What's Happening to the Weather Where You Are?

Hi Everyone - I'm sitting in my room in South West England being blasted by the "Beast from the East" as they're calling it. Sudden Stratospheric Warming in the Arctic has sent a shivery downward blast of cold air across Europe. The Arctic is 30 Centigrade above where it should be at this time!

As always though, let's work to normalise what's going on. Meaning to see the truth as it really is. For only truth can truly set us free!

Dramatic climate change is happening all around us, which will intensify as the Jetstream shifts more from to a more longitudinal direction rather than its natural latitudinal (or as it breaks down). Not to mention the accelerating pole shift which is increasing global earthquake and volcano activity. These are phenomenal changes going on all around us as a part of the accelerating shift.

Abrupt climate change goes hand in hand with the 5D Shift. Rather than worry us though, let's take inspiration! Life is changing, the old karmic construct unwinding, which in my book, can only be a good thing. As the reflecting mirrors change all around us, it encourages us to look for a different way of being and doing - we're invited to relate to life in a different way, which opens massive opportunity at a consciousness level.

So what's happening to the weather around you? Do share. I'd love to hear.


Here's a video of that Sudden Stratospheric Warming that's sent shivers to the UK. It actually looks like a divine dance of Shakti Shiva to me.

Check it out. What do you see?...

I felt to share this video from Paul Beckwith at Ontario University. In the first half, he gives a concise summary of climate change tipping points that are beginning to affect all parts of the globe. Make no mistake folks, the world is going to start looking very different in the immediate years ahead. It's important we allow this to enter our 'landscape' - without fear and worry, but embracing what is....


Hello everyone, down here in south west France we have been experiencing very abnormal winter weather in recent years.  In 2015/16 we had the mildest winter on record with very little cold weather (Jan & Feb are usually frosty but dry), 2016/2017 was mixed bag of cold and mild, and this winter has been very wet and windy with the jet stream kinking down  and bringing lots of moisture off the atlantic to dump on us.

Last night it was -7°, tomorrow is forecast to be 16°, it`s clear to me the weather patterns are changing fairly rapidly and we need to expect the unexpected.  For me there is an air of excitement about the changes as it feels like evidence of the shift!

Kev near Agen, Lot et Garonne.


Hi everyone

I live in the north of Iran which is more humid and it is the only green part of this country. We have all 4 seasons however, each year we are noticing less and less raining in autumn and winter.

We are in the last month of winter and it is only cloudy that is all. The whole country has a very very serious water shortage as many cities in the south leaving their home and cities. The winter started very late almost 2 months late in the capital city Tehran. We were using air conditioner to cool down when it was middle of the winter!!!

To be honest sometimes like now, when I saw the Open's post about climate I get worried too much and I start loosing my hope. Usually I try not to read or watch too much of these changes. I am not sure what I should do. 


Thank you



Hi Kev and Farzaneh, thanks for tuning in and sharing.

Farzaneh you said...

I get worried too much and I start loosing my hope. Usually I try not to read or watch too much of these changes. I am not sure what I should do. 

I understand entirely, and often there'll be a desire to push the invconvenient truth away. The risk however with doing this, is that we're not be prepared consciously as radical change accelerates. I spoke to someone here in the network once, who was in the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2004 (I think that's when it was). It was his connection to spirit that kicked in. He found himself being moved by the energy, first out of harms way, but then to help others too.

If we're not in the truth of what's going on, then it's easy to shocked into identifying with the drama, which then victimises people.

As for 'hope' - really that's hoping for something that isn't real, at this moment. It's really a non-acceptance of what is. If, however, we can totally dive into the situation as it is, completely accepting it, then ultimately we'll find the presence that we are at the core of it. Hope is no longer then necessary. Because we find our eternal nature, that transcends all; from which the soul emerges, integrates and strengthens.

We need to find plenty of courage now - courage to let go and surrender into truth.

Then we'll discover the majestic emergence of that which is beyond all this - our cosmic selves.

In loving support

Open Heart

Hi Open, the weather here in Cape Breton Canada is and has shown that it is time for change. For the last couple of years here the winds from the east coast are stronger and more frequent, sea level a little higher and the trees in the woods are falling liking dominos. I have only shoveled snow 3 times this year so far which is a big change. I was in the woods the other day and the snow level was none. The water table will be a lot lower here this year. Temperatures are jumping from some of the lowest to the highest in a single day. -16 to +14 in less than 24 hrs or from +10 to -14. In a parking lot here a couple of dozen car were first flooding then frozen by a flash freeze. I would like to say, do not be afraid of change, it is coming. 

Funny thing is this year I have tapped a few maple trees for the first time and because of the weather there will be a double run. WOW

Open, you said, "Hope is no longer then necessary. Because we find our eternal nature, that transcends all; from which the soul emerges, integrates and strengthens., We need to find plenty of courage now - courage to let go and surrender into truth.Then we'll discover the majestic emergence of that which is beyond all this - our cosmic selves." Thank you for finding the words I could not.

I am so blessed to going through this change with the awareness of it.

I will remain open, Open {lol}

Much Love


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Thank you Open. I do understand what you are saying and trying to reach where I should be. Accepting and let go. I remember in one of your seminars " how do you truly let go? " When you said: " Denial is not letting go. "

I do understand it but to me it is impossible to watch news every single day for the things happening around the world. I know what is going on here and there and I know is a mess but I am not willing to hear the news on TV everyday.

Does that mean I am not accepting the changes? Does that mean I don't know the pain?

Because I think I do know what is going on but not in details maybe. From the moment I found Openhand community and watched the seminars and read and read many things, something changed in me.

Now I am trying to reach to the point that I can completely surrender into truth, which I think I am reaching there slowly. Feeling much better than 2 months ago when I was so frustrated from all the things happening around me I felt like I can not help I can not do anything and I do not want to continue anymore.

I am stronger than those days and like always I know something good is coming up from this messed up world.

Thank you





Hi farzenah. No - I don't believe there's a need to keep watching the drama in the mainstream. I certainly don't. But to be aware of it.

I was cycling down a steep mountain one day with a friend. She was deftly dodging the boulders gracefully. Mean while I kept hitting them and falling off! 

Finally she took pity and came back for me.... "notice the boulders, yes, but focus on the path between them " she said. I didn't fall off again!

So, notice what's going on in the world, yes, but focus on the path of light through it.

Open Slightly Smiling

Hi Open and everyone , 

Right now , In Belgium , as in Holland or the countries around , its about the same deep cold wave we 

are going through - its really not my cup of tea to face that much cold suddenly - but i surely do my best to not identify too much with it when i got to go out . The strange thing is this : All the while ( that's been happening since January ) the countries around Belgium are receiving huge snow waves ( consecutive ones over the span of a few weeks ) , we have had nearly nothing at all !!! and when i consult the distances separating where i live with places in Holland or the UK , its not that far but the conditions are fairly different . Very weird . I have been very watchful with those Bigger and more visible climat changes for Years . In South India ( between 2012 and recently ) , there was a tendency towards serious droughts and indeed , drought has been take place in many areas . Our guesthouse  even had to order water from Trucks filled with water - which extremely never happens . Now , i heard that since September , its been raining so much that a dingue fever wave spread all over the community of Locals & westerns living in the surroundings - making a lot of people sick . Water shortages are temporally OK - as we know - it might shift again very fast . I also heard that New -York has now around 15 degrees - it was like 20+ degrees one week ago - all the while , back in January , they had the most severe snow falls they ever experiences in a long time - thats a pretty mind blowing temperature difference happening just in a few weeks . I can sense intuitively those shifts for a certain time now , as many of us in this community do - and if i had to give a central suggestion to anyone identifying with the drama - is to work to fully accept " change " happenings . As a " miraculous " survivor of the Tsunami back in 2004 in South west India , i knew back than that it was the start of more major changes to come ....as a mirror of what we are doing collectively to Mother  Gaia and to " ourselves " . It felt like a serious deep warning and thats 14 years ago already !!! Since than , i have been invited , specially since last October to reduce everything i own or live with to able my life to be simplified and easier to manage - my role as a facilitator implies to be living as simple & with the most aligned way that i can - and constantly look /intuit new innovative ways to Be Present to anything coming my way . I feel given to work with the shift , every day , and i truly love it . I often contemplate death / Life as to help me go deeper within to embrace the changes - it offers immense opportunity to Open spaces for others in need and to unleash more authentic beingness . I am happy to live these times . We are seeded to live these turbulent times . 

With gentle Love , Jean ☺️

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Hi Open, I normally do not second guess myself. Those temps were out of my head. Memory test .LOL.  Jan 22nd the temp in Petit-de-Grat. Cape Breton was -17 with out the wind chill and I do believe was said to be around -26 with the wind chill and went to a Hi of + 8 in that 24hrs. I felt a need to give a little more info because of the rise in temp. and time frame.

HorseSmiling With Sweat Emoji

Heyas all!


Mind if I jump in here and add a hypothetical theory to the moment at hand?!


Ok so we have the earth, its atmosphere and sometimes the stratosphere doing/acting in an anomaly type way.


Sooo, what is an anomaly anyways?! I went in search of this awhile ago and what I found is that it basically is that which does not particularly understand its own self.


What if in some higher form and or way we are all a cause to this effect on earth?

Lets say hypothetically a person wakes up one day and see's on the news how certain countries as a whole, then down to a more focal view certain regions/states are literally annihilating a certain species of animal and within that person arises a deep sorrow and anger for all that takes part in it.


Then they go to sleep with all this in mind, not able to sort it through and there then arises a massive storm over night in their area and a favorite tree of theirs gets hit by lightening. Which in turn breaks off a large branch of the tree. They wake up the next morning, the sun is shining and the energy from all that sorrow and anger is a bit depleted through the storm that occurred.


The animal annihilation is not forgotten, but is not foremost in there mind. Now they have to clean up the debris from the storm.. A distraction more or less. Lets even go further with this and say a few months later they see and read the same thing yet its even more horrific than before and internally they just don't know what to do with those feelings, they just want to do something, say something, scream out loud for it all to just stop.


So lets say they do what they can do, but yet even then it is not enough for that energy that has built up inside and even outside themselves to dissipate in a more calm way. So, once again they fall to sleep at night thinking of all that has occurred on earth. Once again a storm arises overnight, the weather was supposed to be perfect, deep in the middle of summer and not a cloud in sight. Yet out of nowhere comes a storm and once again their favorite tree is hit. Yet this time half of one side is now just demolished of its branches. Lets even say the person their self wakes up with the feeling of knowing all that energy had escaped from them while they slept. A certain internal gnawing occurs, like a digging up the dirt, loosening of the soil per say and a thought arises from that regarding emotions and thoughts and energy and how its all working together and if they did not get a hold of themselves there would be nothing left of the tree they so are endeared to. So instead of placing blame or judgment upon anything regarding this they go off to just learn more. The anomaly within gains understanding.


Lets take the snow right now happening around you Open, lets say hypothetically some people saw how snow was occurring in other places around earth and how they thought within themselves how much they love snow, how they love to watch it fall down around them. Maybe even a snow day would be just fun. Lets even say that hive mind is absolutely possible and not just hypothetical and its happening right here and right now on earth!


Wrap your head around that one and the places it took me while thinking about that this morning was just phenomenal.


Awesome videos by the way! Right now in Oregon it is just slightly raining, I went to a concert the other night though and thought I hope the sun is at least shining some...Sure enough it stopped raining for a bit and the stand in line was good, everyone just happy and excited. Not all huddled up together going omg.. When will they open the doors and just let us in lol. I had the most phenomenal time!


Anyways....Any thoughts?!



Hi Wyndè - interesting hypothesis! So was that just a theory, or something you felt!
I can assure you, if I'd been dreaming of anything, it would probably have been sunshine!

Hey Jean - great to "see" you. You're probably in quite an energetic fulcrum where you are. Hence the rapid shifts. Seems like you're handling it well!

I am at Heathrow right now, about to catch my flight out to Oz for the 5G work there. Seems the flow timed it well for me, because the blizzard hits here tomorrow. Can't imagine too many flights will make it out, if the weather is as strong as predicted. The shift is a bit like surfing!

Open Emoji Sun Behind Cloud Emoji

Hey Open , 

Yes , indeed , i have been invited to handle & soften into a lot of energetic glitches lately - and 

thanks to a Team of evolved beings supporting my situation  , i am awesomely surprised at the way i can handle so many shifts happening and density at the same time . We have had so much sunny cold days within the last 3 , 4 weeks . I can't even remember when it rained for the last time . The sun helped open so many new possibilities and perspectives . I have been feeling way more vulnerable than i could imagine since January - specially after been confronted with a serious breakdown that opened a new gateway of expansion . It indeed feels like surfing brand new waves , one after the other but not getting lost in the outer manifestations  . Solid signs of synchronicity appeared with 2 major themes such as  " TRUST " written clearly & " Open your Heart " . Cant get any better . Wink Emoji

The videos are very instructive visually - it felt like a burning down of the old construct to read them & also like a new cosmic dance playing out . 

Sending u my supportive heartfelt energy for the Australian first leg of the 2018 5D Tour . 

Aloha , jean ?

Tonight in the South West of England very cold winds are blowing and the prediction for the next two days is heavy snow. A friend and I contemplated for a while about all the homeless people we have met in town...also about the wild life who is not accustomed to these temperatures and struggling...

This initiated a deep inquiry as to what Farnazeh noted: "what is the 'good' that can come out from this messed up world". Feeling the raw pain of the suffering and the destruction all around us is in our 'humanity' and because it is, its also the way to embody "authentic beingness" - to quote Jean.

I remind myself that in meeting change out there, Im also meeting myself. I see my practice as a continuous embracing of three phenomena of conditioned existence: a) impermanence/change b) unsatisfactoriness/suffering and c) insubstantiality of self. It is a challenge to contemplate our death or the death of a loved one; or to be in the depths of painful illness and stay 'awake'; or to feel grief and loss for the Earth consciously. To me, it is through these challenges that wisdom (trust in the Spirit) and love (open heart) tend to arise (indeed Jean, love your synchronicities!). So, maybe the 'good' that can come from this messed up world is the realisation that wise-love arises from and is necessary for all change.



Hey Hey again!


Nope sorry Open, I wasn't meaning you in particular there in my post. Although I can totally understand wanting sunshine over any other undesirable weather pattern lol!


I was just remarking and contemplating about how when there are a bunch of people having the same thought pattern in mind, that the energy there seems to me to arise as a sort of frequency that then can and does create something or other. Heck I could go on and on and on about my hypothetical thoughts and theories about this or that, but its just words!


Perhaps I just really think and inquire about the most random things maybe :)



Wynde, I woke up today in the South West of England with a beautiful view of snowy hills and valleys, a snow-covered garden and a bunch of wild birds and pheasants getting ready for a morning feed. I felt warmth, beauty, wonder and a smile arose on my face. It naturally arose whilst - as a backdrop -  an ever present sense of 'sadness transmuting into full embrace' exists - awareness is open but the heart not fully open into this yet. I had an immediate feeling and image of the music album by Dirty Elegance called "Finding Beauty in the Wretched". I typed it on youtube and the only song from the album that came up was Tailor Made.


When I read your post yesterday, it spoke to me about seeing the 'beauty' in the destruction and why it matters to all of us. I got all the reflections today and still feeling and inquiring about why it matters to me and to the whole.

Wise Love,Heart




Thank you Aspasia!

Yes, there is absolute beauty and elegance in everything isn't there :)

I want to say thank you, thank you so much for just being willing to admit you looked in on me. I saw your face last night as I was trying to rest and I just had to smile and say you are just beautiful!

Now, the snow!!! Yes isn't it just gorgeous?!! We had a bit of snow here too a few weeks ago and as I watched it falling down I saw the most beautiful white butterflies in it lol :)


In reply to by Wyndè

Thank you for your kind words Wynde and sending much love and beauty your way. I still remember that photograph you posted on openhandweb of the 'smoky dragon' synchronicity! Just out of the world - it will stay with me for ever, im sure!

That predicted heavy snow has now reached Devon in the UK. About 5 inches! I was gobsmacked! Last time we saw so much snow was about 6 years ago. Everything came to a halt here - no one going to work, shops and other businesses shut and a red alert warning.

As I looked out of my window in the late evening the dimmed light from the moon reflected the whiteness of the snow, which turned everything to a light blue - wow!  And in the day, white elegance with lots of white butterflies dancing in the air indeed! Beauty and Wonder. And Reverence! Im holding the paradox of coexisting joy and tenderness.

The 'beauty in the beast' and upon really 'seeing' and feeling! this paradox, I feel that reverence can fully emerge to fuel Faith and Trust in the evolution of individual and collective consciousness. May be that's why it matters...

wise love xx

Wow - the timing was perfect then - made one of the last planes out of Heathrow for the Oz 5GATEWAYS work. Sitting here in the sunshine - sending some warmth your way.

Open The Sun Emoji

Good morning, everyone from Kansas City, Missouri.  Our weather patterns over a span of time have been new to me since I have only lived here 3 years.  But it is very unstable.  Planting my first actual in-the-ground garden this Spring will be a bit of a challenge for sure.  

SInce Open posted on Samadi, I have been rooted into that as well as various synchronicities that came my way.  One was a book which I recommend reading.  It came by way of a belated Christmas present from a dearly beloved soul, and I am just finishing it.  Very timely.  ''The Whole Story of Climate:  What Science Reveals About the Nature of Endless Change.'', by E. Kirsten Peters, who herself is a geologist.  Geology is not my field, but with the changing weather patterns and fear that penetrates deep into the cultures on Earth.  Rather than skim off the top, so to speak, of climate change, she looks at the scientific data via rocks, tree rings glacier cores, and how that impacted the research up to and including the present day.  I also sent this book to my former husband-now close friend who is an archeologist/geologist/anthropologist and who disclosed to me 2 years ago a conclusion he had come to use those 3 disciplines plus ancient literary texts and time periods.  He concluded that the big culprit and the turning point of Earth's climate began with the onset of agriculture on the planet.  And this is the conclusion Dr. Peters and others have also come to.  Oddly enough technology, increase in the human population, and public policy have been the 3-legged stool on which to judge the climate changes we are and have been experiencing for millennium. To insert a small quote from the book...."In the final analysis, the most impressive point about Ruddiman's hypotheses isn't the idea that we may have been changing Earth's climate for millennia.  What is most arresting, many people might observe, is how little attention it has garnered in the public square.  Every day the media run stories of the link between industrialization and climate change.  How is it, we can surely ask, that agriculture's plausible effect on climate is so routinely ignored.?''  

And in another place,'' The unfortunate fact is that if we think the ''right'' carbon policy will produce a stable climate, we will always be defeated.  Nothing about Earth's climate is static, and we cannot make it so.  We would be well advised to go into the future with our eyes open, not shut, to the climates of the past.  That is the plain teaching of the Scandinavian pollen and varves, the glacial tills of the Midwest, Glacial Lake Agassiz in Canada, and the ice cores of Greenland and Antarctic.''

I recommend this book, as it also dovetails into the impermanance taught in Buddhism, Hinduism, Openhand, and almost every spiritual practice on the planet.  So along comes Open with his essay and video on Samadi, at the conclusion of which pop-up a cluster of other spiritual videos, not necessarily from Openhand, and one catches my eye...Samadi Part 1.  At its conclusion pops up another in 4 part series, Inner Worlds.  All fit together beautifully and powerfully for me.  The answer to so many questions and concerns and strivings is always the same...go within.  Search there, and you will find the answers by way of total surrender to what is.  In going deeper with this, on Valentine's Day, the events in Florida happened...17 students and teachers dead and counting, students traumatized for life, the end of a quiet community forever.  But perhaps also, finally, a beginning....long awaited, and carried forth by our millennial generation, who will have none of our generation's procrastinations.   

Samadi....just in time. 






Sandra, thank you for sharing, Peter's work sounds very interesting - I will have a look! :)

I am in a personal felt inquiry process, so your reflections offer a catalytic synergy to arise here for me - thank you again.


How is it, we can surely ask, that agriculture's plausible effect on climate is so routinely ignored.?''  

And specifically 'animal agriculture' as many experts - academic and non-academic - have been arguing through the years. In "Animal Oppression and Human Violence", David Nibert, an American Professor of Sociology, states that the focal point of his study is:

the process commonly referred to as animal "domestication" and how this practice caused large-scale violence, destruction, and disease epidemics.

As you say Sandra and as Openhand encourages, to go within, to 'look' at ourselves: our conditioned existence, to begin again every moment - painful and tragic moments are a big invitation indeed! -  so that surrendering to 'what is' propels a Soulful Right action for the benefit of all sentient beings. From the depths of Samadhi (absolute or non-absolute), the heart-felt truth of interbeingness can arise. And from the heart-felt truth of interbeingness, Samadhi can arise.

Thank you Sandra, amazing synchronicities of Truth!

Wise love Heart

The collective Openhand heart goes out to people around the world suffering from the acceleration of climate change. Like in Japan for example, where biblical floods swept through the country only a few weeks back, and now there's an unprecedented heatwave. There are too many places to mention, where we're clearly witnessing the onset of abrupt climate change. It's essential we normalise and equalise in all this, which is why I felt to share this video about wildfires in Greece. 

What really needs to happen in the world right now, at least very soon, is that society literally stops, takes note of what's really going on with Gaia's dramatic changes, and figure out how we can come together in communities to support oneanother. I wonder how long it will take? I send that vibe out into the ether, that more and more people may get the message and connect together in mutual support.

In loving support

Open Heart Praying Emoji

Yesterday , Higher guidance brought me attention to a video shared by someone on Facebook about 

a possible  serious situation happening in the Yellow Stone National Park . 

It felt in alignment with everything else manifesting since Mei of this year . 

My heart goes to all the regions where people just lost their houses , family members , friends .

Jean B

I've been following Yellowstone too Jean.
There are many 'biblical' things happening right now. Like the disappearance of oceans too.
Here's a great little video I came across exploring the mysterious disappearance of oceans around the world and some really great advice on coming together and supporting oneanother through these increasingly challenging times...


It seems like "Kansas is going bye-bye" at an exponential rate. Here's some recent footage from Berlin, whereas my hometown Budapest is facing temperatures well above 30 C for the next few weeks with no cooling whatsoever. 

Parallely, what I am also aware is the acceleration of shifts in people including myself, tough breaktroughs, upwelling fears and agression, tons of confrontation, madness. 

Now we all have to step into the light and finally do what we're here to do. "The grace period is over" - this is what I feel.

Wishing everyone,well including Openhanders and all sentient beings all over the world. <3



Heyas all!

Ive seen all of these happenings as well. Did y'all notice another iceberg is on its way to a new destination and how Nasa is sending a newer/better machine towards the sun to get more information/readings/what can we do with this?! I think we'll be lucky if the sun doesn't emit harsher ray's due to some foreign object within its radius.




I felt compelled to write a little today in this forum in regards to weather happening all around me. I live in Charleston, SC , United States and hurricane Florence has been making her journey and approach to the eastern coastline. The storm, terrifying and huge, is also quite beautiful and alluring. I feel it is part of Gaia's transformation and although those around me are fearful and anxious, I looked deeper and started to meditate and communicate with Florence... for it is part of Gaia and I wanted her to know I am listening and I sent much love and light right into that hurricane. I figured it is feeding off of everyone else's chaotic energy, so I thought I would nurture it differently. Not that I can change the weather forecast by any means, but I started meditating into the turbulence and sending it love and light; it has decreased in speed strength and intensity. Maybe others who are consciously aware of Gaia have been sending love and light into Florence as well. I love her and wanted her to know I understand these processes of her storms and tribulations.

Hi Betsy - we're all with you out there - I've been following the storm, I hear it's landing, may the flow of rightness be with you.Praying Emoji

Indeed we have the capacity to mediate a smoother ride by bringing greater harmony to every situation - providing we can accept of course what the right outcome eventually is - which it sounds very much like you are. You have a big heart.

Sending bundles of love and support through the ether.

Open Heart