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Hi Open I've got some questions. Is that why an empath would choose the path of most resistance, because for the soul there is most to learn there? Its created so many different and extreme parts inside of me, its like the innards of a second hand shop, all these itesm that don't fit together. How can I ever be all in anything if when some part is prevalent I'm going in this direction then another part comes up and its a whole new direction?
My mind's nature is not so chaotic. I remember really clearly when I was 6 years old just before a traumtic event happened how obsessed with keeping my space (spiirt/body/mind) clear and organised I used to be.
I find it incredibly difficult to make any decision because i'm cut off emotionally. I usually look out for signs and synchronicity then follow them but internally the wiring hasnt been strengthened for 3 decades now so the signal is very weak. I seem tio have no diffiuctly feeling and expressing anger, its safe, but all other emotions are still repressed. The'yve been many repressed things coming up and I guess im ready for them but do you have any ideas what might help in allowing very vulnerable emotions out the bag apart from music? Thanks for everything

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Hi Bianca,

By 'reflection' I mean: deeply experience into. Which yes, is going to mean a deep exploration of your feelings - because this will be the source consciousness that is creating - whether or not things get stuck in the mind/brain.

If we can unravel the source feeling, then the rest will fall into line over time.

Blessings to you

Open <3

Hi Open,
what do you mean by reflect? My left brain is heavily governed by morality, fixed ideas of which things are right and which wrong. I've undermined this way of thinking now so the neural pathways aren't active but if i go past this layer the next thing that comes up are feelings. Do we reflect with emotions? Is this how we're designed to reflect by clarifying how we feel and then getting feedback from synchronicity?

Hi B,

I guess you're referring to my fb quote...

    "one of the great mysteries of the spiritual path, is how the inner must be seamlessly related to the outer - no matter how dense. It's not enlightened simply to withdraw because something is difficult or unpleasant - only ego would do that. The soul, on the other hand, is fearless, and doesn't judge the choice to be made as positive or negative. When approaching a crossroads, one marked "hell" and the other "heaven", to me, the soul chooses only on the basis of how much can be learned? Thus the soul flows from authentic being into authentic - none attached - doing."

I think for an empath, the path is difficult because everything is felt, and one's energy blends easily into others - so the soul can readily fragment into density - hence "the innards of a second hand shop" (funny metaphor!).

In terms of the fragmented direction, I'd say you have to explore these 'diversions' to recover whatever soul fragment is buried there. Ultimately there is no diversion because there is nowhere to get to!

With a chaotic mind, I'd say work to come more from the deep consciousness - from feeling. If you keep coming from this place, then over time, the mind will come into line.

Some great ways of expressing emotion are, yes, music, dance, movies, but also allowing yourself to express in relationships, with friends - someone who is willing to hold the space unconditionally and just hear, without trying to fix.

Those would be my suggestions.
You might like to reflect on this article...

Wishing you well

Open :-)