Activation of the spirit light body (Mer-Ka-Ba)

Submitted by OpenhandTeam on Thu, 03/02/2006 - 21:31

Mer-Ka-Ba means 'spirit light body'. It is one of the seven bodies through which our consciousness can express itself. Through this vehicle, our capacity can become limitless since the Mer-ka-ba can act through all dimensions and parallel universes as guided by our consciousness. In other words, we escape the illusionary boundaries of time and space...

The Mer-Ka-Ba is formed from the devic elementals that comprise the universe and shaped as “sacred geometry” as found in the creative patterns throughout existence. In the first three dimensions, technically the Mer-Ka-Ba is an electromagnetic field existing primarily within the microwave range. An approximate representation is given in the diagram. The Mer-Ka-Ba is activated only when the person is sufficiently evolved to understand and take responsibility for it’s great power and complexity. Since the energy flowing through the Mer-Ka-Ba can be practically limitless, great care needs to be employed as to how, why and when it is activated. Since it can project consciousness across the universe, it could be used for manipulation by those who are not fully surrendered to the divine plan. That’s why divine surrender is the key to it’s activation which can be done in a number of ways:

  • Living with the love and joy of creation
  • continual exploration and surrender to one’s own truth
  • deep acceptance of the perfection of the universe
  • the processing out of the egoic need to shape, change and manipulate

The activation of the Mer-Ka-Ba can be catalysed, in other words speeded up, by specifically designed meditations such as Openhand Meditation. In outline, the breathing is carefully regulated to first expand consciousness so that we become aware of the Mer-Ka-Ba. Once it is in our awareness, we become attuned to it by focussing our awareness on it. After a period of time, consciousness shifts its centre from the physical vehicle to the light vehicle. At this point we are able to energise the Mer-Ka-Ba, channelling Ki into it by means of a techniques that we at Openhand call “Dolphin” and “Whale” breathing. Once the spirit light body is 'powered-up' in this way, another specific type of breathing is employed to facilitate the projection of consciousness, which can be moved at will (as one with the divine plan) once we have processed out our attachments to this physical plane - namely the needs, desires and wants of the ego. The various types of breathing to activate the Mer-Ka-Ba are taught on the Openhand courses. To find out more, contact here


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