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What are Angels? Trin's video diary

This is a video looks at what angels are. What is their purpose? How do we connect with them? How do they communicate with us? What happens when we ask them for help?
We explore their formless nature and the journey back to the soul.
Angelic energy is everywhere.
This video is about awakening angelic consciousness within.


Thanks Trinity...a very clear explanation on how you experience angels. I will call on them to help bring in the light / divinity... if indeed they can be called upon.
Recently when meditating I often experience a visual sensation of 'light' even though my eyes are closed and I have wondered if that is some kind of angelic presence.

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Thanks Trinity for a wonderful sharing - how heart warming seeing and feeling your own angelic frequencies from afar.



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Thank you Trinity - beautiful, its lovely hearing about angels from an angel. It looked like there was an angel stood outside your patio door listening (the reflection of your curtain). with love Myra x

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Thank you for the kind words Jude, Chris and Myra.
Warms my heart to know that you resonate.
with Love

An inspiring and heart warming video . It’s by far my most favourite of all past time theological discussions ! Because I feel the answers of humanity this day lie within the whole historical subject of angelogy and what really happened, story or not , there is truth in all.! The biblical reference Gen; 6 goes a long long way historically. As does the very word ‘’angel’’ and its varying translations in Greek and Hebrew and implications of that such as messenger, intermediary.
I think it turns out our cultural concept of an angel is a bit of a misperception .
This quote holds it;

“When angels visit us we do not hear the rustle of wings, nor feel the feathers touch of the breast of a dove, but we know their presence by the love they create in our hearts’’ Mary Baker Eddy

It is within the ‘’experiential revelation’’ I feel that shines the true light of benevolent angelic beings and their true purpose and authenticity of the impact that they have on our lives that is their true interventory purpose .i.e what follows an experience ? How does it affect, change our lives.
And it is such a vast subject from angels to fallen angels, to nephillim (the giants), the watchers (fallen angels)and extraterrestials and Lucifer ! All having their purpose in human history, just in a negative way.
So deciphering an experience I believe is really important if we want to be serious enough to find truth of what it is which we are experiencing or in the encounters of what other people may claim to have had .

For some it might mean a simple occurance such as a white feather falling before their eyes at a moment of reflection of something which touches the soul deeply. Or a song which comes on. Something which visionary always came to me through my third eye in the past was to see a different colour angel at the back of an aircraft, the colours were always so vivid and almost tangible…
.. It could mean anything and not necessarily always a visitation from a formless being. My feeling is that they meet people where they are and use the right vehicle to reach the unique person with where they are at on their unique journey of evolution .

What I have come to understand is that if the being creates uneasiness and takes away peace and free will then I would be inclined to agree that it is not an angelic being.. I think the most important factor is of ‘’non judgemental awareness’’, this is something I have become increasingly aware of and to always approach the being with love/acceptance, (which can be tricky)

It came to me recently that just as white light (One) can be broken into the colours of the rainbow so can angels have different colours, wavelengths and frequencies just as depicted in paintings and are from different celestial realms/spheres

In my understanding words are softly coming through the ether or perhaps no words at all just a understanding of what is being conveyed, a kind of connected awareness. An otherworldy communication somewhere else.

Yu speak of angelic experiences and putting the experiences into ‘form’, to give it substance……..I see where you are coming from.

A question for you is do you lean towards a belief or awareness that we become our own higher angel ? i,.e own higher benevolent being?

Since you and Chris refer to yourselves as ‘’higher dimensional messengers’’.

Would be interested to learn in your view if you believe in a one guardian angel being assigned to humans which intervene when necessary ? Or does that limit in your view ? Perhaps a bit of a story tale because people like to believe such things. Or perhaps several different ones? If so, perhaps there is a “”ONENESS” of angels split into an array, just like the colours of the rainbow with different frequencies and wavelengths? All coming from the same source……bringing different qualities of beingness. This is the way I understand it anyway, or what has been shown to me. But of course colours have their otherside, their negative qualties perhaps they are the more ‘’spurious ones’’ on a bad day ?

I do believe that calling on the angels works each time…..and make them selves known- but ONLY if of course we are open to them and stop the mind questions and just ‘feel’ the flow and expand into that feeling , open space…….and trust.

Thanks for providing an open angelic space.

And as always a warm thank-you to you and Chris both equally being higher dimensional messengers.

With love Tess

Hey Tess
Good to hear your experiences of angels too and you raise some interesting questions on a theoretical level.
I intuitively like the idea of a 'oneness' split into rainbow colours/frequencies.
I repeated the exercise we did on the Openway course of 'releasing into blockages' but instead of a human partner holding the space, I asked the angels to. It seemed to work and I will do this more when it feels right and the tightness arises.
What about "Angel cards" ? I received a very poignent message from these once but when I went to purchase my own pack, I was drawn to purchase a different one altogether.
In love and light

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Hi Tess,
Just found your message here now. Thank you for sharing.
Just about to home school but will return to this soon.
with Love

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    Tess wrote: "My feeling is that they meet people where they are and use the right vehicle to reach the unique person with where they are at on their unique journey of evolution."


    Tess wrote: "A question for you is do you lean towards a belief or awareness that we become our own higher angel ? i,.e own higher benevolent being?"

We unfold into our own 'higher' being into 'who we truly are', although this isn't the same as becoming our own higher Angel (unless you already were one in the first place). It's a beautiful way to look at it though. There are different roles within the universe of experience, different frequencies - Angels have quite a specific role.

    Tess wrote:"Would be interested to learn in your view if you believe in a one guardian angel being assigned to humans which intervene when necessary ? Or does that limit in your view ? Perhaps a bit of a story tale because people like to believe such things. Or perhaps several different ones? If so, perhaps there is a “”ONENESS” of angels split into an array, just like the colours of the rainbow with different frequencies and wavelengths?"

Angels exist in a timeless, formless space, so they aren't bound to the same 'rules' that people are. One-on-one is generally of an odd concept to them, even though they are certainly given to work with individuals too. It's a bit of a paradox. They interface with the realm of incarnation, but are not of it, so there energy is everywhere at once, whilst they can focus it in specific places at any given time... perhaps much like you are suggesting as a 'oneness of Angels'. That's an interesting way of looking at it.

I am not sure where the concept of guardian angels first originated, but I suspect it is more of a comforting way of trying to make sense of what angels do. Angels are certainly with us 24/7, whether we are open to them or not. They are ever present.

True Guardian Angels only normally assigned to watch over incarnated angels. It's quite rare for angels to incarnated and they need to go through a special process to do so.

"Higher dimensional messengers" come from different areas of specialism, including (but not exclusive to) the angelic realms.

Higher dimensional messengers in general don't often incarnate either; preferring to work etherically or in a vehicle that is much more effective. However, when a huge universal shift in consciousness starts to happen (such as what we are experiencing globally now), it becomes a necessity - as a bridge between realms.

It's wonderful to know that you feel angelic energy Tess.

with Love

Jude- It's good to hear you are connecting to the angelic realms. I can't say I'm into angel cards myself at all.I personally kind of feel they do not carry an authentic sponaneity unless of course we see a one off card holding some deeply symbolic message somewhere. I see them as some kind of a game in truth,which could lead people astray ??( not really my cup of tea!) Perhaps Openhand have their views about them? x

Trinity- Thank-you for your feedback.I fnd it really intersting what you have written.

From my understanding everything is infinite consciousness.We are everything and nothing simulateously,and everything really is within, nothing originates outside oneself and as as far as I follow and understand that's the openhand view to. So, it came to my awareness that when a person has an experience of an ''angel'' which to me incorporates a whole array of benevolent beings , a person is feeling awareness on the deeper more subtle levels on the physical plane as one dimension of vast infinite consciousness ''here'' and ''there'' ''inside'' and ''outside'' of oneself so in effect because of the nature of the experience and the ''at oneness'' unifying aspect of an experience it could be understood as an aspect of self in expanded consciousness/awareness ?. Who knows ....since we are all One, our lowest diomesional self separates us.

In the same sense that if we encounter a being which is not benevolent that coud also an aspect of higher self in expanded consciousness , however unpleasant that may feel and of which we may not identify with as who we truly are..

"All is apart of me"... I am in you, you are in me. Everything is one.

There is no separation. ''Here '' ''There'' '' Inside'' Outside''

When I say become, what I am really meaning is ''an aspect of''.

Yet still angels seem very transcendent to me though, yet very imminant....separate but inside .....

Some people do believe guardian angels are just an aspect of ones own higher benevolent self.....

The things which I feel most uneasy about are people who start channelling and over identifying themselves although they may well be receiving messages it is something I feel to approach discerningly.......

You speak of incarnated angels which I understand as earth angels and I do believe they work through people (not all the time). Sometimes it's just in the eyes. Something very simple.

The last 2 sentence about your role as ''higher dimensional messengers'' are a bit of an ambiguous one , if I might say so Trinity ! But probing isn't necessary, I'm happy to feel. I know the work of Openhand .

I think it's all about knowing where we originated from, which realm, what happened, what our soul family is, what our purpose is and what message we may be called forth to send.

Each one of us has a higher purpose task and it's just figuring out what it is especially in these times

Knowing isn't everything, that's the beauty of paradox I guess! And on how we look at it............

love Tess

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Thank you for sharing.
I can see from what you've shared why you resonate with Openhand.

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Regarding the patio reflection, I saw it too, just beautiful.! Thank you Trinity for this wonderful video. Blessings All.!!

I love the energy, Trin Smile

If I may say something, often you can see that angels are split to good and bad in people's imaginations. It might be because of personal interpretation or reaction to the experience of angels.

So it might be of some value to add that angels do not function following the perceptions of good and bad by humans and can't be catalogued as good or bad.

Angels act in unison with the universal flow. So anybody who yearns to align with it, at some point has to go beyond pleasant-unpleasant and good-bad judgments, concerning themselves, the world around and angels too hhh The system of measurement shifts onto a completely different level, and has to do with two questions:

1) Does it serve individual and universal evolutionary process?
2) Does it harmonize, uplift and purify or disturb, pollute and degrade the universe?

as every choice, thought, action affect the whole.

So this is more or less how angels 'work' Smile I think it would be more correct to think of them as of universal forces having a unique rippling energy field and features rather than beings, which is also not entirely precise description, but possibly closer to the truth (as I know it) than a humanized emotionalized human-like form.

Many specific questions can be answered if seeing everything from a higher perspective, the one of wholeness. So questions like that about the Guardian or any other kind of angel can be intuitively felt.

In other words, the way to connect with angels is to go from within beyond. This is where I meet and find everything I need to experience and know. And usually angels are always present in that place of in between...

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Thank-you for the Clarification Trinity, i enjoyed this video and especially the last couple of minutes where u explain well the difference between Angels and other entities and how to differentiate between them. I personally have not been touched by them but this was invaluable information on when i have that experience i will have the tools and knowledge to be able to differentiate.


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You are welcome Steve.
I am pleased to hear that it was helpful for you.
Kindest wishes

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I just felt to put it out there, within the Openhand Community, so there's a wider understanding:

    Trinity is an incarnated angel.

Which is in itself a very unusual circumstance. People will work with the angelic realms and have close affiliations. But seldom are they incarnated here and now. I observe it's an incredibly tough role to integrate and exist here in this vibration. Because literally everything is felt. And right now, there's just such a huge degree of discrepancy between where society - humanity - is at, and where the balanced universal alignment is, such that an incarnated angel would severely struggle to be here at all.

I've had the good fortune to know you and long time Trinity; I greatly admire, respect and cherish what you're doing here. It's an almost unfathomable blessing to the situation.

Open Give rose

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Trinity It has been a pleasure knowing you for the short time I have in this lifetime but a true blessing that I am grateful for. I cannot understand what you are going through exactly but reading this made me very sad. I feel the utmost respect and love for you Thank you for being.

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Like you Kim, I can't begin to understand the experience or the anguish of feeling all of the distortions, but I do know that simply looking at a picture of Trinity, never mind watching a video or eating her food, gives me a huge inner warm glow and helps me find and feel a de-light in the core of my being. And as for her meditations.....there are no words. That embodied Angel packs a lot of power.

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Kim, Cynthia, Catherine,
You are all such incredible souls. I appreciate and value so much the loving energy that you are sharing with me. It means so much to feel your energies 'meeting' me out in the ether, beyond the crazy matrix. It is like a breath of fresh air.
You all feel like a part of something incredibly special...
with love

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I've always felt you as an angel on earth. Whenever you've commented on how challenging it is for you to be in this third dimension matrix, I could feel your anguish. My heart overflows with love and gratitude for your generosity in choosing to incarnate here on earth to help lead us home. xxxCatherine

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Yes indeed Open there is a massive chasm between where humanity is at and where the balanced universal alignment is... and I'd be lying if I said there weren't days when I really can't hold the burden of what I see.

The most challenging thing of all is to watch the field whilst people go on thinking that we actually still have time to NOT walk the path of full divine alignment... The writing is on the wall, but people just aren't listening. And I mean most people, even most of those who claiming to be walking the spiritual path and really do know better. The worst thing is that when the hour strikes, everyone will say 'nobody told us' or 'what did I do wrong'. It's a challenge to hold the space for that.

The Angelic Realm only speaks when invited; not invited from the mind, but invited from the depths of the soul. They are waiting... We are waiting.

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With you Trin from the deepest place I am able to feel...<3

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I am new and recently discovered Openhand, i was touched By Opens description and clarification of you and your role Trinity. i am at my pre-awakening and with Openhand's catalyzing tools from many of your videos, the 5 gateways documentary, the divinicus book i feel blessed to have found the Openhand team. I am at an intellectual level presently but i feel i have had flash connections with my soul, Open made me realize that i was chasing that feeling i had, its easy to do but now i have integrated this and one day at a time, i may be a rookie Smile but through your teachings and guidance i am applying your catalyzing tools and u have all changed my life :)....so if for only this one soul Trinity please continue guiding me...i am going at the only speed i know Smile


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Ahhhh Trinity. Yes. Your angel heart touches mine and a sweet song rises. I have just recently come into knowing about embodying angelic energy. It is my purpose here. Thank you for showing it, for being it, for your great love in coming. In honor and reverence - ChristiEl

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For your gentle touch.