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Age of the Light Warriors

Do you consider yourself an Energy Worker or Light Warrior?
There are countless of you dotted around out there in the world, unveiling who you are, shining the light, making a difference in this crazy, magical consciousness evolution. It helps doesn't it when someone recognises you? - just for a moment. It helps to share in your trials and tribulations, your sorrow and pain, your joy and your passion. It creates an energy loop which speaks to the core of your being and lights it up. That's what this wonderful poem does for me. It recognises my passion and gives it wings...

Wisdom of the Empty Mind

Stilling the busy mind from incessant chatter creates breathing space for the soul to flood in. When the soul floods in, we catalyse our spiritual evolution. The wisdom of Higher Consciousness can then flow through to inspire our every waking moment.

Stilling the mind (or not)
Have you ever tried to still the mind? The conversation we have with ourselves might go something like this...

Being an Empath

Unfolding the Higher Paradigm.
Imagine being able to feel and sense everything, whether positive or negative around you, 24/7. An Empath can’t turn off empathy (unlike someone who is perhaps ‘empathising’). It is possibly one of the most challenging of psychic gifts to master. I am an Empath who has spent nearly two decades, since awakening, mastering my empathic nature. It is an ongoing process. I am still not perfect and not sure that I ever will be whilst incarnated here. I am however content, despite the challenges of integration, as I see it as an incredible gift to humanity...

What does it mean to Truly Let Go?

Continual Process of Confrontation
In the shift of Human Consciousness we're often talking about 'letting go'. But what does it mean? How do we truly let go? In the coaching that I do, I often find there's a subtle inner program that makes people want to avoid challenging and difficult circumstances. It's certainly a conditioning from society. To me, true letting go, is a continual process of confrontation of the moment and surrendering into what we really feel...

"Indespension"...in decision suspension

Hi friends of Openhand,

Do you ever find yourself unable to make a choice? Maybe it's because you're not meant to? In our society, it seems so often the case, that we have to make decisions to meet deadlines and targets. It seems everything is preplanned and scheduled. So what happens if you simply feel you can't make a choice? Perhaps a decision just simply does not want to land? This is the situation I found myself in recently over some very important events taking shape in my life. As I could feel my field contracting somewhat around the issues, I watched for guidance and received a real corker. It had me literally splitting my sides with laughter. I'm "indespension"...

9 Essential Questions on Ascension

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution.
Our planetary system is moving to a higher vibrational reality - one founded on unconditional love, joy and mutual respect for all life. The Soul of the Earth, a vastly more evolved being than ourselves has ascended and is beginning to draw her energies ever higher. What exactly does this mean? How does it effect you? Here are some essential questions on Ascension which frequently get asked...

Mastering the Art of Containment

Being careful with causality.
Life is full of paradoxes. In fact the more we walk the path, we may realise each stone we tread, is in itself a grey area of multiple truths, yet each step with a distinct Right Action. Take for example expressing ones truth: many know how important this can be. If we don't express who we truly are and if we're not being authentic, then we're certainly going to limit our unfolding. Yet what if we feel frustration inside, anger, rage or at times even hatred? I've observed all such colours are painted in life's karmic artistry. Is it right to suppress such feelings or deny them if they are bubbling away within? Yet if we let this causality out, does that not then draw to us their reflective effects? Here's where we need to master the art of 'containment'. What exactly do I mean by this?...

The true nature of healing

Working with Universal Life Energy
There's a natural flow to life beyond judgement of good and bad. It creates circumstances for our optimal spiritual evolution. It’s what a soul yearns for at the deepest levels. It is here right now for every single one of us if we choose it. There are no mistakes on the spiritual journey, only experiences that invite us to discover the meaning of existence and to unveil the soul. Each time we feel constricted or out of sorts, is a powerful opportunity to learn something deeper. With each layer we peel away, inner peace unfolds as we realign more with the flow of higher consciousness. The more we peel away and let go, the more remember who we are from a place of wholeness beyond concepts...

Gaben des Seins: Was ist der Sinn meines Lebens?

Es scheint mir, dass viele von uns versuchen, herauszufinden, warum genau wir hier sind - in dieser Inkarnation, gerade jetzt. Und in einer Welt des zunehmenden Wahnsinns: Was genau sollen wir tun? Wie können wir helfen? Es ist eine Frage, die dich in den Wahnsinn treiben kann, wenn du nur genug darüber nachdenkst! Was wäre aber, wenn der Grund für deine Inkarnation dir spielend leicht von den aktuellen Umständen deines Lebens enthüllt werden könnte? Was wäre, wenn ein einfacher Wechsel der Perspektive darauf, wie wir Wirklichkeit erschaffen, nicht nur dich, sondern alle um dich herum anheben könnte? Was wäre, wenn das überhaupt die einzig wirklich positive Art und Weise wäre, etwas in der Welt zu verändern..?

Earth's magnetic flux changes

Okay so a complete pole reversal didn't happen in 2012! It was clearly Hollywood jumping on the spiritual bandwagon, but personally I can say one thing for sure: the magnetic flux of the planet is changing towards a new alignment. I can feel it happening in my own field and the physical evidence is occurring with greater frequency now too. Mass animal deaths are occurring across the planet and waves of birds are simply falling from the sky. To me it relates directly to the magnetic frequency changes. So how are these shifts affecting you? What unseen impacts might they be having? And most importantly, how can we harmonise the shifts so as to align with Gaia and feel an increasing sense of well-being?...