The Spirit of the Dolphin

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Dolphin Energy - "Incarnated Angels"

Seven years ago I had a powerful vision that engulfed my day, drawing everything else around me to a stillness. It was an experience, a message from the depths, to evoke an incarnated state of being that touched an intangible paradox...

    ”I could not detect myself anywhere other than as the vastness of the ocean, through and part of every drop. I was everywhere and nowhere, holding the awareness of both worlds of perception at the same time. The oceanic water ebbed and flowed, danced and rose. After a timeless, no time, that could have quite easily been minutes or hours, my soul began to take form; a condensing of energy, condensing of water, gathering surging forward. My soul became a wave upon that ocean. I was both water and wave and the nothingness of space in-between. Yet forming and forming as a wave, until my consciousness was pulled like an unmistakable magnetic force into the wave. I became the wave as it grew in strength until it was a phenomenal size.

    From the heart of the wave, then appeared a dolphin. Not of flesh and bone, but formed of water and energy. I was both wave and dolphin.

    From the depth of the blue, through the heart of the wave, like lightning. Neither creature, nor water, it was an Angel rising from the depths. A gift upon planet Earth”

Dolphins incarnated on this planet with an incredible message of Love from the Angelic realms. You just have to contemplate a dolphin to feel their energy pulsating outwards, igniting angel consciousness within yourself.

Sentient Intelligence

Dolphins have a reputation for incredible intelligence. They do, I believe, far surpass what mankind is capable of in terms of intelligence. They do not rely on mental intelligence, but rather embody ‘Sentient Intelligence’. They touch a place beyond here, having maintained one of the most important gifts on the road to Ascension - ‘Love and Compassion for all Sentient Life’. They do not judge, seek revenge for all the ills placed upon them by the greed and selfishness of mankind (which are vast). They are unconditional, true sentient beings. They have an innocence, paralleled with a higher paradigm based on absolute trust; where all beings are respected as one; where there is no such thing as greed and selfishness and no concept of betrayal. They are not ‘savvy’ to lower paradigm ways, which is in some ways a curse for them, yet an incredible gift that inspires me to the the depths required to transcend the lower realms entirely. Maintaining their innocence, makes them far more evolved than mankind, because they touch the space that is at the longing of every persons soul. They touch that as a natural state of being.

Incarnated Angels

Over the years I have read countless accounts of dolphins saving people from death by sharks or drowning in the ocean. In the grand ecology of nature, they really don't have to. Yet, their purpose, is deeper than we realise and they cannot turn a blind eye to such things. Yet, they have so much more about them even that. It's their energy. It's a beacon of light, a bridge between worlds in a time when we need it most of all.

Soul to Soul communication

When I transcend this place and touch the soul of dolphins, I feel the ultimate expression of Unity Consciousness. Thoughts come as arising energy from the well of the divine. Their 'Sentient Intelligence' is like an intangible mist that evades the grasp of anything other than absolute surrender to the divine. It is a communication of the soul and travels on the sound waves of divine consciousness.

If you feel a loving and compassionate affinity with dolphins, then embrace it with all your heart, for they hold an important key for evolution. They are our brothers and sisters, sent as messengers to catalyse the movement into the higher paradigm.

Soul to Soul

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I just love this piece of writing Trinity :smile:

It has dolphin energy all through it. When you can feel through the words, they transcend you straight into the 5D.

When I was posting the article, dolphin energy was playing with me. Laughing playfully at me as I made constant graaaaaammmmmaticaaalll erros!

Oooh this touches something really deep in me Trin, thank you! I've always felt very deeply for them, already as a child... I remember at the age of like 15 reading Merle's book on them learning to communicate with humans...

Also later in my work as a doula, helper at birth, I came across their absolutely amazing empathy and -as you Trin probably know anyway- how they help each other at birth, making a protective circle around the dolphin mum at labour and when the baby dolphin is born, helping it up to the surface for its first intake of breath...

For this reason they are also very attuned to pregnant women as well, and there are some women who actuallly choose to give birth in the presence of dolphins (a small 1 min video, a beauty to watch, is attached below...) They communicate with the child in the womb too... What an amazing imprint, can you just imagine?

I know what is happening to both dolphins and whales these days is heart breaking... and they are leaving us, leaving this planet trying to send their last message to those who are willing to hear. Their beautiful crystal blue energy remains though in the heart of those who care to take it in...

I love hearing about how dolphins help each other to birth.
It's truly sentient, caring, loving behaviour. Thank you so much for sharing that here!

I don't think this dolphin in the video 'chose' to help the mother give birth though.
This is an imprisoned dolphin, that has likely been stolen from it's own family and children in the ocean. They don't complain, which makes them look willing... but dolphins belong in the wild.
with Love

In reply to by Trinity

you might be right... it definitely looks like in a pool, whether the dolphin is free or not, I have no information, but there are pools directly connected to the sea where the dolphins can swim in and out on their own accord, the full film does not give info on that either ...
And I do know of women though who actually go out to open sea for their birth to meet dolphins (for sure) free... :-)

Beautifully written Trin.

When I connect with dolphins and there energy, I feel like I connect with them on the deepest level. As I sit here now and connect with them through the ether tears are welling up and rolling down my face. These are not tears of sadness, but of immense gratitude and recognition of what they represent. I feel their world as if it was my own, their hearts felt within mine.

It is deeply touching to see and feel a guardian in you Trin, I Know it is felt through and across the waves.


Hi Mike,

There's always the "The Cove" - I highly recommend it! It's an amazing journey.
I've posted the full length documentary here:

    "Academy Award® Winner for Best Documentary of 2009, THE COVE follows an elite team of activists, filmmakers and freedivers as they embark on a covert mission to penetrate a remote and hidden cove in Taiji, Japan, shining a light on a dark and deadly secret. Utilizing state-of-the-art techniques, including hidden microphones and cameras in fake rocks, the team uncovers how this small seaside village serves as a horrifying microcosm of massive ecological crimes happening worldwide. The result is a provocative mix of investigative journalism, eco-adventure and arresting imagery, adding up to an unforgettable story that has inspired audiences worldwide to action..."

Hi Trinity

Here's a little poem about dolphins that I wrote as a teenager (just found it again). Thought it might add something to the discussion:


I walked tonight
And thought of dolphins, swimming together
You and I

The moonlight on our gleaming backs as we leapt in joy
From the sparkling water,
Which rushed, vital and alive,
Revitalised by the silver moonlight and its tender loving caress.

I love you sweet dolphin,
Come play with me, come play in my love for you
Which will not change

Know that,
And enjoy my love for you

Play with me, you sparkle-head
And we will leap, jump, tumble, dive
Play leap-frog through these glistening waters
Spacious and silent

For we are
Known and seen only by that serene moon
Who smiles down on us
Wishing us well
Wishing us love
Wishing that we play in our full-hearted love
That we
Revel in it

For what other reality is there by our own?
A Beautiful reality.

Tonya x

That's beautiful Tonya. Thank you for sharing.
Interesting that you felt connected to this energy as a teen.

Thanks for directing me here Trinity <3, I feel such love for dolphins in every cell of my being! They are indeed angelic givers of light & transformation! Lovely sharing & insight :)

What a inspiring & horrific documentary! I was vibrating with such purpose as energy flooded my body at the peak of the cove slaughter! Boy I've lived my life in ignorance in so many ways! My lethargy & obliviousness to human cruelty & consuming greed fills me with great sadness & awareness. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to change!

Love Jaq

I am really pleased to share to dolphin energy with you Jaq!
And yes, there are certainly dolphins that could use our help and support.

Your beautiful article resonates with me Trinity. I have always felt a connection to whales and when I feel their energy inside of me I am in a different place. Thank you for the reminder of what that feels like, the unconditional love. As you write: "Their 'Sentient Intelligence' is like an intangible mist that evades the grasp of anything other than absolute surrender to the divine. It is a communication of the soul and travels on the sound waves of divine consciousness." To me their sounds and energy weave the strands that holds the oceans and us together. Their leaving signals that we must soon too.

I see it as quite synchronistic that Hannelore's recent comment lead me to this article. 2 days ago I dreamt that I was swimming in a pool, accompanied by a dolphin. I felt then right away that this dream was of great significance for me, (also the first picture in the morning I saw on my PC was a silver dolphin). Living in two worlds at the same time, sharing our gifts unconditionally with others, a higher communication - ever since I woke up from that dream, I've been contemplating all these aspects of the dolphin. Thank you for this article, Trinity.

Just after the Belgian retreat ( around Brugge ) , i saw 2 times Dolphins appearing on posters - than on my way back home , A caravan on the highway had " Flipper " written on it . Wow , that felt as a strong call to connect with those extraordinary Beings . It feels also as a deep connection to Hawaii - Lemurria - Atlantis and the realm of Pure Compassion & Joy . I also read years ago , but i am not sure if that's right , that those beings incarnated here in the forms of Dolphins and Wales but actually come from the planet Sirius ( which Sirius , i have no idea ) ... maybe someone might correct me or offer complementary informations about it . Thanks trinity for this article , i had never stumbled on it until today . Yipiiiii

Thank you so much for bringing this one up again Hannelore - it warms my heart to know that you resonate. Thank you also Mark & Jean for sharing your synchonicities.
I'd love to share this video I made during my last visit to Hawaii. Incredible and moving moments with the oceanic wildlife there:

Jean, I feel I have incarnated as a whale, feel a connection to Sirius as well as Lemurria. I also feel a connection to the inner earth. The first time I saw the Pacific Ocean I wanted to jump in from a cliff up high, friends actually held me back, so strong was the pull. I feel their pain of what has been done to their beautiful blue home, how the military sonar disrupts their whole being just as ours has been disrupted. I feel their love for all life, their sorrow and their determination and dedication to see things through.

Trinity, the video is so beautiful, you have such a gift. When I saw the humpback my heart did a flip and said yes.

Jean, Patricia Cori has books and a website that link Sirius to Dolphins and Whales.

Hi Hannelore , so happy to hear what u feel a deep connection too with those special Beings / planet / ancient & evolved communities . We may have well met there in other past lives , who knows . Thanks for the informations regarding those subtle connections .
Thank you Trinity for posting that video - so well captured and vibrant . At 1.49 mins , incredible Light Triangle appears from above - WOW - Thats stunning .
Aloha , so much love