"You Fire up my Soul" by Sarah Naughton

Friends, Avalonians, Openhanders, lend me your ears! Wonderful tribute to our Walking the Path course at the Chalice Well - a song by Openhander Sarah Naughton "You Fire up my Soul". Deeply soul stirring - I was blown away by it. What a 'dark horse' you are Sarah. Just goes to show what we 'ordinary' folk so frequently hide under the veil. A musical delight for heart and soul...

What an apt title for the song! To me there's nothing feels better than being in touch with the deepest yearning of my soul, it's just so majestic and awe-inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing :)

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I don't know what to say, except humble thanks! Interestingly, the fact that Chris decided to post this song has invited a potent distortion for me to dive into. It's the one about me not honouring my creative flow, shall we say... otherwise known as lack of faith in my 'gifts'. So delving I am, even as we speak. Seriously, thanks for bringing this up as it's a biggie for me!! Thank you all for your kind words. I suppose this means I should probably do some more writing... deep breath. WHAT WOULD THE ROBIN DO? The Robin just keeps singing for his own pleasure & if anyone else is listening, it makes no difference either way.
You see, The World According to Robin really works!! xx

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Yes it was a touch presumptuous of me to post it I guess. Oopps!

But then the pull was strong, it definitely felt Right Action. And if a few bijouette buttons were pushed, well I'd say that confirms it.

You have a wonderful talent - no sense hiding the light under a bushel Sarah.

Keep sharing!


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Bless you Chris! No problem at all, I promise. This is a song I wrote from the heart about my spiritual adventures & it feels wholly appropriate after this wonderful weekend, with such beautiful people & surroundings. Music & theatre is my professional background, however mine is the usual story of promising talent struggles with difficult career, prolonged rejection & ultimate heartbreak etc etc (cue the flippin' violins already!) What is special about this song, is that pre accident/awakening, I had totally retired from all things creative & hadn't written a song in a decade. After my A/A, I decided to face head-on my total phobia about performing anything I had written & went to the UK Songwriting Festival. Despite feeling real terror, I sank into my heart & popped this out. It was a really big deal for me & it was about moving from my Dark Night of the Soul into expansion & love. Openhand was there for me when it all kicked off, so I'm so happy to dedicate this to my brave soul family! As for writing more... the Robin would definately say; 'What are you waiting for? Stop faffing about & get on with it woman!' XXX

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I can empathise Sarah. All my life it seems I've had to deal with promising success tinged with 'failure' and like you, what has seemed like constant heartbreak. It brought me to a place where ultimately I realised it wasn't about how it was received or considered by others.

Whilst at Oxford University, I realised a talent for rowing and especially the stroke seat. I always seemed able to find a natural rhythm for the crew that made the whole so much greater and faster than the sum of the parts. I could find the natural frequency of all in the boat (a gift I actually use now in group meditations). But in rowing, the traditional selection process favours size and strength and I was quite small for a rower, so I never made it into the first eight. All through the selection trials I was right on the edge of the first boat, but when the selection was made, I was handed the stroke seat of 'only' the reserve team instead. Having had my sights for four years very firmly set on an 'Oxford Blue', it was indeed a heart breaking experience.

But then from the 'also-rans', the reserve crew ISIS came together to create an awesome rhythm, which saw us equal the record time for the reserve crew race. As we crossed the finishing line at Chiswick Bridge, we were in total ecstasy having performed to our optimum. It didn't matter a jot that all eyes were on the main event following us down the Thames a short while later.

I remember reflecting afterwards on Sir Steven Redgrave, who of course won five Olympic rowing golds for Great Britain. I'd actually raced against him at the National Championships as a teenager (we lost - he was fast even then!). Did it really matter to him what the outside world thought? He'd spent years in training, just with his crew mates, day in day out for a few moments of 'glory'. But then what he'd really given, the depths of commitment and courage, would never have been understood by someone on the outside. His 'winning' was a very personal thing, experienced very much on the inside. And the only yard stick is what we truly feel about it.

It also reminds me of a great film I watched recently with Brad Pitt called "Moneyball". Again, it's about the challenge and joy of the journey, not the recognition or perception by those on the outside.


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This is amazing. What a crazy synch!

During exactly these days I am going through what you guys are talking about: facing my fears and insecurities, stopping hiding behind them and all the excuses, diving into it all and just do. Scary in the beginning, but then it is just like you're saying: "just sing", for myself, without asking questions. I was hiding behind this 'pointlessness'. What's the point of doing this or that?

Then I just have made the first tiny step, believed in my-higher-self, without knowing the answer why or what for, and began to write my Phd proposal. And now I feel so happy and fulfilled, even that I absolutely have no idea what it is for and how exactly it serves anything but bringing me to deal with my own stuff and making myself happy. And I have more fears like that to confront, I can feel them so clearly now.

I guess it is only after you really go through these things, this is when you really get to understand what it means "to trust", to follow, to serve and to fulfill my purpose. I am so touched...

So thanks for the sharing and inspiration. I feel so connected to you all, like we're some kind of an orchestra following one conductor :D

With love,

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I just kept saying 'wow' for the whole song.
You are a star in so many ways Sarah....

I feel the same when I make my videos ("The Robin just keeps singing for his own pleasure & if anyone else is listening, it makes no difference either way"). I just do them for the love of it and if anyone feels inspired by them it is a bonus! Just like the little Robin.

Wow, I can feel your soul bursting forwards in your singing Sarah. Beautiful to hear and feel such an expression.

With a warm heart


Wow! Sarah! Still Waters run deep...
Thank you for touching my Heart so gently, yet powerful.

Delightful, heartfelt singing and playing. I love it. Sounds like a "hit" to me.
What a wonderful talent you have Sarah!


Thank you for sharing your gift.

We don't have to share the gifts we bring in this lifetime but I am sure the Universe smiles when we do as it helps make the world a little nicer.


hi Sarah - I have only just come across this - this is truly beautiful. What a fantastic gift you have. With love Myra x