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We are not American, European, Australian, Canadian, African, Syrian or any other minimalising label states care to stick on us. We are people of the Universe - children of "God". And we each have a right to connect with "God" however we feel to. When humanity came to this planet, there were no borders - like any other creature, we were free to go where we chose. Yes I understand that in a more "sophisticated" world (really?) particular locations might need to define 'countries' and apply 'state' so as to keep 'order' in a now very overpopulated world. But where an 'authority', by some peculiar means, gains the power to ban the free movement of people, simply because of the country they were born in, then you know something is very seriously wrong. And something needs to be done about it...

Standing up against the playground bully

I’m not sure that during campaigning people really took "Mr T" seriously when he spoke of building walls across Mexico, creating a Muslim registry or stopping particular people from particular countries from entering the US simply because of their nationality. In a society that’s become so extreme in its outlandishness, where some people will say or do anything to gain some degree of popularity or fame, where fake news is notoriously photoshopped, repackaged, then masqueraded as truth, it’s hard to know exactly what to take seriously anymore. But when people ARE restricted from free movement simply because of the country they come from, then I suggest we are duty bound to sit up and take notice.

    "Mr T" was elected on the very anniversary of "Kristallnacht" - an interesting synchronicity, because it was the very night a particular "Mr H" (I prefer not to personalise such gross distortion) began a very violent campaign against Jews in Nazi Germany. For some considerable time, the world stood by and watched, that is until this particular brand of facism risked swallowing up the whole world. And so people rose up and took a stand. Although only in the early days of this particular 'administration', it’s already time, I believe, to start standing up. We’ve seen before the perilous direction things can head in, where the bully is allowed free reign over the 'playground'.

So for evolving people, for conscious people, for deep-field energy workers,
what might "taking a stand" really mean?

How best to take a stand?

No doubt some people will take to the streets - I know they already are. Some will protest vociferously. Some will likely get violently angry and aggressive. Such are the passions that are ignited when personal freedoms are artificially constrained in this unjust way.

    But if you’re reading this, it’s because you are an energy worker. Even if you don’t fully realise yet how to work the field, you certainly can, or else you simply wouldn’t be here. So now is the time to take a stand - now is the time to stand up within the field - by expanding your consciousness into it and allowing the sense of rightness and justice to radiate like waves through you and into the wider world. I put it to you, that’s by far the greatest impact we can have - far greater than any physical action in itself. A shift in consciousness will literally change everything, because everything is of consciousness.

Do you feel angry by what’s happening? Mind your anger, because in the field, anger is inherently weak. It causes you to contract down too much, and so you become very third dimensional. You’ve got to expand out into at least the 4D to have a meaningful impact. This in itself requires a degree of softness, but definitely not weakness. It requires passion and willful commitment, but not the contraction of judgement or negative projection - for these will only deplete you. No, we have to find a better way, a more effective way.

Positively influencing the field, for the maximum uplifting impact

If like me, you really feel the calling to influence the field in a very positive aligning way, especially in this horrendous injustice unfolding before our very eyes, then I might suggest the following approach:

    Take yourself off into meditation.
    Use breath to bring you to your centre
    Contemplate the injustices we’re now beginning to witness
    Explore any judgmental tightness or projection and work to unwind it
    Use movement and emotive music to invoke the passion of the spiritual warrior
    Let loose your energies into the world, trusting the effect will be aligned and right.

If you’ve not already see our video, this captures the essence particularly well...
Breakthrough Subconscious Tightness

Energy Workers Unite

It’s time for us all to come together through the field.
It’s time to recognise the great shift that is beckoning us all, and to commit to that.
How can you open up, how can you expand your consciousness?
The advice and practices are here. It just requires the commitment and passion.
Trust in the alignment and rightness of your soul,
Unleash it and let it soar out into the world.

It’s time

Energy Workers Unite from Openhand on Vimeo

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Thanks for your article Open & for your suggestions about doing energy work through the field. I'm very much with you on that.

I feel to add, that although Mr. T's immigration ban seems dramatic, unjust & has sparked much protest, it's probably a smoke screen or distraction from much more serious & sinister changes that are being railroaded through by his "executive orders" & other actions, designed to consolidate & increase his power, & that of his inner circle. These are the things that we, as energy workers, really need to be focussing on.

Let's join together in the spiritual realms to help bring greater alignment.



I'm with you on your take of what's going on behind the scenes, Alex. Feels and looks to be a 21st century coup with an agenda similar to previous fascistic regimes, Mr. H.'s included.The Independent in the U.K. just featured an opinion piece from documentary film-maker, Michael Moore, who states just that.

Open, I strongly resonate with your article. Such an important reminder and clarion call to be conscious always of the difference between reacting out of distorted feelings of anger, rage, blame, projection, and judgment -- and responding from the powerful, aligned upsurge of determined warrior will that arises from deep within the heart and soul. Whatever the consequences. And in that process, not denying the emotions that arise from the human 3D experience when we witness racism, injustice, oppression and suffering. Rather allowing the feelings to flow through us without attaching to them, finding the doorway into the Light beyond, transcending to the One Absolute Unidentified Presence.

I know what it feels like not to honour my conscience and act on what feels right out of fear of the consequences, wounding my soul, leaving gaping holes in my heart. I also know what it feels like to honour the upsurge of warrior will, trusting and acting on what feels right and aligned with the flow of divine benevolence, come what may. Defeat, death, whatever. In those moments of crystal clear clarity illumined with glorious Light, it feels like I have the backing of legions of angels, Archangel Michael at the helm.

I don't have the answers for anyone but me. There are lots of opinions out there about what one 'should' and 'should not' do in these challenging times when industrial civilization is fast unwinding. All I can do is pay attention to the difference between reacting and responding, trusting and going with what feels right and aligned for me. It's a challenge not to judge those who choose to remain silent about social injustice out of fear for their safety and security. I've done the same in this lifetime and in past lifetimes, so I'm no saint by any means. To quote Nelson Mandela: "I am not a saint, unless you think of a saint as a sinner who keeps on trying." Non-judgmental discernment is key, but as you've said before, let's not lose the discerning part of non-judgment and fall into an 'anything goes' mode of being. A rose is still a rose and a thorn is still a thorn.

What floated through my mind and heart today was this inspiring quote from Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities.

"It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known."

x Cathy

It's an absolutely lovely sharing Cathy - thankyou - touched my heart.

Indeed, it's absolutely essential to find the response that is right for each of us - for each of us it will be unique.

Wishing you well

Open *OK*

The controversy became the reality and the ground shook. People opened their eyes and saw what is. But the atrocities have been there all along, haven’t they? It doesn’t really matter if it’s Mr. T., Mr. O. or Mrs. C. The leaders are the symptom, not the reason for how things are. What is the point of resisting the symptom? Was there even a choice to begin with? Tyranny versus oligarchy is not really a choice.

In this general shake up there lies an opportunity. Would you give it a chance? Hold on for a brief moment and hear the invitation before reactively launching the protests against an external injustice. There is a quiet voice beyond the pathways of denial and projection. Might you be willing to take the risk of a heart trepidation and show up wholly for what wants to emerge inside? How am I being unjust? How am I judging? What am I projecting at others? What am I really resisting? Find the courage and open up to the beauty of your emotional landscape. It carries your unique story, watch what wants to bubble up and be held in the attention. Find someone, a tree, the stars, the sound of the ocean and let them bear witness as you emerge in your wholeness. Express and let go. Then, as Open says, the right action will come to view. Not out of a reaction or a peer pressure, or the need to belong, but out of the urge to express as a soul. May it be a protest or helping out someone in need at the grocery store, it doesn’t matter because the only thing that matters is the authenticity of the action.

There is a longing for reorganization in the field. I personally do not feel like joining any of the organized protests or petitions. I sense synthetic and manic qualities entering the field and attempting to derail the honest longing. My energy wants to go deep within and express stillness, becoming a bridge rather than an advocate for the illusionary chess board.

My path at this moment is to stand up against the bullies, the injustice, the atrocities by being aware, channelling the right action when it feels right. I don't need to be a hero or a saviour anymore. I stand strong in who I am, in my core, my love for all of you. If you want to move me, you'd have to move the Universe.


https://soundcloud.com/fluidified/ethereal-dreams 00:04:57

I can see it all tonight underneath a perfect sky
Where the universe revolves around the pupil of an eye
And infinities stretch out from infinities within
And I'm a part of everything, I'm a part of everything
Am I falling asleep? Is it all just a dream?
Well, the cars are like water and the road is like a stream
Rolling down through the city, flowing out into the sea
Going nowhere like me, going nowhere like me
When the morning starts to glow out in the corners of the sky
All the people come and go, and the time just passes by
Then I'm only gonna see it from the corner of my eye
When the planet spins, it sings like the wings of a dragonfly
I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight
I can see it all tonight

Hi M, I deeply honour your authentic sharing and approach to this (almost) incredible injustice happening before our eyes with the "Mr T" travel ban. I say "almost" incredible injustice, because as you rightly point out, it's been going on in the field, right under people's noses, for eons now; it's just always worn a different coat, one that pretended it was being fair, whilst under the surface, doing exactly the opposite - essentially intentionally enslaving people.

So as we've said earlier here on Openhandweb, lets' NOT gnash our teeth at the shadow, for the shadow just got a whole lot more visible. The wolf is the wolf, no longer hidden in sheep's clothing. Whereas plenty have previously willingly acquiesced to the deceptive wool being pulled over their eyes, now, it becomes practically impossible to deny the beast. And so everyone has a glorious opportunity - to step out and show their true colours.

So let's open our energetic eyes and see what's already begun. We energy workers work through the field, because that's where we'll have the greatest effect - why do anything else? - special forces do what special forces do. They 'soften the landscape' of this physical world, lighting the pathways of definitive action. Just look at what's now taking place as a result of this unjust administrative 'order' - this from the UK's Guardian...

    "Four US states are suing the Trump administration over the president’s executive order banning refugees and travelers from a list of predominantly Muslim countries from entering America.

    New York, Massachusetts and Virginia on Tuesday joined Washington state on a growing list of states challenging the travel ban that caused chaos at airports in those states and beyond at the weekend as people with valid immigration documents were detained or deported after arriving on flights from overseas.

    On Tuesday New York joined a federal lawsuit against Trump’s executive order brought by the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation, the Urban Justice Center and others".

Rise people rise.
Let whatever pain you feel, for whatever reason, break your heart open.
Then let the resonance, the harmony, the vibration well up within you,
until it pours out as a surging flow of love through the field,
love that changes, realigns and liberates, like a flooding river, bursting its banks...


You're welcome Eddie - and all reading.

Listen to me:

    When just one person, with expanded consciousness, steps out of the system of "what they should do" or "must do" or "can't possibly do", when you have the courage to step forwards even though all around you are telling you you're crazy and it can't be done; even when there's a zillion reasons not to, or where there appears to be no resources to support you; when it feels like you're leaping off a cliff and you somehow need to learn very quickly how to do the seemingly impossible - to learn how to fly - yet you're sure you're coming from the soul, from that quiet but insistent voice within; then you become a crack...in a bloody big castle of glass.


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Your post couldn't come at a more perfect time! The farm is 90%+ of my business since I was guided to let go of most of my other customers last August. Farmer Jon is an awakening soul like me and very conscious of the animals and their well being. With the current state of relations with Mexico and the trashing of the TPP and other trade deals the futures market is looking quite uncertain for farmers all across the US. The greatest exports of US corn go to Mexico. Milk and dairy products are exported in large amounts to China and the pacific rim. However, I have been feeling more committed to staying part of this operation than ever. How long that will feel right I do not know but it feels right right now!!! Namaste, Eddie

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I got called away from the computer before I finished my thoughts yesterday. Right before I read your post I saw a sign in the background of a picture on facebook that said "OPEN" "A Change is Needed" The words jumped off the screen at me!!! Eddie

Your last post carries a very powerful and invigorating message... and that crack carries deeper and meets other cracks, together we will eventually shatter that bloody house of glass! Each of us expressing in our own unique way within our unique timing. Yeah!

This is just my perception, of course... it seems like there is a massive momentum gathering up, a raising wave, but there is also a counter wave of derailment attempting to take that energy and channel it out of alignment. I'm feeling it within and in the ether. There are calls for action coming from all possible directions... a huge amount of discernment and working through the emotions are needed, as mentioned here on this forum. But when you know what to do and take that leap, you'll possibly discover that there's never been a cliff and you've always known how to fly!

For me, this new leap took a form of deepening of the commitment to being intensely aware in every possible moment and steadily holding the frequency of my soul. This seems to cause havoc within the ego, my own cracking house of glass. It is the hardest thing I've ever done and I trip and fall each day, but the new awareness is rising within and I am beginning to remember why I came here...
I now have no choice, but to let go of some strong habits and value systems, the convenience of being unconscious also has to go, and gosh, does it ever feel uncomfortable sometimes, so frigging uncomfortable. There are some beautiful illusions that I grew attached to and pealing them off causes resistance and tears. But it is so worth it!
It also means letting go of some people in my life, because there is no compatibility anymore, because we are just idling within attachments that don't make any sense.
And finally, the new commitment means being fearless and coming from the energy, even if the mind or the emotion step in and protest. This is real magic, to look beyond the charm, the words, unique abilities, even the intellectual brilliance and feeling the energy behind it all. Fa-sci-na-ting!

I am very curious to hear what are others experiencing right now, in terms of what leap are they invited to take...

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion" A Camus


Lovely - thanks for sharing - yes change is needed!

Open *OK*

I read recently about how Mr. T.'s father beat him whenever he cried as a child, taunting him about showing weakness. Apparently, he was verbally and physically abused throughout his childhood. My compassionate heart goes out to the wounded child and distorted adult in him, 'seeing' his true essence. "The Light in me sees the Light in you." I experienced bullying from my own father and sometimes felt the threat of physical abuse, although it occurred a few times, only. It was more emotional abuse, shutting my voice and feelings down, with a demand for absolute obedience, which I fearfully acquiesced to. So I feel a special passion and commitment to advocating for the oppressed and marginalized. Which is why I worked in rehabilitation counselling throughout most of my career.

Recently, I've been feeling into the outer mirror of the bully that Mr. T. reflects to us as part of the collective. Bullying is expressed in many ways from the out-and-out aggressive and abusive behaviour, both physical and emotional, to the more nuanced and subtle manipulative behaviour.

It's been both a heartrending and empowering exploration to feel into how I've been bullied in my own life, how I subtly bully others and myself, and how I've stepped up and spoken out for those who have been bullied, realizing that aggressors occur only when there are willing victims. I've uncovered much pain in the process, an invitation to transcend beyond. It's a subtle form of bullying whenever I become overly assertive and lose respect and acceptance for the soul sovereignty of others and really 'want' them (push, push!) to see it my way or 'do' what I want. Family members and close friends challenge me the most in that regard. Trying to impose my viewpoint on my partner, for example (especially when I'm really attached to being right!). Or subtly attempting/manipulating to get my adult son or daughter to agree with me or 'do' what I want (I'm your mama, after all, all those labour pains 'n all!). It can be about anything, spirituality included. As in, "Come my way. See the Light."

Then there's the big, wide world out there, chock full of fear and frenzy right now with lots of genuine passion, no doubt -- but subtle bullying too, at times -- some pitching and trying to impose their preferred solutions: carry a placard, join our meditation circle, move to a sustainable community, buy a Tesla, whatever! I lean more to social activism and advocacy for the vulnerable. So I've been feeling into ways I judge those who don't lean that way. My non-acceptance and judgment are really subtle forms of bullying, distortions that I'm feeling into now to transcend beyond, to help re-align my own consciousness and the collective consciousness.

How 'bout how I allow my intellect to quell my heart wisdom and intuition, drowning in a mind maze? That's another way of bullying my heart and soul. Many years ago, when I was much younger, a spiritual teacher encouraged me to say firmly to my intellect, "Shut up, you little shit."

There are two incidents that have come to mind in my exploration of bullying. I attended a school in my early formal education that comprised mostly white, middle-class kids, but also kids bused from the Kanesatake native reservation in Montreal, who were subjected to incidents of racism. I recalled a time when a native classmate hid behind me from a group of kids taunting her. There I was, the only physically disabled kid in the whole school, limited mobility, me and my crutches. One could say I was vulnerable. But the upsurge of warrior will surged from deep within. And the 'field' out there got it. I stood mostly silent but strong. And the kids magically dispersed. The soul power we emit is always felt in the surrounding energy field. "The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire." ~Ferdinand Foch

In my exploration, I also recalled feeling victimized by a manager in a workplace situation where none of my colleagues stood up for me. I had stood up to him so was being duly punished. I remained silent about the abuse since I was the only breadwinner in my family at the time and was afraid to lose my job. I quelled the warrior uprising in me out of fear. Then one co-worker, outside my group of counselling colleagues, courageously stepped forward to speak up for me on my behalf, losing a cherished office in the process. I have no words to describe the empowering, profound, and healing effect that had on me. The "Starfish" story comes to mind. All those dying starfish on the beach. As a child throws one starfish into the ocean, an observer looking on says, "What's the point? You can't save them all." "Yeah, well, tell that to this starfish."

So Mr. T. is serving as a powerful, healing mirror for me.

x Cathy

I just love the "Big T" interplay going on right now with this travel ban (except for the fact that people are unnecessarily suffering). It's showing just so many mirrors to all concerned - should they care to look.

The hour of truth cometh, and Judge Robart stepped up to the plate, suspending Mr T's travel ban. Wow, what a dude! No prizes for guessing Mr T wouldn't like that, immediately vowing to overturn it in the courts - but the breaking news is, The US federal appeals court has rejected Mr T's request to immediately reinstate the travel ban.

This is amazing stuff. Take note everyone because it's a major blow to the excesses of abuse of power. It shows people are really standing up against bullying behaviour.

Rise spirit of the people, rise.

Open *ok*

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No words to describe how my warrior heart sings about these recent court rulings overturning Mr. T's racist travel ban.

I'm with you, Open. Mr. T.'s days are numbered, one way or t'other!

Do you hear the people sing
Lost in the valley of the night?
It is the music of a people
Who are climbing to the light
For the wretched of the earth
There is a flame that never dies
Even the darkest night will end
And the sun will rise.
~Victor Hugo, Les Miserables

Solidarity forever for the union makes us strong!

x Cathy

Love your sharing Cathy. When you shine you are brighter then the sun. Shine on warrior shine on.

Much Love and Gratitude


Here in the UK the dissent against Mr T's type of politics is growing. For an upcoming state visit, arranged by the UK's Prime Minister, the "Speaker of the House" said he'd refuse to allow Mr T to speak in Parliament, voicing opposition to racism and sexism - it's a huge snub.

MPs from across the political divide have voiced their support for Speaker John Bercow after he spoke out against Mr T addressing Parliament.

This from the UK's Independent

Here in the US it has become increasingly clear to me that most people (myself included) have been brainwashed into believing that we are better than the rest of the world. Sadly enough the reality is that most Americans still hold on to that false belief. I am glad the rest of the world is saying "ENOUGH" to the Draconian Dictator and the false limiting beliefs of our "superiority"!!! I sometimes ask myself "why the Hell did I incarnate into this messed up place on the globe?" Finding balance here is not easy!!