Can You Expand on the Empath Mentality in the Spiritual Community?

i loved your article on empaths vs. catalysts. I’m not much into labels and empath has never resonated with me. Catalyst resonates. I don’t have an issue with boundaries or energy vampires in fact I think it’s nonsense. However when I talk about this online I get ripped! Called judgemental, arrogant, insensitive and all kinds of things. There is far too much emotional codependancy going on in the new age empathic community. It’s one of the reasons I’ve pretty much left. I would love to be a catalyst for the shift but it’s frustrating when I receive backlash. 

As always I look forward to your insights on this!

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Hi Tracy,

I can empathise...LOL!

Yes, I witness that too - a lot of co-dependency happens in social media masquerading under the banner of 'being an empath'. Which is why through this article (below), I worked to break down the polarisation a degree. I witness we all have empathic and catalytic tendencies. For me, the most powerful form of catalysis also blends empathic qualities.

What Spiritual "Empaths" and "Catalysts" might Learn From Each Other

That said, the soul configuration will vary in a spectrum, so some people will tend to be more catalytic and others empathic. And highly empathic people do tend to take on other people's energies - plenty do experience 'energy vampiring' for example, which might be difficult to empathise with if you're strongly catalytic.

Finally Tracy you said...

I would love to be a catalyst for the shift but it’s frustrating when I receive backlash

So I would say here's the nub of the inquiry for you. I'd say you created the landscape you've been exploring in so that you might feel the frustration - that's an important self-realisation possibility here.

Where do you feel the frustration? Is it in the solar plexus or sacrum?

An effective catalyst needs to be able to build bridges into the other person's reality, to honour their truth. Otherwise they simply put up barriers and the engagement goes nowhere. But in doing so, you might find that emotionally conflicting internally, and that's where opening up a greater sense of empathy with the other person's sitiuation comes in.

So I'd suggest regressing into the situations where you felt the frustration, touching the tightness, and softening into it.

Wishing you well in that

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