The Transfiguration 2012

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Hi friends!
This week, if you were wondering why things might be a little quieter on the website than usual, it's because we're holding our annual "Transfiguration" course here at the Earth Spirit Centre in the heart of the rolling Somerset countryside. We have a wonderful group of 20 kindred spirits, courageously confronting and exploring the veils that limit, then breaking them apart and unleashing a new majesty of being. It's always been a powerful course and this year has certainly so far been no exception. Here's a taster of the work we've been doing...

The Transfiguration is all about confronting the false self ego. To us at Openhand, the ego is constructed from internal attachments to the need for an outcome from the moment. We've built up filters - identities - from a very early age, where fixed neural pathways have formed in the brain creating conditioned behaviours. It's often society that programs these within us, and even our families, although of course in many cases this has not been intentional. It's often happened unconsciously.

So for example we might experience lack of tactile love as a young child and then blame ourselves that for some reason we're not lovable or not good enough. Alternatively, food may become a source not just of sustenance but comfort eating. It could be that as a teenager our first experiences of school were filled with self consciousness or as a young adult a relationship breaking down and so our experiences of being in love became tainted with dissatisfaction and pain.

As a result of such experiences, we build a neural web of these 'distortions' which form an identity. The first tends to be the inner child, formed between the ages of 2-4. And then as we move into puberty, hormones might cause the teenager to rebel, or even retract inwards to protect the inner child identity. Hence now a new set of conditioned behaviour form thus creating the 'inner teenager' identity. It is these filters that cause the soul's free flowing experience to fragment within them. We are no longer acting as a whole and integral being.

So our approach on the course is to take people into deep meditation to re-confront the situations of people's lives that have created these identities. In a safe, loving and unconditional space, people are able to access these deep recesses, to release the pain of attachment, dissolve out the dense energy and reintegrate those aspects of soul that have become fragmented.

It's a bit like a roller coaster ride! But when these lost aspects of ourselves are reintegrated, the feeling is totally magical and empowering. People begin to burst with exuberance. We'll put on some music, and people will find themselves dancing passionately with joy. When the soul is liberated in this way, it sweeps us up, carrying us like a bird into a bright new dawn. I can tell you that as facilitators, it is a delight to behold. We feel ourselves blessed to be working in this arena and with such sacred souls.

So even if you're not with us in person, I trust I've given you a flavour of what we're up to. And just to stimulate the connection throughout the community a little wider, here's a wonderful video Trinity made from the last Transfiguration course...

From our hearts to yours

Chris & Trinity

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This is the first opportunity I have had to write. The course has been INCREDIBLE so far! I am deeply humbled at the bravery and willingness for people to look within their depths. It is no gentle feat!

A couple of photos in the meantime. There will be many more to come...

Deep, powerful, inspirational and highly transformational!
These are the words that immediately come to me when I contemplate what has just taken place during the Transfiguration 2012. The commitment and courage of the 20 incredible souls that joined us during the past week was utterly breath taking.

It seemed that everyone was profoundly touched in some personal and deeply moving way, not least Chris and myself. The Openhand work creates a space to bring people together in order to find THEIR OWN truth and THEIR OWN inner strength. It is never about telling people how it is, or what another's reality is, but rather helping others to transcend their barriers and find their own connection with the divine. It's about empowering our guests to go within and find what really matters. It's about letting go of what is ready to be released, creating internal space to really hear the voice of the soul and allow it to flood in. The incredible courage of the group meant that release of limiting beliefs, distortions and opening to soul happened in abundance.

I feel deeply inspired! I'd like to express my deepest and most heartfelt gratitude on behalf of Chris and myself to all who joined us here during the past week. Together, as one big Openhand family, it was an amazing week. I feel deeply honoured to have been there to facilitate the movement of energy and lovingly hold the space during the most moving of processes.

I miss you all already and feel you deeply in my heart.
YOU are amazing!

Soul to Soul

I took some photos to capture the enrgy of the week.

After tears of joy or sadness, laughter was always just around the corner...

Singing for joy, connecting with nature and balancing the chakras
during this beautiful 'singing chakra meditation'...

Beautiful souls sharing together...

Part of the work involved being of divine service to one another.
A sacred ceremony of blessing one another...

Another few layers lifted. An Openhand Angel at peace...

More photos to follow!

Wow what a marvelous course!

What an inspiration to facilitate brave souls digging deep.
And who will ever forget the more gentle 'blessing' ceremonies we introduced this year. What a way to open the heart. You guys melted me :smile:

As always the work was guided by the hand of benevolence. Never more so than in the closing ceremony. As we gathered in the centre for our final sharing song, I'd been looking for a track to play. But nothing would come. But I knew there was no cause for concern. Somehow the divine would deliver. And how! What an amazing, solo soul-stirring rendition of her own debut song. Sarah, you are an angel :innocent:

Thanks so much to all of you for making the week such a pleasure. You've fired up my soul...


I am going to be a tease and not reveal what happened on this course--Lets just say...You would have to have been there.
Am still processing my stuff big time.Apologies for being a bit of a wet blanket on the last day, but I am what I am.
Thank you to everyone for making this experience so beautiful and so moving.
I have just added two new "archangels" to my collection.
Their names are Christopher and Trinity,and their loving presence comforts me on this journey.

Namaste and much Love


Dear all,
So I just landed back in Yorkshire & wanted to check in to send my deepest love to my beautiful & brave brothers & sisters. I think it's safe to say that we definately 'WENT THERE'! What an unbelievable journey we all had. As a result of the cathartic emotional cleansing & deep processing & just because at times I was so overjoyed at having come through such an intense experience, I felt incredibly energised & found dancing to be a vital part of the energetic cleansing. It's the natural polarity of darkness & light I guess :) Dancing on Lollover Hill for two nights running while watching the sun set just felt so life affirming & grounding at the same time. As I was waiting for my train at Castle Cary, the energy was literally fizzing up inside me & it was all I could do to stop myself shouting; 'We're ALIVE & it's AMAZING!' I don't know if it was kundalini rising or just general life force/prana/chi/whatever, but it was pretty powerful. I played this tune alot in such moments. They lyrics are perfect;

It was only as I was on the bus this evening that I even registered the blindingly obvious resonance of the band's name, PRIMAL SCREAM!!! How perfect is that? I laughed my head off. Oh how I love the thread of humour that weaves in & out of the pain. The Universe certainly has a wicked sense of humour! I feel in this case, this song is a reminder that the deeper we dive into the darkness, the higher we bob up back up when we're done. Thank you EVERYONE for being part of our great adventure. I feel so lucky & humble to be able to help create such a beautiful web of light. Your courage & love will be forever in my heart. Until the next time, this song will always remind me of our incredible week together XOXOXOX

yeah, Sarah! yeah!!!!!!!! :-)
my love shines on -- too, I love the song!! I'm up and about dancing...

And I love YOU, and all of you guys. Big hug to each and every one of you! I feel you all in my arms!

I'm sooooo full of energy (while still in total silence), have not eaten for over a day, energies are so high, unbelievable...
what an amazing week and thank all of you guys again, it's been just incredible...

While over there I was crying, I was shaking, I was rolling on the floor in screams and pain (mine, yours and of us all), and now the free flow is just making me fly.

We are so blessed!
Chris, Trinity: I cannot express my gratitude. No words can really. What you do is beyond that. Real light warriors in the shape of loving angels!
And special thanks to David whose presence is working ever so softly but strongly into it all.

Sarah, you inspired me, so here is another one, I'll be up on the hilltop jumping and dancing with you darling!

Hi Guys,

I have no words to describe how i feel. As Breda said you have to have been there. It was just amazing!!
I miss you all already... And i love you

Chris and Trinity, THANK YOU THANK YOU and THANK YOU! You did it again :)

Big hugs

Smiling beautiful soul...

Sharing experiences in the meadow after sacred ceremony...

With a closer look, I know David's mischevious smile when I see it...

Openhanders walking through the meadow during our Earth Spirit walk...

Oliver after another powerful day of events...

One of the beautiful things about the Openhand work is the ability to go very deep,
release, let go and then feel incredible joy afterwards. Wonderful veronica smiles..

Sarah, Vaso, Reka and Breda!

Thank you for sharing and touching my heart. Truly divine Souls :innocent:

Dear friends,

I finally made it home after 2 days of travel.
I just want to tell you all my deepest thanks for this deeply profound week! You guys gave me the chance to explore some deep levels of myself!
The last 2 days I spent mainly in cars, train or airplane and had a lot of time to feel what has shifted for me.
I cannot tell that I am finished with the course yet as the universe seems not wanting to stop confronting me with all kind of distortions and invitations to act through my true self. I have the feeling that it will never stop again! I became more sensitive to my inner pull to right action at any moment but my ego doesnt like it at all!
So walking the path in my own deepest honesty and sticking to it in EVERY moment (no matter what the consequences will be) is going to be the next great challenge!
I am not brave enough to do it right now, because that would mean quitting university but I promised myself that after the thesis there will be no excuses any more :-)

Love you all and wish you well on your journey! I hope we will see each other again!


and by that i mean it as in weightless :) anyways...

Could someone mindfully install an interface on my computer, that translates feelings into internet?! That would be of tremendous help :star:

Please allow me to serve myself by offering all of you my deepest ! gratitude for helping me become SINGNIFICANTLY less :)

I love you, you are awesome, you rock and i promise you, all your efforts will be rewarded. And if only by me buying the next smoothie and sugarwheatglutenmatrixfree treat :party:


Thanks ^^
You too! I like your expression of becoming less!
That just hits the nail on the head


I FEEL IT :innocent:
And I can taste that "sugarwheatglutenmatrixfree" treat through the ether too. I just made myself a fresh apple, kale and lemon balm juice.... Quite possibly as a result of your beaming light!

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You are just divine too!
One step at a time... "and before you know it you will have climbed a mountain" (David's now-famous words).
Enjoy the trek.
with a heart full of Love

Hi All, i love you all. Thank you for creating and holding the space for unforgettable experiences and life-shattering leaps.
Chris and Trin are made of star dust and have come here to help us make our way to consciousness.
Beautiful and deep. My final day at Kew Gardens was a real novelty, I had visions and premonitions about Gaia and Nature as I have never before, maybe I'll write about that later.
Gratitude fills my heart from the shared work and progress we did.
You are all in my heart.

I feel like i'm missing out on all the fun :)

Wow looking back words don't feel as they can do justice to the amazing week we all shared.

It was painful, beautiful, profound, magical, liberating, and of course EPIC!!!.
It has left an imprint on my heart that will surely be with me for time to come.

I still don't feel as though I have landed properly yet, not sure if I want to. I will happily take you up on your yummy treat Alexj, mmmmm.

Love to all of you.

Cant stop playing this song by Adele at the moment.
Its raw passion really appeals, and revs up the Energy in my somewhat waterlogged persona.
Thank God for music


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I'd love to go to Kew Gardens again soon. It has been many many years. I adore the wildness of nature, yet have a wonderful appreciation for intentionally grown gardens too. When my son was little (and we lived in the South East of England) we went to Wakehurst Place every week... it is the sister 'countryside garden' of Kew.

Was an absolute joy to have your shining beingness there Michah for the Transfiguration.

Thank you all for your sharings after our beautiful week in Compton Dunden. I've been watching them bloom on this webpage and have been feeling the resonance of your words in my heart.

My reminiscenses of the week bring real joy and delight, particularly discovering I can cartwheel after about 30 years of thinking otherwise ;0). I can't express the gratitude I feel for the freedom and space that our Openhand family catalyzes to simply allow us to 'be' exactly who we authentically feel to be in our lives. I carry that unconditional love in my heart as I embark on the next stage of my journey to me.

With Love to you all,
Bethan x

Thank you for being there Bethan! A joy as ever to connect with you.

Here's a little reminder for all of our beauitful stroll through the woodlands.

I snapped this shot during Chris's transcendental moving meditation at the start of one of the sessions...

Alexej (or is it robin hood) looks as if he is about to blend into the meadow after our earth-spirit walk experience...

And Reka is certainly in an 'other worldly' realm here...

those beautiful pictures bring the feelings flooding back!

what a wonderful course. and such a beautiful group! I (still) feel like I haven't fully landed yet, but think I am in the process! the world is coming to meet me again, in this new space. the energy is still unfolding, and the landscape forming. and it feels a blessing to see those wondrous photos and connect with the energy again.

I feel blessed to have been there and to be a part of it, and to meet and connect with such beautiful souls. The journey continues. Thankyou!

with love


these lovely comments from everyone matched my own feelings of the Transfiguration. To be with a group of people who had travelled from so many different places, and created a wonderful group energy I feel privileged to have been part of. No two Openhand courses are the same and the way this one evolved took me on the 'roller-coaster' of self-discovery and I am still travelling. Chris, Trinity and Dave were on sparkling form and helped me massively in their own special ways, plus the individual connections I made with the group, thank you all. The hat from Breda will remind me of the sunny days and special week. Mark

A wonderful meditation space at the Earth Spirit Centre in Somerset. Beautiful memories of deep cleansing and transcendence!

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wow! the only day when we still needed thick pullovers... ;-)

but just what got kickstarted after that, wow!!

i'm still not 'home'... it's been more than a week, but part of my soul remains with you always

frequency's just getting ever so higher...

i'm in a state of (almost) total trust and love and it's just amazing to keep that while also doing my everyday life and work

i just feel like inside a huge wave which does not want put me down (and i don't want it to let me go either...) because i am the wave, it's like 'no question'

the spontaneously evolving water fast is just the tip of the (melting) 'iceberg'...
alongside with hours of crazy dancing a day...
i'm dancing my body off me

love to you all

Thank you for the beautiful reminder and bringing this beautiful experence up again Mike.

Which reminds me - I will be getting my video camera out for this years Transfiguration course too! I've been keeping it hidden lately. BUT I feel another special video coming on. I absolutely adore capturing your guys (being all natural) on video.

Mike - we can start a Transfiguration 2013 thread if you like :)

I've been very much feeling and connecting with the souls from last year in the last couple of days as this is exactly the time/week when we were all there together a year ago.

The connection of that group is amazing (hey guys, just dare to contradict me!! ha! ;) ), and still alive, very much so. We still connect on an almost everyday level, which I find quite amazing as most of us have not even met since (in our bodily form). I know Openhand energy and people share and connect easily, but I still find that extraordinary, and as (also) the organiser of some other OH courses, i'd say it cannot be called "usual".

And Mike (dear Mike!), I am not surprised at all by your joining here, somehow you've always belonged. Maybe one day we'll meet too. In the meantime we can connect here and in our letters.

I wish all the best for all those wonderful people connected to last year's course and for the ones at this year's Transfiguration. I wish I could be there, and with this I basically said/promised: I will be. ;-)

The last couple of days were very strong energetically, Mother Earth' (Gaia's) energy was pretty active again, in my intuiting almost as strong as last in winter. I see it in my work, and myself. Beautiful. I was going to write some to you too Trin, just wondering about your feelings...

May this grounded earthly energy support the Work.

I do carry you all in me.


I hadn't realised it was a year ago that we shared such intense connections during The Transfiguration. I should've realised that's why I've been particularly tuned into to Chris's Australian trip. Yes Reka, we are always only a thread of energy away from each other! It has been a challenging period for us all, for sure. Diving into new darkness on a daily basis sometimes & trying hard not to forget to breathe through it. I ususally know when OC is dancing with me, it means that I'm close to some new expansion or realisation. So horrible though it can be, I can see the bigger picture & feel quite grateful (once the dust has settled!). Welcome Mike to our web of light! I will certainly be with you in spirit as you gather for this year's Transfiguration. A big blast of love & laughter to you in preparation! :) I look forward to following your week. Love to you all XOXOX

Sarah - Reka - ah, you beautiful beings!
You are both super-stars and I remember you so so dearly when I see you both dancing and twirling on 'The Spiritual Path' video.

This morning I asked the Universe to help me if I am supposed to join you at Snowdonia this year. I long to be there but I'm not working at the moment & resources are tight. Life is shooting forward & the flow has been wonderful. I have just got an agent again after 17 years & alot of hard work (for little or no money). It feels right. I have been very fluid to the ebbs & flows, in order to see where I am supposed to be. Apparently it is to be a professional performer once again! My financial energy is being swallowed up by many professional expenses involved at this stage. So I shall see what I can sell & if anything miraculous pops up. As I said to Chris before, if I'm meant to be there, I will be there. Keep me informed as to remaining places, but I have a feeling it's going to be a last minute thing if it happens! Fingers crossed eh?! XXX