Ascending with Gaia meditation

Free meditation download connecting deeply with Gaia, drawing her Kundalini Energy up into our body and through our field. Breaking down the dense matrix of mass human subconscious, throwing it off like a worn out overcoat. Allowing the rising energy, supported by the song of the whale, to surge up through us, unleashing positive waves of energy through our being and into our world. 25 minutes of liberation, transformation, empowerment...

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Thank you for the meditation. I found it powerful, uplifting & exactly what I needed this morning. Everything is a little brighter again! Thanks with love x

This was a meditation that did take me out of the physical density and into the places of Lightness, and I thank you for this guidance.

I love this meditation so much, and found it very helpful today in the midst of such powerfully swirling energy - grounding and centering, while also lightening and expanding. Powerful. Love and gratitude to you both - Christine

Hi to you all,

Is there anyway to get a copy of this and other meditations please? I find them much better than when I attempt to meditate on my own. It is not easy to meditate near my computer and I do not have a laptop.

Thank you all for your wonderful guidance


Floating in expanded lightness in all directions with this powerful meditation. Connecting to Unity consciousness is pure joy and peace. I feel your guided words very deeply at the end of the meditation, "Stay with this expanded awareness." Thank you, Open.

I understand what John means about meditating away from the computer. I have purchased the meditations, and was able to transfer them onto my iphone. I then use my bose speaker and can listen to these beautiful meditations anywhere and anytime. Don't know if that helps John, but to be able to be in a restful setting is very helpful.

I too have downloaded the amazing meditations to my Nexus tablet and I love the fact that I can listen to them anywhere with the WiFi switched off so I don' t get any EMF interference.thank you for that Trinity and Open. L xx

I am now using this is truly wonderful and one of the best I have used for years, bless you.