Ginger Power Detox Juice

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I’ve noticed that whenever I drink fresh, organic vegetable juice my energy levels go through the ceiling. I feel energised and vibrant; so much so, that I’ve incorporated vegetable juicing into my weekly rhythm as a general health and wellness tonic. Juicing fresh vegetables, herbs and spices like ginger, can be an excellent way to reset your system and cleanse. It’s perfect to help yourself recover from illness and disease. Juicing gives the body the opportunity to rest and rejuvenate, whilst recharging the system with potent vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients...

Ginger in your juice acts as a powerful detoxification aid

Add in a warming spice like ginger, and it not only inspires a healthy way of living, but it actively encourages the detoxification of things that ought not be in your body. Ginger is a powerful antioxidant. But what is an antioxidant? An antioxidant is a molecule that is able to inhibit the oxidation of other molecules. Oxidation often produces free radicals. Free radicals instigate a chain reaction that can damage cells. Antioxidants intervene by eliminating these free radicals and preventing damage. Ginger is loaded with antioxidants to help you stay healthy. It also has properties that encourage gentle sweating, to help you eliminate toxins. It’s also known to support good circulation and act as an anti-inflammatory. Check out my article on the health benefits of ginger for more information here: Health Benefits of Ginger There are many different vegetable juices that you can make. Always choose organic. If you can’t get organic then peel off the skins (which is where most of the chemicals will be – bit of a pity though, because that’s where most of the nutrients often are). This recipe is a highly nutritious blend of different vegetables. Let’s look at what’s inside…

Ginger Power Detox Juice_recipe

Beetroot: has a catalogue of health benefits. It is high in glutathione, polyphenols and betalains, all of which have excellent antioxidant properties. Antioxidants play a key role in prevention of most chronic diseases, due to their ability to counteract the effects of free radical damage on human tissue. Beetroot is also known to be an excellent liver detoxification aid and to have anti-cancer properties. Read more about the health benefits here: Beetroot Health Benefits Celery: is full of antioxidant compounds like flavonols, flavones, phenolic acids and furanocoumarins, which have been shown to decrease the risk of oxidative damage to fats and lessen oxidative damage to blood vessel walls – preventing free radical damage. Its natural diuretic and anti-inflammatory benefits make it a bit of an all-round disease prevention superstar. Read more about celery’s detoxification benefits here: Superfood Health Benefits of Celery Carrots: are especially high in antioxidants and vitamin A (vitamin A is great for healthy vision, skin and immune support). Apples: not only give the juice a wonderful gentle balance of sweetness, they are loaded with antioxidants too. They are supportive of health and wellness on multiple-levels. Be careful if your apples come from the USA though – even organic store bought apples from the USA are known to have an additional preservative-type waxy coating on them.

Ingredients & Instructions

Ingredients: - 1 small beetroot - 8 celery stalks - 3 carrots - 1 heaped teaspoon fresh ginger - 1 large apple Instructions: - Clean soil off any veggies and put through your juicer. - Enjoy fresh, immediately after juicing for the most potent health benefits.

Step by step Video guide

Here’s a step by step video guide on how to make a similar super-healthy juice here. It includes tips and hints as I talk you through the process…

From my heart to yours Trinity

22 years ago Trinity had a profound spiritual awakening that interconnected her with the deeper consciousness of life. What followed was a journey of compassion for all sentient beings, and a passion to share conscious eating for the benefit of all. Trinity recently published two recipe books: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen & Angelicious - Food for a New Paradigm. Find Trinity here at: Trinity's Conscious Kitchen Website

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Thanks for putting these together Trin.

I've been getting into juicing myself again of late. It feels so invigorating when we've released toxin. My cells were literally vibrating!

I'd encourage all to try it out.

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Hi Trinity,
Thank you for this interesting post. I have a question ... What is the difference (from the body's perspective) if I just blend the ingredients instead of juicing. A juice would probably be more concentrated in nutrients, but there is also not much fibre in a juice... I do not have a juicer and just wonder what am I missing? ;-)


In reply to by Margaret

Hi M,

I am guessing when say body, you mean the physical body? In which case the differences are

    1. The rate at which the nutrients are absorbed and therefore assimilated by the physical body is quicker
    2. There is a greater concentration of nutrients if you compare same volume of juice to smoothie

      Our bodily vehicles are all connected, so this can in turn have a great effect on the mental, emotional and spiritual bodies too. Cleansing and detox is more rapid with fresh juice, which in turn can make us more spiritually in tune with the cosmos, as we become less 'foggy'.

      That said, smoothies are also awesome. Naturally chock full of goodness and also vibrational raising. I would certainly just go with whatever is available. At home I have both.

      I would say that people who notice the biggest difference with juicing are those who've already been eating a clean diet for a while. The cells become so receptive to the high vibrational, organic stuff that it's like plugging into the cosmos. Perhaps I should write more on the subject. I am glad you've shown an interest in the article.

      I've been away from home for a couple of weeks and am really missing my juices!

Dear Trinity,

Thank you so much for this great answer! The difference is clear to me now. "Tuning in with the cosmos" - I love it!

Wishing you well and enjoy the sun (I feel it is sunny where you are now)


You are very welcome M.
And yes indeed the weather here is perfect! Light, clear and radiant.

I am on the road at the moment and could really use one of these high vibrational juices! Traveling on planes, buses and busy crowded places all day and night long really takes it's toll on the system and lowers our vibration, big time. I've found that one of the most helpful things I can give myself on the road is fresh cold pressed juice. It's the quickest way of infusing my cells with a supportive dose of zing! Livens me up when otherwise I'd feel so sluggish.

I'm in transit at the moment in the USA and catching an onward flight and the first thing I'll be doing is seeing if I can track down a juice bar to replenish my system!