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Lesley on 'walking the path of the soul'...

    "I think acceptance of whatever is going on around you is really key, because most of the time, well all the time, what is going on around you is there to show you something.
    All you are doing is looking for the message in what’s going on.
    You don’t need it to be a certain way anymore.
    It’s a completely different way of being.

    If you can make that breakthrough to a point where you’ll say I will surrender and give up all expectations of what’s going to happen next and just take what comes. I accept it.

    If you can be in that space it means you are ready to go through gateway 2, even though you might be frightened.
    If you are prepared to grasp your courage in both hands and say I will take whatever comes, then you are through the gate."

    Lesley Lord

Hi Trinity

This really spoke to me. I'm 26 and have been on an incredible life changing spiritual journey for the last 6 months - so I am very much a novice. I am just beginning to understand and accept synchronization. I work in sales which I know is coming to an end soon, but yesterday I had one of they moments. It was a period of high intensity and stress and at the worst possible time I was confronted with very rude and problematic clients. I felt the frustration and annoyance rise inside me and as quickly as it happened I realised, this is happening to tell me something, or teach me something. As soon as I realised this the situation actually became a positive one and I felt almost a wave of euphoria just with this realisation and was glad to be tested and overcome that test. What I thought was the worst possible time was actually the BEST possible time.It had a huge effect on my day, even though it was just a small incident, I was like 'aha'. With this outlook all problems are just challenges, they're good things. I've heard this before but only now do I understand it. Thanks for the post, all the information on here is really helping me understand who I am.


Hi Tony,
That's wonderful. It's amazing how rapidly things can unfold when we, as Lesley says "are prepared to grasp your courage in both hands and say I will take whatever comes".
Great to have you here.

Hi All,

I can remember how passionately I felt those words when I said them. A passion born from feeling huge fears about leaving behind all that was familiar about my life and yet still choosing to metaphorically "step off the cliff" into the unknown. I so wanted to help others find that same courage within. It was what drove me to be involved with the 5Gateways movie.


    "We really are waiting at a crossroads of a new evolution for mankind.

    Many are still stuck in this reality, in the old world, the old values, the old existence that just doesn’t really serve us anymore. There are others who are going inwards and saying 'there must be something more than this; and I can tap into that, when I really peel away that which doesn’t serve me and access my true human beingness.'

    We each have gifts we probably never dreamed of.
    If we step through these five gateways that we have outlined in this film, then we really can access this new heaven all around us here and now."

    Open (5Gateways documentary)

Earthy timeless words of wisdom from Lesley...

    "A large part of the Gateway Five process seems to be about going back through all the things you have already done, like revisiting every aspect of your beingness, so it’s kind of like weeding a garden. You might go through and pull up all the big obvious weeds, but once they have gone you can see the little tiny weeds and you can go through again taking out things to a finer and finer level."

    Lesley Lord