Bringing in the Light Meditation

Submitted by Open on Mon, 11/02/2020 - 06:03

How can we best facilitate the inflow of light to the planet at this pivotal point in human history? In the Openhand Approach, it's all about helping unleash the natural Toroidal Flow in ourselves, in any given location and at a planetary level. Here's an Openhand guided meditation to facilitate that from Halloween 2020...

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I just want to express my deepest gratitude for all you have created Open!

With my second Dark Night of Soul from Mid September within 2 years I am now on my path to Gateway 3, although I had many signs of an already higher ascension-level, I feel this is where I am at the moment. The shadow work is the key element and I received the order to create a Network for World Family within Telegram to help humanity ascend, where we gather now from all over the world - teaching there shall also enable effortless and valuable reduction of karma for me and my co-creators. And the most beautiful thing is, there are already 3 souls I met before in past life and who already have been my disciples or allies before - we recognized each other which was very powerful.

Due to your very detailed but easy accessible descriptions I was able to alchemize my Merkabah recently. I feel we should connect Open, I would like to support your effort, here in Austria (Europe), where I also attend the school of Philosophy now (Neue Akropolis) which is actually a recommendation for all, additionally, since you get the old knowledge presented from a point of view, that is accessible to your mind, before you have been able to transmute most of it and before you are able to feel and unfold into your soul. This memory is precious because it helps you to unfold everything more knowingly, not so much from the attempt of knowledge overkill, where Kama Manas (Mind) and Manas (Higher Self) are in conflict if a perception is true or not.

Please feel free to contact me, anyone to whom this resonates. I am happy to connect, for exchange and maybe even real encounters with you guys. The network, that we curate hand selected is also a possible way to see each other and travel for the pull of soul, when we are able to visit each other as family members. For contact find me via telegram and instagram under the same nickname.


Yours BeNicoMa



02/11/20: Journal Update: Greetings everyone. We're entering a highly alchemical week for sure, with the Presidential Election happening tomorrow. There is definitely a lot riding on it. To me it feels like the reflection of two underlying energies vying with each other in the field: that of Liberty versus Lockdown. Not that it's a black and white situation - not at all. But to me, that seems the general gist of the energetic movement. Especially when you look further afield into Europe with further lockdowns in the UK, Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium and the Netherlands to name but a few.

I think it's highly synchronistic that the new national lockdown in the UK begins on November 5th, the day that Guy Fawkes tried unsuccessfully to blow up the houses of Parliament in 1605 (do you think someone is trying to send a message?). I think it's likely to lead to a good deal of civil unrest in Europe through the winter. The lockdowns are destroying lives and livelihoods based on bogus science and statistics - clearly they're preparing countries for the financial reset during what is clearly now an intentioned 4th Industrial Revolution.

Personally I remain highly optimistic. I don't see things in a black and white way, but rather a period of transmutation and transition. The energy of Liberty is pushing, and that of Lockdown is trying to constrain it. It's a highly alchemical situation because it triggers so much karma and creates fertile ground for sovereign souls to emerge. And I say above all else, that's what's necessary for humanity at this time in the Shift.

Remember, change and transformation is not the problem, but interia is - being fixed, rigid and tied to the old world consciousness. For those prepared to explore it, great opportunity is abound. If we can ride the flows of energy that are activating in the field, and work with them in Breakthrough Fashion as they come through, then we'll each gain greatly from the situation.

Do check out the video LiveStream above from Halloween. It contains an important intro into working with these flowing alchemising energies that are at large and working with the Universal Torus to find right alignment.

Sending out loving vibes to you all during this highly alchemical week.

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