Seattle Breakthrough Event - photo journal

Submitted by Trinity on Sun, 10/23/2016 - 02:51

The Breakthrough tour is well underway as we launch into the Seattle event. The energy here is incredible! I am bowled over to know we've found such a perfect location for the Openhand work in the Pacific North-West. It is situated very near Seattle, Washington in the USA. After a short hop over on the ferry, we found ourselves transported to an other-worldly land, surrounded by trees, birds, deer and the most gorgeous energy. Feels made for Openhand. The energy of the work is incredible. Open is inviting our guests into ever deeper experiences of breaking through and unfolding our divine beingness. I feel so blessed to be a part of this movement.

I wanted to create a special photo journal at this stage on the tour, to reach out to everyone tuning in at the moment. If you aren't able to join us here, please do feel the energy of what is happening and connect through the ether. Feel free to share a few words in the comments below.

Here are Hannelore, Kim & Cynthia on their way to the first session of the day this morning...

We have five beautiful buildings nestled amidst the trees and shrubs along with acres of land, and gorgeous trails.

This is one of our little accommodation cottages. I am in love with it!

Our Breakthrough studio, tucked away in the trees, with its high energy...

Everywhere we look we see magical woodlands...

The main house where we eat meals and hang out. Also home to several of our guests for the duration of the course...

And, how gorgeous is our A Frame house! Home for four of our guests...

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Kim & I were delighted to receive an invite to pull carrots, beets & kale from the retreat gardens.

So we didn't waste a minute...

Our own impromptu facilitator gathering in the kitchen. Cynthia, Kim & I. Laughter and selfies totally compulsory of course!

Our selfie...

Being with such awesome friends makes the food taste divinely delicious...

I'll post more tomorrow.
In the meantime, big heartful of love to everyone tuning in!

Look at all these gorgeous pics!!! Having been to this location before it feels amazing to feel it again through these images. It is truly a magical place that is such a perfect fit for the Openhand energy. I love seeing your faces beautiful friends and tuning in with you as I felt part of the gathering today.... Totally welcomed in the circle and felt such a strong heart connection with you all. With you! Much love, Jen

Wow, what a place! And complete with kale, and carrots, and beets (the foodie version of lions, and tigers and bears) Oh My!
The radiance of your smiles is such a the way home.

love, tigger

I am amazed as ever at how deep the studio sessions have been. When we are open and ready you never quite know what is going to unravel in the next session...

Aeons of journeying in each studio session...

Erica, Eddie, Hannelore & Cynthia...

Open and his fine blend of deep meditation and engaging sharing...

Awesome to finally meet Steve Jette, who has been tuning into Openhand for ages now. A gorgeous soul, so honest and fun to be around...

Big love to everyone. Special hugs Tigger & Jen! Feeling you guys with us.
Have lots more photo's and will post again later.
Must dash now to put get breakfast happening. Lots of energy work usually means hungry people ;)

Wow, I am very touched by the photos and the energy there they convey, sooo delightful and joyous. I'm sure the work is going deep too!

I am sending some love to all there.

With love and gratitude for our Openhand family, Fiona

It's hard to find the words to express how awesome these guys are. I have the deepest respect for people willing to step out of their comfort zone, to throw of the veil and look inside. Respect guys.

Here's Steve & Sandra.Z walking to the next session Be-e-e-e-autiful energy!

Jenny, Pam & Brenda walking from the A Frame house that they stayed in. A real joy to get to know...

Erica & Sandra radiant and happy...

Erica & Eddie in partner work during one of the session...

Hanging out last night in the main house...

Love the photos! It's nice to feel all those presences at the retreat as the Openhand community expands. And it's great to tune into the workshop energy.

Sat at home at the moment, trying to breakthrough the tiredness after a restless night with the kids. Time for a bit of soul motion - playing some bluegrass versions of bob dylan songs right now. Very upbeat.

love to all

Seattle was indeed a stunning conclusion to our Breakthrough travels in North America. It all came together at the wonderfully secluded retreat space on Harper's Hill. Nestled in amongst glorious pine and spruce, protected from the City hubbub by open expansiveness of the bay, it was a protected, clear and expansive vibe.

And the people! What so humbles me is to hear your journies - the incredible trials and tribulations. You've come through ostracisation, you've been cut-off and abandoned, you've come through drug & alcohol addiction, suffered horrific injuries, and all manner of different abuses by society. Yet when called upon, you haven't shirked away from it. Through the work, you've looked it square in the eye, worked into and through it, then decided that it does not define who you are.
You're truly changing the narrative - opening a space that something more aligned and expressive of your cosmic self may come through.

You humble me. *give_rose*

Here are so final pictures to capture an essence of the energy...

The wild life was stunning. Deer speaking of innocence and surrendered sensitivity...

Wise 'old birds' Sandra and Cynthia. If you shamans don't know, no one does!...

Eddie "Treebrother" - heart as big as a bear...

Hanging out of an evening: rustic, warm and cosy...

Steve & Sandra ready to go deep...

Hard at it in the studio - meditation guiding a deep inner inquiry with empathically supportive space holding...

Erica, Sandra and Brenda all smiles after the processing...

What a courageous group of souls... warriors of spirit!

And finally, here's a song from the satsang, for all you misfits out there. Join the family!


I love to follow the global Openhand tours, hearing of the experiences, sharing the energy. I was touched by the photo of Jenny, Pam and Brenda walking from the A frame house. I don't know why, but the leaves at their feet moved me.

Great to see all these photos and feel the wonderful energy. Lovely to see you there at your first workshop, Steve! I'm sure all were delighted by your presence cuz you're a fun guy!

Open, I know you've stated several times that you don't plan to offer online courses because you prefer to connect more deeply face to face. I understand that and I'm grateful that I was able to attend OH workshops in Toronto and Victoria in the past. Just wanted to have a bit of input about this. As a person with a physical disability with increased travel challenges, your venues are not accessible to me and likely not to many others with disabilities. Perhaps one day you will expand your services and offer an online workshop in the cyber world that would be more accessible and inclusive. Felt to put this out there for consideration!

x Cathy

Cathy I too have been giving some thought to this-considering the challenges of those who have restricted mobility. I was in Seattle but curiously You were there too! I felt your presence quite clearly and it was a huge comfort to me throughout the weekend. It was a tremendous time for me, and I think I can say most probably, for everyone else as well. The setting was perfect for the kind of deep inner work we do and the loving nourishment that Trinity provided us all cannot be overstated! I'm most definitely breaking through barriers of fear. Each time I put myself in Open's Hands nothing short of the miraculous occurs.
Of course it's always the same old doubts which plague me just prior to every course- 'what are you getting out of this anyway?' & 'your back is way too sore to cope with a weekend of sitting' and naturally 'it's so far to go and so much $$'. Somehow I get on that plane and just show up because my overriding thought is that if nothing changes then nothing changes.

It's a journey, sometimes just getting on that plane is the biggest breakthrough one could hope for.

With love and gratitude. Michelle xoxo

looking through the pics, listening to the song, the words....memories flow back, the energy is still within me, To all the Beautiful Misfits I had the pleasure of sharing this Retreat with....I send you my Love <3 i write this to you, Tears of Gratitude flow for having the chance to share a moment in time with Every single one of you <3

Trinity it was a great pleasure to finally meet you, taste your food :) and share your energy, words cannot explain <3

Open....You are a Special Soul, words seem cheap to describe you as a person, as a Soul...better to leave you with feeling the Energy of Love and gratitude I have for you <3

Namaste You Beautiful Misfits <3

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Hi Michelle!

Lovely to see that you were at the Seattle workshop. I so enjoyed connecting with you at the Victoria workshops in a deep soul way. Wow, amazing to hear that you felt my presence. I'm happy to hear you felt comfort in that.

Bravo to you for pushing past your fears and getting on the airplane given your back pain. I've done that many times and have basically pushed myself throughout my life, but now I pay too high a price afterwards from overuse of my upper body, which is worn out from using crutches since I was a little kid. At this point in time, I need assistive devices to manage activities of daily living. No miracles so far with all the processing I do! As Open says, enlightenment means to be enlightened in all things, in all experiences. In my case, finding the light beyond my pain, disability, and body limitations. And being okay with whatever unfolds. Sometimes I am. Sometimes I'm not. And on it goes: going down the rabbit hole and finding that doorway out of the darkness.

I have often thought about you and wondered how were doing, so I'm truly happy to touch base with you here. I see you're still surfing those waves! Whenever I see your photo, I think of the film "Whale Rider" and I picture you diving deep with the whales! :)

x Cathy

Oh wow now that's an incredible visual Cathy! Whale Rider what a concept!

Your challenges are hard. As I read your words I really felt your heaviness. It saddens me to think that you are not able to enjoy the workshops in person but let's not say never. Putting this out to the universe is a powerful statement let us see what comes of it.
Michelle xo

Hi Guys,

What I can feel is that internet based courses will come. At the moment though, highest on the mission is to continue to shift the underlying energy field. Doing these terrestrial courses has many benefits - not just the face to face connection, but as a means of focusing the energy around particular themes in particular places and sending out a vibrational beacon.

A new project is developing for late next year, which could then lead into internet based work. It'll happen sooner or later.

So do stay connected - the energy counts.

Open *OK*

A big thank you for sharing photos, narrative and music. It makes it so wonderfully easy to fly there to be with you (in my visions). Much love to soul family. xo Joann

I am sitting here with the feelings flooding over me like a dam breaking, Gratitude, Love, Pain, Sadness, Loss, and Indescribable Joy all at once. They are all just experiences!!! They are not me!!! Yet they are all full of Great Beauty!!! Much Love to you All!! Namaste Eddie

Agree, Michelle. Never say never. Thank you for your kind and compassionate support. Love 'ya, soul sister!

Open, thank you for update on internet based work. Yes, the energy counts! Will stay connected. The phrase "terrestrial courses" sent shivers through me. Sending out a beacon in certain places. Yes!

I look forward to terrestrial and extra-terrestrial! :)

x Cathy

Open & I are back in Glastonbury after having the most incredible time. What a journey we've all had together. Wow!

We had an evening in downtown Seattle with Kim, before exploring the city a little and then taking our flight home.

Here's Open in downtown Seattle meditating alongside the rather humble statue of Chief Seattle.

The city of Seattle was named after this incredible being. Even though that appears to have been long since forgotten by most, this place still has a very special feel to it...

Back on retreat... It was a delight to look after you all with conscious cuisine. All an important part of the energy. If there is anything you particularly enjoyed and want to know where the recipe is, please do give me a shout. In the meantime here's a snap shot of one of our lunches with beet hummus, cashew butter inspired raw fennel-slaw and potato & chickpea salad etc...

Missing you all already...

Michelle awesome to see you posting here online too.
Loved our connection. I caught this lovely photo of you when you weren't looking...

When I rolled up to our retreat venue, the day before our guests arrived, it felt as if I'd been transported off to a magical wonderland. Everywhere we turned we were surrounded by trees & nature. This place has some gorgeous private trails, with lots of moss and ferns. A bit Lord of the Ringsy, ay!

Here are some snapshots that I took of the private the trails...

Hands up who loves seeing wild deer right outside the studio? Me, me, me.
Can you spot the deer?

Oh the tracks for vehicles on the property are so gorgeous too. I was just beaming with joy everytime I walked up and down this to get to and from our cottage...

It's the perfect place to connect with nature and I can't wait to return for the level 2 residential in March 2017.

Here's Steve contemplating the universe in a fallen maple leaf...

Cynthia & Erica connecting with the Earth...

Such a gorgeous photo of you, Michelle! Your beautiful spirit shines bright. Felt to add a footnote about our recent exchange on this thread. I am blessed to have participated in Openhand facilitation coaching, first with Kim, who helped to empower me so much, and now with Cynthia, as my journey of empowerment continues. So much gratitude to both of these stellar souls. What I realize now is that my upper body limitations and pain is not really rooted in my long-term use of crutches but instead reflects the overwhelming guilt and sense of responsibility for others that I've been carrying around down through the eons -- going way, way, back to major trauma in another star system. I have neural pathways to clear and recalibrate, but I'm on the path to letting it all go, one step at a time, one moment at a time, cause that's all I really have.

You are such a brave soul and have come through so much and no doubt inspire many. Wishing you well as your journey on!

x Cathy

Kim took these amazing sunrise photos down by the water, a couple of minutes from our retreat place.

An early morning sunrise appreciation with Erica & Linda...

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Steve! (I've just realised that 'Js' is you).

I just wanted to say a beautiful thank you for your kind words. The feeling is mutual. You are an incredible being and my heart is over-flowing with joy to have finally met you too. I really admire your courage and willingness to explore your inner world. Whatever you are doing - keep it going - you are unraveling and unfolding wonderfully.

Thank-you, Thank-you, Thank-you Trinity! :)

Your Photos, every single One! the stupendous recipe's pic is Mouth watering.....You so incredibly captured how wondrous the location, the beauty in nature that we were so fortunate to have supporting us and holding the space for us was....Yes indeed truly a lord of Ringsy feel :)

edited: Just read your Post, Your encouragement and support warms my heart Trinity <3


As Trinity alluded to above, most probably don't realise that Seattle was named after Chief Seattle of the first nations. We 'stumbled' across his humble statue, but despite its diminuitive nature, it nevertheless held an incredible energy. It felt like a bridge into first nation elders. It was movingly special.

Here are some famous Chief Seattle quotes...

    "All things share the same breath - the beast, the tree, the man... the air shares its spirit with all the life it supports."

    "Man does not weave this web of life. He is merely a strand of it. Whatever he does to the web, he does to himself."

    "Take only memories, leave nothing but footprints."


Open *give_rose*

I came back to Toronto Airport at 5:30 in the morning and found my car with no electricity, the battery was dead. Then I remembered that on my way to Seattle, a few minutes after I parked my car I felt the pull to go back and check on it. I thought I might have forgotten to lock the car but I went through my mind and definitely remembered locking it. So I resisted the pull and kept on going never thinking that I had left the inside light on. Six hours later I made it home. In future I will think of this experience and follow the pull at all times, not resist it.

Oh wow! What a sneaky thing Ms Trinity! Hahaha I loved it though, you are such a gifted photographer!
Those photos are breathtaking and as I take them into my being I feel catepulted back in time to our sacred gathering. Simply blissful.

Catherine your comments were unreal for me to read just now. I too was struggling with sore neck and shoulders today only to get the insight that I'm carrying the weight of many people on my psyche. As that realization took hold I suddenly felt lighter. The searing pain which was in both shoulders dissipated rapidly. How synchronistic of you and I to be having this conversation! Just a few more subtleties of our co-journey playing itself out perhaps?
I'm so impressed by your personal assessment of your situation. So honest! I'm humbled.

Open, thank you so much for bringing Chief Seattle into our forum. It seems so perfect given several of the messages which were bestowed upon us all during the retreat. More synchronicities to ponder:)

Open, I can't tell you how heartwarming and uplifting it is to see the humble statue of Chief Seattle and to feel the noble strength of his shining spirit.

Michelle, I feel totally blessed to be on this journey with you, once again, this time 'round. May our tears wash away the burdens we carry.

Let the rain wash away
All the pain of yesterday
I know my kingdom awaits and
They've forgiven all my mistakes
I'm coming home
I'm coming home..."
~J. Cole "I'm Coming Home"

Here's a beautiful version of the song by Skylar Grey. Goes straight to my heart.

x Cathy

Beautiful to see you here Hannelore. Was a joy to meet you. You have an incredible spirit and I have no doubt that when the universe speaks (like through the car) that you embrace it.

Here's that gorgeous piccie that I took...

As I was cleaning out the kitty litter box on my first morning back home after the Seattle Retreat, I was thinking of the feelings of love and closeness we all shared (all of us!) - and I could feel it again! I paused and let the love wash through me. Then a thought came through strongly: "I've been looking for you."
I had to absorb that for a moment. Jenny and I have been in our own little bubble of discovery, sharing our experiences, and we both felt the pull to meet up with others of like mind. The actuality far exceeded the anticipation.
And while I'm on a revealing roll, I will share that I was deeply struck by the truths in "Breakthrough" when I read it before the retreat. Then being in the same room with Open was surreal, as he asked incite-ful questions which cut to the core of each issue - - just as he did in the book! Now I'm back home re-reading the book and certain words and phrases just jump off the page! Each time I feel a link back to our sharing in the studio room in Seattle. It's awesome!
The Retreat was a profound experience for me, and a joy to share with all - fellow participants and the Open Team. Thank you so much!