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Chi: unleashing the inifinte organising power of the universe

The Power of Non-efforting
What if we don't need to effort and struggle in life at all? What if just by letting go we could summon the whole power of the universe right through our beingness? And what if we could do that simply by confronting and then abandoning ALL intention to do things? What if the energy - the "Chi" - thus unleashed truly leads to complete satisfaction and fulfillment in EVERY moment. How could your life change?...

Is there a place for prayer within spirituality?

A prayer of the soul
Meditation is an accepted tool within spirituality for catalysing our spiritual evolution. It seems prayer is becoming less and less favoured. So is there still a place for prayer on the spiritual journey and if so, what kind? Speaking as a non-religious person, I can say that frequently, I experience a deep upwelling from my soul about a situation or event. I find that by expressing those arising feelings within a meditative, interconnected state, then I can feel my meditative prayer having an organising impact on the field around me. It feels like a powerful way of bringing into being the Right Action of the universe...

Conspiracy theories, is there any substance?

The intervention of Opposing Consciousness
Conspiracy theories are abound. Is our evolutionary process being interfered with? Is our society being shaped and controlled by secret groups bent on controlling the world? More importantly, how can we break free of whatever conditioning and control we might be subjected to? These are important questions that many awakening people are beginning to ask. So far within the growth of Openhand, we've directed very little attention on the website to this subject because our purpose is not to generate unnecessary fear or worry. But the subject is now expanding exponentially into the group consciousness so we feel to carefully engage in the debate, all the time focusing on the way forwards...

Knowing the path and walking the path

It takes more than blind faith
The Openhand Message about the Five Gateways seems to be gaining traction, slowly but resolutely. It seems everywhere we go with our Five Gateways Seminar, it may take a while for the penny to drop about the deep spiritual significance of this profound route map, but when it does, it's as if the light suddenly comes on. You can see it in a person's eyes when they really 'get it' and the glow in their aura. But to some, it does indeed fall of deaf ears. I was pondering this at a recent event and wondering why? Then it dawned on me, many people have so far looked so much towards faith and whorshipping spiritual masters, that we haven't realised there's a path for us each to walk too!!!...

Creating Positive Feedback Loops

No one is right and no one is wrong
As an adjunct to my article called "Radical Forgiveness", I felt to add another vital root to the forgiveness tree: it is the realisation that in all our interactions with people, where two parties might disagree, "no one is right and no one is wrong". In my truth, it's much more than just a solution to forgiveness, it's also a priceless catalytic tool for evolutionary growth because it has the potential to grow "positive feedback loops". So what do I mean by this and how can it help?...

Radical Forgiveness

What does it really mean to forgive?
On our course The Transfiguration, we speak about the importance of not apportioning blame and instead taking full responsibility for the lives we're creating. One vital aspect of this approach is that of forgiveness: realising 'the other person' is not to blame and therefore being able to forgive them. In my experience, this is one of the most liberating and empowering things we can do. But if EVERY situation is purposefully designed by benevolence for us to self-realise, then what really is true forgiveness and how should we really forgive?...


The Blame Game

Accepting personal Responsibility
Right now in the world there is a good deal of anger and resentment, understandably so. When you consider the state of world affairs, of the economy, of the environment, of the inequity and injustice, it's enough to make a saint seethe! Yet the moment we blame someone or something else in the outer world as being the cause of our reality and experience, is the moment we disempower ourselves. Why so? And what would be a more productive approach?...


A Positive Force for Change

How do we become a channel for the Miraculous?
In my book Five Gateways, I've detailed what I feel to be the five key transitions on route to Enlightenment and our ultimate Ascension. It's a journey of profound honesty with ourselves, seeking always to express the authentic beingness within us. As we peel away layers of conditioning and negative behaviours, the journey leads increasingly to a sense of mystical, internal positivity: the realisation that something magical is dawning all around us, that this flow to the higher paradigm is inevitable and to truly experience it, we have to open a space for it to flow into our hearts. We're becoming a Positive Force for Change...

The Church of the Heart

The evolution of Pure Religion
We are living in times of profound change. The old consciousness that we have founded our society upon is being called into question. Every belief system is being rocked to the very core to get to what's really real. We're moving past the static and the fixed. Religion is exploding beyond the confines of a building or the pages of a book. It is unfurling its wings into something that is living, breathing and continually evolving. We're igniting in our hearts a fire of passion. Whether Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Jew, the consciousness of pure, non sectarian unity is inviting us to express our unique divinity...

Walking the Path

How do you listen to and follow your soul?
For many lifetimes, we've lived in ignorance of our soul. The space has not been provided to embody the soul and so we've experienced life mostly as separate from all things with events and circumstances happening hap-hazardly and randomly with no seeming deeper meaning or purpose. Then one day, we might pause for a moment in the merry-go-round of life, realise that way of living does not serve us and for the first time, hear the quiet voice of the soul in our hearts; and supremely magical it is when that happens. So how do we tune in and listen to the soul the whole time? How can we fully infuse and embody our soul in our lives?...


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