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Betsy - Openhand Facilitator USA


DO you ever have a longing to go home, as if your home is not on Earth but rather somewhere out there?
You are not alone.

Moon to my left, Sun to my right

The Universe in all its delight

I am a child of the stars

My home, it seems so far

But in Transcendence, I am there

Surrounded by my light family and the love they share

Ever since I was little, I knew there was something different about me. I always felt different from the other kids... I tried to fit into the world around me, but never quite felt like I belonged.  I spent my childhood in hospitals having various surgeries to correct obvious congenital defects of my hands and right leg. The memories of going under the anesthesia gas (interestingly called ether back then) was terrifying each time - I was taken from the light and into the darkness in a matter of seconds........ However, through my experiences, I became aware of a bigger presence other than myself, a bigger presence WITHIN myself.... A presence I like to call God source or soul,  which is inside all of us.

I have spent time on Pleiades and Arcturus before I agreed to journey here to Earth in order to raise the vibration in loving support for Gaia. I made a vow millions of years ago to have many lifetimes here because She is so beautiful and there is no other planet like her. I left loved ones behind that I still contact through the Ether and I know I will see them again one day.  I have had lifetimes in Mesopotamia (ancient Sumeria), Egypt, Atlantis and India to name a few. I agreed to this current life (including all my physical challenges) in order for me to awaken and to also assist others in their spiritual awakening.

There are many of us who experienced the rise and fall of Atlantis. I believe this is why we reincarnated here at this time to assist Gaia in her shift from 3D to 5D. We have been through this before but this time it is different- lightworkers across the globe are being called into service at this time to assist in the shift. (Did I mention my absolute love for crystals?)

You will often find me sitting amongst the plants and in conversation with them; they are great listeners and great communicators. They also volunteer to help keep us humans live in health by providing wonderful medicinal qualities. From flower essences, herbal teas and herbal tinctures, they lovingly give of themselves to us if we want to receive.

Do I have contact with various light and cosmic beings and spiritual guides?

The short answer is yes.  I communicate through deep meditation, light language, vibrational resonance, and telepathy. Sometimes I feel like I have an antenna on and they keep coming- the story of the group of grey aliens in my 4Runner is a story for another day. But being a bridge for beings wanting to cross to benevolence is a busy job, but boundaries are set and I assist them at appropriate times.  

What about dragons and unicorns?

Yes, absolutely a believer in the power of both. These are very high dimensional beings that contact and connect with us when we are spiritually ready and pure in heart. I also believe in personal sovereignty, universal law and protecting life for all sentient beings.

In my 3D life, I work as an ICU nurse and I embrace it while standing in the middle of such chaos and density; I stand in my truth, my sovereignty and bring my 5D aura and energy into the mix.

My Service

Empathic Connection:

I assist others on their path to self-discovery, which I like to call soul discovery. Through the Openhand facilitator training, I provide the tools to assist others in self-discovery and soul connection. This is done through various energetic modalities and chakra point connections.  I use the Openhand approach by exploring different blockages within the chakra systems. These may come up as feelings or emotions for you, but as we explore deeper, there is often a relation to current life situations. Past life karma will often come up as well and I will assist you in techniques to face the trauma and pain in order to release it. Various techniques used can include dancing, toning, singing, screaming, shouting.... the energy will let you know how to move it out! Also, your spirit guides often show up to help as well!

Entity removal:

Wow this is a powerful one, isn't it? Entities that have made themselves at home within your being can be removed and moved on to another dimension – I can assist you with various movements (toroidal flow) to send them to the angelic realm or earth core depending on the entity and where it needs to go.

Protection and strengthening of auras and chakras:

With all the energetic work, it is important to strengthen your aura and learn techniques to help the chakra system remain strong, open and flowing. This can be done with crystals, crystal and/or Tibetan singing bowls, meditations, right down to diet choices in your daily life.

I am also a certified community herbalist but a forever student to all the wonderful plants Gaia has to offer. I am a Chakra junkie so to speak- I love connecting with the conscious points in the body and assist others by giving them the tools to connect with their Chakras. I hold chakra workshops and meditations and have a spiritual facilitator practice.

My website is: reikizenhealing

Location, contact and pricing

I live in Mount Pleasant, SC united states- (Eastern time zone). Locally I do in person workshops and energy sessions. If not local and you would like to connect, Zoom is used and we connect energetically in the Ether.

Sessions usually last 60-90 minutes. Zoom sessions: I charge $75 U.S. dollars
However, if you feel price is a deterrent, we can look into price reduction, barter or donation basis depending on your financial situation.

I will offer your first session for half price in order to make sure we are a good fit. I am here in loving support to assist in your soul discovery and exploration. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

To get in touch email me:

Betsy: Openhand Facilitator Stage 1

Too many changes are happening in this world for us to hide our light under the bushel! It's high time for lightworkers to step out of the shadows and be all that they can be. And so it is with dear Betsy. As you can see from her biog, she's no stranger to density and challenge, but rather than fighting the shadows or retracting in a shell, she's boldy stepped out and done quite the opposite - revelled in the multidimensional sunshine! And as a result, she has oodles of light experience and connection to offer. She can navigate the complexities of the dimensions with you, help remove entities, apply light language to activate your essential soul frequencies. And all with a gentle but firm sense of compassion, lightness and love. You will be well supported! Open ♥️🙏

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HI Betsy! 

I've had several dreams about an implant in my minor soma chakra, a black spider like computer chip-looking thing... (had no idea there was even a chakra there until a yoga class I took AFTER I had already dreamt about it) also another dream where my husband and I were removing it together... I'd love to connect and talk about this and hopefully remove it!  

Thanks!! <3 ***

Kelly Ruana

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Hi Kelly,

I would love to connect with you. Please email me if you would like to set up a session. My email is

Looking forward to connecting soon.

In loving support,



How wonderful Betsy!

Shine on.





It is such a joy and a pleasure to have accredited you here Betsy - tremendously well earned The Sun EmojiThumbs Up Sign

I recall you joining your first Openhand event several years ago in Seattle. As many people with the transcendent connections into the dimensions it's something that's been hidden because of the push back and even ridicule that lightworkers have received. That's how the darkness wins!

To your great credit Betsy, I watched you make a choice: NOT to go with the contraction, the fear, and the holding back, but to step out into the light and be all that you can be.

And when we do this, that's when you discover these tremendous higher dimensional gifts such as light language, touching the akashic record and downloading ancient wisdom from there - such as that of Atlantis.

You are a shining example to many out there - there's no longer the need, or any value, of hiding our light away. Time to be all that we came here to be. Well done Betsy for shining the light!

Bright blessings

Open Praying Emoji

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For all interested, Openhand Facilitators go through extensive and intensive training on multiple levels of consciousness so as to open the potential for higher dimensional channeling and support. We apply ground breaking practices, illuminating guidance, deep consciousness journeying and guided meditation to help clear karmic density, negative interference from the field, and to activate essential soul frequencies.

Openhand facilitators go through an intensive foundation course followed by a minimum year long training program of case studies, support buddy groups and development conferences. If the prospect of divine service and the passion to unleash the hidden light in you inspires, then check out what's involved in our Facilitation Program...

Openhand Facilitator Program

Our next Foundation course takes place in July and is online...

There can be no better time to train in a new spiritual craft in order to help humanity evolve out of the madness of society. In this ground breaking course, develop powerful spiritual facilitation processes and a successful spiritual business around your facilitation skills. Leads into a 12 month program.
Time to Facilitate the Shift!

Discover More: Openhand Facilitator Program

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It has been a wonderful , gut wrenching :) , beautiful ride since Seattle. Thank you for all the tools and love and support. It is indeed a choice to either step out or contract in....the soul always wants to come through , its just if we have the courage to let it. Thank you for sharing the tools with me - I seemed to grasp the tools as my soul was pushing and pushing to come through. I had lived in contraction long enough! The song is perfect, Read all about it. You played this last year on one of the online retreats and interestingly, it has stuck with me ever since. 

I look forward to my role as facilitator and sharing the wonderful light and tools with others - just as you shared with me many years ago. Praying EmojiHeart

Much love,