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Dear Openhanders,

in this forum thread i would like to share my experiences with unfolding angelic beingness. I am certain that there are some more earth angels around in the openhand space, so this aims at enriching the available information with some hands-on knowledge. So this first post is an overview of practical angel topics that i would love to deepen with you.

The term earth angel, in my perspective, refers to beings from the angelic sphere deciding to incarnate into a physical body to experience life as a human being.



==> Origin and types of angels

Once you get the feeling you might be an angel, you might be filled with doubt. So for me it was very helpful and reassuring to research on the various types and classifications of angels that have been observed for a long time. There are also newer interpretations on the qualities of incarnated angels, which greatly help see seeker to come closer to ones true self.


==> Signs of angelic wings

The most amazing thing is that as an incarnated angel, of course, you have etheric wings. There are different types of wings. These are going to want to be unfolded when the time is right, which might cause confusion and pain where they are fixed. Once this process begins, there are such a lot of things you can do with your wings.

==> Angelic wings in practice

During the evolution of the wings, there are lots of awesome practices to strengthen them and the mastery over them. They can greatly Benefit in healing applications, clearing energetic density, and many more things.

I would be greatly humbled to discuss and exchange with you on these and many more topics. If there is interest, i'd love to write some in depth articles.


Angelic blessings,






Hi Thomas - how lovely of you to share. Very moving indeed Angel Halo

I'm sure that there are plenty who could resonate with what you're sharing - please do continue to share here in whatever detail you feel.

Much love

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Hi Thomas,

It's great to see you opening this thread here! I will be following it with interest!

I thought I would ask you this question that I have been contemplating for a while now: What makes an angel different from star souls? Are some star souls angels and others not? I seem to not be able to integrate these two.

I'd be interested to hear what people here think of this.

Lots of love, 

Hi Alex, since Thomas hasn't replied yet, I felt I'd jump in and offer the Openhand perspective on angels and starsouls.

I think it's important to say that there are different 'categorisations' and experiences that people will probably recall in different ways - that sometimes get lumped together.

When we use the term 'starsoul', it generally refers to souls who've traveled here from different constellations. These are not what you would call 'angels'.

In my knowing, there are different categories of angels. To me, the main form of these are 'perfected beings' (although all are always working on something). They're beings that have fully self-realised, ascended but decided to come back to support the evolution of others. These 'angels' may also be from parallel universes come to help the emergence of this Universe on its journey to nirvana.

And there is another group that 'sits in the 4D', having also journied greatly, but perhaps not yet at the evolution of the former group. Sometimes these are known as 'the watchers' - they are here to bring awareness to the immediate situation we face (for example) here on earth within the shift. And they guide souls that pass on into the angellic realm. Right now, there is a net of such souls all around the earth in the 4D to support this passing on - especially as the shift culimates.

Finally I have come across people who feel as if they are embodied angels, here and now. They can even feel like they've had, or have, energetic wings. Probably most of these have come from the group we might call 'the watchers'.

That's the Openhand take on it.

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Hi Alex and Open,

thank you Open for your support for opening the space for a greater understanding of the angelic nature here in the community. Thank you Alex for this great question.

I agree with what Open said, every being is continuously learning as it's important to learn and evolve. Starsouls and also extraterrestrials work together with the angels, light beings and also our human light workers for the evolution of humanity. I guess that the major difference is about the quality of the soul. 

I am not so very much informed about the qualities of different starsoul groups, but let me try to go into some detail about angelic origins and qualities so you can inquire within.

Every species in the universe has their own angelic realm, with its own hierarchy of angels or angelic qualities. It seems also that these many angelic realms are interconnected. So whatever planet you incarnate on, you will eventually grow into a higher and higher spiritual understanding of things and when you achieve a really high state, you will become angelic (like Open said 'perfected beings').

So speaking about our mother earth, all our cultures have been visited by angels, simply because in the culture itself people have grown up to the spiritual level of angelic realms, thus people might have seen their ancestors as angels appearing before them. This lead to the categorisation we know about. These angels are here to help us with the transition at the end of our lifes as well as when we go to the new earth. What makes them such great assistance to us is that they know our problems and support us in our growth.

However, very few of these angelic humans have been reborn in the last century or so (and rather took the role of guardian angels, among 'the watchers'). It seems they haven't incarnated because they were not yet meant to be here and would only come back when humanity starts to have experiences of connection with the universe and opening up to the understanding of there being angels and other light beings. While doing literature research it seems as if angelic beings have been incarnating on earth just for a short while, maybe since the 80's or so. Their trademark is a certain soul quality as well as the etheric wings. Not everbody has wings.

The wings are a means of spreading love and light and understanding. Generally, wings can be used for healing in every way there is, so every incarnated angel does greatly benefit from evolving and training their wings. Archangels even have unlimited ressources when it comes to changing, shifting, spreading their wings while doing energy work up to the galactic and universal level.

This is not easy to wrap ones mind around, i myself also have lots of questions left :)

So far with love,


Wow Thomas - I find your sharing deeply moving. And it's courageous to share what plenty would consider quite 'out there' concepts. Yes indeed, angels from various backgrounds are gathering here at this essential time in the shift to support humanity's transition. Everyone can be greatly comforted by that Thumbs Up Sign

I find this song connects me so much with the angellic realm and their purpose (do you have a favourite angellic song?)...

Hi Thomas,
I’m really glad you posted this. I used to be very cynical about angels - strictly the territory of ‘marshmallows’ (pink fluffy people who give you a ‘sugar high’ but no real substance in the spiritual world) but then something happened which completely changed my perspective.
When my husband died I was waiting to feel his soul/spirit leave and after about 20 mins I felt a powerful energy in the room. It felt different from the way this sort of thing normally feels, but it was hardly a normal situation so I dismissed it. A year or so later when I began my spiritual journey in earnest I was at a workshop and unbeknownst to me part of it was working with angels. Oh no – not angels!! I raised my hand and asked to be excused from this as I didn’t want to spoil anyone else’s experience. The tutor suggested I work with her assistant instead, which I did. Despite my problem with angels I did my best to connect with them and was astonished to find that the energy was unmistakably the same as the one I had felt when my husband died. Instant conversion and reinforcement of your statement that ‘angels are here to help us with the transition at the end of our lives’. 
As you say, not easy to wrap your mind around, but, to me undoubtedly real!