5G: The War on Earth's Natural Ecosystems and Human Consciousness

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Never before in our history have we faced such grave and challenging times as we do right now. Besides environmental destruction and accelerating climate change, we face the natural cycle of the Pole Shift, which is already having a radical impact on the weather systems too. On top of all of this though is the breakneck role out of 5G. It's as if an unseen consciousness has declared war on the natural biology of our planet. Yet despite all of this, people that are determined to awaken and evolve have a golden opportunity. It is always within the crucible of great challenge that the Spiritual Warrior in us is forged.

We can still be free as sovereign beings, but not by sleepwalking into the future as the masses currently are. Like never before in our history, we must awaken the drive and the commitment to reconnect with the True Self, reclaim soul sovereignty, and align with the accelerating shift into higher consciousness. Above all, remember, you are a spiritual being not physical. It's time to reclaim that allegiance. It's time to take back your power. The time is NOW.

IMPORTANT FOREWORD: This article and videos contained within it, will likely fire deep emotional and karmic processes, very possibly anger. Remember always that you are the infinite presence of The One, and everything moves within you, the 'good', the 'bad' and everything in between. There is an invitation to engage, to process and work through, but then find your inviolable essence of The One through it. Also, although my approach has been to state it's as if a 'war' has been declared on the natural biology of our planet, I'm certainly not advocating projection of anger and blame - not to polarise or demonise, not for us to partake of 'war'. But it is essential to grasp the severity and magnitude of what is now clearly unfolding.

Part 1: Just another 'Upgrade'?

You'd be forgiven for thinking that, "5G is just another SMART phone upgrade". It couldn't be further from the truth.

Based on battlefield target aquisition technology, it is designed to form a digital map, with the global population in it, interconnected by AI through every gadget used in daily life, from the telephone to the TV and refigerator. It will represent an increase of EMF by 100 fold. Heightening the impact, they're installing millions of extra mini mobile phone masts in cities and neighbourhoods and upto 20,000 satellites around the globe, meaning that not one square inch, be it city, suburb or deepest countryside, will not be irradiated. It represents no less than a war on the natural eco-systems of the planet and on human consciousness. A positive and vigorous response is necessary.

Already, even though it's only just entering the general public's awareness, plenty of valient researchers, whistleblowers and medical practitioners who've conducted thousands of studies have warned that it will cause a huge increase in heart cancers, brain tumours, cognitive problems, exhaustion, DNA damage (especially in feotuses), alzheimers, disrupted immune systems and fertility. Recently, where a new type of street lamp was installed in Gateshead in North East England that had 5G base stations incorporated, people were reporting nausea and nose bleeds simply by being in proximity to them. Suspiciously the technology is being regulated by telecoms people and rolled out a break neck speed with no referral to the health interests of the general public.

Besides the human impact, the effect on nature is likely to be devastating. Already swarms of birds are simply dropping from the sky, and scores of whales getting beached, probably due to the excessive EMF, and together with chemtrails, is causing the rapid decline of bees. With a 100 fold increase in irradiation effects, it's hard to imagine the pollinators and huge swathes of insects will survive, with the corresponding severe knock on effect throughout the natural ecosystems.

Inform Yourself and Process the Effects

It's essential we are informed of exactly what's going on and what the underlying agenda might be. It's only from the place of awareness that you can respond positively. There is most definitely a successful way forwards through all of this, which I'd like to discuss with you. But if you aren't already aware of the implications, I would commend you to watch this informative and well researched documentary by Sascha Stone. It incorprates a wide variety of knowledgable commentators and whistleblowers.

Always you have the question the validity of such material, especially as the title is so stark. Yet I have come across several of the commentators before, who've offered informed and well researched views. I have to say it took me a few days to process the feelings after watching the documentary. Others I know have reported anger and a sense of powerlessness. Above all, I can feel the general rightness in what's being conveyed.

Afterwards, please do return to the second part of my article on how we can approach this growing menance within our midst...

Part 2: Exploring the Underlying Agenda of 5G

First let's contemplate the agenda behind 5G. Assuming the new role out will be as impactful as the film implies, and personally I feel the truth in that because I already feel the invasive magnitude of 3G and 4G, then you have to question 'who' exactly is behind all this and what might their agenda be? If we're looking at the destruction of our natural eco-systems and the serious down-grading of human consciousness with no regards at all for health, then 'who' stands to benefit?

Let's be clear, this kind of microwave EMF can cause such internal dissonance that it disconnects you from your higher self, and fragments the soul in the lower self so it's difficult to feel and follow in daily life. It makes people dumbed down and controllable. You can break free by consciously integrating soul and shifting center of consciousness into the higher vibrations beyond the 3D, but there needs to be a 100 commitment, especially now, with this quantum increase in 5G dissonance. Above all, what needs to happen, is a progressive internal switch of allegiance into the higher bodily vehicles of expression, such as the spirit light body, beyond the physical which EMF is impacting.

Actually the war on human consciousness is nothing new. This just marks an intensification of what's being going on for aeons. Homo Sapiens is a hybrid species that has been genetically downgraded to fit within a system of control, with the human soul encapsulated within. The evidence for this is overwhelming, as I've shared in my book DIVINICUS rise of the divine human and in the film PARADIGM SHIFT.

Plenty of other sentients, writers and researchers are also speaking about it. We can clearly see it in our adapted DNA coding, the shift from 48 chromosomes in Original Humans to 46 in Homo Sapiens, which when you deeply consider, marks a minimum of 4 simultaneous step changes that happened all at once. You can see it in the highly sophisticated early megalyths that were clearly built many thousands of years ago by an advanced civilisation (check out Graham Hancocks superlative work on this... Fingerprints of the Gods). Speaking personally though, the most compelling evidence for me comes from first-hand past life regression therapy, where I've encountered people all around the world sharing similar experiences of downgrading hybridisation.

Indeed, the Earth has suffered a controlling Extra Terrestrial Intervention by several species going back millions of years. Many sentients here know it, have come to share the implications of it, and to help reactivate aligned human consciousness that a divinely new human can emerge out. We are being greatly successful, with awakenings accelerating the world over. The Earth is shifting simultaneously into a higher 5D paradigm of being.

That's the reason for the intensification in the Opposing Consciousness agenda right now, which to me, is the source behind 5G: they're failing to prevent The Shift.

I believe the reason for 5G, is our growing success of shifting consciousness into 5D. Several times in the past there have been earth shifts and waves of human consciousness ascending out. Several times advanced ET civilisations have broken down, their controlling agenda unravelled as human consciousness strives to emerge.

The Benevolent Mission

I work multidimensionally, I can feel these different ET groups in the field, and have daily direct contact with several of them, some friendly, others not. And I am accutely aware of the Benevolent Mission around us in the ether, which is to help Gaia cleanse herself of this Intervention and to realign humanity. 2012 was a major 'coup' within this mission, as the centre of Gaia's consciousness was shifted into 5D and the New Paradigm was born there. Many expected some profound transition to become immediately visible at that galatic alignment, which of course didn't happen. But when you think back to how dramatically the earth's current situation has changed since, in just a few short years, then you realise a major shift was initiated at that time.

As Gaia shifts, the Intervention is losing control of the planet. Any interdimensional being with any kind of foresight will recognise the growing impact in the advancing Pole Shift, which is due to complete within a few decades, and will be devastating in the 3D. That includes a lowering of the Earth's magnetic shield, which is set to coincide with powerful changes in the constitution of our Sun. So, in the years ahead, we can not only expect an increasing impact of cosmic radiation, but also the strong likelihood of solar plasma pulses. It's clear to me, and from many powerful visions that I've experienced, the Earth will be cleansed in the lower dimensions leaving a pristine New Paradigm in the 5D/6D/7D.

I believe it's clear to the Intervention Consciousness that this is going to happen, and that's why there's now scant regard for the biology of our planet - they're not intending to stay, but rather to assimilate as many human souls as possible into their agenda, to accelerate their technological evolution, create augmented realities based on AI, and take whatever souls they've harvested to establish colonies elsewhere in the cosmos - Mars for example. The space program (both overt and covert) is already at reasonably advanced stages and developing quickly.

As far out as this may seem to some, do we not already witness the assimiltation of the masses into 'SMART' technology, in every town, city, airport and shopping centre? In practically every coffee shop and restaurant you witness the distractive consumption of human consciousness into technology.

This is my belief, to me the evidence points strongly that way, and it's something for sentient people to carefully consider, because it will influence how we should each respond to it.

I should also say it's essential not to judge and project anger at the proponents behind this technology and 'war' on aligned consciousness, which I strongly suspect are the misaligned Grey Entities on and around Earth. We must reflect back a willingness to forgive, not to harden internally which becomes self limting. Yet we must also absolutely NOT come from a place of weakness or acceptance of 'anything goes'. We must work to unwind the negative effects of this Intervention within our very beings.

Part 3: 5D - the most Viable Reponse to 5G

So what can we do? What should our response be?

As tough as the task may seem on the surface, in the 3D, we can still each evolve out of the density, and I believe it will be the making of humanity - those that are prepared to commit to the challenge. It is now paramount to reclaim full soul sovereignty, to self determine and align with the clear direction-knowing of your soul. Be very careful of blindly taking on board information (including this here) without carefully processing it through your own sense of knowing-rightness. But do commit 100% to your evolution as a being and carefully watch/feel the new multidimensional landscape that you start to unfold into.

Get to know what the higher dimensions of the 5D feel like on a day to day basis, and begin to integrate them as a way of being. It may not be in your power to stop the role out of 5G, but by progressively opening into your higher bodily vehicles of expression, you shift consciousness beyond the physical where the EMF impacts. Understanding the Shift...The 5D Shift Project

Here are 10 suggested ways we can respond directly:

1) Accelerate Your Shift into 5D Consciousness: I'm working with groups of people all around the world who're unfolding into higher dimensional consciousness and living it now. They can feel the New Paradigm all around them. Be clear though, because there's lots of confusion around what 'Ascending into 5D' really means. There is a very clear science to it.
Check out Openhand's 5D Shift Project

2) Inform yourself about the implications of 5G: get to know what the implications are and where possible, take part in protestations and demonstrations, which are currently beginning to happen. It is still possible to limit the full role out.
Check out the May 15 demonstrations in various US States
Brussels becomes first major City to Halt 5G

3) Learn how to mitigate the effects of EMF: good sources are springing up on the web of how to minimise and mitigate the impacts of increasing EMF. For example the volcanic rock shungite is highly effective at reducing micowave radiaition. Check out this website with free download... Takebackyourpower

4) Conduct daily inner cleansings and fasting: already we can clearly see the general health of humanity is degrading. Amongst others EMF greatly impacts the immune system. Investigate how you can strengthen this through detox juicing, a healthy plant based diet and fasting. Daily Intermittant fasting for example gives the body invaluable time to rest and rebuild cell structure... Explore fasting for Evolution here

5) Take back Soul Sovereignty: the internet is a great source of information, but also misinformation masquerading as 'the truth'. The truth for you, is something only you can know, feel and integrate. Get to know how your soul wants to draw you to particular inquiries, but stay connected to how you feel about them inside. Get to know your own sense of 'higher knowing landing' - that sense of instant landing flash - "yes, that's it"...
Develop Your Own Spiritual Compass

6) Beware of Excessive Distraction "Out there": the Intervention is trying all ways to distract souls from the true source of their power, which is aligned consciousness within. The 'narrative' is escalating daily, with constant new distractions, information, social media, gadgets and 'toys'. This only risks attuning you more into the physical and intellectual planes. Remember always your true source of power is what you feel at the core of you, centred in this storm...
Explore this Breakthrough Breathing Meditation to connect with your core

7) Connection with Nature: Make it as much of a priority as possible to connect with nature and form loving bonds with the plant and animal kingdoms. Despite the degradation in our environment and eco-systems, there's still plenty to connect with. Renew your connection with Mother Earth, respect and cherish all life. Let natural feedback loops build between you. To ascend into the New Paradigm is to become as one with the natural rhythms of the Earth.
Trial this Six Senses Meditation

8) Activate Your Spirit Light Body: inform yourself on the nature of your higher bodily vehicles of expression and especially the Spirit Light Body, which is your vehicle of Ascension, that you can activate and live through right now. It brings with it a deep sense of connection to the Universe, peace and a sense of well being. What's more, it is beyond where 5G can impact. If in doubt, meditate, meditate, meditate!
Here's a short video on the Spirit Light Body

9) Develop Effective Processes for dealing with Karmic Density: as you commit to the progressive shift into the new dimensions, it will activate inner karmic density. It is self-defating to override or ignore this. The invitation is to turn right into it and process through, so that you can transcend it. Understanding Transcendence

10) Live the New Reality Now: we're currently living in two worlds not one - there's the old paradigm which is breaking down, yet desperately trying to pull souls in; and there's the New Paradigm we're ascending into that many can already feel and experience. Your reality becomes where you place your focus. If  you know higher dimensional living is for you, then begin to live it here and now. Ultimately the physical will fall away, but you can continue your journey in the higher bodily vehicles of the New Paradigm. It's a feeling that you can shift into and live right now. Here's how you can create successfully from 5D

5G - Catalysing Our Shift into 5D

When an understanding of the likely impact of 5G comes into view, it's likely to invoke all manner of responses from fear to anger. Certainly don't disregard these feelings - turn directly into them and process them through. My advice is to then be really clear with yourself what your response now needs to be, where your loyalty in respect of the old reality lies, and what's the growing sense of impulse for you now. What's your soul's calling?

Initially people have felt a sense of powerlessness in the wake of it all. But we are far from powerless! When we connect deep with our spirituality, interconnected with the Universe, we become beings beyond measure. Let this new phase inspire you to find the Spiritual Warrior in You.

The time has now gone for dipping one's toes into the shallow end. We must dive fully into the centre stream of our immaculate home coming - our Ascension.

We have no time to waste in this endeavour. I used to feel we had several decades for souls to complete the shift, but now, due to the impact of the Intervention on our environment and weather systems, I don't believe you should automatically assume we still have that luxury. The situation is accelerating. The Gateways of Ascension are open, but that requires a viable living space for people to work in the 3D. My advice to people is to assume you only have a decade or two to make your higher dimensional shift. There is certainly enough time. But no time to waste. My strong advice is to make your spiritual evolution the daily focus of your life. And that's how we can each benefit from the intervention of 5G... by catalysing powerful motivation for our shift into 5D!

In loving support
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I recognise that the content of my article might take some time to digest. But it's important we hoist the material on board and process it so as to equalise and normalise in it. So do come back and share your feelings here when you're ready.

Always in loving support

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In reply to by Open

This is a very brave calling you put out Open, and although there may be feelings of hopelessness, fear and depression that can arise in response, there is also  catalysis of inspiration, courage and deep mobilisation on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic (PMESE). Well, is there any other way to live? What would the alternative be? I feel all the 10 suggested ways are catalysing movement on all levels of our being (PMESE) as an integrated whole. And of course, we will all embody and explore these within our unique circumstances, conditions and mind set. 

Interesting that I just finished speaking on the phone with a friend who is now bedridden, her whole body stiff and in pain after being exposed to a new smart meter. She has always been sensitive and experiencing the effects of EMF acutely but this episode is far worse than she had ever felt before. She is also diagnosed with cancer.  She is a beautiful, spiritual, very conscious person who is currently meeting the detrimental health impact of radiation, as well as her responses to these. She very potently shared with me that she is ready to die and she is at peace with it all, she can just slip away. Im mobilising myself to find a new place for her to stay/live, which is EMF free....a challenge in itself because wherever you go, its there! And we are all accountable to this to an extent...

So, this is how 'my action' happens to look like today and in the next few weeks. Wise/Right/Heartful Action mitigates hopelessness, depression and allows anger to be expressed in constructive ways. Then I have another opportunity at a local festival this Saturday with a team of animal liberation activists doing outreach work in support of animals, the Earth and human beings. ALL issues are totally related and need to be discussed, in my view, as interrelated. What interrelates them is Anthropocentrism (human centered), seeing the earth and all earthlings as resources and objects...

Its quite synchronistic that I also had an email conversation with a friend who was at the Extinction rebellion protests in London and she shared with me how there is deep grief being felt on the ground about Climate Change. She also mentioned 5G being part of global warming. Indeed, Climate change is not a separate issue to 5G, its all connected. According to reports that Im currently reviewing, radiation can cause erratic weather patterns, as well as potentially flip the Earth's magnetic field; not to mention of course the detrimental effects on wildlife, human life and plant life as the 5G documentary illustrates. 

Yesterday I watched a documentary called 'The battle against climate change by Paul Kingsnorth', a former environmentalist which is really worth watching because his grounded, honest, clear and heartful sharing is both an inspiration and a support in our own journeys as we meet - inevitably -  the destruction of the world and all Earth/lings - at least as we know it. To me his sharings totally echo Open's voice offering a perspective to Climate change and the 5G too, although the latter is not mentioned.

Here is the video and a summary in case you are inspired to watch the whole 50minutes:


Humanity has lost the battle against climate change. That is what Paul Kingsnorth thinks. The former environmental activist believes that we can´t stop climate change anymore. How should we live on knowing that climate change is a fact that can´t be denied anymore? A documentary that gives thinker and writer Paul Kingsnorth the time to explain how humanity still can be hopeful although the battle against climate change in his eyes has been lost. Former environmental activist and writer Paul Kingsnorth has withdrawn to Ireland on a unspoilt part of the earth. You could say that he lives now at the end of the world. A portrait of an end-time thinker who nevertheless does not give up hope and continues to believe in the power of nature. Thinker and writer Paul Kingsnorth stood early on the barricades as a conservationist. He resisted the insatiable hunger of the globalized world for more land, resources and things in England and on the other side of the world in Papa New Guinea. Kingsnorth was one of the leaders of the environmental movement and reached a large international audience with its passionate speeches. But at some point, he came to terms that he had to revisit his belief that humanity could save the world. In his bundled essays "Confessions of a recovering environmentalist" (2017) he describes how some weak-kneed accountants of this world hollowed out the green movement from the inside and exchanged the barricades for ties and conference tables. Limiting CO2 emissions became the new gospel because it was measurable and countable. But according to Kingsnorth, that is an illusion. He thinks that in his victory rush, the green movement of today exchanges the remaining wild nature for a wind or solar panel farm. The battle is lost. Kingsnorth withdrew with his family to the Irish countryside to live self-sufficient. He founded the "Dark Mountain Project" in which writers, poets and artists are looking for a different view of the end of the world, based on the connection between man and nature. He exchanged his clenched fist and protesting voice for an inner, literary search for the question of what makes us human and what our place is on this magical planet.


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Thanks Aspasia, for the 5G feedback loop on this essential question of our times. We need to all get into the potential risks and consequences and work them through.

I especially liked what you said here...

there is also  catalysis of inspiration, courage and deep mobilisation on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Energetic (PMESE)

Yes, we simply can't sleepwalk forwards - there has to be the courage and commitment to work on all levels. Mobilisation is the word!

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Having written and publsihed my 5G article yesterday I sat feeling and contemplating for some time. I can always feel the effects in the field of what I write (so it does come with a great sense of responsibility). And I can feel how it churned up some things and activated density. I could also feel the beginnings of a strengthening spark of energetic rebellion, which got reflected back to me by several people.

And I contemplated deeply the effect EMF has on me. I was sitting not far from the wifi at the time, next to the kitchen. As I put my attention on it, I could feel how it impacted my body, especially around the brain - a whoosy kind of experience. And I also reflected upon how this would be intensively magnified with 5G (synchronistically when I wrote "5G" I mistyped and wrote "5D"!). I do look after the physical really well, with purely plant based food, lots of raw and daily intermittant fasting, which gives the body plenty of time to recover and rebuild. But I know I can do relatively little about lasting physical health here in the long run.

Then, what spiked in my peripheral vision, was a blackbird in the garden that seemed to be speaking to me. Blackbird is appearing a lot in my landscape recently and they seem to keep coming very close. So I checked out the medicine with my Druid Animal Oracle - Blackbird represents the Gateway into the mystical world, into the dreamspace. It prompted me to immediately go deeper inwards and connect with the spirit light body - to center more deeply in that. Now I could feel the impact of the EMF in the physical, but it didn't seem to matter at all - as long as I focussed on the higher vehicle, the sense of it was not impacted in the slightest. That's the vehicle we'll be stepping into as we ascend.

This is why in my article, and several times recently, I've felt to question your allegance in life - where do you put the centre of your attention and consciousness on a daily basis? Do you yet have that option? Do you know how to feel and be in the spirit light body?

What I can reflect to you is that this is the pinnacle of the human experience here. You're then living interconnected with the natural flow of the universe, experiencing the New Paradigm here and now. When you're in it, it feels expansive, alchemical and deeply at peace.

Assuming that resonates with you and you recognise it as your path, then the journey is one of progressive transmutation. You have to dig up and work through subconscious density (which is what the blackbird was doing as it rooted through the leaves and folliage), but then feel into the sense of lightness around and through you. People feel it all the time in the Openhand Meditations and at the Events. But you have to keep paying attention to that energy, deciding where your true sense of loyalty lies. Yes, we all have family, and yes we'll want to be compassionate to help others, yes you still have the rent to pay and food to put on the table, but all of these things can be done from 5D consciousness.

So my encouragement is to be really clear in the face of 5G as to where your allegiance as a being now rests. What do you feel to commit to? I'd strongly suggest progressively working through activating density and unfolding into the higher bodily vehicles.

You can be sure that Openhand will be there for you all the way!

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Wow, thanks for this article Open and all the information in it. When I read it and watched the documentary yesterday the initial feeling was anger, but this was quickly replaced by determination. I can feel my 3D life slowly moving to incorperate a new way of being - i.e. to reflect an increasing, as you say allegance, to the 5D. Is it happening fast enough? I don't know, but I guess it happens at the rate it needs to. 

I do observe some fear in me as to how this will affect those around me, particularly people I care about who are not taking care of their environment (thinking especially of the flat that my kids live in). I can also see that if 5G creates more mental and physical problems, it will cause those around me to try to bring me down into a fear-based way of thinking (not consciously I would imagine but if they're scared...). So extra vigilance will be needed not to fall into that and to deal with the consequences of that. 

It is also causing me to have a good look at my method of obtaining resources - talking mostly of money here - though it's been a point of enquiry for the last week or so. It's becoming clear to me that I will have to leave my job in the care home. Not because I don't enjoy it but because the company is increasingly reflecting more and more fear based control. And also because I want to step more into my own work. I'm also noticing that the things I offer at the moment; Facilitation and my book, are not enough by themselves to make a living. It's easy to be creative, but some time needs to be spent on getting my message out there i.e. marketing. I am exploring creating some niche communities on facebook and offering online courses. Although where to start! But one step at a time eh! I'm giving myself until end of 2019 to sort this out. 

I went to the doctor the other day as my ears have been really blocked up - I think me dampening down the over-stimulation I feel in the family apartment. It was a brutal experience! He basically shoved a metal rod in my ear and felt around for it all, and also pumping cold water through it. I needed 4 rounds of this, partly because there was so much to take out, and partly because I was so dizzy and in pain - there was blood oozing out of my ear! I'm usually fairly good with softening into physical discomfort, but this pushed me over the limit! not sure why I'm sharing this as it's not so relevant, apart from maybe the sense of invasion of the physical. Felt to post it anyway :-)

Much love


Hi Rich,

Great to hear your feedback - the more sharing that comes, the more we build feedback loops and create supportive communities - absolutely essential in the 5D shift. Thumbs Up Sign

I suspect that 5G/5D will figure like an 'anvil' at this inflexion point - as the Hopi prophecised, they'll be two directions in the shift: either deeper into technological evolution (synthetic realities based on AI) or reconnecting with the nature/the underlying natural flow of life.

In all of this noise, the 5D is hard to hear at times!

Have you reflected on what the ear blockage is telling you? As you know, these things never happen by chance.

'Marketing' is an interesting one indeed. As I see it there are 2 ways to go:
1. The standard way of the system - create some kind of brand and find all ways possible to promote it, such as fb and social media.
2. The way of the Sage - dig ever deeper within, find new unique resonances of light, express that vibration into your 'vicinity' and the people you're meant to help will find you (an if they don't come yet, you're not going deep enough!).

To me, the 1st way is like trench warfare! It's soul destroying. And fb can be helpful to make contacts and direct some traffic your way, it's definitely not something to rely heavily upon. Since most people who tune in are more loyal to the platform itself, rather than those providing content on it - or more accurately, they're more conditioned to the way the platform operates and the quick shallow fix it offers. But I do also know that private groups that go deeper are better.

The second way will work. It's not about marketing however. It's simply having the passion to express your unique vibe and trusting that the outcome, whatever it is, will be the right one. This method will test you deeply though. I recall at the beginning of Openhand here the yearning to travel in order to share this work. The answer from the flow was to paint walls, dig the garden, build structures, work with kids and in family. It wasn't until I realised it was hitting all the frustrations that I knew this is what I needed to work through first - because that's what everybody I might work with would themselves be experiencing. And any kind of fear of letting go of the old construct and what that might mean for those around you.

At the time I was going through this, wondering what on earth was going on, this little clip found its way to me. Which I felt to share with you now. "Wax on, wax off"...

By the way, I felt to go back through some of the Openhand Approaches at the Facilitator School - including the approach to 'marketing' (which is not really marketing at all!).

Much love

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Hi Open,

Thanks for your response! You got that right about the noise. It's going to be getting harder to stay connected in a life which relies on technology. To that end I wanted to ask, with an online business where you spend significant time in front of a laptop are there any changes you plan to make with this? Also, I can imagine for those who are sensitive, being on a long flight is going to wreak havoc! 

In response to your question: there are clearly things I don't want to hear. I find myself becoming increasingly sensitive to noise in all it's forms. I feel it like an invasive energy that's messing with my system. I'm also sensitive to things like my children constantly coming to me to blame the other one for something -  I do try to listen but after a while I'll often say, "I don't want to hear it any more!". 

Thanks for the reminder of the marketing approach and the video. I guess it can be quite a leap of faith to do this and build up trust. I'd love to go deeper at the summer school. A quick question though, could you elaborate on what you mean by your 'vicinity'. Because I know this doesn't just mean local area or even just your own website. Sharing your message is kind of like marketing. 

Much love


Hi Richard - good to hear back Thumbs Up Sign

With regards technology, personally I've gotten to the point where I'm as minimalist as possible. I choose my times and focus as much as I can. The work really flows from the meditation - the more one does, the more easily I find it flows and so therefore I can minimise the time spent. Plus it will help, where you can, to use ether net instead of wifi. And I have a piece of torumaline taped to my computer, plus the modem. This helps a degree. Always having worked on the computer, I find it important to take some time after and feel the expansiveness again.

With regards to the ears, would you say that density is blocking out higher dimensional awareness?

By 'vicinity' I mean to be clear about where you're meant to be connecting. I think there's a temptation with the internet to 'go global' immediately - but then everyone is doing it, so you risk dissolving your energy out in the ocean. When I began Openhand it was very local, in my immediate neighbourhood and nothing to do with the internet. I did a leaflet drop, to houses in my vicinity, after carefully considering what my unique message would be. It was highly successful and many things escalated from that in ways I couldn't have imagined - someone gave me the use of their venue for future events entirely free for example.

Then to go 'global', there has to be something completely unique about what you offer that no one else does. So for me, the local groups became great testers to develop the philosophy and to bring into being the unique message. When I knew I felt to take it global, I knew at least a year in advance that it would happen. But didn't know how. I just kept expressing the material through this website until people started contacting me and suggesting events.

It's slightly different now, because it's evolved in different ways, but that's certainly how it grew.

We can explore this in detail and see what might apply to you at the Summer School.

Wishing you well

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