The Angel on my shoulder

About five years ago I was having a conversation with an architect I just met. We talked about his work, the places he visited around the world, his family. At one point he stopped in the middle of a sentence, looked straight at me and said :"Do you know you have an angel on your shoulder?". I started laughing while he was looking intensely at my left shoulder. I was never into spirituality, so I pretended it was a joke and continued the conversation we were having before, without any mention of what he just said to me. He left and I never saw him since. But that question haunted me continuously.
Today, as I write my story, his words are the essence of my soul, of who I am and always have been.
I am lucky, protected, blessed and most of all I am grateful. My angel was always with me, even when I was not worth it. I never saw him, never physically felt his presence, but looking back on my life, the reality of him is obvious.
I always felt I'm special, not just different, but special. I never had nightmares, never been afraid in my dreams, always feeling protected, without understanding why. All my lessons were taught to me in a gentle way, everything I really wanted was offered to me. My sixth sense, my intuition offered me miracles and amazed me along the way.
And sadly I didn't understand nothing.I was depressed, angry all the time, always believing life is unfair to me. I hated everything about my self, wishing not to exist anymore.
Seven months ago I decided to change everything. To transform myself from black to white. And that's when my joyride began. I started to concentrate on my breathing, to meditate, and the effects were amazing and fast. In one month I met what I like to call my twin flame, experience which actually awakened me completely. Two weeks after my kundalini came to life, offering me extraordinary sensations and experiences every day. I enjoy every moment of it and I thank the universe for its gift to me.
I cannot explain why it was offered to me so easily when there are others who spend years of training to achieve this. I am not saying this in arrogance, but in awe.
My dreams are fairytales, journeys, symbols.
One night I tried to deny everything, to believe that nothing of this is real, but a figment of my imagination. And then the most unbelievable dream happened. I dreamed of a volcano-island. The volcano was breathing like it was alive. I was watching all this from the beach of a nearby island. I was in bliss, the joy of witnessing such a miracle made my heart full of love for that volcano. I wanted to live there forever and have that view in front of my eyes for the rest of my life. I woke up with the name of the volcano in my mind: Krakatau. The next morning I searched Google earth for images of the volcano. They matched perfectly. How could I deny anything from now on? There are many other amazing experiences, including dreams that happened during these months, but I don't want to make this writing even longer than already is.
I am at the beginning of a fantastic journey and if you'll allow me I'd like to continue sharing.
Thank you for your patience and hopefully support!!


Hi Alexandra,

It's a lovely story - thanks for sharing - and welcome to Openhand :-)

Actually the energy of Volcanoes has frequently arisen in the group meditations during workshops. I believe we're moving into a period of increased earthquake and volcanic activity. The Goddess Pele often materialises.

Wishing you well