Wonderful workshop in Budapest

Submitted by Trinity on Wed, 03/21/2012 - 07:58

Budapest melting my heart again!
We've just grounded again after our return from the latest workshop in Hungary. It was incredibly rewarding to work with the beautiful Budapest Openhanders, with such a strong sense of gratitude emanating from the people there. There was a diverse range of guests from a whole host of backgrounds, yet all joining together with the common goal of really committing to following the path of the soul...

In some ways Budapest has a harder 'shell' than other places I've been to before. Not too uncommon in an Eastern European country though. Yet, there is so much energy bubbling, ready to break through. When it does, the light pours outwards, flooding the space with a brilliant air of realisation. When I feel that so much suffering and pain has been caused over the ages, it deeply humbles me to then see the willingness to go inwards and really unravel that.

It felt like a beautifully healing workshop both on personal levels and a larger scale. There is always more unraveling to do, and I hope that given some of the insight that unfolded during our four days together, that will continue for everyone.

For me, the workshop was very special and I feel the deepest gratitude for everyone who joined us there. Chris did an amazing job of leading and Reka an angel as always, dancing through the energy and words to translate into Hungarian.

I couldn't resist taking a few photos to capture the energy during one of the exercises near the end of the workshop where we invite everyone to work in 'diad pairs'... the energy warms my heart.

Soul to Soul

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Yes indeed, what a truly beautiful sharing with beautiful souls. It was a delight to 'work' with you all! I say 'work', but actually it never feels like work - it feels like joy and pleasure.

I truly hope our paths cross again, and until then, here's a musical gift to you all of something that inspired us on the course. The Gayatri Mantra sung by the delightful Tina Malia ...

Dear Trin and Chris,

I cannot really put into words the energy that is still with me after this last workshop -- again. :-)

Your presence in my personal life and for the work you do here is such a blessing that cannot be expressed through this virtual forum, but luckily we have a well tested other way to connect up ;-).

I am really looking forward to seeing you soon!

There is so much work for us all still, and I know it will come. Because there is no other way left.

Thank you for being with us and sharing what is the most precious of all, the depth of your hearts!

I love you both very much!

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Thank you Chris,
that was a beautiful moment when we got to this. The energy flowing was so tangible, and just carried and carried me into all kinds of shapes and forms of being.

And in case anyone from Budapest pops in to read this, here is another nice one, though my favourite was the Tina Malia version of the Gayatri shared aby Chris above.

Love to All, R

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Thank you for the heart felt post Reka. This all feels like a reflection of the boundless beauty within you! Such a divine Earth Mamma...

Thank you for the Deva Premal Gate song. It was a favourite of mine years ago - hadn't heard it for ages.


Dear Trin and Chris,
Was an awesome and inspiring workshop seeding a lot of sensations on many levels.
An oportunity to come to terms and rediscover who we are, such that we can be aware of the magnificent miracle that we are. Small focal points of awareness of the source energy.
Oh, and I can't help thinking about Trinity every time I squeeze toothpaste on to my toothbrush. :)

Inspiring words Michah.
It was wonderful to see you there again.
Perhaps I shall even go down in history for my toothpaste squeezing abilities...