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A Sacred Wanderer...

...the archetype of The Sacred Wanderer, the Wallah, speaks to me very strongly because it evokes a soul that is of service to Awakening to Truth, Freedom and Love on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic - and on the individual and collective levels too.

In organically embodying the Sacred Wanderer archetype, I am dedicated to ever-deepening the sensate flow of my beingness and to ever-expanding the multidimensionality of my consciousness.

As a wanderer I have been ‘unlearning’ and hence discovering that Life – all of life, including what we may consider as ‘problems’ - is a movement towards embodying deeper levels of maturity. This is an Awakening dance, a unique dance to each individual, and a reclaiming of our Soul’s yearning for realised interbeingness with all Life as sacred.

I believe that we are all the embodiment of Love and what allows us to realise this is 'Being Aware with Openness' and WITH our bodies: our hearts, breath, gut, spine, genitals etc.  Love expresses through Bodies and is held by Awareness.  In this dance, our suffering caused by the belief & habit that we are separate from Life are transmuted to aliveness, deep compassion, authentic freedom and devotion to Divine Flow for the benefit of all beings.

Our personal dance in Life is the most sacred offer we can hand in to each other and the world. And this is the ground from which I offer my own work as Aspasia Awakenings. From here, I extend an open invitation to pause, to look within, to inquire, to feel and to attune to what is really true and liberating in every moment. You are welcomed to meet more of me... AspasiaAwakenings

Openhand has been a pivotal part of my Awakening dance in life and I feel called to offer my support and presence as a Community Coordinator. I will normally be the first face you connect with when booking your retreats and workshops or asking for assistance & info via email. I welcome you and look forwards to our exchange. Heart


To all You Wanderers in the Openhand Community...

Take the Open Road

Listen to the Yearning for Undiscovered Lands

The Universe is Inside as much as it is Outside...

so...Walk this World with Hearts On Fire!

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Hello Aspasia,

You so very kindly met online with me many weeks ago, as I reached out in near desperation!

I have thought often of this gift, and am wondering if there is an address where I can send a hand-written, heart-felt note.

I am utilizing the computer world more than I ever thought I would..dis-liking screens is one of the judgements I work daily to overcome. It lacks in areas!

My journey continues with some moments of peace, yet still much unrest from the physical to the emotional/mental/spiritual. I am working it as best I can in every moment.

Blessings on your sweet head, I so appreciate the time spent with me.

Shannon O'Brien (USA)

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Shannon hello, Praying Emoji  I remember very well our connection Heart The beautiful way you are remembering 'innate loveness' and letting it embrace everything was totally contagious and inspiring! Thank you for your kind words. Sending an email. <3

Hi there.


I am looking for help with the removal of etheric implants.


It would be great if you could advise. I tried contacting the facilitator network but the link seems to not be there any more.


Thanks and Blessings,





Deborah, thank you for your kind words you lovely soul. I trust that we will meet in-flesh sometime down the flow. <3

Such a beautiful quote indeed, makes the wanderer's heart in me sing too! :) Sounds like an important shift you have experienced, very intriguing.  xx

I received your comment/message in a very pivotal time for me (you are in my flow too!), 'spiritually' speaking. Im in an interesting space at the moment where I feel like im invited to 'find the seer' and to 'call off the search' (drop that itch). And at the same time come from Truth and Love, the expression of Soul. Interesting times!

With a lot of love and appreciation <3

Hi Aspasia,

I'm just back from Facilitator School in Byron and thought to send my thanks to you for all the effort you put in to ensure this was such a successful and fulfilling event. I was then led to your introduction which resonates so beautifully with me - and to your quote from Herman Melville in Moby Dick about the Wanderers - which just took my breath away. I finally found my peace and balance in how I manage this "itch" during a SEER session there and I am grateful that the flow directed me to your introduction - feel I have met you now beautiful lady - another itch resolved! :) Blessings, and many thanks.


Just read your posts Michelle and Fiona!

Thank you both for your warm welcome.

Michelle, I love your energy a lot, you bring freshness, uniqueness, immense creativity and colourful daring passion! Of course we are friends on FB and that's how I got to know you more. Yep, I can see a daring wanderer here in you too! Makes sense you loved the video! There is a lovely connection here indeed. thank you again.

Fiona, you are such a angel! Thank you for your help in my transitioning to this role. Precious. I look up to your own gifts, your empowering soft presence and your unnlimitless empathy. I so much look forwards to seeing you again in one of the courses at some point. I will always remember your small delicate and powerful hand supporting my back while my whole body was thrusting in being activated! Grateful. Thank you.

Love you xx

Hi Aspasia,

It's so wonderful to have you taking on this role - hurrah!

Your beautiful energy, enthusiam, commitment and love will bring many gifts to Openhand and those you encounter along the way.

It is indeed a pleasure to know and connect with you too. You are an inspiration (f)

With much love and gratitude for being awesome you,


Haha I say 'home' ...for now! As a kindred wanderer I watched that enthralling video and couldn't help but grin wildly throughout it, thank you, thank you!
Welcome Aspasia! Such a beautiful introduction I feel already so connected to you. I'm, of course, eager to watch this next unfolding of you.

Much love ❤️