What are Angels? An essential guide

Submitted by Trinity on Sun, 08/18/2013 - 08:06

Angels are a divine manifestation of benevolence. Their purpose is to resound a frequency of benevolent consciousness in its purest form - to awaken that same consciousness within all sentient beings.

They are everywhere, ever-present, over-seeing, watching, waiting with infinite patience, always resonating a frequency of pure consciousness.

Angels are essentially formless beings, taking form only when it helps to serve an interaction. We tend only see the effect of their presence, just like we see the wind only by what it rustles.

They help you connect with the path of light that flows through your soul, directly back to the source of creation. If you are open, they can help you stay on track, to find the path when you are lost. They can help you to find the way home. They don't do this by overriding your free will; nor by telling you what to do; not by force nor coercion; they do this by resounding a frequency that reminds you of your own innate, divine beingness. All you have to do is find a moment of pure surrender and openness, to open to their presence, to feel your entire world flood with an energy of the purest consciousness. What you do with it, how it inspires you, what you are ready to embrace within yourself - the choice is completely your own.

Let's journey a little further...

The following video looks at what angels are. What is their purpose? How do we connect with them? And how do they communicate with us? What happens when we ask them for help? We explore their formless nature and the journey back to the soul. Angelic energy is everywhere. This video is about awakening angelic consciousness within.

from my heart to yours

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