I was led today to post a little about my journey. I just finished your book 'Breakthrough' and my soul deeply resonates with this book. By the last twenty pages or so, an overwhelming feeling around my heart chakra burst through expressing in the energy form as tears. It can be so overwhelming, this process of enlightenment and awakening. Others around me, spouse and friends, just do not understand. They look at me like I am crazy.  I feel the suffering of sentient life all around me. I cry because of the pain animals are going through- all the animals who died in hurricane Florence sent me into days of torment and tears. It is so hard somedays being this awake…so empathic.


As of lately, my life is taking a turn in regards to a career change. I work as a critical care RN and have been in the medical field for over twenty years. My job is a soul sucking, negative entities all around job; whether from the medical electronic equipment, to fake big pharma medicine, to hospital administration who are so greedy. I feel my job is literally trying to kill me. However, I am taking a different approach and going into the field of clinical herbalism. Not sure how I will make my studies work here in the spring as the school is four hours away, but I will be there and I know the Universe will meet me there as well.

Your words spoke to me especially: Belief that the flow will ignite and a new opportunity open up for you……Then you’ll be amazed at just how quickly the Universe can work for you. It always works for those who follow their passion’.


My passion is clinical herbalism… My career choice so many years ago before I found The Source was that of a healer; I just took the right fork in the road when I should have taken the left.

I am ordering 5Gateways today and then Divinicus after that…. I am heading towards a seminar of yours at some point… the Universe will let me know which one.

 Until then, much gratitude and love through the ether.





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Hi Betsy - it's lovely to hear from you, thanks for sharing your Breakthrough feedback - I found it very touching.

It's sounds like the book activated karma for you, which I've heard is happening quite a lot for people.

When we really start to challenge the way we're living, as was expressed in the book, yes, it's going to reflect the challenges of society around us, especially as it is so synthetic and unnatural. But things can and do change - if you keep following the flow of the soul, the landscape around us begins to change positively and in alignment more with your natural vibration.

Wishing you well on your journey

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