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Honouring the sacred cycle

The importance of "Moontime"
Moontime is a name given to the "menstrual period" of the female cycle. It feels to me a beautiful description and speaks of the natural cyclical rhythm of this sacred time. It is often referred to in this way in Native American and Druid circles. In such bygone cultures it has been honoured by male and female alike, acknowledging the fact that we are all influenced and effected by this profoundly beautiful act of nature. It seems society has lost perspective and true understanding of this natural cycle. You might be interested, therefore, in this personal sharing...

The Inner Sanctum

Finding the sanctity of profound inner peace
A few years ago, I was blessed with a truly amazing experience during meditation. I felt myself taken on an inner journey to the highest realms of vibrational consciousness. The journey was metaphored by a wonderous visual parallel which helped me dissolve deeper and deeper into awesome self acceptance. The journey led ultimately to a serene inner temple of infinite benevolence; it felt like coming home. It was not until speaking with others, that I realised this journey was open to each and every one of us should we choose to embark. So what is this Inner Temple all about, how might we access it and how can it help us on our continued journey?...

These are the times we've been waiting for

The Unseen reveals its hand
So it's here. Something we've been talking about here at Openhand for quite some time. Global recession. Share prices dissolving, house values plummeting, economies contracting. Ever since the Titanic sank at the end of the Industrial Revolution, just as the Twin Trade Towers collapsed into dust, we've been warned about it. So as my house price crumbles, am I sitting in fear? No. This is meant to happen. This is perfection. The unseen is playing its hand. These are the times we've been waiting for...

Fear - the doorway to Heaven

Confronting and dealing with fear
When we step onto our path of soul guided evolution, there is frequently one seemingly unwelcome guest that we'll be called upon many times to encounter - fear. Fear is what holds us back from realising our full potential in life. It's what constricts the flow of divine love within us; it dims our inner light. But ALL fear is just a doorway through which to step into a greater expansion. Therefore fear is not to be feared at all but rather embraced as a tool by which to grow. If we can make this internal switch of perception about our fears, we'll find ourselves accelerating faster and faster into full Enlightenment. So how might we confront and deal with fear?...

Making difficult decisions easier...

Are you faced with tough choices in life?
Recently I've found myself having to make some seemingly very difficult decisions in life. As I look more widely around me it strikes me that we're all going to be faced with some tough choices as the global economy moves into increasingly troubled waters. Of course at the highest level, we create our reality including especially those difficult decisions. So why do we create such experiences? Are we having some great cosmic joke at our own expense? How can we make it more easy for ourselves to decide and find the best pathway forwards in life?

What is Enlightenment?

An awesomely ordinary state of perception
There are probably many definitions for what Enlightenment is - it is likely that we would each describe it in our own unique way. That is because words are ultimately inadequate to describe what can only be experienced...

"Beyond the veil" guided meditation

Guided meditation can be a powerful tool to move beyond the veil of illusion. Here is a powerful meditation that can help us to taste that. It also serves as a good grounding technique as we are invited to fully return to the third dimension whilst infusing higher consciousness into every day existence...

Universal life energy attunement meditation

Meditation can be a powerful way of helping us to remove the blockages that prevent us following our authentic flow. Yesterday I experienced an amazing visual and experiential universal life energy attunement meditation that invited a powerful infusion of higher guiding consciousness. For anyone interested I highly recommend it...

"Walking on water"

Is it possible to live every moment as a miracle?
It seems we are constantly reminded these days that the universe we think is real is merely an illusion that is shaped by our consciousness; that matter is not really matter at all but a vibrating wave of energy that arises out of the background field of consciousness when we bring our attention to something. So how might we use this expanded awareness to bring more magic to our lives?

Although (at least in my truth) it is absolutely true to say that we shape our reality according to our beliefs about that reality, it is not as simple as trying to change our thoughts in order to change the nature of the fabric of life. In order to really achieve that, we would have to believe it through every cell of our being...

Understanding Planetary Ascension

Update 2012
Much has been written in recent times - especially through 2012 - about our planetary "Ascension". What exactly does the term mean? What is going on? To me it is an entirely natural evolutionary flow of the universe which although can be explained in scientific terms, can only really be grasped through spiritual realisation. To me, it is the movement of sentient life from one vibrational frequency of reality into a higher one. Along with a growing number of evolving people, I perceive Ascension is happening on Planet Earth right now as Gaia shifts her centre of consciousness into the 5th Density...


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