The Soul's Gifts of Beingness

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We live in a world of physicality, a place of goals, aspirations and creations. It's where we're invited to taste the ultimate paradox - the almost intangible essence of the divine, deeply diffused within the density. It's like sitting in an orchestra trying to listen to the quieter instruments like the flute when you're right next to the bass drum. Both are registered in the mind which plays its tricks of course, confusing the messages we're being given. We might feel a definite pull to do something which then doesn't seem to work out. How do we fathom what's going on when the ego can be so loud? It's all about finding the gift of beingness...

Divine Manifestation

I tend to be a very creative being. My consciousness is continually materialising and manifesting things. I don't have to try to do this. Objectives and aspirations flow ceaselessly through me, registering constantly in my mind. I only have to sit still for a moment and it's like unleashing a waterfall of ideas and possibilities.

Society of course would view this as a great thing, something to be harnessed, focused and made use of. And indeed I found a good deal of material success in my pre-awakened life. Yet what I realised during my awakening, was that this gift had been an incredible burden too. And as I set that burden of needing to create down, it felt like the world had lifted from my shoulders. I never wanted to create another thing again!

I had truly realised something life shattering (and healing!)....

    "Since the universe is composed of one thing, one being,
    and everything is a part of that,
    There is only ever one thing going on,
    and that is self-realisation.
    In other words, to have a material experience
    of the one self in every moment."

It is not the creations that count

I came to realise we will create all manner of things in the endeavour to experience the one-self, because the endeavour itself shapes consciousness and consciousness is the fabric from which the weave of life is woven...

    However, it is not the creations which truly count, it is our experience of ourselves WITHIN those creations which is the true purpose. And if we can align with that purpose, we'll find freedom, peace and harmony within ourselves and our lives. We'll create masses of things and do so without tightening, frustration or attachment.

The art of divine manifestation can be tantalisingly teasing. It can cause you to think you're heading in a certain direction only for it to make a 45 degree shift, a sudden 180 degree U-turn, or perhaps a 360 degree full circle right back in the direction you were originally heading! You may feel a pull to create something and have it backed by overwhelming synchronicity, only to find that in following the pull, it then takes a totally unexpected twist or turn.

Allowing the jigsaw to fully land

To me, our own consciousness manifests such 'Tom-foolery' just to be really certain we're not attaching to the outcome and therefore manifesting something which is more about the ego than the divine flow itself. I have written three books in my life, all of which I was certain were meant to come to fruition, but only one so far has.

    I'd spring excitedly to life at 4am every morning, wide eyed and bushy tailed, penning the next 'best-seller', the 'book that was going to change the world'. Only for it to them come to a grinding halt a few months later.

What was going on here? Was the universe having a great cosmic joke at my expense? I have to admit, that's certainly what I felt initially. But when I looked deeper, I realised there was still a fine degree of attachment and need, a latent desire to prove myself to the world and change it in the process. As I look back, I realise it needed something pretty provoking to shine the light on this old skeleton in the closet.

Working with Creative Energy

Even if our creations don't manifest, there's always a benefit, there's always some 'pay-off' providing we're not lost in the need for a 'pay-out' (in the form of some physical manifestation). The process of getting up early every morning for several months greatly improved my ability to express. And as (what I thought was going to be) my creation crumpled on the floor, I got to work on the shattering disappointment which wanted so much to contract me down with it.

    So now, when I feel a pull, I open to the flow of the universe
    and let it unreservedly sweep me up on outstretched wings.
    I don't hold back, but....

    I'm always watching and feeling where the flow wants to go,
    I hold the landing jigsaw with a feather edge grip,
    until the very last piece falls into place all by itself, then 'voila',
    I know for certain that what I've been creating was meant to be created,
    and I feel a sense of fulfillment and completeness.

The key is to always remember that this game is not about what you're creating: the creations are rather the effect of your consciousness, they should not be the cause. They should not 'own' you, for you are much greater than that. And each time you find yourself 'invested' in some heart-felt project or creation, the universe will use it as a perfect opportunity to test where you tighten down, identify or lose yourself. In such circumstances, there's always a new gift being revealed, something you could not see about yourself beforehand. So always look for the gift and let it sing through you.

Beingness is the Change

So this is a totally new way to shape and create ones life. It really is about the inner journey not the outer one. Yet of course the two are totally related. The outer world provides the mirror to the inner. And we couldn't truly know ourselves without that mirror. So neither is this journey about denying the possibility of our outer manifestations. But we need to realise, that if for some reason there appears to be a blockage in our creative affect within the outer world, it is certainly because there's something we're not seeing in the inner one.

And if such a 'traffic jam' occurs, there's definitely only one place to look: We must go inside and unravel that particular road block. It's about softening into our tightness, peeling away the blockages and revealing gifts of authentic beingness. Then we'll unleash the flow again and situations will begin to reshape themselves, probably in directions of perfection we couldn't even have imagined.

The great Gandhi is frequently quoted as saying "be the change": the way he lived his life was more about being who he felt to be and allowing the world to take shape from that. It's about how 'beingness IS the change'. It inspired us to make this video...


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Just beautiful man, just beautiful. I did a summer work project where I attempted to model microwave radiation shining through an array triangle holes, using an analytical model (hardest kind). I failed because of a problem which stumped all my supervising professors, but I believe it's possible thus I still batter my head against this problem. It won't change anything in the world, probably won't even get published, I just want to prove to myself that I did not give up. Yes it's letting time go forward without me thinking anything about it, that upsets me.