Why I went vegan? An important step on my spiritual journey

Submitted by Trinity on Fri, 02/19/2016 - 07:26

The inter-connectivity of all life, is one of the few things that truly makes sense to me. Once we 'wake up' on the spiritual journey we all begin to realise that everything is connected and whatever we do to another, we do to ourselves. For some of us, this 'awakening' happens gradually, for others, like me, it happens like a bolt of the blue, upon which our whole perception of reality changes.

Realising my place in the sacred flow of life

In 1995 I had a profound spiritual awakening, realising my place in the sacred flow of life. We're all one, all connected. This inspired me to make instant changes to my lifestyle. It became clear to me that a compassionate, plant-based way of eating was not only best for my fellow sentient beings and for Mother Earth, but also for my personal spiritual evolution... In my video I talk about why exactly I went vegan all those 21 years ago...

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This such an impassioned sharing Trinity - thankyou for the amazing voice you're bringing to this vital subject out in the world. :-)

I'd also personally like to extend a bridging hand across to those who're finding it difficult to switch to purely plant-based eating. Human DNA has been clearly effected down the line from it's original configuration, so as to be able to consume meat and dairy - some for example have genes now that facilitate the digestion of cows milk. In working with people on the spiritual path, I know that at times, the body craves the density of animal protein. I strongly believe this is to do with the adaptations that have happened.

Nevertheless, the way animals are brutalised in the industrial foodchain, means to consume that energy, is to support the injustice and lack of compassion. You actually ingest that into your being - it lowers vibration.

It's a case of working steadily to realign with a compassionate heart guiding the show. Over time, the body will realign - but I readily acknowledge it does take time.

Transition foods will help, ones that give that sense of density.
Plus plenty of beans, nuts, pulses and denser fats. For me certainly, they quench the thirst for that denser vibration.

A profound thanks for bring attention to this most important of subjects.


Open *give_rose*

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Thank you for your warm welcome on this subject Open.
It's really helpful to suggest the value of adding denser foods to help the transition towards a more conscious diet. They certainly help to ground and make people feel satiated. As do delectable recipes... I've always been humbled by comments from our guests on Openhand retreats, often from those whose first experience of eating more compassionately is my cuisine. It really does help to have access to tasty food on the journey.

Trinity, your gentleness speaks volumes. It speaks to compassionate living, eating, and being. I can imagine that the herbs, and seeds, and vegetables quiver with the chance to dance with you in the kitchen: "pick me, pick me, pick me".
Brought a huge smile to my face this morning, and hearing your voice filled me with serenity...much needed and appreciated down here in the goulash. Thank you!

love, tigger

Trinity - you beautiful being. Thank you for this lovely sharing. I watched it this morning, with our new dog's head resting in my lap. It amplified the sacredness of all life for me.
I never found the switch to plant based eating difficult. "More than doers we are deciders" - and once the decision was made from a place of heart felt connection with all life, meat and dairy products just made me feel ill.
If anyone is having a challenge with what to cook when switching from animal to plant based eating, I suggest they purchase your cookbooks. Once the kitchen has been purged of the ingredients required for the old way of cooking, and the new ingredients for your beautiful recipes are stocking the shelves - putting a meal together becomes a gift. Often it is just a simple soup - but friends go away feeling loved, nurtured and nourished.
With your inspiration, I have changed the way I think about cooking for my friends and family. It is 'slow food' and it is served with a knowing that it is good and right and that nothing was held back in its preparation. It is alchemy at its finest.
Thank you again for the work that you do and the inspiration that you are. I will be sharing this post to help spread the word.... and maybe save a few more cows. :)
Much love,
Jan xo

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Alchemy at its finest... I feel so honoured to be a part of this journey with you, even though we are so far a part in miles.

All of these incidental moments of caring with kind, compassion for your guests, make a massive difference. Oh the ripples! Keep letting it ripple.

Thank you for this post and video, Trinity. So inspiring and heartfelt. You radiate compassion and love for all sentient life and touch so many hearts, I am sure. As you know, it hasn't been an easy journey for me transitioning to vegan eating these past few years. At first, I expected an instant transformation to bodily vim and vigour. Not so. But I continue to heal and enliven my body cells and DNA after many years of eating poorly and dealing with major health challenges from the time I was a young child. Letting go of food cravings and addictions has been part of that transition. Unconsciously at first, I formed an identity around denial and martyrdom when I gave up favourite foods, which has been another identity to let go of to come into alignment with the sacred flow of life. Family and friends are not vegan for the most part, so your leadership around eating compassionately has been so helpful in keeping me going. Not to mention your fabulous cookbooks, photos, recipes, and social media posts. For all those out there who may be struggling with this, it might be helpful to take note of what Trinity says about being gentle with ourselves as we make this transition to compassionate eating. That's something that has never come easily to me, but I am being kinder to myself day by day, especially by eating vegan foods.

Much Love,


Hi Trinity,
It was great to see your video about becoming vegan. Your voice warms my heart every time I watch one of your videos. I have been thinking about why I changed to vegan 8 plus mths ago. I am not sure, I was always a meat and potato kind of guy, no veggies,nuts, seeds or fruit. It seemed like puff I was a vegan over night. I did not just start, it was all at once gave everything up that had anything to do with eating meat or dairy. I knew there was something in my life trying to help me find a reason for life itself. A long lost friend associated with Openhand reached out to me on FB and explained some of the things I was experiencing and mentioned the openhand site. THis helpped me understand that I was not going crazy and that there were people like myself that feel the way I do about the planet and being one with everything. Anyway I love trying your recipes, watching your videos, and listening to your magical voice very inspiring and I love all living things and it hurts to see them hurt. This popped up on my page and I know you will like, give it a watch makes sense. http://soulspottv.com/blog/proof-humans-are-herbivores-vegetarian-vegan/ For now all I can say about why I became vegan, it is what the path showed me and I have learnt not to question somethings, it just is.

All my love and gratitude

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Dear Horse,
I am so pleased to know that what I have shared has supported your journey towards more compassionate living. It sounds like you are doing an amazing job! Thanks for the link. I'm on the road with limited web access today but will check out very soon.
With love