Relax & Unwind meditation

This is a meditation designed to help us rebalance, unwind, relax and find a place of calm amidst daily life. We're guided into a space of surrendered relaxation as the soul 'massages' every fibre, from the feet all the way through to the crown. This meditation is ideal to download and keep on your MP3 player to play whenever the need arises. Listen on a train journey, during a long lunch break, after a hectic encounter that has left you frazzled, anytime of day, wherever you are.

This meditation is available as a mp3 download (listen to a short sample below first). The cost is only £3 (approx US$4.50), which is invaluable for helping us to fund the continued running of this website.

  • Duration: 17.44 minutes total
  • To download to your computer or MP3 Player (£3)...Add to Cart£3.00 (GBP) (approx US$4.50)
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Totally awesome - thank you!! Presence as Higher Consciousness - WOW!!! Very powerful and relaxing. I think I might use this to go to sleep tonight.
Again, thank you.

Thank you for the feedback - that's absolutely wonderful to hear. We loved it, but no-one had said anything - always good to know.
with love

In reply to by Trinity

It seems that sometimes the big experiences leave me basically without words and perhaps that's how others have experienced this meditation. For me the second time I fell into it I began to sob as my feet were massaged. I could sense the amount of control that my mind, unconscious thoughts and my emotions had had over the directions that I have taken in life - I felt a fatigue in my feet from always being purposefully driven. It just got better (and wetter) from there. the end....ahhhhhh!! And of course, your voice... Heartfelt gratitude. xo

In reply to by Cynthia Sham Rang

Ah yes, good point. Sometimes there are no words :)
I am really touched to know of the depth of unwinding that it has created to space for during your meditation Cynthia. This meditation was inspired by my own connection with the angelic realms and how they massaged through my entire being in my times of need.
with love