The spiritual journey: Five Gateways of Ascension

Submitted by Trinity on Mon, 01/07/2013 - 11:42

When we look beyond the veil into most spiritual traditions, we can clearly see that there are experiences common to all. The spiritual path has been experienced, described and dressed in many shapes and forms, yet for me, it is falling through the form, seeing what is beyond the veil that has really shown me the core of unity through it all. It seems that there is a destined journey for the human soul. In what ever way, myths, legends, stories and spiritual traditions have portrayed it - once a soul awakens to the unity of all things, the journey of spiritual evolution, is undeniably real.

After my partner fully awakened here, he was divinely given to create a modern, tangible route-map for the journey of spiritual evolution. That form evolved into the "Five Gateways" - a map for the journey - a framework that transcends religion and dogma, designed to help those who resonate find true authentic beingness and purpose. It is crafted to help us see exactly where we get stuck and where the pitfalls are. It can help us come home to who we truly are.

5GATEWAYS in a nutshell

  1. First we awaken to the unity of all things - something that most people reading this will relate to.
  2. Then we start to walk the spiritual path - a full commitment to the moment, beyond the personal, aligning with what is divinely given.
  3. We become fully Transfigured at which point, lower and higher self unite, we step beyond the experience of a separated identity.
  4. The pure presence of our Enlightenment unfolds into each moment as our karmic filters are confronted and dissolved.
  5. We Ascend as our centre of consciousness shifts from the 3rd density to the 5th.

A few years ago, a 'heaven sent' team responded to a soulful calling to make a film about this journey. The documentary was called "5GATEWAYS" which details from first hand experience this incredible path of spiritual unfoldment. The film has a divine blend of different energies... Chris has an engaging articulation of that which is often very difficult to explain. He works to enfold a catalogue of profound experience brought to life through the spoken word. Lesley Lord has a very down to earth way of making the intangible tangible and very real - she offers an insightful bridge into the journey. My own contribution to the film, I have been told, was to share an etheric sense of the higher dimensions, bringing the angelic realm 'down to earth', so to speak!

Here is both the trailer and the full documentary film.
It felt aligned with our purpose to share this for free... so that's exactly what we did!

From our hearts to yours.
Be inspired...


5Gateways trailer

5Gateways full documentary film

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