5D Shift Launch - Transcendent Experiences All round

Submitted by Open on Mon, 09/04/2017 - 06:51

It was an absolutely wonderful start to the 5D Shift Project in Avalon - we could not have wished for better. A lovely, intimate, group of inquiring souls gathered, with big hearts, a great deal of courage, and lots of adventure. And because of the degree of surrender, boy we went deep - transcendence all around. Through the summer, I was working hard to connect up the higher dimensional bridge that is "Openhand". And it paid off in diamonds. You all shone so brightly. It bodes wonderfully for the future dates on the tour. And the Team very much looks forward to you continuing your inquiry within the 5D Shift Project. We are all positively beaming with joy. Tune into the energy through our photo gallery...

Apparently it's sometimes serious work, but I always enjoy a good laugh with people too!... Serena, Heike & Sascha - all smiles at the start of the day... Is that Owen? Or my musical hero David Gilmore of Pink Floyd? To good to be true! Heike having fun with Kevin looking on... Sascha softly shining the light... Trinity always having a laugh with her kitchen angels!... And down to work... Deep regressive journeying into past life karma... Afterwards there's always plenty to talk about - Diane & Serena To clear blocked energy, it requires both sides of the coin - tears and smiles... And the angels were there in abundance - Rich and Marije - Team Facilitators... What an incredible group of bright shining souls you are. It was an honour and a privilege to host you... And I can't resist it, here's one of the Pink Floyd tracks that helped get us in the space between the spaces. It works a treat with deep breathing meditation and movement...

See you down the flow folks!

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Open, an amazing few days on the Avalon Breakthrough experience. The Friday evening seminar was a great start with your passion shining through as you introduced us to the work. I was amazed at the power of the meditation on me that evening.
The next two days were awesome, getting deeper and deeper, unleashing and breaking down and exposing things in me. Some really challenging times and some huge shifts in me. Balanced with joyful and uplifting times with the connections to you and the team and the other wonderful people sharing the experience. The essential food provided by Trinity to keep us nourished, ready for the next challenge.
The weather of the two days reflected the contrasts between the light and darkness of the explorations. I cannot do it justice here, but would recommend attending this work to anyone. With love and gratitude, Mark

Dear all,

Wow, what an amazing weekend with wonderful people! It was such a privilege to be there to help hold the space for all that was unfolding in the process of some deep explorations. I look forward to connect with all of you again at some point down the path!

With gratitude,


Dear All

So blessed to have been a part of the amazing 5D Shift ‘Openhand’ Launch weekend –
Such a fabulous group of awakened extraordinary souls, each one has a special place in my heart.

As much was being processed, there was always a feeling of total safety, as we each had space to surrender & face our own individual challenges knowing Open was there holding the space & guiding us through as we progressed into higher vibrations.......

The Open Hands facilitators were so supportive & always available to help with the many questions that arose after each seminar, thank you Mariah, Richard & Aspasia I’m already missing your loving vibrant energies.

Thank you Trinity for your wonderful cooking that kept us all nourished throughout, I’ve already made changes to my diet.

Sending much Love & gratitude to all
Namaste Serena

P.S. Thanks for the ‘Coming back to Life’ track Open, it’s going to be a constant reminder of a very special weekend

An absolutely phenomenal experience that will stay with me forever.
Open and team thank you from my soul for taking me on that journey.
I would also like to say thank you to the amazing people sharing the experience with me. I saw so much courage and surrender from lost souls like me reaching out into the unknown for a touch of truth.
I've tried all week to write this but I cant find the words to express how I feel. All I can say is thank you, thank goodness and thank God.
A big thank you to Trinity for the amazing food and thanks for the amazing recipes, theyre going down a treat.
Looking forward to the next visit wherever it may be.
Namaste to my beautiful friends and hopefully will see you soon xxx

Wow, what a fantastic gathering we just completed here in Helsinki with the fabulous "Flying Finns". It's always marvelous to feel people responding to the work and going deep with it. There's always such incredible expansion of soul energy. It's like riding a wave into heaven!

This event felt especially poignant because of the storms happening in America (our hearts go out everyone involved). It feels like the shift is gathering apace, and the storm a manifestation of that - of the breaking down 3D biosphere. It presents such powerful mirrors - that we can't ignore the changes anymore, that we have to look in the mirror the work is now creating and dig especially deep. That's the encouragement to all, and that's how the group valiantly responded this weekend.

Love to all

Open *give_rose*

The new Openhand energy is a-m-a-z-i-n-g! You just have to experience it! There was so much energy moved by the end of the first day that I couldn't believe we still had another day to go. So cool.
To me the group felt very special as well as the timing of the gathering. It is so rewarding to witness people willing to go deep within and face what's there.
Open is so courages, without fear he takes people to the places most would avoid because not knowing how to handle what arises. Inspired by that, one of the things that I'm taking away from this course is I'm gonna work towards being more daring. What I learned at first hand this weekend was the benefits of daring to go one step further when most would stop might be truly unimaginable.
Thank you all the participants, Open and Openhand, much love to you all! xxx