The Spirituality of Space Clearing

Submitted by Trinity on Fri, 05/24/2013 - 06:43

There is a divine haven of peace and harmony within us all somewhere - even though it may, at times, be difficult to find. It's possible to tune into it wherever we are, whatever the circumstances, although we can make it much easier for ourselves if we create a sacred space on the outside too. The outer world is a reflection of the inner one of course. There are invaluable things that the outside mirror can teach us. In fact, one of the surest ways to experience rapid spiritual growth, is to embrace what the outer mirror is showing us. If it looks hectic and crazy or cluttered and busy - what is that telling us about ourselves? The greatest gift we can ever give ourselves is self honesty. With honesty about what we see, the unraveling will begin all by itself.

When it all looks like a mess

I noticed when I was younger, that during a deep process, the house around me would often turn upside down. My ordinary clean space would become neglected, whilst tidiness would temporarily fall by the wayside. I mean it never got ridiculously out of hand - just enough to make me seriously not enjoy being in my space! In the middle of the process, the growing clutter around me would just become too much. So like a warrior on a mighty mission, I’d set to it like a ball of fire, until it was all sparkling clean and clear once more. And wow - did that ever feel good! The energy flowing around me suddenly became clear and uplifting. It’s astonishing how taking care of our outer space can have a profound impact on the inner one. The outer and inner worlds correlate in tandem, so it works the other way around too of course. So, if you are going through an process of unwinding inner blockages, then try cleansing your personal space. Clean the windows with presence - where every wipe and stroke becomes ‘you’; where the gleaming glass becomes a window to your brilliant soul. Lovingly cleanse your plants, dust in places that don’t normally get touched, clean things that get neglected. As you do so, remember that the outer cleansing is really just inner cleansing. Allow the energy to reflect inwards and unwind your inner blockages in the process. It’s simply amazing how effective this can be.

Take it further - letting go of the 'old' us

The spiritual journey is an adventurous roller coaster of letting go of all of the blockages and distortions within you; those that hold you back from being fully you. If you look closely in your outside world, you will see a whole host of things that are getting in your way - things that you are ready to let go of. The most obvious example is usually clutter and unnecessary ‘stuff’. If you have lots of unnecessary stuff on the ‘outside’, then it is an indicator that you have lots of unneeded stuff on the inside.

  • What do you really need? What can you let go of? What carries energy of the past - a past that we know holds us back from our true divine expression?

There may be things that represent the ‘old’ us; things that limit us; things that re-affirm and hold the ego in place; things that give us a sense of security, keeping us locked into a comfort zone at the expense of really finding our true beingness. We can start by clearing our space of anything unnecessary. It might feel quite ruthless. Clearing out tends to bring up emotions as we resist, or let go of attached energies. You might have several waves, over a period of time, before you really feel like you are getting somewhere. It’s fascinating to find that when we start digging, how much redundant stuff we gather. It can become so liberating to let that all go. Remind yourself, that accumulating unnecessary stuff on the outside is an indication that you have unnecessary stuff gathering on the inside too. Clear space lets the energy flow.

Stuffing things away

  • ‘Out of site - out of mind’ cries ‘denial, denial, denial’ or ‘can’t go there-won’t go there’.

Stuffing things in drawers, cupboards, attics, basements or sheds, represents the aspects of ourselves that we really haven’t got the time or energy to look at. But it’ll stay there, gathering dust or mold if we don't do something about it. The energy just won’t flow. Stuff will simply sit, dark and stagnant, unable to breathe or feel the light of day. Sooner or later, we’ll have to look at it all; in one way, shape or form. It’s better for us if we don’t wait it until our life reaches a crisis point, or worse, critical illness. It’s amazing how we can assist the process of inner purification, and raise our vibration, by clearing out and tidying what lies in all of those little nooks and crannies.

Five effective ways to clear stagnant energy

So, you’ve cleared out, dusted, swept, given away to thrift stores, sorted and lovingly organised. You sigh, a big breath of relief. Your soul can finally breathe. What next? There may be energies still lingering from the past, like an energetic imprint, that you just can't shake off. This is quite common. You might then find it helpful to give it an extra spiritual purification cleanse. These tips are useful for either clearing your own personal space or space you are working in. They work well for ongoing cleansing too.

  • Essential oils: There are lots of essential oils that can help cleanse your space. Frankincense is a particular favourite of ours and especially helpful when there are ‘spirits’ or other 4th dimensional energies abound. It permeates into the space making it much more challenging for anything 'rogue' to function. Rosemary, lavender, bergamot, lemon and peppermint all have different beneficial space clearing effects. There are many more - explore what works for you. Use smudge sticks: Smudge sticks are basically dried herbs that are burned and wafted to clear space. Traditionally, sweet grass, sage, lavender and cedar are really great for this. Incense: The best way to use incense is with a purpose made incense container, using ash or a charcoal disk. We use pure frankincense resin for this, as well as different blends available from our local magical botanical store I've heard that sandalwood is supposed to be good at cleansing. Sound clearing: This is one of my favourite ways to clear space. I use what ever the moment calls for, there is no right or wrong. You can sing, clap, play chimes, play singing bowls, beat a drum, shake a rattle - whatever works for you. If the sound permeates through the space, then it will cut through and break up energies. Consciously allow and hold the space for these energies to ‘move onwards’. Sacred candles: Candles can really help too, especially if you meditate with them, consciously inviting uninvited energies to draw to flame and pass on. Light it with awareness. Take a moment to pause beforehand and feel the energy of what you doing, so that every step of the process is sacred.

Embrace and love your space. Love yourself! with Love Trinity PART TWO: We look at how to create a sacred meditation space in the home. A personal sacred meditation space is an excellent way to recharge, when you feel low, or tune in to the divine and realign with your innate spiritual beingness at any time. Read PART TWO and watch video here: 'How to Create A Sacred Meditation Space'

Thanks for a great article! I was just talking to someone about this yesterday! And agree wholeheartedly. I clear my space regularly and feel so wonderful afterwards.

I was wondering what it would mean though if we went to the other extreme and did it too often, or with a sense of just wanting it all gone, so with an urgency or efforting with it. Which I know I have felt at times. I thought perhaps it may be something like not being able to accept parts that aren't yet ready to be uncovered and healed? Being impatient or frustrated and has some self judgement in it?

I used to be very obsessive about cleaning and it used to really stress me out, almost OCD or whatever. If things got moved out of alignment it would really bother me and I would have to move it back into place. I have improved a lot with that now though. But still find myself aligning and balancing things that just don't seem to look right!


Ah, yes, that's really interesting Gwen. I am so glad that you raised this because I'd originally thought about including the subject of 'control and obsession' in the article, but as you see, I didn't.

Indeed, there is a difference between doing things consciously and through an internal program of control or desperation. Or, as you say take it to 'the other extreme' in order to get it all done, before we are ready.

If we are aware, and observe (as you've done quite well by the sounds of it), then even over doing it; noticing our controlling tendencies; or self judgement, in the process can be most insightful. The key, is awareness and observe how we feel or how tight we become and being honest to our selves about that. Then we can learn much more about ourselves and what we need to unravel.

And, yes... patience and knowing when enough is enough are great virtues.

Thanks for sharing.

I guess it is really through everyday experiences where we can learn the most about ourselves and in hindsight look and see how much we have changed. I just surrendered at some point and wouldn't be able to point out how exactly or why.

The cleaning thing was around the time when I was a really strict vegan 10 years ago (stressing about it) and was really thin, controlling my eating completely and I looked yellow and pale. Not from the diet though from my own control.

I'm vegetarian now and do eat a little dairy, I asked Chris a while back why I struggle to be completely Vegan. And he said that my soul probably wants me to do it from a place of surrender, which feels right to me. If I force it, even if i'm Vegan, there are consequences to why health in other ways. And it's being ok with all of it, until there's complete surrender. Hope I didn't go off topic too much there...

Happily nowadays I clean and sort through the house and I enjoy it, it's like a meditation to me. And it still all gets done and I enjoy it while doing it!

That's how it is for me too - a meditation.

Funny that you are going off topic and your vegan days. I am at this moment in time writing the 'vegan in a nutshell' page for my Conscious Kitchen recipe book. Make me chuckle at the synchronicity.

That reminds me...I was eating something the other day and thought 'Trinity would like this'. Will post recipe on your other page, maybe you'll try it..

Im really looking forward to knowing how to create a sacred space as Im been drawn to go inwards more and more. My meditations are amazing!

Love Ruthxx

My meditations are a sanctuary for me now Rutht xx

Brilliant article Trinity, thank you so much...acknowledging there are many things collecting dust has already de-cluttered something energetically I was very sneakily pretending wasn't cluttered. First thing Monday I'm tackling the back of my office, an old supermarket :-0... Alas the more space the more you fill it! I've tackled it in the past specifically about old relationships, the shift & sense of release was just huge!
Levitation here I come!...Shush there ego, no attachments here!

Great article Trin - fully of useful information.

A couple of points I felt to add:
- water can be used to clear space too - natural spring water of course
- when using candles, it's far better to use vegetable oil ones rather than from the petro chem industry (which can have a strongly negative energy)
- Once clear, crystals can be used to help keep it clear

Trinity, your article and the other posts here make such sense and help me see my behaviours and show ways forward. Friends used to say to me they always knew when I was visiting because I was like a snail leaving a trail behind me of clutter. I have been consciously de-cluttering my life (home, work space) and see now how this ties in with my spiritual clutter. What a mess!
I also find cleaning is meditative and something I personally find important is to avoid chemicals as much as possible, and I used a steamer for many tasks like the bathroom. No chemicals but it kills the bugs. I cannot bear the smell of many 'cleaning' products.
When I am exercising, where ever possible I don't wear shoes and socks (or at my desk at work) or ties as I find them constricting.
This then ties in with relationships and although so hard, I am being strong in distancing myself from relationships that do not serve and take energy from me.
Thanks for the great pointers everyone. Mark

Hi Trinity

thanks for another great piece. I've been playing with a few natural cleaning 'recipes' recently. I think the simpler the more powerful. In the past I mainly used shop bought natural cleaning products and there are some really good ones out there, recently I have been feeling to play with the 'basic' ingredeints - vinegar, lavender, sea salt. I've been cleaning our oven with bicarbonate of soda, warm water and woodash! (my own recipe!)... and a lot of scrubbing!

I also find cleansing with insence and herbs powerful, though I find it helpful to open a window or door to let the old energies out, when using sage especially. that's my experience. which also reminds me... fresh air is an amazing cleanser and mover of energy!