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Synchronicity of the Week

Wouldn’t it be fun if we started sharing any synchronicities that happen for us? How about writing in with anything that has particularly stood out for you, whether it’s recent or not, if it’s a good example why not share it with others on the journey?

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The thread title, came from me sitting down to dinner with a group of friends and me saying “Hey, do you want to hear my syncronicity of the week? I said that, because it had seemed so outstanding, like a real “finding a needle in a haystack” chance of happening yet of course the Universe is able to orchestrate such seeming impossibilities so effortlessly into being.

It was the week before the Openhand “Transfiguration” course and I was going to visit a friend for a birthday lunch. As I got onto the motorway to travel the one junction to the next town, I saw a man hitching a lift on the slip road and felt to stop. He got in amd asked me what I do. I can have various responses to this question depending on what I feel the exchange is inviting, that day it came out as “I work closely with a not for profit company which takes people on spiritual retreats”. My passenger displayed an interest so I told him we were heading off to North wales next week. He wanted to know where in North Wales and said he was born in Fachwen. Imagine my surprise, as Fachwen is the village where our retreat location is! There’s no more than 40 houses in Fachwen, very few people that are currently living can have been born there, yet here was a man called Robin, born in Fachwen, sitting in my car, like a proverbial needle in a haystack! (Beaming from ear to ear because I knew his village). As this little exchange continued over a mere 8 mile stretch of motorway I received three significant messages.

As well as a nice piece of synchronicity, it’s also a good example of how an authentic feeling to act (to stop the car) could have been overridden by a “Questioner” shadow identity saying something like “What’s the point of offering someone a lift for only one junction up the motorway?” in which case a little piece of magic sent by the universe would not have arrived at its destination. Is your “Questionner” blocking the magic?

Hope not!
Lesley x

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Hi Lesley and all,

after reading your posts the negative thoughts started kicking off, these things don't happen to me, why don't I have storys to post about blah blah blah but being in quite a blissful state I just settled into that and recognized that this is what i am being given to experience in the moment, at which point the light flickered above me, oh thats interesting maybe I am supposed to post about it at which point the light flickered again. After having a little chuckle to myself and realising that the lesson for me is to feel what I am feeling in the moment and to keep attuning to that, I marvelled at the divine demonstration of synchronicity that just took place. And all this While I am at work in quite a matrixy enviroment, just shows the magic can happen anywhere, oh and it's not even a dodgy bulb, hasn't flickered since Smile

In marvelling appreciation

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Hi David,

Sounds like the light is always there for you! x

I used to have a similar routine "nothing ever happens to me" which used to run not just through my mind, but quite often out of my mouth as well, I must have sounded like a right moaning minnie! Smile It used to kick off when people mentioned their multidimensional type experiences or amazing meditations. Then one day I finally recognised that I was getting plenty of multidimensional messages as higher consciousness was appearing to me through the fabric of the physical world via synchronicities all the time. That my experiences were there for me in whatever form they came in, we're all walking a unique path, and I wasn't meant to be having a copy of someone elses experiences.

Sometimes it takes a little while for the penny to drop!

Great post, good to hear from you and to know a factory is as open to magic as anywhere else!

L x

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Lesley, what a wonderful idea for a thread - thank you! It's been really nice to recall some of the synchronisities I've experienced and feel huge love, joy and gratitude for them! Some of my experiences have been great lessons, while others feel like wonderful affirmations and magical reminders!

David, what a beautiful piece of magic! You describe being "in quite a blissful state", which reminded me of how when we are in the flow we are much more open and likely to experience such synchronistic magic.

The synchronicity I felt to share was when after spending some time with my "Openhand family" my return flight back to Edinburgh was cancelled. I went to the desk and the flight attendant asked me if I would like to reschedule for the flight early next morning and I agreed. I sat with the other passangers to await transport to our hotel. It was now quite late and I began to wonder how I would manage on very little sleep and going straight to work the following morning...

I began to wonder if I should have taken the afternoon flight after all to give me some time to rest, then feelings of guilt arose about not making every effort to get to work, the extra burden that could mean for my team... etc. After sitting and observing what I was feeling, I eventually knew to inquire about changing the flight. However when the attendant looked up my details, it transpired I was booked on the afternoon flight anyway. We laughed about how it would have been for me to have turned up early in the morning to discover my flight was not until the afternoon. I had a lovely leisurely morning in the hotel, before my afternoon flight home. This for me was a wonderful lesson in following what I felt rather than previous conditioning about apparent responsibilities.

Then interestingly this morning I offered to help someone later this afternoon, however shortly afterwards it didn't feel right. It felt like the Universe was presenting me with a similiar lesson. I felt the responsibility of having committed to helping out and also what my heart was indicating. After sharing this with a friend who provided a wonderful mirror (Thanks Ben :)), I rang up and said that I no longer felt to help out! It was no problem, the person was grateful and confident he could find someone else to help. Another affirmation in watching the "quetionner" and then feeling what is authentic!

I've also experienced the "it never happens to me" scenario. Last summer I had quite a bit of this going on, I wanted things to happen... I had a couple of insights around this, the following story in particular.

Early one morning full of enthusiasm, I decided to climb a hill in order to view the sunrise, how magical would that be (or so I thought). I wanted to experience something extra special!!! On the way up, there was a beautiful full moon, I paused briefly to admire it, but pushed on to see "my sunrise"!!! I got to my location with the wonderful view, ready and waiting for the sun to appear.

Then from nowhere, this curtain came round the sky from my left hand side, initially I thought it to be smoke, it was infact mist. It continued to move around the sky and within a few minutes I was completely surrounded. It was a surreal and magical experience. It taught me about letting go of expectations, trusting, being in the moment and finding the beauty whatever.

I now realise and fully agree with Lesley that we are all following a unique path and experiencing exactly what we need for our particular journey at that point in time. Maybe it's a dramatic sunrise "with bells on" or maybe it is a gentle, quiet, enveloping mist!

Much love and gratitude, Fiona

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Synchronistically above I misspelt "questioner" omitting the "s". Maybe it's time for the questioner to quieten (mistyped this as quit initially).

Fun, fun, fun...

I don't know why, but in the meantime all my synchronicities are funny..

Here it is:

after I posted two of my "amusing" syncs couple of weeks ago and saw that people liked them, I thought, maybe we'll open a new forum topic - about our synchronicities...But then I felt not to do anything about it...and now here you are..with the synchronicity forum Biggrin

I think that it will be hard to find any text with the word synchronicity repeated so many times..


Hi, everybody...

I don't know if it's a synchronicity, but...

My washing machine "collapsed" about 3 weeks ago..

My husband began to talk about buying a new one.. But I felt like not doing it and we were handwashing our laundry since...And my husband collaborated with me despite a total lack of any rational explanation...

So, yesterday we were going out with my husband's friends..and I told them about this handwashing for fun...

In short, now we have a working machine Smile

Three things:
1) Trusting the universe that everything we need will find us
2) Listening to the inner voice

3) An "evironmental" one - I'm almost not buying things, but exchanging.. Here we have this site Agora, where people give away things for free and where you can just take instead of buyingor give away instead of throwing..

I was really excited and just cried "Ah?!" when I was announced that a joke about our laundry actually "brought" a machine to us Biggrin

It's not trying to use the BC to get what I want or to test it, but just following inner pulls and seeing where it leads to...FUN!

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Brilliant Yulia! It seems that when we lose attachment to outcome we get exactly what we need and experience something wonderful in the process.

We have something here called 'Freecycle', a very popular outlet for people giving stuff away. I always get swamped for requests when I put an item up on the forum though!

Awesome topic Lesley Wink

Yesterday I asked in my diary, what should I do about my eating? (I know we already discussed it, but it's still somehow unresolved...)

So I wrote a few answers that seemed most spontaneously coming to my "mind"..

Before, when all the cravings and the cumpulsion came back out of sudden, which I considered not a problem anymore for more than two years...I said I won't impose, I'll just watch, accept it fully and choose the "flowing from the source" action when it comes to it...

..But it just wouldn't work and in the meantime I was waking up in the middle of the night with pain in my belly, suffering from constipation, mucous, fatigue, blured vision and moods because of sugar level jumps and etc etc...It seems to me that I'll find myself in an emergency soon if I keep "flowing" Biggrin

Can you imagine? Isn't body supposed to know what is good for it? I asked it yesterday... And the answer I received was - no.. it's just the machine, which is supposed to be operated by something - and we know that it is not the lower mind, ha?

So..I said, that maybe I'm not sensitive to what the body is trying to tell me, when I'm falling to this FOOD.. FOOD.. SOMETHING YAMMYYYY thing...

For example, yesterday after I ate fruits, cereals, bread with honey, nuts and eventually jumped on three slices of "white-flour-white-sugar-E..-E..-E..-unknown ingredient" cake (don't ask me how it got to my house :D), I suddenly realized, that I was actually tired and not hungry!! (c'est ridicule! and just funnily stupid)

So, here's the sync:

All the evening yesterday I was asking and went to sleep with this question - WHAT TO DO? what do I miss there?

And just a minute ago I was reading some blog, not related to food in any way...And here it goes, a very detailed description of a very similar situation the author of the blog is in - searching for the balance between just loving and craving food that clearly makes her feel physically and mentally bad (moods swithching)...And it all is so detailed, and so just right on time, that I couldn't not to refer to it as a sync...

And the most obvious part is that during these two years of being "free" from the addiction (while it was sleeping) the descriptions fit perfectly the diet that was most fitting to my body's optimal functioning, all checked experimentally, and which food makes it sick. So that everything written in blog was known to me before...

And immediately I got it!!
...everything written there I knew before...and the only thing defferent was WHY? - all this was not about how I eat, and you can translate it to anything (exercise, work, communicate), but what is the purpose of it all? if at all...WHY to do things? WHY is this important? WHY eat, drink, sleep.. "healthy"? Three years ago I did all the "cold turkey" (slow and gradual) because of the health issues, because I was suffering..later I kept doing it because my mind has "catalogued" something as good and healthy..and now I had to do it again from different perspective and reason..

And that was all. I got my answer through a perfect synchronistic and totally irrelevant to anything BLOG Biggrin

All this time, ~ a month and a half I was thinking that what I eat and the addiction itself was a distortion, but today it became clear that it was not it, but WHY was a distortion. WHY was an addiction. I had to go through all this again, but this time to do it from some other reason - a higher purpose.. a higher cause.

Don't you just feel happy when this kind of things happen? It's like a micro-enlightments, when you feel more expanded and in line...

I'm happy about this communication with this something...this "dialogue".. Something really amazing..

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Hi I just thought I would share where the universe led me on friday

First I feel it may help the story to give you a bit of a back ground on my present situation. My 15 year old daughter has gone to live with her dad recently as she has decided not to show respect to me or my house or in fact anything and I had the final straw with her just before I came on the summer retreat in Glastonbury. I had been at my last strand of sanity and the universe sat me in front of Chris, Trinity and Ben to find me some help. Thanks to the universe for that, truely with all my heart.

I had a truely eye opening time on the retreat, which made full sense of happenings over the last few years, and I have been doing my best to stay on track since then, I felt I had a few days last week when I was totally back before the retreat, I was just not focused on the now, I was to say teh least hopping mad. Not calm or awsomely okay at all.

In July my daughter was staying with her grandad and he allowed her to have a bbq in his garden for her birthday, I was not invited and neither were my other two children. They all (my family and friends) partied without me. I was upset to say the least especially as my ex husband who has had an whole 9 months of contact with her in her 15 years was there and apparently he is amazing!!!!!

So now I hope you understand my feelings before the retreat.

It was my nephews birthday last week, and my mum orchestrated that she was taking my wayward daughter to an afternoon workshop doing some weaving and felting in the village my brother lives in and to the family party afterwards with her, hence I was not invited to that party either, I basically told her I was not impressed that the person who has done all of the bad behaviour recently is the one who gets all the treats. Not acceptable in my eyes. I did this by text and also to my brother.

Friday morning I was so mad (uncontainably attached)I got in my car and went to the office of the family business to confront my brother and tell him to get some balls to tell my mother to back off as he didnt want not to invite me. (second hand information through my dad)

I found my brother was not there but my mum was, so basically, I ended up telling her exactly what I thought of her and when she tried to push past me and ignore me I saw plainly the synchrinicity, so the words "you will never walk over me again" bellowed out of my mouth. And I plainly saw from the look on her face (sheer ignorance at her total stupidity, and so distorted) she had orchestrated the whole situaion for years undermining me. and my determination never to be treated like that again by anyone is very strong right now. I went home after my outburst had a good sobbing cry got it all out and felt extremely light afterwards. MY youngest just accepted I needed a cry, the star she is. She has no attachments im sure.

I have no idea how it will work out but im very sure I am being pulled and orchestrated by the universe into starting my own business. I have been lead to the printers to enquire about a sign for my car to advertise it, also to business link to get some advice and money and I have also been led to a training agency to get some more support and money from them. So I just need a couple of extra courses and I will be flying as well as sticking my fingers in the air preverbially to all that have walked over me in the past.

A new begining is coming I can feel it, and see it all around me.

I do need to link this back also to a synchrinicity I had whilst on the retreat, as I left the Tor one morning before breakfast there were a lot of sheep between me and the gate!! A lot of them made way for me very easily but three remained, one of those stood and looked at me and moved shortly after that moment of looking me in the eye (my dad) and the other two stood there ground and refused to move (my mum and brother) they stood there ground to try and stop my approaching the gateway, I just slowed and let go of the need for them to move and suddenly the sheep ran away.

A total metaphor for where I am right now if ever I saw one. I just thought I would share the power of the synchrinicity and remind myself also that I am on the right path now. Just taking it slowly for a while, still moving forward just slower, till my path clears of distortions.

I hope this might help anyone else in a difficult situation right now.

Lovely to hear everyone elses stories too.

Love Kerry

Ants speaking Biggrin

Two weeks ago I bought a pack of whole grain, but filled with nougat cream, snacks. Now that "the challenge" begins to be behind, I didn't quite know what to do with them, so I decided I'll finish them with time...

But...yesterday in the morning, my kitchen was all ants!!! Going in the single file on the floor and on the wall, making a path... We don't use any of the poison killing the small kind, but I use essential oils and the smell keeps them away... It was long since I last saw that much of the guys in my place...

So here's the funny thing: I was following them and saw that they mainly occupied the area where the snacks were hidden...I opened the box...and found it was full with ants! No nougat snacks for me, I guess Biggrin

Trinity's picture

I love it! My favourite kind of synchronicity!
You have well and truly been warned Wink

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Hi Kerry,

You share a powerful story. Thank you. A very challenging situation with those around you. I feel your power rising as you 'take it back'. Keep flowing! I look forward to hearing as you take you next steps forward.

Sending a heart full of Love your way :innocent:

I don't know if it's sync, but it's some kind of benevolent joke for sure...

Me and my husband were walking on the sea shore, along the sea line, with feet in the water. And something has glued itself on his foot. When he looked at what it was, he saw a plastic bag, and on it was written:

"Ani sakit mitkala yadidutit le sviva :)" - in hebrew, with smiley, which means "I'm a self-degradable environment-friendly bag :)"..

The irony... Biggrin

Kerry taylor's picture

Thanks Trinity, I feel the love surrounding me quite often, its a very different story to a couple of months ago.

I feel more power is coming to me to deal with everything that is coming my way, keeping with the positive, I went to business initiative today and hit the jackpot, I can get a grant to start my own business of £100 a week for 13 weeks to ease my finances, 2 hours business one to one support from an experienced business manager, and up to £1500 start up costs direct from Bus init!! Plus Acorn training is a private business that are supporting me and will pay up to £500 for training.

Its all good, although I do have my dad giving me the "can we sit down with a peice of paper and go through these figures!!??" I only called him to arrange our day out with the kids at the end of the week and mentioned I went to see bus init!! Teach me to keep my mouth shut in future!!!! Goodness me all I wanted to say down the phone to him was go with the flow dad!!!!!

Hey I hope all is well with you all, and I will see you very soon

Love Kerry Wink

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Here are two moments of sync I can recall:

I was on a course with several hundred people from all over the world earlier this year in India. Knowing I was from England someone asked me if I could tell them about Ibiza. It just happened that right at that moment I was standing next to a friend who spends part of her life there.

This last weekend at Sunrise Off-Grid, someone came to our stand and asked if I knew a certain person. For some unknown reason I turned my head to the left and saw the person they were looking for, who I had only seen a couple of times during the whole event, walk past the gap between two stands in the distance.


Lesley Lord's picture

Hi Mike,

That reminds me of a time I went to an evening of sacred chanting in another town. I used to find this a very meditative experience and didn't usually speak with any one. I would just arrive, sing, enjoy the incredible beauty and leave.

This particular evening, I was basking in the lovely energy in the room when the chanting had finished and the lady sitting next to me suddenly said, "I'm going to Cornwall tomorrow, visiting the Eden Project and camping for a week.... but there's a severe weather warning just been issued and I don't know whether to go in my tiny tent." I said, "oh really, I own a little holiday chalet about 15 minutes from the Eden Project you're welcome to stay in that if you like." (Her furrowed brow now rapidly transforming into a big smile). I took the key off my keyring and gave it to her and quickly wote some directions and my name and address to post it back to me. When she looked it turned out we had the same surname, and it felt like the universe saying, "yes, what's mine is yours, 'cos we're all one family anyway"

Synchronicities have definitely provided some of the most delightful moments of my life. :star:


Kerry taylor's picture

This I had totally forgotten about till earlier today!!

I went to a family fun day with Fleetkins which is a company that puts on fun activities for children with additional needs and their families in Stoke on Trent.

I had gone outside to get some fresh air and found one of the little girls I know trying to dig in the dirt of one of the flower beds, (Charli is a tiny girl of 4 who has Downs like my own daughter!!) I didn't know whether she was allowed really in her dress to be playing in the dirt!! She was having such a fabulous time I sat there entranced by her!! I could just feel the fun in the air around her it was bubbling like mad!!

It wasn't until later that I associated her play with a synchronicity right under my nose!! Little Charli was making new ground with her hands and trying to make her own foot prints in the freshly flattened soil!!!!! She didn't make a pattern at all but it didn't deter her from having fun and carrying on trying anyway!!!!

Maybe we can all take a lesson from her??!!

I certainly have Smile Love it when the kids do the teaching ~ powerful stuff!!

Love Kerry

I was writing in my diary just a couple of minutes ago...
And I was trying to find out why am I so confused when it comes to the 'external decisions', and why do I feel so unquiet and determined to make those decisions at all.

Ridiculous stuff like - how to organize my day, to walk in the evening or not to walk. These are clearly the problems with mind to let go the control.
I find it sometimes undescribably hard to give way to spontaneity and trust...and if that's not enough, while not efforting to be spontaneous and surrendered.

So I realized that it was fear that was driving me: fear to be not healthy, to feel 'bad' 'negative' things (that I decided that they are bad and unwanted), to loose connection, etc...

So I was writing: "...I'm doing it all mostly out of fear.."...and I get this funny F - looking like a huge and bloated krakozubra
'F'ear, ah?

I felt immediately that I'm being laughed with..BC was "picking" on me...So "we laughed" and it left me feel so elevated, open and happy.

So I ran to the computer right away to share it with you...

Hey Yulia,

Thanks for posting - I always find your comments so honest and intriguing Smile

Perhaps I might be able to help a little? What I'm reading in your words is the invitation to realise deeper the whole meaning of "The Consciousness Landscape" and how to work with it.

You see there is a key problem in being truly human (and what that really means) within society. When we're truly being human, then we're coming from the creative impulses of the higher self working in unison with the co-creativity of the universe.

The approach of higher mind is much more abstract and formless than is lower (subconscious) mind. It might be considered like the never ending swirl of clouds constantly shaping and reforming, never taking the same pattern twice.

Yet within society, we're programmed to follow certain fixed patterns - how we live, eat, work etc etc. All is governed by an illusionary linear time measurement. We have goals and objectives to meet. We conform to certain codes of conduct, morales, responsibilities etc, not to mention school, the law and religion.

Within society, subconscious mind is always looking for an objective, an outcome or goal to be attained. It wants to know what is happening now. It has formed binding, internal energetic relationships to the world outside - a matrix. It has formed a persona around those relationships which we identify with. This false self does not like uncertainty. Any soulful impulse or external catalyst that challenges the norm will generate internal tightness, resistance or denial.

Subconscious mind was always meant to be open and subtle. It is supposed to be like the gentle arms of a sea anenome, softly waving in the flow of the ocean, taking shape and form from the moment by moment impulses. It was meant to work with infinite fluidity.

Subconscious mind is meant to read the universal flow, then collect pieces of a jigsaw waiting to come into form. When the right moment lands, the jigsaw clicks into place, we get that 'aha' moment "I'm supposed to be doing this".

So actually reading the play and identifying the right pieces of the jigsaw is important - yes, it might be right to read what we're supposed to be doing tonight, even though that moment hasn't yet fully landed. Remember, although there's only one moment of now - one space time continuum - within that, there are still parts of the landscape forming and shaping (what we call the future) whilst others are dissolving and dissipating (what we call the past).

So it's not wrong that subconscious mind picks up these pieces of the jigsaw. The problem occurs when we're impatient, over zealous or needy of those pieces to all slot into a formative action (the conditioning that society wants).

The key is, if we can't feel exactly what is to be done, to realise that maybe more time or information is still needed? Maybe we have to feel the situation more first. In which case, the invitation is to keep dropping into the heart and expanding, to dissolve any tightness we might feeling, to let go of the pieces of the forming jigsaw and not need them to take shape until the time is right.

Still keep noticing the thoughts and emotions though - there will be truth in all of them. I find there are many confused spiritual teachings out there suggesting we dissolve all of this - even though it is our personal and unique story.

So let the consciousness landscape form and keep feeling. The moment will keep clicking into place "this is how to be now", "this is the way to go now", "this is what the universe is revealing now".

Then subconscious mind will no longer be the pankster and prison in our lives but a priceless gift.

Anyone interested might find these two articles of value...

With love and blessings


Wow! Thank you for clarification, since my mind thought that any planning is not spontaneous, but if I see it right, "future" fragments can appear in the present and then it looks like kind of plan for future.

Like if I feel I'll go to Hawaii soon, then there will be some 'planning' to make it happen.

Just like you say:"everything can be spiritual".

It reminds me of Elisabeth Haich's book "Initiation", where she says that anything can be "divine" and anything can be "diabolic", it all depends on the application.

It's like: Honey is neutral, add to nuts or bread - it's great, but cleaning the floor with it can be not good at all.

I forget about it, and hurry to jugde...It's like running after my own tail - trying to catch the "judge" by judging him Biggrin

Thank you very much Smile

Yes you've got it. 'Planning' is fine - it just depends on what we interpret the word to mean internally and what actions we undertake with regards to 'planning'.

So if we notice something coming up in our apparent future (which in actual fact are only pieces of a new form of the landscape that hasn't yet fully formed), and then build an intention around that unformed plan (which tends to happen all the time in a conditioned mind), then this is indeed what society calls 'planning'. We might use logic to fill in the missing spaces, decide what the options are, weight the factors involved and choose the best option. This is accepted wisdom in business, sport, the military etc etc.

However, this is certainly not authentic human beingness. It's not how we're designed to work and it's not aligned with the co-creative flow of the universe.

Take for example Openhand. You'll notice we've got courses 'planned' right up until Christmas. Yet I have absolutely no fixed agenda on how I spend my days. I have no 'to do' list, I just wake up with a completely blank canvass. Then I'll feel a pull to do something. Maybe read the website, connect with other members of the team, maybe meditate or go for a walk. Something will arise - an idea about doing a course. I'll sit with it, feel it, let it go and watch what comes back.

Something will start to take shape. If I'm definitely on the button, I'll start noticing synchronicities beginning to add 'flesh to the bones'. Then a thought might pop in "well if the energy is building to do that course, I'd better investigate a venue. So I'll feel that, see what comes up, then check out the possibilities or perhaps something will feel quite strong about a venue we've already worked at.

Then I might get a feeling to definitely book it. So I'll go with that. Perhaps a flight might be necessary? All the while I'm watching my inner feelings and external synchronicities. Am I getting tight around anything? What aspects of beingness is the universe inviting me to express? Am I being tested on anything? Is there anything more within this vehicle of expression that I can find about myself.

Slowly but surely the landscape takes shape until the moment takes undeniable and irresistable form. But I NEVER assume it's going to happen until it actually does. Sometimes a movement in a particular direction is simply to invite all participants to explore and let go of something. Even if a huge commitment has been made in terms of 'time', cost and resource, it could be that it's not meant to happen. I accept each step in front of me. I just keep walking forwards through my consciousness landscape, as if a golden carpet of light is unfolding under my feet.

When we've got conditioned thinking out of the way, it really does feel just like magic!

With love


There is part in me that 'understands' perfectly what you mean, but not the body and the mind, yet. Interestingly, what I feel when I read your response is resonance on one hand, and the same old fear on the other hand, interestingly, this "dialogue" begun from fear...

It's a paradox how doing nothing and relaxing is so much harder for the mind to perceive, then imposing things, resisting, efforting and fighting for me at the moment.

But when this letting go and opening happens, it does feel the most natural way of being.

I feel where I'm being taken..

With open heart and love Smile

I had an immediate click with one of the apartments on the site. But didn't make any deductions. I already got used a little to all sharp and sudden turns and twists with BC.

The day after I was on my way to Binyamina, feeling like sleepwalking, without plan, without checking schedules, maps, nothing...turning left and right, getting on buses I didn't plan to take, everything went smooth, icluding the train that came 1 minute after I arrived to the train station.

Among many other signs and humorous messages, the names of two main streets I walked in Binyamina were:
The Ascension road st.
and Independence st.

Here it was, this place I knew I'll live in (even if I won't), despite absolute irrationality - there is nothing in the apartment! It's Binyamina! How will I buy myself food there? I was laughing like crazy about everything that was going on, including these questions. Yes, this is how it is!

On my way back I couldn't walk, I was running with my arms spread, smiling and laughing - total kookoo lunatic!

Also isn't it funny this word - apart-ment?


P.S: This place is so beautiful and 'northy', you can take a look here



I don't know if it belongs to syncs, but it's definitely benevolent presence...

1. I was lost somewhere in Petakh Tikva, I got out of the train one stop earlier than I should...So I had no idea where I was, and I had only one hour to get where I was supposed to get. So here I was walking, turning left and right, and really couldn't even understand what is this place around...

So at some point I had this thought 'a lift'..What???!!! I was ~14 last time I lifted my thumb, but ok, ok..if that's what you will want - fine! I'll do it... I kept walking, and then I saw a huge truck, and I decided to ask whether I'm going the right direction, at least...

I ended up climbing up the truck and being taken to the doorsteps of wherever I was going to, HA?!!

2. Today, after a long and weary adventure on my way to chemical 2011 conference, I finally got there, around 4 pm instead of 9:30 am. I was above 3 hours on the road, hungry, tired and I wanted to eat!!! But! I was late for lunch, which ended at 14:50, and I was holding my lunch voucher and like hlip hlip...no food for me...hlip hlip... I thought I'll go straight up to the dining room, just tell them I'm hungry, but people at the reception told me to go look for desserts down there. So I made a loop before I decided to follow my initial idea. AAAAAnd, after me uclearly mumbling something about "me..train...three hours...FOOD..FOOD...", I was told not to worry and then... they brought me TWO PLATES full of food :D, and I was sitting and eating there alone, in silence and laughing...

And when I finished, I went down and one of people who saw me at the reception, asked me am I ok now, and after I told him what happened he said: "Good people are looked after from up above" Biggrin

I guess it was also a compliment - I'm "good people", I guess Biggrin

HI Lesley,
Interesting post..I always have felt fear to stop for a hiker,but amazing what happens when we follow our heart there is a world of its own....
What sychronicity!!!!.I just posted a little forum about a dragonfly and the sychronicity I felt with it with openhand.Seconds after I posted it and I saw your post and invitation to write about a sychronising event. !

That's synchronicity!!

Lesley I like the question you pose.. however I must say that the joy, and lighthearted caring warmth I feel from the small amount of video Ive seen of you, is just such a wonderful heartwarming feeling, and the thought of that beautiful spirit out there interacting in the world with such a openheart is a feeling I cant even begin to express... It makes me SMILE REALLY BIG with tears in my eyes... I think/feel that you are absolutely wonderful... Thank you for all your offerings and for just being yourself...

I have a story, Im not sure its sychronicity, but I have certainly been cradled my whole entire life and I mean in ways that are jaw-dropping... about 15 yrs ago I was living in Las Vegas and I got caught with some pot... I went in front of Judge Gregory who was campaigning for some higher judge seat in Nevada and was talking of really cracking down on drugs, he even had a big spread in the newspaper. I went in front of him and he imposed a fine and sent me on my way, of course at the time I didnt pay it. So a yr later Im at a store that was robbed and in taking a statement from me they ran a check and arrested me for the unpaid fine... I went in front of the same Judge the next morning and he remembered me and said Mr Flannery you dont seem like someone that should be standing in front of me, so Im gonna let you go, just pay the fine, and if you come back in front of me I promise, you will do 30 days... Well guess what I didnt pay it and 2 yrs later there I was in front of him, he remembered me and said, Mr Flannery do you remember what I said to you last time, and I said, you were gonna give me 30 days, and he said, YES 30 days, and the bailiff put me in handcuffs and took me to a room, I sat there until a police officer came to take me to the jail, as we were walking down the hallway to go to his car the bailiff came running out and yelled that the Judge wanted to see me, I was taken back into the courtroom and the judge said, Mr Flannery I just dont get you but you shouldnt be here, he cut my fine in half and let me walk out, as I was leaving the bailiff came to me and just stared at me and finally said, I dont know what it is but I have never ever seen the Judge do anything like that, I shook his hand and as I was leaving the courthouse the police officer that had me in the hallway stopped at a red light right in front of me on the street, he rolled down his window and with a big smile asked me if I needed a ride and he took me to my doorstep... In my life I have put myself, alot of times even knowingly in thee worst possible situations and yet somehow something has always surrounded me every single time and defied gravity... it only took 15 yrs and Lesley's
thread to have me realise...
I love you guys...
-Bill Flannery

Bethan's picture

I went to Geneva for work last week. It was an important trip and I didn't have a great deal of time to orient myself after the plane landed and before I was due at a meeting. Amazingly, I found the right train, excited the station at the right place to find my hotel (to the right of the exit). After checking in, I left the hotel, turning right to get some swiss francs before getting on the right bus (second right from the hotel). I picked the right bus stop and turned right (uncertain as to which direction but right felt right) and saw signs to the convention centre (you guessed it - to the right). It's been a while since I've felt so strongly guided and it was a blessing at a vulnerable point when I was feeling exhausted and lonely. Then, in my wallet I found the little note that Trinity gave me with the touch pad code for the retreat main door. I remembered her wise words, 'remember you are not alone'.

One other thing I meant to share earlier: Although I didn't attend the Christmas retreat, I felt an incredibly strong pull to meditate on the first day that you hosted the retreat. I couldn't ignore the impulse so I joined the retreat and meditated in the quiet of my parents home. Thank you for sharing your amazing energy with me. With Love x

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Hey Bethan and all,

Lovely to hear about your "right" guidance! It's right inside of us all the time!

I've been experiencing some remarkable synchronicity of late. I've had strong coincidences that initially appeared to be guiding me in a particular direction, so I'd explore that path. Then a few days later it all changes, for example, I happen to "magically" meet someone else who offers me an alternative. These experiences have encouraged me to become even more aware that things continuously shift and flow and just because there is a sign in a particular direction, doesn't mean that I'm meant to reach that specific destination. It's frequently not black or white. It feels like the purpose of synchroncity may often be to encourage us to feel more deeply around an issue or to open us up to alternative possibilities rather than providing specific, fixed answers.

The support of Benevolent Consciousness and recent synchronicities has emphasized for me the importance of remaining open and aware, things are ever shifting and changing... I just need to go with the flow, keep exploring what feels right at any one point in time and then take it step by step!

With love and light, Fiona

YOu just know when youré in the flow, because everything just happens.It's like making friends with turbalent waters, not knowinbg what is going to happoen.Yesterday, I felt this strange sensation of making friends with fear itself , going deeper into it and dissolving it. This was an interesting experience. I was walking higher and higher into the Shropshire Mountains, denser and denser with a friend and then kicked in the panick....I walked past a lake and began to visulaise bodies that could be in the lakes trapped deeply under, and not a soul around deep high into the mountains ... all sorts of things came up which I couldn't grasp, what if we get lost, what happens when darkness falls with no torch,no water, what happens with who we might meet? HIgher and higher ,on an narrow path I felt my legs wobbly.Then the question came ?? How grounded are you really? Later on we met a jogger and I asked the question where it led to and how to get down (without importantly TURNING BACK).Turning back was not an option ! He led us into a direction, then of course all the fears...... about the person, .In the distance we saw another person , who seemed to stop at apoint. At thos point all the fears came swirling, maybe something was planned.... WE finally cauight up with him, very high at this point, amongst these huge mountains and he sat there smiling and said in a really friendly way, ""My frined was worrying you would get lost, and directed you slightly in the wrong direction'', and showed us the right way to turn. AS I climbed higher, I looked back and saw how high we were,and tried to dissolve fully into the fear I guess of the height.....Yet the question came again how grounded, how safe do you really feel??
WE eventually after about 1 hour got back, after a steep climb...and there was the jogger.....""Oh I was so worried about you, jokingly said thought that it might be in the newspapers that I led you astray""....

At this point I thought wow.... there really are some authentic people around, may not necessarily have been what I formally understood as spirutual.Life itself has become one spiritual in the ordinary experience...... and nothing was in the newspapers lol.......It struck me that somewhere in his collective consciousness he was meeting mine......all the mistrust we have amongst others.....acting through the filters and fears ,limits life...
What came to me was that no matter which way I would have gone eventually I would have found a way......and therw was no set way, just a guidance....Many routes, yet when we choose one, we should stick to it and not turn back and get shifty feet.
Not knowing what was ahead was all about the journey, and all the fears that came swirling were the distractions.....

The socially constructed fears, fears from previous lives, childhood etc...... that I felt invited to release, let go of.

When we reached the car park, there parked next to my car was a van....The van had previously been a company that was no longer active and had he words in black (as ajoke written on it).. THROW IT AWAY..

I thought well how sychronistic is that.....yes, throw it away,drop the hot coal, because it just makes us act, behave in ways that fuel the false self, the filter....
I love it how the cosmos throws little tests at us!!!
I was left with the feeling.....Yes that it how it is really meant to be