Chris Bourne's - I was a science type until a special experience in June 2010 hit the big green button in the centre of my chest. I honestly thought I had gone mad with what I was seeing and experiencing and must thank my wife for not sectioning me :-) Synchronicity took me along the path of shamanic practitioner, which I found to be a useful bridging framework. A few days ago synchronicity brought me to OpenHand, so here I am. I will now open a large tin of non-existent healthy biscuits and share them out with you all. In love and biscuity crumbs, David xx

Welcome to Openhand David.
Start talking raw chocolate and I'll listen closely :D

Raw chocolate - oh yes! The non-biscuits I not-eat are with my mind only, hence the healthy labelling. This is the best way I find. The crumbs also become friends. xx


I also love raw chocolate and imaginary biscuits!
I feel very excited to be here, and think that this resource is such a big blessing for me, so thank you!

I'm Pickle, and I currently live in Bristol. I moved here after living in Cardiff for 6 years in September, and it is one of the best things that I have ever done! I resonate with this city at least a hundred times more than Cardiff!

I watched the 'Five Gateways' documentary about a year ago, and then finished reading the book a couple of weeks ago, so here I am! I have found both resources to be extremely helpful with my journey, and I'm hoping to take part in an Openhand course in the spring: the one in May, in Glastonbury is looking likely.

Much love and light.

Big welcome to you Pickle!
Would be delightful to have you here in May for the Five Gateways workshop in Glastonbury.
I look forward to connecting.

Glad you enjoyed the biscuits (I put extra choc on mine). Bristol is one of my big fave cities too - I used to work there - lovely vibe, which is surprising for a city. As synchronicity would have it the nickname my wife has given me for the past 28 years is... Mr Pickle :-)

Glad to be here, and so looking forward to participating in these forums. Some day I'll make it to a workshop but for now I would just like to share my journey and all that I've learned. I am going into my 3rd year of life-goes-on after a shocking awakening in 2011. I have really loved the articles and the whole approach of this website, I'm not sure I really "get it" yet, but I will!
And I'm using the pseudonym Dakini (as I'm just more comfortable with that currently). I read about the goddess Dakini in Buddhism and really identified with her.

Sorry for the late reply to your comment! Am only seeing it now. 'Mr Pickle' - that's so sweet! I have a pet name for my partner too! I agree, Bristol is amazing! :)

And welcome to Dakini! I'm learning the robes too, don't worry! ;)

Hi. I'm Martin from Sweden. I found Openhand late 2012. I've been to meetings and workshops twice and is coming again for the upcoming level 2 in March. I am so happy to have found a forum with like minded people. The website is great and give me a lot of insights! Going to Glastonbury is like paradise or a feeling of "coming home". Right now I'm longing.

I'm curios if there are any other Openhanders from Sweden?

Just wanted to say hello....

I moved to the desert going on two years ago. It is and has been journey a in spiritual self-realization. The beauty in the details of the landscapes, nature and myself, in coming face to face with the reality of who and how I am and am becoming because it is reflected back to me.

I so appreciate Openhand, this place of soul-space, an atmosphere of seeking and finding, remembering because we are reminded.

Wonderful to have you here too Martin!
We have actually had another couple of people come on our courses from Sweden. One of who would have loved to make it to the course coming right up too.

Beautiful to have you here Joan :)

Hi Folks,

After lurking in the background and reading the articles as well as forum discussions, I am already beginning to feel at home and finally got to registering. Thanks David for your efforts.

I live in the city of George, where I own a small café. We are about a 5 hr drive from Cape Town on the east coast of South Africa. It's little inland from the sea and dominated by the Outeniqua mountains over which lie the vast Karoo plains. It is a most beautiful area of magnificent diversity that is in many way gratifying to live in & most definitely where I need to be for the moment.

I spent most of my career in the engineering field and am very typically logically minded but more recently I have been working at living more intuitively both with integrity and in compassion.

Notwithstanding the impersonal nature of the internet, when I come across a site that resonates with me I can most certainly discern it. I have been aware of the need for integrity a lot currently and Openhand hits the spot.

With love & peace, in gratitude

Trinity, thank you so much; I love the diversity of information & all so relevant!

Warm regards

Hi, my name is Sean John and I have been looking for answers and seeking a spiritual path in life for many years. What I have found in the last year is incredibly astounding and has pretty much shaken everything up for me in the best possible sense of the words. I've read and deeply appreciated some of the articles here and watched the 5 gateways video which I find incredibly comforting and relevant to my own experience. Looking forward to meeting as many of you as I can.

Hi Sean John,

When I found Openhand, I too had been looking for answers for many years. It really started to help lots of things click into place for me and was without doubt the way I got to understand what a true spiritual path is and how to walk my own.

Welcome to Openhand!

Lesley x

In reply to by Sean John

Hey Sean John, from one newbie to another. Nicely said, the relevance of Openhand is much the same for me even though I have only over the last few weeks touched the surface and find it great that it resonates with what I have also intuited. It is very comforting to align with such an organisation!


Hey there Rhys,

A warm welcome from my side of Gaia. I trust you will find our community fulfilling to your personal journey.


I send you the wishes of "Welcome", from my side of the world, sunny Sedona AZ. We are having nourishing monsoon rains here!

May you find the encouragement and instruction that is so wonderfully presented here in this community!



I have been immersed in the site for my second day now. I relate to that, that, and that, maybe not that so much for now (and that's okay), but that, that, and even that...!!! It has been so refreshing to find such resonance. My journey has led me to MANY questionable resources of which my red flags eventually win out. But here, many of those instinctual doubts have been freely addressed and for that I am truly grateful. Thank you so much for all the works you manifest. I look forward to ...?

Many Blessings,


Hello everyone

I came across you a couple of days ago whilst looking into out of body experiences...what a find!

A bolt of lightening hit last year after meditating and a stressful life event, where the ideas on openhand occurred and having no prior inkling I toyed with the fear i'd gone bonkers!

It's incredible! and i'm learning so much and having so many questions answered.

Love and thanks X

Rhys - beautiful to see you here at last :)

Snowfire - great to have you here - we've crossed paths already on your powerful personal journey sharing on the other thread.

Heather - welcome to Openhand. I am pleased to hear that you are resonating with what you've found. Out of body experiences are not uncommon, although most people block out what is really happening for fear of being crazy. They can be incredibly unsettling when they occur out of the blue - so my heart goes out to you. You are amidst friends here.

Hello friends,

I just want to introduce myself. I am Nikhil, I have been firmly experiencing the rollercoaster ride of ascension and energy transmutation for 10 years now. I am happy to have found a place where the energy is light and condusive to the nourishment of the soul. Thankyou for creating this space and hope to get to know you all.

Hi Nikhil,

Is it not amazing how synchronistically the aspects that you need in life when you are ready for them? I am also relatively new to Openhand and share your sentiments of gratitude. Welcome.

Warm regards,

Thankyou Trinity, Kelvin and Snowfire for the warm welcome.
Kelvin, I have been doing this solo for a while now and I am grateful to the universe for helping me find this online retreat, a safe-haven to fully express my own journey and interact with other like-minded souls. Syncronisity is a blissful miracle :)

I know that feeling Nikhil, it does seem that sometimes we are a lone island and I believe this has given us a level of fortitude that comes with persevering against the odds. We are of course never alone, our sense of separation is artificial.

Warm regards

Hi there! My name is Eelke van Hoof from The Netherlands. (This is my earth name but I like to speak on this forum as much as I can from my higher self's name Apollonius. And maybe that's temporary also like almost everything).
I have been reading the articles and forum subjects for some months now and I really resonate with this community. I've been traveling the spiritual path for more than twenty years now (does it really matter, Eelke?) and am glad to have stumbled upon Openhand. There's so much sincerity, truth and real love here. It's what I call a real blessing for humanity.
Like many Openhanders I've been going through the darkness of the spiritual journey and know all about the falling away of the old world and slowly entering the New. After waking up from my dreamstate life, I felt my psyche was falling apart. I started having sleeping problems and obsessive thought patters that I noticed I couldn't stop. At the same time I discovered a new spiritual dimension which was exhilarating. But overall I felt deeply unhappy, out of balance and ungrounded for a couple of years. Then I entered a new phase: I started to change my diet,
started to meditate and putting my spiritual path above of all other things in my life. A new balance emerged. Whereas before I always figured out everything by overthinking I now started to use my heart to make the grand decisions of life. Although tremendously scary at times it brought me to places I really wanted to be. A couple of years after that a new phase appeared. I started to react to sun spot activity and for weeks in time my heart started to 'race' and my kundalini burst through the roof. Sometimes I was knocked out for weeks not able to do anything. From this moment on my life became a rollercoaster of constant clearing of karma and stuck energies. In this period I discovered two new passions: painting and making music. Subsequently a being introduced himself to me as Apollonius which appeared to be an aspect of the larger Me. A couple of years ago I entered another phase: It started by me making a cd called 'The Child Set Free'. Little did I know that that was the beginning of an intense clearing of inner child pain. And that's where I'm now still working through this, sometimes rising above it, sometimes being dragged right into it again. Mighty intense! But I know I'm getting closer and closer to enlightenment/ascension everyday. All mirrors that I receive seemed to be geared towards that. This is THE life of lives. They all seem to point towards this one. There seems to be no other outcome possible than pure liberation from the matrix I've been stuck in. Yes I know, like you say here at Openhand: 'let go of the need for an outcome.' One more deep breath and I will!
I'm really glad I found you Openhand. Love to you all, Apollonius.

Hey Apollonius,

Great to hear from you. Wonderful to hear your story.
Sounds like a fantastic journey.

Welcome to Openhandweb.


Welcome welcome Apollonius.
Just a stones throw away in the Netherlands. We have a couple of other Openhanders from there too.. maybe we'll be seeing you here soon :)

Yes it's been a fantastic journey Open! Challenging but I wouldn't have want to miss it for all the gold in the world.
And yes Trinity I wouldn't be surprised if I come knocking at the Openhand door anytime soon. Thank you both for all you've shared and given to the world.

A cheery hi all
I am pleased to have discovered Openhand sometime ago now and have since been receiving the newsletters via email, which I enjoy reading and feel this is part of the wonderful connection shared by the network of lightworkers and like minded/conscious people across the Earth and beyond.
Numerous times have stayed near Glastonbury (although not attended any Openhand groups - yet), also lived in North Somerset for a while, still have folks there. Moved around the UK quite a lot over the years, am currently living in North East near Saltburn by the Sea; feel next move will be back down south when everything falls into place (still have trouble being quiet enough to listen to my inner voice, being patient, knowing when to be still and when to take action !!)
Becoming more conscious of the connectedness and of being in the NOW, yet like so many still get caught up in life's dramas and the illusion. Interested/participated in healing, crystal healing and broad spectrum of 'light working'. The name Great White Bear has been around me for many years and so decided to honour it by using is as aka in Openhand forum
Take care, Cheerio for now, Susan

Hello Everyone, my name is Laura and I live on the south coast of England. I've been asking for guidance as I have taken a leap of faith and left a very stressful job without anything new to go to at present. I knew it was time that I put my spiritual life above all else. It has it's challenges, but I'm excited too. Last week I was on another site and someone had posted the link to this site, I watched the '5 Gateways' documentary, loved it and found it very helpful, it's definitely divine timing (and guidance) and I'm so thankful to be here. Love Laura x

Welcome Laura,

I can appreciate your current place. I too came to a place wherein the position I was working helped me to question my sense of self-honesty, integrity and impeccability. How wonderful to have taken the step to be truest to you first! This is a wonderful, support community of self-revealing wisdom. May it be so for you.