Collapse of Civilisation

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The mainstream hoodwinks people that it's 'business as usual'; that we can continue living as if today were yesterday. But the facts are increasingly stacking up that civilisation and our biosphere are in terminal decline; it's just happening in slow motion, so it's possible to ignore, for a while, the magnitude of what's taking place all around us. We need to get real. We need to open our eyes and embrace the truth. Because only the truth can set us truly free...

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The sixth extinction is already underway. I am sorry for all the sentient beings (Earth, animals, plants, rocks, and minerals) that humans have destroyed through ignorance and self-centered selfishness. Every ascension is preceded by some form of collapse, which opens the energy field and allows previously hidden dimensions to emerge. Only a few will pass through the gateways.

Great film, I'll share this definitely and thanks for the inspiring comments Réka, especially the call to be alert and to act. A timely reminder of what is real and important right now. It's so easy to get lost in the daily tasks of family life but this is a good shake up for me!
In love

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i am touched if any of my words or some of my energy touches any of you.

let me now share this article published yesterday:…

it really is speaking from my heart, since it is such a nonstop blade edge balancing between staying positive in midst of doom, and not being lost in an airy-fairy self-delusion about the state of things.

Key words to me are waking up from apathy, opening into empathy and feeling contact -- with ALL that is.

A lifelong practice, I'd say... still, now there is no more time to "perfect" it, now it's time to DO it -- as best as we can...

"The most radical thing any of us can do at this time is to be fully present to what is happening in the world. Refusing to feel pain, and becoming incapable of feeling the pain, which is actually the root meaning of apathy, refusal to suffer, that makes us stupid, and half alive," she said. "It causes us to become blind to see what is really out there. We have a sense of something being wrong, so we find another target and project our anxiety onto the nearest thing handy, whether it is Muslims, or gays, or Jews, or transsexuals, or on Edward Snowden, who is now being accused of being a Russian spy and behind the Ukraine conflict. See how stupid we can be?" She laughed.

After a pause, she added, "The closer we get to midnight, the more we lose intellectual capacity. So not feeling the pain is extremely costly." —Joanna Macy

Quote 2:
"For me, the price of admission into that present was allowing my heart to break. But then I saw how despair transforms, in the face of overwhelming social and ecological crises, into clarity of vision, then into constructive, collaborative action."
—Dahr Jamail, Investigative Journalist

Thank You! This really is it and will be the focus of your work as the new book rolls out. Very emotional but oh so necessary. A Labor Of Love.

I'm with you all brothers and sisters. We are all very needed in the times ahead to show the way while the destruction increases. We will too be in the midst of it, but we can make big difference in how we act. I feel strongly that was my mission for coming to earth at this specific time. My feelings are jumping between excitement and sadness, but over all, it feels good to finally, in this lifetime, knowing in every cell of my body what to do and why.

A great talk & a powerful, rousing message Open. Thanks for sharing.

The realignment is underway, albeit still in its very early stages. Those of us who have eyes to see are aware of this, & it is indeed a fascinating & most exciting time to be alive on this planet.

I think that all souls incarnate on planet earth are most privileged to be here at this time, with all the opportunities to be part of the ascension of Gaia, even amidst the challenges, turmoil & seeming demise. Going through the most difficult of experiences invariably leads to the greatest growth & evolution.

It's sad that so many species are becoming extinct, but it's all part of the great cycles of life & the working out of Gaia's karma.



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Thanks for the support Reka, Mike and StarHawk,
I feel your loving support - thankyou *OK*

I have worked tirelessly these last twelve years or so, frequently 24/7, to peel away my own distortions to see the nature of reality that is unraveling all around us. It's been an intensely challenging journey. I felt absolutely compelled to be as accurate as possible in what I share and put out. In a world of deception, distortion and detractors, that's been a difficult task. But I am absolutely motivated and committed to helping people through this. It is totally selfless - when I peel back all the reasons 'why not', it simply arises through my soul.

I invite all people who can resonate with what I'm saying, and most importantly, what you observe and feel yourself that aligns with me, to step out and speak up. Because our voices and actions need to be heard and felt.

In my view, the Ascension and Great Realignment will happen anyway. What's inspiring my soul now, is to encourage and motivate as many people as possible to embrace the journey of Ascension with her.

How right you are StarHawk when you say this is the "most fascinating and exciting time to be alive" - so it is!

I reach out to all of you reading, and say, come join us in this amazing journey of liberation and empowerment. Your truth will truly set you free!

Open *OK*

    "The drum beat of truth is growing in intensity"

Indeed! We must now pull together and beat the drum for others to hear too.

yes! absolutely, I stand by this message ACT ont his message and also I am very happy to spread the news, I always do. <3

such an important issue!! thank you for sharing it again and again and again. Because it is hard to take in a message bitter as this, and like with any difficult news, the psyche needs repeated exposure to the truth to even start grasping its full scope - the mechanisms of self-protective denial are so deeply built in in all of us.

in my private letter to you earlier I shared my insights and intuitions about what i feel is happening RIGHT now (in not slow, but real time motion), and I am ready to share publicly too, later maybe, but for now i'd just point out for consideration (by whoever feels drawn to contemplate) the fact that it is absolutely high time to check our lives and see where we are burdened unnecessarily.

throw out your "sandbags" please! cut all unnecessary financial ties, unload emotional burdens, do not carry grudges, speak it out, resolve human relations, show love, and care, and ACT!

as for myself i can say the following: my plan is to absolutely be out of the city as much as possible, and spending my summer in intensive recuperation, and just go into feeling, sensing, also clearing... cleansing. also strengthening, because i feel from autumn lots of work will be needed. i really feel like before going to battle, battle coming in the second half of the year.

in the meantime i have a strong urge to lighten ANY load i can, as i said above: financial, emotional, human... i feel like im checking my life for any unnecessary sandbags that would be pulling down my boat... im throwing them out carefully, but meticulously... no time and energy to carry and grudge, any load, any financial difficulty, im talking to people with whom i have unclosed affairs, things like that, simple things... also, trying to make our little place in the country liveable. but thats not the only focus i have. i feel its about more, its not enough to save my skin by creating safe surroundings for myself.

dear openhanders, my soul sisters and brothers. it is high time to step out of fear and dulled human emotions. it is time to be alert, hold hands, look each other in the eye and FEEL. feel that in our separateness, we are all one.

open the eyes to the pain and decay around you, feel the hurt in the animal and the plant kingdom too. feel the pain, don't be afraid of it, because it is an active agent. it activates you, it pulls you out of apathy. in my warning feelings, (induced) apathy is THE one thing to watch out for at this very moment in our lives!

wake up, don't go back to sleep!

as Open says, it is NOT enough anymore to "know", to be informed, to spread the news... it's is time to GET REAL. it is time FOR ACTION.

i love you all,

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