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Return to wholeness - the true nature of healing

Listening to our inner voice
There is a natural flow to life beyond judgement of good and bad. The flow is designed to create each circumstance for our optimal spiritual evolution. It’s what we all yearn for at the deepest levels. Yet how many of us are really listening to that inner voice?

Nothing happens by chance. If healing is to be truly effective, then above all, we are invited to embrace the deeper meaning of our circumstance. It’s a way of life that beckons all awakening souls...

11.11.11 "Heute ist der Tag der größten Liebe Deines Lebens..."

Lass den Traum Wirklichkeit werden
11.11.11 - ich bin früh erwacht, werde mir des Datums bewusst und fühle mich tief inspiriert zu schreiben. Ich erlebe eine atemberaubende Verbindung mit meiner Zwillingsflamme und das ist für mich die synchronistische Bedeutung dieses Datums. Seelen, die sich in Zwei teilen und sich dann in der Heiligen Dreieinigkeit erfahren: dem Vater, dem Sohn und dem Heiligen Geist - dem Absoluten, das sich in Partikel teilt, die ewiglich verbunden sind durch den göttlichen Äther des Bewusstseins - bedingungslose Liebe. Erfährst Du Deine Zwillingsflamme schon im Vollen? Entfaltet sich die Liebe zu Dir immer weiter und tiefer in Deinem Innersten? Lebst Du die größte Liebesgeschichte Deines Lebens an jedem Deiner Tage? Wenn nicht, dann ist vielleicht heute der Tag, um den Traum wahr werden zu lassen...

Let Your Personal rEVOLUTION begin!....10 practical steps

Practically everyone's saying it: what's needed on our planet right now is a revolution in consciousness. We need to transform ourselves and reclaim personal sovereignty by making constant conscious choices. In so doing, we transform our lives and uplift the world around us. These are deeply motivational times: we've realised the power to transform our very existence lies within. So what measures can evolving people take? Well to me, evolution is the key AND that does lead to practical choices to change our reality from the inside out. Here are 10 steps we could all take, which in my view, would begin to have a profound and positively growing impact in the group consciousness.

GATEWAYS rEVOLUTION - changing our world from within

We are the creators and therefore masters
The "Occupy" movement is now spreading to other parts of the world reflecting a general unrest within the collective consciousness about injustice within our society. Here at Openhand we've been exploring the true meaning and value of protest. We've been asking: "how do we truly change our world right now, in a way that is better for all life? How do we bring greater equity, justice and harmony to our lives and across the planet as a whole?" To me, there is one truly effective way: to recognise that everything is consciousness, that we are the creators and therefore masters of our reality...

A healthy relationship with Death

How often do you contemplate passing on?
Whether we appreciate it or not, we are all just one step away from death. In our culture, it seems to me that death has been so glamorised, fantasised and above all sanitised, that we've buried its true meaning under mountains of conditioning. It's either surrealised for Hollywood movies or pushed under the carpet of drug-induced, idealistic health-service longevity. It causes people to fear it, to deny or to ignore it. Paradoxically, such activity takes away the true meaning of life itself. It constrains and limits us. However, when we can constantly embrace the close proximity of death, without fearing it, I've discovered it's an incredible liberation. It sets us free to accept the moment fully, as it is, and to soar on the out-stretched wings of empowerment...

The Five Gateways of Expanded Consciousness

A profound route map for human evolution
The world is undergoing a very turbulent evolutionary process. As the very fabric of our society begins to fracture, a new paradigm is beckoning us founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The question is, how do we join it? There are many ways up the ‘spiritual mountain’, for each of us there is a unique path. Yet those who have climbed before us often speak of five key expansions, five key 'altitudes' through which we all tend to pass. It is a common journey that has been established by spiritual masters through the ages.

The Law of Attraction (unveiled!)

Harnessing the attractive power of the universe
Unless you've woken up recently, you've probably heard much about the so called "Law of Attraction". Motivational Gurus the world over seem to be advocating it's use to create the reality we might want, to generate abundance in life or that long sought after soulmate. From my perspective, indeed there is a Law of Attraction, but I observe how this natural science has been mis-informed or in some cases, maligned to promote or 'sell' a particular approach - namely that we can essentially manifest the reality we might want by using the law. So how might we unlock the real secret behind the Law of Attraction and harness it for maximum uplifting benefit?...

Chi: unleashing the inifinte organising power of the universe

The Power of Non-efforting
What if we don't need to effort and struggle in life at all? What if just by letting go we could summon the whole power of the universe right through our beingness? And what if we could do that simply by confronting and then abandoning ALL intention to do things? What if the energy - the "Chi" - thus unleashed truly leads to complete satisfaction and fulfillment in EVERY moment. How could your life change?...

Knowing the path and walking the path

It takes more than blind faith
The Openhand Message about the Five Gateways seems to be gaining traction, slowly but resolutely. It seems everywhere we go with our Five Gateways Seminar, it may take a while for the penny to drop about the deep spiritual significance of this profound route map, but when it does, it's as if the light suddenly comes on. You can see it in a person's eyes when they really 'get it' and the glow in their aura. But to some, it does indeed fall of deaf ears. I was pondering this at a recent event and wondering why? Then it dawned on me, many people have so far looked so much towards faith and whorshipping spiritual masters, that we haven't realised there's a path for us each to walk too!!!...

Creating Positive Feedback Loops

No one is right and no one is wrong
As an adjunct to my article called "Radical Forgiveness", I felt to add another vital root to the forgiveness tree: it is the realisation that in all our interactions with people, where two parties might disagree, "no one is right and no one is wrong". In my truth, it's much more than just a solution to forgiveness, it's also a priceless catalytic tool for evolutionary growth because it has the potential to grow "positive feedback loops". So what do I mean by this and how can it help?...