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Tips on raising my vibration?

Sometimes, I am just going about my normal life, and I reach a heightened state of awareness..... At these times I am overwhelmed by serenity with a much different level of consciousness to normal - everything seems heavenly and it feels like I am in total LOVE with the whole world.

When I try to raise my vibration to revisit this serene state nothing seems to happen! It seems to happen when I am not thinking about it..... perhaps this is the secret. Is there anything else I can do to raise my vibration???

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Hi Turtle,

Everything in the universe is made of energy. The distinguishing factor between different energies is the speed at which they vibrate (i.e. light vibrates at very high frequency, and a rock at a much lower rate). Raising your vibration enables you to receive a more direct and clearer guidance from your True self because it vibrates at a higher rate.

I experienced a profound awakenening 11 years ago, my higher self then guided me to make many vibrational raising choices, including...

FOOD - I was guided to a diet free of animal products, chemicals and processed substances, all of which (in my experience) are dense and lower energetic vibration. I enjoyed more, organic, home grown or locally produced fresh produce and watched my energy levels soar!

HOUSEHOLD - I was moved to eliminate toxins from my immediate environment at home (which isn't always easy if one moves around alot as I have done), by using natural cleansing products (both for myself and the house), natural furniture, eco-paint etc.

CLOTHING - I noticed that synthetic clothing agitated my mood, and my energy was abundantly more harmonious when I wore natural fibres (especially organic cotton or hemp) in clothing or bedding.

MEDITATION - Accompanied with heartfelt living, meditation expanded my consciousness beyond comprehension!!!

I naturally began to work outside, gardening and carrying out conservational projects, enjoying nature, woodlands and peaceful surroundings.

The list is endless, but these are immediate ways that we can raise our vibration right now.

In Love and Light

Electromagnetic field pollution, mobile phones, cordless phones, t.v., video games, junk food, smoke, cities, man made unnatural chaos and people with negative energy generally permeate my field and encourage a lower vibration... so I tend to steer clear of them.

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Yes I feel it too Ana. However I would urge caution about 'steering clear of them'. Perhaps your true path is to bring energy to the darkness?'

If you were to form a doctrine saying 'I avoid negative energy', then you establish or reconfirm the presence of an 'inner witnesser' which inadvertantly identifies with that doctrine - you build an ego and become the false self.

The key is for your perception to identify with the flow of consciousness within you - your true self - which has no fear or concern for a low vibration.

I am not saying that it is not good to have a high vibration. I am saying it is neither good nor bad - we should not form a judgement about it.

That way, we can follow our true pathway in life which brings infinite inner peace whether or not the vibration is high or low.

With love


Ahhhha! Thank you for reminding me about the perils of denial Chris! I must admit that I have noticed that 'avoidance' of the negative just brings about only temporary raised vibration, which seems to vanish mysteriously soon after (leaving one searching for ways further avoid the negative, rather than being at peace with the present moment). Far better, it seems, as you say - to follow the true pathway in life, which brings about infinate inner peace regardless. Sounds like openhearted absolute acceptance.
So, let me ask you - does 'infinate inner peace' not come about by default when one has a high vibration? So how could we experience this peace, unless we have a high vibration?
Thanks and Love!

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True inner peace is beyond ALL experiences. It is absolute freedom from everything. You are truly enlightened when you are prepared to give up your enlightenment for someone else - at this point you realise it is not possible to be not-enlightened no matter what the circumstances you find yourself in.

True enlightenment is to be enlightened by all things. So as you breathe in the smog filled air, knowing the damage it is doing to you, can you see the perfection in it?

Can you let go in ALL circumstances? Can it matter and not matter at the same time? Can you be awesomely Okay with absolutely everything?

If you can asnwer YES to all of these, then you will have infinite inner peace and your vibration will be irrelevant.



Hi Chris,

Your response resonates with me very much. The idea of being absolutely OK with everything has fast become natural to me much of the time. I feel that my heart opens, and I am in full acceptance of the things that go on around me most of the time, even when around low vibrations.

I thought however that during these times (when I am in dense environments), I still had a high vibration, if I put my totally attention on raising it. If I am completely honest with myself, I am probably just creating my own reality, rather than being in tune with the divine flow of the universe... in which case perhaps there is no point having a high vibration, because if I am not flowing with the divine, then, what am I flowing with at these times? Is it possible to have a high vibration in a dense hostile environment?

Lots of questions, I know. I really appreciate your reply.

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Hi Ana,

Yes it can be confusing. Maybe I can explain it this way...

Early in our evolution we feel only separateness from the universe. We believe there is nothing orchestrating the flow of energy causing mutual interactions to reveal the truth about who and what we are. No matter how successful or powerful we may appear to be in a worldly sense, we are always vitimised by what's going on in the world because we want particular outcomes or experiences.

Then comes the realisation that every event in the universe is designed to reveal something about ourselves to ourselves. After a while of playing with this, sometimes believing sometimes not, eventually comes a surrender to the process, to the journey that is uniquely ours.

When this happens, we realise that everything in the external world we experience is created by what we are being on the inside. The external journey of experiences acts as a mirror for the internal journey we are now embarked upon - the ONLY journey that is going on. At this point we step through the first doorway to enlightenment.

Over time, we are tested on our attachments to life's experiences, our hidden desires, fears and hopes. These attachments are indications of where consciousness flowing through us identifies with our identity getting lost in it. We identify them when inner peace is lost.

Where consciousness identifies with our identity, you have an ego or 'false self' arising. When the false self arises within you, you hold ideas about how life should be or how you want it to be and you manifest dramas around that - a false reality which you then live out.

Over time, we are caused to realise these attachments do not serve us and they are released by bringing our awareness to them. When you have released enough of your inner attachments something truly miraculous happens. Your consciousness expands out of the apparant separation that you think you are and 'reunites' with universal consciousness.

The apparent duality between inner and outer worlds dissolve and you step through the second doorway to enlightenment. In this place, there is however still a witnesser within us watching what is happening and at times still trying to shape events - like how high your vibration is.

There is one final doorway to enlightenment. That is when the witnesser is so surrendered, so awesomely okay with whatever experience comes, that it yields itself completely and dissolves into pure witnessing. This is the final gateway to enlightenment - the one into the absolute that you are.

Our awareness identifies with this state and it becomes a very normal state of perception for us. In this place we are being the void or everything/nothing simultaneously. From this place, awareness flows spontaneously. The flow of pure awareness out of the void within us, is the true self guiding us on the right pathway for us.

There is no need for intention, ideas, desires, hopes or fears because all recreate the witnesser within thereby creating separation from the awareness that you are.

In this state, there is only one choice that is made. To always yield the witnesser on the altar of the flow of consciousness through you.

When you can do this constantly, there is no need to decide to do anything. Right action just happens and there is witnessing of the outcome. In this place, it could be that your vibration will be high or low but it doesn't matter either way. You will be facilitating 'right outcome' as part of the flow of divine consciousness - what you might call 'the divine plan'.

It feels as if a huge weight has lifted from me, when after reading this, I realise that I have been attached to high vibrations!!!

FEELING GOOD IS AN ATTACHMENT ALL THE SAME........... It is like a drug, and when the effect (feeling good) begins to wear off, I have sought to reinstate the elevated feelings once more, like an addict in need of my feel good fix! Whilst there is nothing wrong with this - it keeps me out of synch with my true purpose. So always seeking to keep my high vibrations going, kept the world looking so very sweet and delicious - yet, this is just something I have created in my own fantasy, rather than the truth of what actually is! How did I miss something so obvious for so long?

Your insight is postively tweaking my spiritual awareness, thank you!


That post of yours was very insightful.

I think everything happens for a reason: we just need to figure out why.

Also, the people and situations we have most trouble with are precisely the ones with the most to teach us.

Ah well, who said life was meant to be easy...

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Welcome to the forum Liberation.

Yes, everything we encounter and experience in life is an opportunity to realise the truth of who we truly are. It is not even neccessary to sit and figure out why certain things 'happen' around us... if we can trust in the divine flow of the universe, then the 'reason why' will be revealed to us just by being who we truly are.


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I felt compeled to add another comment here about raising vibrational energy state.

I mentioned earlier that I believe it is first important to release attachment to raising your vibrational state - otherwise we build inner tightness around the perceived need for a heightened state. This in turn crystalises an inner witnesser and we build once again another false reality for ourselves.

However, I do believe there is a natural 'pull' of universal energy/consciousness back to higher levels of congruence and the intention of our higher selves is to lead us on a pathway which continually releases attachments thereby synchonising with this pull.

You could view the universe like a pond. In the beginning 'the creator' (us as the One life) 'cast a pebble into the pond' causing ripples of consciousness to flow outwards (observed as the 'big bang'). If you watch the ripples on a pond, the water itself does not flow outwards, it is only the disturbance that does (the ripples themselves). The water is held in place by the undertow back inwards to the centre.

So relating this to the universe, everything above the surface represents physical time space spreading outwards. In the universe we witness this as a movement away from the centre experienced as increasing disconnection from the source. We feel this disconnection when we identify too heavily with the material (physical time space) and the disconnection manifests for us as an increase in energetic disorder, incongruence and dis-ease. Science can actually measure this effect and calls it an increase in 'positive entropy'. You see it in the way people consider themselves to be separate from one another and therefore act mostly for their own selfish interests. It also causes bad health because of the incongruent energy within a person's system - it is probably the route cause of cancer.

However, underneath the surface, in negative time space, quantum space or 'super consciousness space', there is a flow back to the centre and ever increasing levels of energetic congruence and harmony. You might say this is experienced as divine love pulling back to our core being. Science less romantically calls it an increase in 'negative entropy' (an increase in order) and it is a very measureable effect.

So yes there is a natural pull back to higher levels of vibration and if we harmonise with this through being in conscious awareness of the truth underlying all events, then we will experience a magical ride back to ever deeper experiences of our true essence.

However just to reiterate, we should not be attached to this. We may sometimes be required to lower our vibration to release an attachment which will ultimately enable us to fly higher in the end.


Thank you for posting about your attunment experiences. I find this whole subject very interesting.

I am interested to learn more about this idea of "playing" in everything we do in life. Actions do at times get so intense and serious, I can image that having a softer, more childlike approach would make life a completely different (lighter) experience. How do we 'play' during your every day activities? How does it work for you?


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The key to harmonsing with the 'flow back to higher consciousness' is to be in 'expanded focus'. What does this mean?

Firstly we have to attain the state of 'expanded awareness'. We are each exposed to around 400 billion bytes of information coming in from our surroundings in any one second. However, an average person with only two strands of DNA fully connected (instead of the possible 12), can only process 2000 of these bytes. To cope with the overload, the brain forms a restricted map of reality and filters out only that information that conforms to this map - we literally create a limited, restricted and false reality for ourselves.

However if we overcome our fears of what will happen if we loose focus on the tiny part of reality in front of us, then our consciousness expands out of these controlling thought patterns and we 'reconnect' with consciousness around us. Our capacity expands and we begin to observe the patterning behind all events.

This patterning provides a new image of reality that is constantly changing and evolving. It provides new guidances on the best way forward in life and this unfolding pathway aligns with that of the true self - the pathway we were meant to walk.

It is this pathway that leads us to events not that the mind would want but those that guide us to ever increasing levels of energetic congruence - in other words we become guided by the heart not the mind.

At some point on this unfolding pathway, we discover that the true power, beauty and love of the universe can be exercised by bringing 'expanded awaress' to every focus in which we operate. We then move to living with 'expanded focus'.


I never thought I would be writing this and definitely wouldn't believe it unless I didn't feel it. I most recently moved back into my old house that I use to live in as child. My parents still own the house and are renting it to me. Their is a room in this house that use to be my parents that now is mine. Every time I lay down in my bed I mean anytime right before I am about to fall asleep or sometimes I am just laying there I feel this fast strong vibration throughout my whole body and only in that room. At first I was really scared and the try but tried to ignore it thinking this can't be happening to me. It will go away. Thefirst time I remember it paralyzed me and I went into a dream state but still felt that I was awake but asleep. I tried to wake myself up but could not because my body would not move. After I finally forced myself to wake up by deep deep concentration and much effort I would try to sleeping there but as soon as the vibration would start I would go sleep on the couch. I finally decided that that was my room and I could not always sleep on the couch and I did not want to be controlled by fear. I am still not use to the vibration and have learned since to somewhat control it and sleep after stopping the vibration off and on. I also now sometimes just flow with it and get really weird dreams. I could go on and on but can not understand why it only happens in that room and why it happens period. I typed in High Vibrations in my search window and found this website. Can anyone maybe shed some light on this?

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Hi there,

It sounds to me like you have the presence of an entity. This could be one of two things - an earth bound soul or the communication from a more highly evolved being. My feeling is that it is more likely to be the former rather than the latter (but I could be wrong!).

The phenomenon of an earth bound soul occurs when someone passes over in fear or attachment to something in the physical plane - either a person or place (such as a room). Although at death the spirit is liberated from the body, if the mind is still running strong controlling thought patterns then the spirit can form an energetic body around itself from these thought patterns.

It then continues to exist through the repetitve dramas created in its mind until it is liberated. This is what people often refer to as a ghost. They can often be freed by becoming as one with them and bringing love into the combined energy field - to become one, you simply have to inwardly invite them into yourself. However, it must be done in a loving way without fear. In this way, you can release the soul back into the light and the programming will be dissolved.

Working with candles, incense and inviting in the presence of angels also helps greatly.

If you are not confident enough to attempt this, you could seek out a psychic medium to do the work for you. Try your local spiritualist church - they would normally have the right people to help.

Best wishes


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Thought I'd add a couple of new experiences on how electrical appliances lower our vibration:

1. Cordless telephones appear to have a strongly negative effect - clearly felt in the head
2. Wireless internet hubs generate a strongly negative impact that can be felt throughout the body (especially the solar plexus and sacrum)

Best wishes


I've always been perfectly happy with wired phones and internet, even though I understand wireless technology perfectly well.

Surfing the web from your portable PC in the bath or garden seems cool, but why not just enjoy the bath or garden itself? Not everywhere has to be one's office.

I tend to wear natural clothing also (cotton, hemp, rayon, wool etc). Organic/fair trade seems to have a completely different energy too, (I mean they pile a gazzilion tonnes of chemicals on regular cotton crops, and there is something very uneasy about knowing I am buying clothing sourced by companies employing women and children in sweatshops for 18 hours a day, or effectively by slave labour in the third world).

I'm not quite like Ghandi, down to his hand made single loin cloth :0))) But there is definately a huge energetic difference, and my vibration is scatty when I wear too many synthetics. I find it helpful to look at where whatever I purchase is coming from.

Love to all

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Lets not forget LAUGHTER :lol:

Laughter is medicine for the soul!!! To spontaneously laugh is an instant way of raising our vibration.

At the Openhand 2006 summer retreat we did a fruit fast: this involved just eating fruit, for one day in this case. I do think it helped to raise our vibration and purify our spirits.

I am not an expert on this topic, you can check out what Google finds at http://www.google.co.uk/search?hl=en&q=fruit+fast&btnG=Google+Search&meta= .

One thing to bear in mind is that this sort of activity is said to release stored toxins in the short term, so drinking lots of water and juices is very advisable.

And of course, afterwards don't immediately revert back to roast beef and potatoes Wink

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It seems inevitable that we all have to experience environments from time to time that have a much lower vibration than our own. For many it is a part of the daily demands of life be it going to work or the supermarket.

When we are in such an environment the tendency is for our vibration to fall synchronising with the lower one. The phenomenon is just like a battery discharging itself as it gives energy to an electrical appliance.

So how can we maintain a vibration in these environments of low energy?

Some speak of closing one's energy field down to protect oneself but I have always found this only tends to generate internal tightness and efforting - originating from the fear of loosing energy. The internal tightness then disconnects us from the source.

For me, the key to maintaining a high vibration is in being open to the source at all times and we do this by being open inside. Being open means not allowing ourselves to tighten internally either mentally or physically.

So for example, something may not go our way - a traffic jam for example, a long queue at the supermarket checkout, or one's boss being controlling and judgmental.

In all cases the challenge is to be inside ourselves with at least a part of our awareness ensuring that we surrender by not being attached to the outcome. Thus we tighten less inside and the flow of energy is not constrained.

So how can we maintain inner focus?

The key is to locate inside ourselves a feeling or vibration that we associate with our 'true self' (also known as 'the higher self'). This begins as a very subtle experience often arising when we are feeling joy - it is not to be confused with the joy however, rather it is 'inside' the joy. If we keep locating this feeling that is uniquely ours , it starts to remain even when the feeling of joy subsides.

It is what we at Openhand call the 'inner flame' - it may even help to visualise it as such until your own visualisation takes over.

When we can focus on our inner flame - the true self - continually, then we are constantly drawing down energy from the source and our vibration tends to stay much higher.

Chris Wink

It is through absence that we experience all aspects of the Divine.

To experience hot is the absence of cold, to experience up is the absence of down, to experience love is the absence of hate, to experience happiness is the absence of sad. We can never know one without the experience of the other.

Some can be yucky I know, but the absence of yucky is yummy!

Embrace all the good, bad and ugly. The reward is all about you!

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It seems from the amount of reads this thread has had so far, many people are interested in how to raise our vibration - perhaps that's why I felt the pull to add a few more thoughts here...

The word that springs to mind is that of 'attunement'. As we frequently hear, the universe is within us. But how much do we actually believe this? How much do we really look within us? On a day to day basis how much are we connected to our inner feelings?

These days I find myself looking inwards the whole time (because its the only place that seems to make sense in this carzy world!). There in I discover ever deeper layers of consciousness. How do we know when this is happening? How do we know when we are going deeper?

The best way to know is through experimentation - by just sitting and watching or just doing and watching - watching the changes that are going on within. As we relax to the outer world, we surrender tension and our consciousness expands into the new layers.

A good way to faciliatte this is to continually ask oneself how can I do this (whatever I am doing) lighter, softer, more relaxed, more surrendered, with less tightness.

Every action has natural rhythm. Even opening a door or gripping the steering wheel or doing up a zipper. There is a natural movement which is completely at one with the universe.

By surrendering and feeling, being completely present in the moment, we get to discover how soft we can do something, how gentle and yet still complete the movement.

In being this way, we attune to the natural order of things and not to the tightness within the body. In other words we attune to the higher vibrations of the soul.

If we keep on living like this, then our perception will at some point switch completely from identification with the bodymind to that of the soul. It is then that we become "Transfigured" and life becomes truly magical.

So if we really want to raise our vibration, it helps to continually ask "how could I do that softer, more relaxed, with less effort, with more natural rhythm?" Play with everything we do finding ever higher relaxation and harmony. Then just attune to the expanding inner peace.

In my experience its a powerful way of raising vibration!

Chris Smile

I am new to this site, but I would like to add my comments to this lightness and softness and playfulness subject.

I practice Qi Gong and in every class my teacher tells us to be lighter, softer and to do, not only the exercises, but everything we do in life in a lighter and softer way. And I can tell you this works ! Besides I am always trying to have fun in my daily activities, if we can choose between being happy, childlike and to be serious and never have fun, why not to choose the first option?

Yesterday, for example, I was doing a very boring spreadsheet at work, I got bored and everything became grey...so I decided to have fun: I relaxed completely, imagined and felt myself jumping to through the window and falling over the grass , then I stood up and started to run on the grass and touching the trees , I actually felt all this and I also felt the texture of the tree, in the same time, my body was very light and tingling all over. By doing this simple exercise I had fun, I also have raised my vibration and the rest of the day got so much better !

Best wishes,

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Hi Aline,

Welcome to the forum Smile

Yes I totally agree with you. I see that every moment offers us a black and white choice - either to attune to the tightness, heaviness of the lower vibrations or else to the lightness and softness of the soul.

I believe it pays to be connected to both in order that we may bring the higher consciousness into the lower - at the same time, while not aline with the beauty of the lightness indeed!

I think you would like the Openhand Practice which helps people really attune to the soul - I notice you're based in Calafornia - we've not worked in the States yet but who knows maybe one day soon!

Best wishes


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As we've already discussed playfulness is one important key to tuning into the soul.

This is something we closely aline with in the Openhand Movements. We follow a basic form to the movement but then allow the body to express how it wants to.

The difficulty for most people is knowing how to let go of the mind so that it doesn't continue to lead on the movements. This is where playfulness comes in. If we just play with the way the body wants to move, then the mind is caused to surrender.

Then comes 'entrainment'. Ask yourself how can I do this movement lighter, softer and with more rythym? Within the movement will be the natural authentic movement of the soul and if we bring energy to this movement - in other words bring conscious awareness to it - then we do what is known as 'entrainment'.

Imagine a train engine - this would be a metaphor for the soul. By adding carriages to the back of the train we give it more energy. Metaphorically we are adding extra 'carriages' of consciousness to the train of the soul.

The movement strengthens and suddenly we find ourselves moving with profound joy and lightness.

If we keep doing this then over time, we as the 'seer' aline to the soul and not the false self. When we are always doing this, even in the difficulties of life, we become what is know as "transfigured" and life becomes truly magical. We unfold into enlightenment.

Chris Smile

Thank you very much for the Welcome, Chris !

I am sorry , but I live in Brazil, not in the US (so please forgive me for my not so correct English)!!

Can you please tell me where Openhand is based ?

I agree with you when you say that it pays to be connect to both sides, it really makes sense !

Best regards,

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One of the most effective ways of raising our vibration is to be completely honest firstly with ourselves and then each other!

Before we can be honest to anyone else we have to first and foremost (and often the most challenging) find honesty within ourselves. How often do we supress the truth, talk our selves out of things, and skate around the edges? In actually fact being profoundly honest with how we feel about things is fundemental in raising our energetic vibration. We send a message out to the universe signifying our total commitment and trust to the flow back to unity and raise our vibration accordingly.

In being profoundly honest with ourselves, the veil of illusion that surrounds us becomes thinner and more transparent and we find ourselves able to see beyond the ordinary and tune into the cosmic library of all knowing.


Most of the tips here in my opinion are geared to help a physical body .

I agree we do have physical bodies, but are we just physical bodies?

The physical mind is part of the physical body . It is best used to deal with the physical problems of life in this realm .

Our schools all teach us that thinking is the way to solve problems.

I think therefor I am.

All this is great if you choose to see yourself as only physical.

Have you heard of The Law of Attraction ?
I got one thing from it . The universe is a feeling place . The universe doesn't think , it feels. ........or more exactly it experiennces.

If you choose to see yourself as more than just a physical body then perhaps "I feel therefor I am" is a better statement.

The physical realm has emotions like hate fear anger and loss along with the posative emotions of love joy peace and gratitude.

The negative feelings are part of the physical universe, they have little or no existance in the higher realms .

If you wish to raise your vibration think of things that make you FEEL positive emotions .

When you CHOOSE to focus on positive feelings when you would normally be experiencing negative feelings you are in the prosess of ascension.


Love is always the answer.

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My experience is that the tips here may help us to acknowledge and honour the vehicle of expression in the third dimension and attune to vibrations that take us beyond the physical, mental and emotional etc.

Smile Thinking has limits when it comes to spiritual evolution, I certainly agree.

However 'feeling positive emotions' also has limitations, especially given that the Emotional Body is only the second body of expression. I prefer to focus on 'authentic' feelings rather than 'positive' or 'negative' ones, in that way we are able to fall through the layers that lead to our ascension. If I am experiencing a 'negative' emotion then I feel moved to look at it and see what it is revealing to me.

It is usually revealing a blockage within. I prefer to be profoundly honest with myself and invite release of the blockage rather than super imposing a positive feeling over it. In so doing I find that internal peace and harmony emerge as a natural expression of profound internal honesty.

Warm Regards

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Hi gary,

Personally I directly experience 7 bodily vehicles of expression through which the Soul expresses itself as below...

  1. Bodymind: the sum collection of consciousness cells forming the physical body from which lower mind is formed (connected via the base chakra)
  2. Emotional body: that which holds, process and expresses our emotional state (connected via the sacral chakra).
  3. Lower mind: processes higher abstract wisdom and facilitates our psychic skills in a 3rd dimensional way (connected via the solar plexus chakra).
  4. Causal body: retains karma - the blue print for each incarnation (connected via the heart chakra).
  5. Higher mind: connects to, receives and processes abstract wisdom from higher universal knowing (connected via the throat chakra).
  6. Celestial body: that which holds stimulates and reflects authentic recognition of our soul (connected via the third eye).
  7. Spirit light body: facilitates multi dimensional experience. Also known as the “merkaba” (connected via the crown chakra).

To me, the path the the higher Dimensions is accessed by progressively purifying the bodily vehicles of expression from the lowest first.

That is not to say that we cannot also start purifying the higher vehicles without first completely cleansing the lower ones, but if there are blockages within the lower vehicles, consciousness tends to get drawn into this greater density.

To me it is kind of like playing in an orchestra, just as you cannot hear the subtler instruments if the base drum is playing too loud, you cannot feel the finer bodily vehicles if lower density is dragging us down.

That is why we would encourage people to first purify the lower vehicles such as the Physical and Emotional Bodies. Then sufficient Soul Consciousness can rise up to deal with other purification work such as Karma through the Causal Body.

In my experience, people are unable to unleash the constriction of past life trauma if their consciousness is still being sucked into the lower vehicles.



Thank you for this information.

I can not see these different bodies as described here.

I see all things as energy. I see no " separate bodies " within the energy

What I experience is an endless flow of energy from my physical to complete oneness of all .

I see no levels or interruptions.

Understanding where they are and how they might be used is as good as an instruction book to me .

Thanks again Smile


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Sometimes people struggle to understand that their soul is using several bodily vehicles of expression not just the physical one.

So for example gary, you wrote...

    "I can not see these different bodies as described here.
    I see all things as energy. I see no " separate bodies " within the energy"

I would ask then these following questions....

1. Do you feel the physical body and have experience within it?
If yes, this would be an experience within the "bodymind".

2. Do you experience of emotions within you?
If yes, this would be an experience within the "emotional Body".

3. Do you experience thoughts, dreams, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairvoyance etc?
If yes, this would be an experience of the "lower mind".

4. Do you experience past life memories and/or regressions? Or are you influenced negatively by such in any way?
If yes, this would be an experience within the "causal body".

5. Do you receive spontaneous knowing and rationalisation of abstract wisdom?
If yes, this would be an experience within "higher mind".

6. Do you experience deep inner longing and feelings of being completely at one with yourself and 'in the groove'?
If yes, this would be an experience of the "celestial body".

7. Do you experience synchronicity and perceive other Dimensional Realms of existence?
If yes, this would be an experience within the "spirit light body"

I'm not the only one to experience these things. Many others do which is the reason I share it. In being able to identify and 'point' to these experiences within ourselves, not only can we see where we are being limited but, we can unfold new divine gifts of expression.

Finally, since this thread is all about raising our vibration, if one was to re-read the posts with the above 'map' of the seven bodies in mind, I'm sure one might notice that the path to increasing vibration involves cleansing each of the lower bodies and mostly sequentially.

In my experience, it is quite difficult to cleanse a higher energetic body without first cleansing the lower ones because Soul Consciousness tends to get drawn into the lower density. If you like, the Soul is listening to an orchestra where in order to hear the finer instruments like the flute, it must first attune the heavier instruments otherwise all it might hear is the base drum!

Chris Smile

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hi there
I was wondering about the clothes we all wear everyday, where do people buy there's from? are they made here? what are they made out off? I dont seem to be able to find a place, at least near to me, that sells clothes that weren't made in sweatshops. what are other people's experiences with clothes?


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Hi Dale,

There are several shops in Glastonbury that sell organic, natural and hemp clothing. Most town and cities seem to have somewhere to buy natural clothing these days although it is often a case of digging a little deeper. Your local independent health food store may be able to point you in the right direction.

I can personally recommend hemp clothing as well as organic cotton. Here are a couple of links of companies that I wear clothing from.


You might like to try ebay. People are often selling surplus organic, fair trade clothing there. Perhaps they've bought something that is too big/small or they have an end of the line range.

Charity shops can be wonderful for finding natural clothing depending on where you live. Re-using something that is already out there means that we are not buying into the system that supports sweatshops. That is a good place to start.

It is surprising how little clothing we actually need. I prefer to have a few items that have been made in ethical conditions rather than having a wardrobe full of things of a lower vibration that I rarely wear.

Here's a directory of fair trade clothing links that you may find of use:


Hope this helps a little...

With Love

I'd like to send this calling out to people are consciously aware of positive vibrations who have a naturally positive nature/attitude and are consciously aware of the ever present continuous "Now". We create our own destiny from whatever we think about consciously and especially subconsciously via frequencies of thought patterns of supernatural projectional energies. We all are supernatural eternal "Beings" having a human experience or to put it another way higher multi-dimensional Beings existing within a physical form (human) our high "Being" within the Human eternity. We are all part of the great power of nature and connected together by the miracle and wonder of the one universal special life shared and experienced throughout billions of people and every other life form.

I'd like to share with anyone who genuinely appreciates the beauty and supernatural connection of the cosmos and of the miracle life through the harmonious love of nature which has even birth everything that exists.

I genuinely wish to connect with like-minded enlighten people. If you would like to share your experiences/ knowledge, or perhaps understand more and grow with me then please contact me. I am considerate, open, calm/peaceful and genuine so no time wasters please.

The fact that you have been drawn to this particular advert is deeper than you might think and makes me realise I'm not alone in this way of conscious awareness or existence, so here I am

Kind regards and thank you for your precious time!
Love and Kindness

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Hi Stephen,

Welcome to the Openhand site.

We share your natural pull to connect with like minded souls. That's the reason we produced this site and invite people to share their experiences here.

We also feel that its not actually completely necessary for us all to contact in person. That we connect through the "ether" so to speak and that as we each work through our issues in life, we're adding increasing 'content' to the collective human library of consciousness which we can all then draw from.

When I awoke and felt the urge to connect with people, I was guided by spirit to meditate and go inwards - first to connect that way. Following which, I just found that people of my vibration tended to appear without any efforting needed what-so-ever.

Its an approach I would recommend to anyone.

With much love

PS - from my perspective, there is no such thing as a "time waster" - someone else can only waste our time if we allow them to - and time is only wasted when we fail to realise what we're meant to. Maybe if you didn't 'advertise' for connections, you wouldn't find yourself wasting your time? Just a thought!