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Meditating on the Inner Flame

How do we kindle the flame within?
Many enlightened masters have spoken of the fire of inner transformation burning away the dross and bringing heightened states of awareness and empowerment. What are they talking about? Is this a real phenomenon and if so, how do you make your inner flame burn brightly?

Morning shower meditation

Want to feel invigorated in the morning? Try this...
Here's a morning meditation that you can do in 5 minutes while taking a shower and is sure to rev you up better than any cafe latte.

Turn the bathroom light off - you'll see why later. Set the shower to a warm comforting temperature and begin by feeling the warmth on your skin as the water trickles down your body. Imagine you are stood under a cleansing waterfall of golden light...

Discovering your own truth?

The Openhand articles are designed to shake traditional concepts and ideas to break the chains that bind us to help you express the truth in your own unique way. Subjects include enlightenment, ascension, meditation, truth and universal life energy. Go to... articles

Wish to connect with other awakened people?

At Openhand we recognise it is amazingly helpful to share our experiences and questions with others. In our forum we deal with a wide range of issues including enlightenment, meditation, truth, ascension, the true self, universal life energy, telepathy and kundalini. Go to ....forum

What is the purpose of meditation?

There are many definitions of what meditation is and many reasons why people do it. Essentially though meditation is a spiritual practice, its purpose being to explore the very nature of what we are...