Trinity's Spiritual Wellness Smoothie (with video)

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Every morsel we eat plays a role on our spiritual journey. The energy of our food becomes a part of our being, it goes soul deep - flooding into our cells; directly impacting our vibration by either lowering or raising it (depending on what we choose to consume). We are spiritual beings in physical, human bodies - aspiring to ever higher realms of awareness. We yearn to free the soul in every moment. Conscious eating is about unleashing the soul. The energy of every bite counts! So in this video I decided to talk about how I make my Spiritual Wellness Smoothie and the spiritual superfood benefits of the main ingredients...

More about my favourite spiritual superfoods

Moringa - a superstar for the spiritual journey

Moringa has earned itself superstar status for the spiritual journey
Moringa is one of the most nutrient rich foods in the world. It is the ‘superfood of superfoods' earning itself superstar status. Moringa is one of the most prolific, natural antioxidant foods known. It is said to contain a whopping 46 antioxidants that prevent the damage of tissue from the action of free radical oxidation in the body. Moringa leaves are also thought to be have the highest protein ratio of any plant-food ever discovered on our planet. They contain up to 40% protein. If that’s not enough then you’ll be pleased to know that this special food is also a powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-microbial, liver supporting, blood pressure reducing, cancer prevention agent. Moringa helps to keep a healthy body, mind and spirit so that, whilst on the spiritual path, we can be in tip-top shape, freeing up our energy to serve our purpose.

What makes Maca such an incredible spiritual superfood?

Maca is an amazing spiritual superfood, growing at extremely high altitudes (7000ft and above) in the Peruvian Mountains. It’s very hardy, with powerful adaptogenic properties. An adapotgen is something that helps you cope in stressful situations – whether spiritually, physically, mentally and energetically. It is particularly helpful when going through the ‘dark night of the soul’; when you wake up and it feels like the world is falling apart around you; when you question who you truly are and feel like everything you thought you knew about the world was wrong. It helps us to cope when we shed layer after layer; when we feel at complete odds with the world around us; when we are hyper-sensitive or empathic and feel that what is going on in the world is just too insane. It’s an important kundalini energy balancer.

On a physical level, maca is well known for supporting and regulating the endocrine system in both men and women. The endocrine system is responsible for healthy functioning of hormones (which are essential for the regulation of energy levels, digestion, brain function, the nervous system, fertility and wellness in general). Many women have noticed that it helps to balance hormones, reducing menopausal and pre-menstrual symptoms, whilst men have observed that it helps support fertility and sexual functions.

I recommend you use gelatinised maca powder rather than raw (gelatinised is the best form for absorption). Read my in-depth article about maca powder here: All about maca

Hemp seed - a spiritual superfood to nourish the soul

Hemp Seed opens our cells to cosmic interconnectivity 
If there were one food designed to help elevate us into the higher paradigm then hemp would be it. I am not talking about it’s cousin cannabis with the psycho-active THC compound that gets you high. I am talking about the culinary hempseed that is available in all good health food stores. Hemp seed is brimming with so much vibrational raising goodness, that I make a point of incorporating it daily into my already super healthy plant-based diet. It is one of the most complete proteins in the plant food kingdom, containing ALL 21 known amino acids. Hemp contains nature's perfect ratio (3:1) of omega 3 to omega 6 essentially fatty acids. This is a unique accomplishment in the plant world. Not only is it chockfull of nutrients, hemp is excellent at helping to balance our energy field, whilst quietly building an internal spiritual bridge from the lower third dimensional world into the higher paradigm. Hemp makes our cells more open to the interconnectivity of all sentient life - an important aspect of the evolutionary spiritual journey. An incredible gift to behold!
Read my article about the Spiritual Nutrition of Hemp Seeds

Spiritual Wellness Smoothie

  • 1 ripe banana
  • Handful of garden berries (frozen)
  • 200ml (3/4 cup) of local spring water
  • 1 heaped teaspoon of gelatinised maca powder
  • 1 teaspoon of hemp protein powder
  • 1 tablespoon of hulled hemp seeds
  • 1 teaspoon of moringa powder (or other supergreens)
  1. This works well if you freeze the banana (peeled and chopped) ahead of time; or if you freeze the berries. Freezing the fruit is optional, although it is recommended if you want to make the smoothie more creamy.
  2. Use hulled/shelled hemp seeds (which blend nicely) and hemp protein powder - or just one or the other, depending on what you have available.
  3. Prepare everything from the heart, taking time to appreciate each element of this blend.
Blend until creamy smooth, observing the divine culinary alchemy as everything weaves together.
Drink in stillness, savouring the texture, the colour and delicious dance of flavours.
  4. Enjoy the vibrational raising nourishment with every sip.

With Warmest Blessings

21 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity is an integral part of the Openhand Core Team, supporting with the philosophy development, energy processing, publication of book and film, and is also the Openhand retreat chef.
Trinity recently published two recipe books with Openhand Press: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm.
Find Trinity here on, and here: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website

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Trinity your video to medicine for the soul, like your recipes are for health. you truly are inspiring.

much love, *BRAVO*

Love all the information, I took a few notes! I recently started to put pomegranate powder in my smoothie. I've not used hemp seeds but have chia seeds and maca is one of my favorites. I've been growing strawberries and added raspberries this year and hope to add Haskap berries soon. I like to freeze the berries so I can enjoy them through the winter season. There is something special in using foods I've grown and nurtured!! Love your video, deepest gratitude! Erica