"Breakthrough!": Launch Celebration through World Tour

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Let's face it, everyone is looking for something. Be it love, fulfillment or a greater sense of divine connection. Many are close, tantalisingly close to that which will complete them and make their lives joyously whole.

You can do that! You can Breakthrough!

It's the new approach from Openhand, recognising that each and every single moment presents a spectacular Breakthrough opportunity. But how do you find it? How do you look? This is the Launch Celebration of Openhand's new Breakthrough Work, with the release of a new Book and Worldwide Tour.

    Wherever you are on the path, wherever you are in the world,
    understanding Breakthrough and applying it, is going to greatly enhance your life...
    It's time.

Coming up Smelling of Roses

Every moment presents a simple choice: to either give in and identify with the old patterns and old way of being; or else to truly seize the moment, recognise the limiting veils that obscure ultimate freedom, dive right in, embrace the moment fully, then emerge into glorious golden light. That's the incredible opportunity that Breakthrough represents.

    Whether you're new to the spiritual path or a seasoned traveler, a house wife bringing up the kids or company boss, it makes no difference, every single moment offers the opportunity to Breakthrough into the stupendous cosmic being that is you.

Did I say it was easy? Not always!

You have to know where to look, then how to work with what you find - in whatever circumstance you find yourself in.

    The Breakthrough Work is designed to regress you into the most challenging of your life's circumstances - the real shit - and yet come up smelling of roses.

The Openhand Work

The Openhand Work is a bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. It's about recognising the fundamental shift that's going on across the world, right now, under our very noses. So monumental is this upheaval, no one, nor any sentient life, will be able to avoid it.

    This is nothing to fear, but to embrace. To dive full-on, all-in. It leads to the salvation and upliftment of your soul - a breathtaking liberation into all that you can be.

Openhand is a way - an approach - to take you deep into your stuff, to breakthrough the density, and to emerge, resplendent, as the limitless cosmic being that you are.

    Openhand is a not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to sharing this unique approach to spiritual evolution to individuals and organisations worldwide. We are developing a network of facilitators skilled in the philosophy for the benefit of mankind.

The Breakthrough Book

This evenings seminar is an interactive experience launching the new book "Breakthrough!" by Openhand. It's a prequel to 5GATEWAYS, telling the epic, true story, of Chris Bourne. In reflecting the circumstances of his life to you, see how every single moment presents this incredible breakthrough opportunity, how to recognise it, dive right in, and take full advantage of it.

    This Seminar will launch the Book and Worldwide Tour. Those that attend the work, can expect something spectacular - to be engaged by Open, on multiple levels of consciousness: to activate dormant aspects of beingness, and peel away limiting density. It's a golden opportunity, not to be missed.

Open will share visions of what is currently taking place across the earth - the higher dimensional perspective known by benevolence in the realms all around us. He'll inspire the imperative for personal shift, advancement and growth.

    The idea is that you come away with a new lease of life.

Breakthrough Release Video

Trinity's Kitchen joining the Tour

On tour, Open will be presenting the book, giving higher dimensional insight into the current state of play on the planet, and guiding profound meditations. We're giving lots of advance notice, because we'd love to see plenty of Openhanders there. It's all about activating ripples of energy, to catalyse global tides of change.

    Trinity's Conscious Kitchen will also be there, with conscious, top-tasty treats -

    so how can you resist!

Following the launch, the ebook and paperback will be available on general release the next day (September 2nd).

    Come along, have a great time, and give the book a good energetic launch!

All New Dates for 2017 Worldwide...

The Book Launch Kicks off a World Tour of Breakthrough Events in September, October and November.
Here are the dates:

Come join us...
It's time.

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Knowing what is in store and how powerful this is I just can't contain my excitement!

This work is an incredible bridge into Higher Consciousness and I feel honoured to be a part of that. Really delighted to be present at several of the international events too.

Bring it on!

How exciting! It's going to be a remarkable and inspiring book and series of events, potentially life changing for many as they journey on their path! Hurray! :bravo:

Thank you Open!

I am already feeling very curious & excited to be there on the 1st . This time , i have to be there for a special Openhand launch and this one feels totally special . for many years , inside , i always felt like i didn't have the right universal advanced tool to breakthrough the every day challenges that come along - in a profound uplifting way . Thank you Open for that gift and your ever incredible ability to make it available for all of us . So much love , Jean

Whoa baby...this feels really significant - it's really making me sit up straight!

I'd just like to check the Florida and Seattle dates. They seem to be the same weekend.

It has just melted into one massive celebration Cynthia *yahoo*
Got it - the Florida date now reads 14th to 17th. I'll be both in Florida & Seattle this time around too - would burst into joy if you can fly over for one of them.

I hesitated to write this but here goes anyway. I can hear my mother saying, "Don't be a party pooper!" But it is what it is. I feel sad Canada is not part of the world tour book launch as it has been in the past. That said, it's exciting to read about new locations you're dropping into around the world, Open. Wonderful to read you'll be with the U.S. tour, Trinity! Just the word "breakthrough" shakes up my insides.

Shake it up, baby!

Yes we are sad that Canada isn't part of the launch too Cathy! We are there in spirit and hopefully a path of light will open up in that regard at some point in the near future again.
Thankfully the tour will be touching down close by in Seattle :)

Indeed, Trinity, it's all about the path of light. I learned that from you. I'll see what the cosmos opens up for me on this tour. Come what may, I'll be with it.


This is awesome - thanks so much for the support everyone.

We now have reservations coming in from all around the world. An entire group from Norway, Seattle is 50% booked already, and someone from Hawaii wants to camp on our lawn for the launch.

It feels like Breakthrough is a "rocket, on the launch pad, all engines scorching fuel" - to coin a line from the book.

Time for lift off!

Open *OK*

This looks radically awesome!! Big whoop whoop. So the people of Australia have three opportunities to experience Openhand - such a blessing. I can't recommend these courses enough. If you feel the pull - go for it!

So exciting! Yes! It's time!!!! If you feel it, come on out and join in!!! Feel so blessed to have you back in Florida and look forward to gathering with others who are ready to dive in and soar!!

Jen xxxxx

I am really excited about your new book and world tour, am just wondering if Nz would be a possibility again for you to consider?

Hi Shar - great to hear from you. New Zealand is wonderful and I'd certainly love to bring Openhand there again. But it won't be on this tour because there's already so much going on. Still Byron is very close to you - maybe see you there?


Open *OK*

Well we've had a heart-warming massive response to the listing of the Breakthrough Tour. We're already looking for larger venues in one or two places. Wow - Openhanders you are wonderful. :-)

It means there's going to be amazing energy at the events. They're bound to be tremendously uplifting and evolutionary. So make sure you come along if you possibly can - it'll be one of those to tell the grandkids about!

Here are those dates again...

See you there!
It's time.


Well we had a fabulous opening weekend for the Breakthrough Work - thanks so much for all you lovely people who attended and made it so special. And the books are flying out like chocolate delights from Trinity's kitchen!
Thankyou guys. I love you all. *give_rose*

Unfortunately the light wasn't so good in the venue, so the quality of filming wasn't great, but we did catch this snippet from the very beginning. It's called "Lets get ready to rumble". I always like to engage people on multiple planes during seminars. So there are different forms of meditation, there's music and video, but also plenty of humour to get the energy moving. So this clip just captures the mood as we got fired up at the beginning....

Following the seminar, there was our first Breakthrough Weekend workshop here in Avalon, attended by people from all over. It was a lovely group and a very special gathering. We explored how you might break through into your deeper divinity in the everyday circumstances of life. We explored the tremendous shifts taking place across our planet right now - to feel that and to align with the movements of energy, thus bringing rightness and harmony to your life.

It was a great success. So we're thrilled to be taking this out around the world in the coming weeks and months.

It's time for Breakthrough. Where will you be?



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What an amazing weekend with such incredible people. I loved every moment of being back in Glastonbury at the Openhand Retreat House.
The course was so powerful and relevant in these changing times. I cannot recommend it enough to everybody. I felt so many shifts over the 3 days I was there.
I am so thankful to have shared this journey with everyone present.
Blessings & love
Debbie x

Wow! Awesome group! I absolutely LOVED the video - especially the wave - being able to see each element of the wave expressing freedom. So inspiring and uplifiting!! Thank you for capturing it and sharing! Can not WAIT to have you here in Florida and to witness and feel this massive wave much like in the video but on a larger scale as it moves all over the world, inspiring breakthroughs on as deep a level as one is ready to go! With lots of love, Jen

The Breakthrough Tour has gotten off to a fabulous start. Participants have found the simplified approach is helping them get right into the moment - to find the deeper meaning in it, and to break through into their deeper divinity.

We're gearing up for the next leg of the Tour in Belgium and then Finland. Belgium is nearly full, but there are a couple of last minute places left - so if you feel it's for you, it's time to get your skates on and let us know.

The Belgium Workshop is at a wonderful private estate near Bruges. It's convenient from all over Europe. Here's what you can expect...

It's secluded, peaceful, with practically nothing but the sound of the birds to serenade...

Let's get down to it then...

The Group in action...

An hour later - "phew, this work turns you upside down and inside out!"

The Six Senses Walk - Just like the Garden of Eden

The Singing Chakra Meditation - simply divine, dissolving into the trees...

Maria getting soulful...

Just feel those vibes...

They say an 'army' marches on it's stomach. Well this fortunate team of lightwarriors certainly does!

And to keep everyone 'sweet' through the density, it just has to be a slice of Trinity's chocolate fruit pie...

For more, check out the rolling journal Blessings from Bruges

See you there!


The Breakthrough tour has gotten off to an amazing start! Open was AWESOME on Thursday night. Engaging and deeply inspirational.

It was fab to meet everyone at the weekend. I am besides myself with excitement that our next event in Belgium is right around the corner. Time is flying!!! Open and I will be leaving next week with our van packed to the rafters (admittedly half of that will be my kitchen supplies and equipment ;) ).

The new Breakthrough books have been flying out the door and the ebooks are being snapped up too (which tells me of a new surge in people enjoying to read on ebook readers & ipads & things). Such a thrill to see and hear the response from people in person. This is a most exciting time to be a part of Openhand. I can't wait to connect with some of you guys on the tour.

I'm grinning like a cat, reading this thread. Honestly, the Breakthrough weekend in Glastonbury was clear like the purest water to this thirsty soul. I love the group that we were and feel our connections enduring in the wider field through tendrils of love reaching in and out of my days. Thank you so much, Open, for strengthening and supporting my footsteps on the path and, Trinity, for strengthening and reawakening the vegan that was sleeping within me.
Deep love.

Trinity and myself have spent the weekend here in beautiful Belgium, with a lovely group engaging with the all-knew Breakthrough Workshop. We've been having a fantastic time - a new shift in the Openhand energies which is providing a much stronger bridge into the higher densities, which people are experiencing inside themselves. It's absolutely lovely to behold :-)

Here are some photos from the gathering:

Gathering in the studio...

Building the energy for a session...

A stupendous lunch from Trinity's Conscious Kitchen for all those hungry lightwarriors

Late summer sunshine, food and smiles...

An empowered group of expanded, connected souls...

But where's Trinity? Don't worry, here she is...

Is that a mossie behind my ear or an angel? Feels like an angel to me. Ahhhh...

People often ask "what happens during the work?" It's deep, it's intense, it's inquiring through guided meditation, emotive music and movement. It spans across the range of experience and expression in order to process and integrate soul, to infuse and empower. So we'll go into meditation, journey into deep past-life karma for example, then come out shining on the other side. This piece of music lit up the group at one point for example. Feel the vibe. What does it do?...

Thank you for sharing this today Open...beautiful pics of everyone in Belgium. I love the playfulness in the group photo =). I found this song really supportive today as I am going through a really tough time at the moment...having a hard time letting go - feels like I am stepping off into nothing and it scares me so much. I am working with it and am grateful for this space and inspiration. With love, Jen

Open, I am absolutely blown away at the energy of this retreat in Belgium. You've taken things to a whole new level again and I am thrilled to see this new work begin to unfold with the launch of Breakthrough!

It was fabulous to meet new people and reconnect with previous course guests - such a gorgeous mix of souls, hungry to Breakthrough and shine.

To everyone there and everyone tuning in... biggest heartful of Love to you.

I'm currently on a stopover near Gatwick airport ready to fly out to Helsinki for this weekend's Breakthrough event - thanks for putting it on Emilia *OK* ). Found a great vegan eatery, but wasn't prepared for what was served up.
OMG is that all for me?

It's alright, Trin will help me polish it off...

So here I am at Gatwick South Terminal - an ending in itself!

People everywhere going around and around in this crazy spinning wheel called "life", or more appropriately "Matrix life": mobile phones, essential accessories, junk masquerading as 'food', "duty free" for those absolutely essential 'cannot live withouts'. And as I watch everyone running around looking for something, trying to get somewhere, I just want to shout out... "it's all inside!"

Because everything is a reflection of what we're really looking for, where we're really going - within. Or more accurately, where the matrix is concerned, the outer just a dim shadow. I radiate the vibe... "can you not see? No, that essential incoming text is not necessary, it does not complete you. How would your life change if you missed it? What if you looked up from it all, turned your attention from 'out there' to 'in here', then just took a deep inhale, felt the lightness, and followed it through the cells of your being. Go on, give it a chance - what have you got to lose?"

The outer is well past its sell-by-date. There's very little to gain - only the reflection, just the constant reminder of what you really need to let go of.

It all reminds me of a clip from the new Breakthrough Book which I felt to share with you...

    I could see it all so clearly now. Like the billions across our planet I’d been lost in a dream, one that I never even realised was actually a nightmare - to be so disconnected from your True Self and not even know it; not even knowing what you were missing. My connection with the presence had opened a channel, something I realised as my birthright - a divine connection to the rest of the Universe. It felt as though every part of it was somehow my brother or sister. And when I looked intently at anything, I seemed to just know the light in it - it kind of winked at me - a sort of knowing that just resonated deep inside... “You’re home. You’re one of us. We’re all connected!”
    “So how do I live this now? Everything else seems so pointless. How do I exist from day to day?”

    Just follow the pull.

    “What, literally? All the time?”

    There is nothing else but the flow of the Universe, which pulls through your heart when you let it. Or else simply fires as a knowing... “this is the way to go now.” The whole Universe is interconnected with just one purpose and aim - to reveal yourself to yourself; to reveal you, as the divine. And there is absolutely nothing else going on.

    “But all the families, out there, the businesses and the schools, all the lifestyles - they all have objectives, goals and ambitions. What about them?”

    “So I just follow the pull and live like that?”


    “But how do I make a living? How do I work, eat and connect with others?”

    Everything that you need will come to you. Just give it a try and see.

    I can’t say I was completely with it, but so far, this guidance had made far more sense than anything I’d ever experienced playing by the rules of society. So I sat there, at my desk and felt inside. In the beginning it wasn’t at all easy. I expected to feel something, to see something or get some kind of message. But all I got was heaviness, denseness, and a busy mind that so wanted to fill the moment with thought.

    Put your attention in your heart.

    So I do. And sure enough, after a little while there’s a tingling sensation, which, as I continue to focus on it, builds as a warmth, which then seems to subtly spread through my body. Suddenly the phone rings, and the feeling immediately dissipates.

    It’s what you’ve attuned your consciousness to. So like everyone else, you miss the subtle interplay in the space between the spaces.

    I wasn’t going to be put off, so I ignore the phone, and when it eventually stops, I go back inside, feeling into the heart once more. The strange but comforting tingling and the warmth, is now spreading through my entire body again. I feel to let go. So I lean back in my chair and stretch my arms out wide. The movement means that I reach back into a beam of sunlight now entering my office window behind me, which warms my neck and seems to somehow connect with the heat inside. A thought comes to me...Why are you facing the computer when this feels so beautiful, so magical? So I turn myself around, and draw myself up to the window, the sun now able to embrace the entirety of me, lighting up my face in a golden warmth.

    Wow, this is amazing. Just a simple tingling, a very simple commitment to follow the sense, and now I’m literally basking in the sense of universal sunlight, warming my entire body.

    Well I did tell you!

    What now? A bird suddenly calls, as if to answer. I feel like a walk in nature, and even as the thought lands, a subtle pull is drawing me away from the chair. But what about the office? I’m thinking, and the emails, phone calls and appointments I have to keep? They just seemed so irrelevant at that moment. And even though my mind is struggling to let go, nevertheless I follow the pull, grab my jacket, and even though other colleagues are arriving for the day trying to engage me in conversation, nevertheless, I keep following the flow that now wants very much to carry me. “I’ll be back soon,” I speak over my shoulder as I hurriedly leave.

    Now I’m out in the fields. It’s beautiful and expansive: intense blue of the skies reaching up into the heavens, vibrant greens of the grass, the soft caress of a gentle breeze on my cheeks. There’s no question, I just have to take my shoes off. And how wonderful that feels, squidging my toes in the dirt, feeling a part of the earth. Why does everyone stick their feet in shoes? I’m wondering.

    Why indeed!

    And now a horse in the farmer’s field comes over to me. I pat it on the nose as it nuzzles into me. Immediately I notice the smell - a deep primal aroma, that speaks of such depth and power, which I can suddenly feel inside of myself. I nuzzle my nose into its mane, wanting so much to be a physical part of it - at-one with it. “How come I’ve never seen a horse this way before?” I’m asking myself.

    Because none of your senses were fully awake before. You weren’t feeling through them with an awakened consciousness.

    And now I’m off wandering through the fields. Sometimes the pull quietens, sometimes it strengthens. Why is that?

    You’re learning to attune to it. Part of the time the mind is kicking in and still owning the show, thinking it knows what you’re supposed to be doing, which makes the flow hard to feel. But when you just let go and trust in the movement itself, then you connect up again.

    Now I’m standing in front of a tree. Not just any old tree.

    Is there ever an ‘any old tree’? Is anything ordinary?

    It’s spectacular, huge, reaching up to the skies - a glorious and grand old oak tree, with vast branches spreading outwards; the lower ones graciously reaching down to just a couple of metres off the ground.

    I’m standing underneath them now, feeling the beauty of the tree in my heart. Wondering if somehow I can ‘speak’ to it. Suddenly there’s a gust of wind, which gently rocks the lower boughs, so the branches carefully brush across the top of my head. “Yes of course you can speak to me,” it is saying, “just in a different way to what you’re used to.”

    Tune out the old rules, the old way of looking at things, the old conditioned thinking. Instead feel the pull, watch the signs and synchronicity, open a space for it to reveal who you are.

    Get the Book (paperback or ebook)...Buy Here

Catch you down the flow!

Open *OK*

It was a tremendous weekend in Helsinki. Woohoo! *OK*

Openhand is going really deep now, really quickly. The new Breakthrough Approach cuts to the chase rapidly, gets people into their buried, subconscious stuff, processes it effectively, and moves them swiftly through. Powerful integrations and flows of soul then happen.

The works kicks off...

There's so much limiting identity that society has programmed people with. It keeps the soul constrained in a box. But when the layers have been peeled off, as the veils fall, then the soul unwinds and emerges, passionate and empowered. We're getting people to embody and express themselves in a way they've never done before...

It was an awesome group, a tremendous first Openhand engagement in Finland. You all responded so wonderfully, with many heartfelt, life-changing breakthroughs. We'll be back soon with that follow up level 2 you were all asking about...

And who will forget the new Openhand Breakthrough Signature Tune, "Spirit of the Glen" from the film "Last of the Mohicans". We are the real people, moving on from this breaking down old reality into a new paradigm. Let the pipes raise your passion and inspire your soul...

See you down the path

Open *OK*

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I don't know how you do it Open... you keep taking things to a whole new level. Seriously, the Openhand work was already amazing - yet - Breakthrough has unleashed something new; a new realm of unleashing the soul in the most awesome way.

Beautiful people! If you are able to join one of the upcoming events then DO! We'd love to see you. Lots of the Breakthrough courses are actually selling out - but if you are interested, please get in touch, because we'll put more events on in the spring, along with the level 2 tour.

Big Happy Dance for Breakthrough! *yahoo*

Lovely to see this! Hope there will be a Breakthrough retreat near the Netherlands again in the future :)

Ahhhw - you just missed the Belgium event Hannah, just up the road :)
We'd love to host an event in the Netherlands at some point. Nothing planned there at the moment though... to come to a new location, we'd need a venue. I'll keep opening into that and allow it to unfold. In the meantime, stay tuned for other European locations that may be of interest - we'd be delighted to welcome you on a course!

What a weekend! What a beautiful harmony there was in the group and people were so open and willing to dive in deep. It was my honor and pleasure to facilitate a group like this. When the workshop was over, everyone just sat on their seats planning to go nowhere. The feedback I'm getting is amazing, people are really looking for the level two and say they are not the same person who they were before the workshop.
Thank you all who participated to the talk and the workshop and made the weekend such a strong experience and thank you Open and Openhand for taking the time and effort to come to us, you are simply the best. I'm truly grateful.

xxx, Emilia

Yes Open, come to the Netherlands please :)! I am sure it shouldn't be too difficult to arrange a new location. I would be happy to help identifying an appropriate venue, depending on what the requirements are!

We're already gearing up for the next leg of the tour!

However, in the meantime I recorded a video of Open in conversation as he walked along the beach path in Brighton (in the lay over between Belgium and Helsinki, Finland).

Check out our video here...

Don't forget to leave a comment under the video. Let us know what it inspires in you, what it brings up for you, or ask any questions ;) We love hearing from what you have to say.


The Breakthrough World Tour rolls on. Trinity and myself have just touched down in the Sunshine State of Florida for the next thrilling installment this coming weekend with a Friday Night Seminar at the atmospheric Yoga Village, followed by a 2day Weekend Workshop in the aptly named "Trinity". Then next week, we'll be flying out to Sleepless Seattle, for a Weekend Retreat, at the Stupendous Harper's Hill, on a secluded island. We're really enjoying the tour, meeting lots of lovely souls, and enjoying some deeply rewarding breakthroughs. Greetings to all!

PS - we've still got a couple of places left on each. Join us for an unmissable experience.

Looking forward to this inner journey and meeting all the friends I have made at Openhand. I have been feeling a strong sense of denseness and heaviness in the last 6 weeks or so, I am feeling un-motivated, disconnected but it seems to be different than what I have experienced before. It seems like I am in a haze of sorts, I have tried as much as possible to be the observer throughout without judgment of the moment but if feels like I am spinning my wheels. This new Experience comes after many many months of riding a wave of gratefulness for life and the most basic of moments, now I question was this a bubble I created? I even explored this thought as I was going through this gratefulness phase, it felt real and authentic, I think? now I am reading Breakthrough, 3/4 through and it is interesting and good to be able to see/read literally how we can apply so many of the techniques and ways of being in our day to day lives and experiences. My landscape has certainly changed , I thought I was going to be at the Seattle retreat riding the high I was on for so long, Now feeling through and going through this phase is very different...weird...anyhow I may just need this push and guidance to 'Breakthrough'.


I feels like I am stuck at just being and rolling with life and trying to hard to read every synchronistic sign out there, sort of like being the observer has made me too aware and present to each moment and now I question too much, back and forth with observing and questioning and then feeling like i need to let go but when i think i let go i feel like i disconnect? like i am missing something?


Hi Steve,

Indeed we need to beware mantras, whether intentional or those that become a patterned way of being. Because these can so easily become an identity - a spiritual one for example. And such identities remove one from the truth of the moment, from truly penetrating into exactly what has happened.

I witness many people going through the most traumatic of karma at times. Should we be grateful for these experiences? The spiritual correctness says yes, and indeed there is always something to learn from them. But the risk of adopting this an an intellectual approach, prior to some experience kicking off, as a kind of standard way of being, means you don't truly allow yourself into the pain of what the karma meant at the time. Which means that internally there is always a distancing from it - you create a polarity inside - between you (your true self) and that aspect of you which is stuck in the original trauma. Thus you cannot truly be The One through it.

That's why in the Breakthrough Approach we speak of the importance of honouring the pain by becoming as-one with it. That means totally in it and expressing it as it is presenting. When you do this, there comes a point where you seamlessly penetrate the issue, whereupon, that fragment of soul that was stuck there is reclaimed. This is true break through.

We'll practice it a good deal on the Breakthrough Course.

See you there

Open *OK*

The Breakthrough tour has such a wide variety of locations, it's wonderful to embrace the gifts that each one offers. We're enjoying the warm breeze in the air and sun here in Florida I must admit. Excited about the events about to happen here. It began for us, as usual, the moment we landed though - feeling into and working with the energies that present.

Preparation is happening! When Open guides a group (as he will this weekend for the workshop and tomorrow for the seminar) it goes incredibly deep, so it's important that he's present and connected to the flow. Meditation is an important part of that...

It was a totally amazing event last night here in Florida! One of the things that really amazes me is how every seminar is unique. The presentation, the energy, the words the flow all arise in the moment, from the source, making each event divinely given depending on how the universal life force is flowing. Open attunes to that flow, making it the perfect seminar for the group and the location. Last night was incredible, from start to finish.

The energy was gentle yet strong as he connected with the group...

Some very powerful meditations...

Lots of the animated expression and passion that we love about Open too..

Movement through SoulMotion really helps that energy and insight to integrate...

And while we are at it, there's nothing like a bit of releasing and letting go. Here we are just allowing the music to move us. Spot Jen nearest the camera... who was a totally 'unleashing the soul' superstar!

After tonnes of amazing and supportive work to help bring us to the USA, here's Openhander Kim, rockin' to the vibe!

Rock on, superstars! Way to get down, Kim and Jen! :)

Just can't resist my penchant for quotes so here goes:

Well we all shine on
Like the moon and the stars and the sun...
~John Lennon

x Cathy

Catherine I love your song verse quoting...I usually get them stuck in my head.
That event looks amazing...I strongly sense the gentle strong energy.. ...divine!!
Rock on!!!

Feeling you guys with us here in spirit Catherine & Joann!
In fact, it makes me so happy that I could cry, feeling our cosmic connection.

More soon!
Biggest Love to ya.

Wow I can't believe how the time is zipping past! Just enough time for a quick couple of Florida pictures before we fly out to Seattle....

I feel really blessed to have been able to offer lunch to our Florida group during the course. Nothing beats creating food just for the love of it.
A little bit more of a juggle in a new kitchen, in a country where so many things are different, but ever-so rewarding to bring everything together and share that love with such beautiful and appreciative people...

I whipped up an afternoon snack for everyone working so hard yesterday...

So beautiful to connect with really special friends of Openhand here in Florida. Kim & Jen have been involved with us for quite some time and have traveled to work with us in England and Canada at times! I am totally bowled over at the invaluable support from Kim has given us, waving the Openhand flag here in the USA. Totally love these guys.

Trinity and myself have now landed in Seattle - for another thrilling rendition of Breakthrough this weekend. We've got people flying in from all across the States, so it promises to be a good one. And, there's still a couple of places available on it. For full info, contact kimagren@yahoo.com

An important aspect of the approach, is developing courage and commitment for positive change. Here's an article on that which I wrote in transit today...
Hunger for Change...Finding the Courage

See you there!

Open *OK*