Creating Higher Consciousness Change in Your Life for 2017

Submitted by Open on Tue, 01/03/2017 - 07:57

Calling all Openhanders, wherever you are, what ever you're doing, this is for you! We've been talking about the Great Shift on this website for 'donkeys'. Well now the 'cow's are coming home', and the 'ship needs to set sail' (do please pardon my mixed metaphors!). The Shift is greatly gearing up. There was a marked gear change around the presidential election where humanity's shadow side came to the fore - a good thing for sure. But also to counterbalance that, there have been huge inflows of torsional higher dimensional flows coming in to stir up the bed of the stream, unwind the density, so as to connect the dots of light into the higher flow.

What does all that "spiritual gobbledegook" mean in a practical sense,
to you in your daily life?

Well the foundation ties of the old reality have been torn up. The breakdown of the old consciousness will now accelerate. If you're sensitive and connected, you'll likely feel the shifts as a sense of instability. You might feel a good degree of anxiety. That's entirely okay. Work with the effects of that (which we'll look at in this month long journal). What I'm already hearing from several people out there, is that you have an outer world which is still resistant to change - families, jobs and colleagues, general life circumstances - but that you feel change going on internally and there's a mismatch. This is causing tightness, insecurity, anxiety and even anger. It's like the outer and the inner don't compute.

Don't worry! We can work through this - we will work through this. Tremendous opportunities now exist for those who fully dive in and embrace the shifting energies - because it is this flow that is gathering in strength. And so as you harness that higher consciousness, you'll positively create many more opportunities. Because even as the old reality breaks down, masses of people will want to connect and gain support in the Great Shift - so more physical resources will flow that way. Your authentic beingness will start to be honoured in a way it has never previously been done. That will be enthralling and exciting! So through the whole month of January, we'll be hosting this "Consciously Creating Change in 2017" journal for you to engage with.

  • What's coming up for you right now? What do you want to know? What would you like help with? How would you like to change your life positively for the better? What inspires you at the depths of your soul?

Come join me, Pull up a pew, It will be my pleasure and my joy to host you.

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In reference to the matrix and all its madness, oppression, and inequity, which tRump personifies, Open said, "Do not, simply do not, waste any more loyalty on it! Time to head upstream against the madness heading towards the falls while you still can." A big yes to that.

Trinity shared a story on Facebook recently about Viktor Frankl who gave his last piece of bread to a man who he knew was dying in one of Hitler's concentration camps. What better way to say goodbye to the matrix and head upstream to a higher paradigm than to always come from the heart. Come what may.

x Cathy

Thanks for the lovely feedback Ann - so glad it helped you.
Best wishes

Open :-)

Dear Open and everyone else who contributed to the journal,

I would like to express my gratitude to you all for the great joy with which have I followed this journal in the past month. So many things resonated during the course of the journal, but I never got to respond until now. Open already announced at the beginning that it was going to be a mammoth journal and I noticed that as the mammoth was growing bigger, it felt more daunting for me to post a response that would do justice to everything that was already shared. So I kept quiet, but was conscientiously following until the completion of the journal yesterday.

Feeling so privileged and fortunate to be part of this amazingly inspiring Openhand family!