"Being IS the change"...

Submitted by TeamOpenhand on Wed, 10/05/2011 - 04:30

"Being IS the change"... How are we creating the life around us? How do we truly co-create a reality more aligned with who we are? A short video diary addressing these vital issues of our time...

Featuring Open in the early days (formerly Chris Bourne):

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Its wonderful ..
Thanks Trinity :)


A beautiful little movie with a really clear message. Love it!


I feel a sweet shift of energy inside. As if my karma started to release me, as if a big portion of it has dropped today and I feel so much freer and lighter. I feel the energy swelling up inside and shaping and wanting to be manifested and I want to go there, although I don't know where it is. I was even dancing here on my own this morning and celebrating the drop of that piece of baggage that was weighing me down so strongly. This video is so inspirational. I want to watch and align with the energy growing inside and don't question where, how, what, when. It doesn't really matter. It is such a beautiful energy and I don't need anything else.
I just wanted to share that with my best friend in the last couple of months in my karma processing - Openhand website :-)

You are so right. The simplest things give the greatest pleasure, yet we rarely stop in the moment long enough to enjoy them. I am learning daily to live in the now; to enjoy and experience what is with me every day.

Once the process has begun within you it cannot stop. When I stopped reacting to negative emotions, when I went into the emotions and saw, still see them for what they are - a reflection of my own insecurity - they are easily dealth with.

You are only living half a life if you cannot face your inner self.

I can't see it as anything other than a gift from the universe, as I was lately residing in such a dark condition, while, of course, but not without a doubt and a couple of questions,... being awesomely ok in it! :D

The universe has a wonderful sense of humor and even more wonderful timing!

Thank you!

I feel grateful and blessed,

Such a simple message and yet so powerful. It is very easy to blame the circumstances that surround you, but yet they are just a reflection. It's all about the beingness! :)

I have watched this twice now and after watching it a second time I really feel the deep, moving energy behind it, like it has a catalyzing effect all on it's own. The music, filming, editing and talking all come together and really convey that which is through it all.

Well done guys.


I'd agree with the other comments about the stirring of energy this film initiates. I feel in quite a turbulent phase at the moment, yesterday I was feeling a bit stuck and after watching the movie, something moved inside and I was able to feel all my stuff yet move on. It feels like I'm noticing so much about myself, and noticing how that sometimes has a slowing effect on me moving forward, as I start slightly identifying with it all. Just watched the movie again now, and what a cleansing release from that identification! Amazing!
It feels like where I might have once kept a card in my purse with some special words of wisdom on, I'd now like to keep this movie in my pocket!
Thanks for something really special.

Once again...a deeply meaningful contribution . Thank you.

And I suspect that we can get just as caught up in the minutia of the "doing" of perceived spiritual activities,just as well, sometimes. It's quite easy to keep our ego and mental bodies deeply stimulated and externalized with spiritual activities sometimes too. I've noticed that I'm prone to it myself. But I've grown to appreciate the true benefit of being.

I am also so appreciative that you provided a productive way to manage the issue of poverty consciousness. Indeed, so many folks have verbalized not feeling supported within the spiritual community. We want to support our fellow man but don't always have the resources that we wish we did to offer that support. And we don't know how to offer assitance in the absence of those resources. And this understanding provides an opportunity to offer that. So thank you again. I'm so grateful for your lovely videos.

much love, Lisa

Brilliant video,,ive taped it to listen to it im my car,,and ive noticed that even after the 5th hearing,,i notice something that was said, that i didnt before,,,ive done the same thing with ,,the 5 gateways,,!!!

Hi. I just joined your community and really glad that i did so. I believe i have read so many books and attended so many workshops but never did i hear or see the truth being expressed so simply and beautifully. Dear Steve your expression of the truth is absolutely amazing, you paint a picture of being that is so easy to interpret and understand. For that I thank you. I feel like a whole new world and a way of being has now opened up for me. Thank you for being who you are.

I love the video, because it explains the openhandway much better than it can be done in text form. It also served me (together with "you are enough" and the Ascension Meditation) in localising a key factor of my life, my absent father, which caused a lack of self love, and a sense of being alone all the time, the first creating situations in which I was not loved, the latter a loner life. I think there is also something from a past life, a monastic life - which I at least use now for meditation. And it diminishes my creativity, at least now - there where other periods in my life when I was more creative. I am still processing this but the videos are a great help.

Thank you,


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