"Avalon Rising" - Openhand Centre in Glastonbury

Submitted by Open on Mon, 08/24/2015 - 06:42

Openhand first established itself in Glastonbury in 2005, drawn by the very special energy here which is deeply alchemical, healing and revelatory. "Avalon" is the mystical name given by many locals to this place. In worldwide spiritual circles it is often known as the heart chakra of the planet. Openhand has been gifted two wonderful houses both side by side, both with huge back gardens, in the centre of the energy. It's been our pleasure to develop the space in a sacred way so that Openhanders from all around the world may come and partake of this exceptional energy and to gain a deeper understanding of the Openhand Philosophy. It is our pleasure to host you. The space will be held by two wonderful Openhanders Ben Freund and Fiona Reilly, who've both been with us since the early days. And we'll be calling our new Centre "Avalon Rising". We do hope to see you here in due course. Here are some pictures of our Centre...

Our leafy gardens... The Openhand Tribe gathering... Ben and Fiona... Sacred Fire Ceremony... Lesley calling in the energy (we couldn't have established everything without you Lesley!)... The Warriors, ready for the Sweat Lodge... What better way to stir up an appetite? Who will ever forget Trinity's Conscious Kitchen... Lunch today was a delicious medley buffet of sun-dried tomato & ginger salad, raw sprouted sunflower seed pesto, curried chickpeas, sun-dried tomato tapenade, red pepper hummus and mint pea soup. Went down a treat... How we tucked in!... The delicious and healthy food helped all those deep contemplations: Caroline focused... Marjolyn letting go... Open with Joann unraveling and unwinding during a session today... After lots of unraveling Kim decides to contemplate with a hard earned cup of tea... Contemplating inner child identities today, what better place to go than to climb a tree and sit in the tree house. Well that's just what Martin did... Abi such a gorgeous being... These guys are ALWAYS laughing and smiling... See what I mean :) Music was never far away... With our very own backing group... Pennie on percussion... Jaq and Mike melodying... Myra delighting... Trinity busted - exposed from behind the lens... As always having a blast!

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Thank you Horse,

We had a special gathering here last night, with nine beautiful souls sharing a meal together, before the New Year Retreat that starts this afternoon. The pre-course energy is building... it's going to be awesome!

It's such a delightful pleasure and honour to be here. I am blessed.

Hope to see you here some time soon.

Love Fiona

Avalon rising sound and looks amazing. Along with Trinity,Open and the other Openhanders it could be nothing else. I look forward to one day meet some of you there.

'To Infinity and Beyond'

I've searched the site but can't see where Avalon Rising is located. What is the actual address with post code for sat nav ... thanks ... :-)

Wow, what a magically enchanting place! I bet the nature devas and elementals are dancing with joy at Avalon Rising! <3 <3 <3

If there was a picture next to bliss in the dictionary I imagine it would look something like that. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you Trinity, it feels really special for me to be here and I am ever grateful. Thank you for the kind words.

Lovely Cynthia, I look forward to seeing you here and flying together again. Thanks Joann and Jen, be delightful to see you both.

Love, Fiona

Oh Wow! I can not WAIT to return!!! It's seeming like this summer will be in the cards in some way! Will definitely be partaking in all of the heavenly delights...I mean really, the fudge was enough =)!! Much love to you all and immense support from my heart to the center of the heart of Gaia. x Jen

Cynthia as always you express in words what I would like to say...I hope we all get to be there together someday...much love. Joann

My goodness!! With all of those offerings and combinations of energies Avalon will mo longer be Rising, she'll take off!!
I am looking forward to my next stay and to availing myself of the potency of these gifts the three of you offer.

Many thanks and much gratitude for all that you are and all that you do - with love


It's an absolute joy to be here at Avalon Rising. I feel really blessed, thank you Open, Ben, Trinity and all the wonderful beings of the Openhand community. I too was sad at the prospect of Number 5 ceasing, thankfully the Universe conspired and the wonderful dance continues... I am enthused and excited to be part of it all.

It was an absolute delight to have guests stay last week after the 5 Gateways launch and I look forward to welcoming many more folk in the months ahead.

With love and gratitude, Fiona

What a wonderful news!! This made me so happy, yay! :) Thank you so much <3 <3 <3

The next incarnation - love the name too! What awesome news. I'm very happy that I may be able to come to experience those wonderful energies, and especially that garden! Thumbs up guys.

Wonderful news you guys!

Love always.



Oh this is so super awesome!!! Who could have guessed it? Who could have planned it? I love seeing this kind of thing because you are just so open to what the moment is inviting without needing it any way. With love, Jen

What wonderful news :)Openhand is spreading :) I was having a discussion with a Religious friend just lastnite, she was explaining how she was working out her distortion, as I listened it was clear she was not accepting and embracing her distortion but rather was using positive thinking to wish it away and create a safe bubble so to speak...in her own words she was saying ''this is not me, how I feel''....long story short I gave her the Openhand perspective, of accepting the distortion, embracing the distortion and becoming one with the distortion and in time transcending through it ....I added a few more Openhand methods and guidance....in the end she said she would definitely be looking up Openhand on the internet and doing some reading about them, and their methods :) Yay! :)

Thrilled!!! I felt a real loss when you announced the closing. I look forward to revisiting Avalon Rising. Love & blessings to Ben & Fiona for holding the space. Much love. Joann xo