Myself, "Open", Tonya "LittleWhiteFeather" and Jean "BlueHopi" will be your hosts for the Summit. We'll be working to hold a loving embrace for your deep inner inquiry, that you feel safe, protected, illuminated and entertained. From the heart, it will be our pleasure and privilege to look after you. Heart Discover More...

Open of Openhand
Tonya of LittleWhiteFeather
Jean Blue Hopi

The Musical Troubador Jont

Jont is nothing short of an awakened live wire, who touches the soul deeply with upliftment and inspiration. We're blessed to have him join us for two intriguing and entertaining sessions on Saturday and Sunday evening.

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Conscious Dance Frequencies with Aspasia Awakenings

Aspasia is a Wanderer originally from Greece, of the shores of Artemis and Apollo. She was naturally called to music & dance as a creative way to express emotional pain and tune into Soul when she was a teenager experiencing the depths of depression. Now in her late 40s and having been exploring Meditation, Dance, Movement, Consciousness, Transformation, Trauma and Awakenings through long-term practice and study, she offers spaces where deep explorations of inner and outer landscapes support the abiding into Stillness and the honing of Soul.

Self expression, Soul purpose, Creativity, Joyfulness and Fun!

Aspasia Awakenings offers an alchemy of somatic modalities that access the orbits of our Core and illuminate our innate intuitive wisdom and compassion on all levels: Physical, Mental, Emotional and Energetic. I am co-creating a world that remembers and uncovers deeper levels of Freedom, Love and Interconnectivity.

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Deep Transcendence with Shamanic Gongmaster Huzy

Until the deep soulful vibrations of the gong have touched into the fabric of your being, I maintain you haven't truly lived! Gongmaster Huzy from Poland is one of those unknown gems of the awakening space. The mystical shaman in him exudes through the resonance of the gong and flute, and when journeying, can carry you to far off mystical places, like the constelltion your soul originated from, to Atlantis or Lemuria, and indeed into the New Paradigm. Here's a taster of what's in store...

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Facilitator One-on-One Support for Your Ascension Shift

Openhand has developed a global network of Facilitators that you can connect with for personal facilitation support in your shift. Several of whom will be on hand to facilitate in breakout rooms should you require it.

Gain illumination in:

1) Your Jouney and Life's Purpose
2) Conscious Relationships in the Shift
3) Helping Remove Entities and Implants
4) Processing karma and Activating Kundalini

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