Fast track to emotional wellness?

Hello All,

In the outer world I have noticed an emphasis placed on the need to process emotions in order to attain emotional wellness. This focus is rising in spiritual circles, self-help coaching/facilitation and with light workers. Processing our emotions is paramount to our evolutionary process, and I am seeing a positive shift away from spiritual bypassing, which is the use of spiritual practices/beliefs to avoid dealing with painful feelings and unresolved wounds.

What is currently showing up in my outer world are long established and new "therapies"containing set procedures that can be utilized to eliminate almost ANY emotional or mental problem fast and fully, with guaranteed results that are long lasting. These therapies are based on determining what the actual circumstance is, how it makes us feel, and acknowledging that circumstances are just conditions that are neither good nor bad, it is us who decides if they are good or bad. Basically, change your thoughts/mind around a condition and your emotions will adjust to this new perspective. During my life coach training there was a module taught called Balance. The focus was to meet the client where the were with a challenging condition in their life. Here we would introduce new lenses or perspectives for them to view and feel this condition. They would leave a session feeling uplifted having shifted their perspective. My experience with Balance coaching was that it was effective, but only for a short period of time. New conditions would arise in the client's life to bring them back to a similar situation and the underlying core emotions.

I trained in EFT and EMDR a number of years ago. I used EFT to clear my phobia of having my neck touched, especially by a man. I was amazed how tapping on meridian points could so easily clear this deep set fear. Through recently activating my karma, vulnerability around my neck has again arisen, and is now manifesting itself in different ways.

People are experiencing great 'success' in dissolving deep seated emotions through these cognitive and energy based therapies. I am not drawn to utilizing them as I very much align with the Openhand way to confront past life karma.

I would like to understand how these therapies seem to work quickly and without much effort. As a consciousness coach I feel called to support people to go into the depths of their emotions. I base this on my own experience in how I have been processing my emotions.

I would appreciate feedback from the community on this topic. I feel I need to have a deeper understanding of these quick and easy processes as I venture forward in support of others.

My reason for posting this is based on a conversation I had with a man yesterday who is training in a modality that is a verbally guided experience that trains the way your brain processes your mental & emotional reactions to unsatisfactory situations. He questioned me on the need to go deep into the layers of emotional process when one could achieve harmony through this therapy easily and with little pain or effort. This modality also helps you attain the sense that you can do what any of your greatest icons have achieved and beyond. If you would like to embody some of the traits of James Bond, the process will allow you to feel as if you were in James Bond’s shoes. Or walk, talk and embody the positive traits of any persona that you admire. I raised my eyebrow to this :).

I have edited to add another query. I sense that people committed to the path of going deep into their karma could become caught in an eddy current of continuously efforting to the process. Perhaps this is a topic to explore in another thread. ;-)

With heart,

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Muffling Winds, the journey into our archetypes is fascinating. I was born under black moon Lilith and I see many of the qualities of the dark Madonnas in myself.

Lisa, Thank you for sharing the sequel to Chocolat. I sourced it out online and it resonates deeply. Vianne is a benevolent force and a free spirit, helping people wherever she goes.

I could also relate to Vianne in Chocolat and my mother bought me the book when it first came out as she felt it reminded her of me! I loved the book and the way Vianne lived her life like a free spirit. I was so happy when I found out that she had written a sequel: The Lollipop shoes. I have a pair just like Vianne's.

Dear all

Thanks Sandra for sharing and to all those who gave wise response. I love reading novels and I also love watching movies; I can easily do character analysis but I never have thought of how embodying an actor or a character can be used in this way. I learned something new today. But I can't think of a movie actor just yet- perhaps a character from a novel. 'Will start looking into this!

Thank you.

Thanks Sandra and Open for exploring this great question!

As for who I admire....their has been someone new to me that I just feel so much appreciation for and that is Pharrell Williams. He sings that song "Happy" and is a coach on the show the Voice which my kids like to watch. What do I admire about him? He is so purely authentic... So absolutely him and he expresses that through every cell... Through every word... Every action. There is no holding back - it's an effortless pure full expression. He works with people who are competing for a record deal, but it never seems like that's what it's about for him. He is drawn to and works with the people who sing from the heart, who move you within because of how they are expressing through their voice. He reflects to them their own beautiful perfection in being who they are and setting this free into the world... Encourages them to get into their bodies, to loosen up the tightness that keeps them from expression freely. I just feel incredibly inspired by him. I recently bought a piece of art that a close friend of mine created... She puts together abstract shapes and these shapes and colors express a feeling. The one I bought brings up the image of me with my arms out over my head, and my legs in a high lunge (mary Catherine Gallagher style from Saturday night live!) just letting me shine out fully. Pharrell embodies that part of me that is coming into fullness and I would say ray 6... Yearning self expression. Thanks for the exploration! With love, Jen

Hey Sandra

There may be some truth in 'walking in the shoes of someone you admire' - like James Bond for example! Remember the Openhand level 2 course - where I get people to work in diads and they imagine a movie character they greatly resonate with? And then I get them to express from that place?

It's because what you admire in someone else, is ALREADY a gift of beingness in your soul that is waiting to emerge. So by witnessing reflections in the mirror, helps you embody your own frequency - it is not their's, it's already becoming yours.

That's why movies can be so compelling and why some actors become great - they are great at expressing particular characteristics of the soul.

It's an open question to all - which actors do you admire?


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Ah yes, I do recall working in a diad during level 2, and how empowering and uplifting the experience was! The character I deeply resonate with (and have for some time) is Vianne from the movie Chocolat. She follows the north wind, which for me translates to following the pull of her soul. I see myself as an explorer, uncovering endless possibilities. Vianne travels with two suitcases, having little attachment to material possessions she is free to move when she feels the call of the wind. She is a non-conformist who challenges adhered to traditions and beliefs through her acts of beingness. She is a catalyst. Vianne embodies courage and commitment when shunned by the townspeople and refuses to stray from her true divine nature in order to conform. She is compassionate, intuitive, nurturing, kind, non-judgmental and loving. She is a light worker. I see much of the divine feminine expressed through her character. She wears colourful and figure flattering clothing, she is not afraid to stand out and be seen as a beautiful feminine woman. She embraces and accepts her feminine physique. Vianne is able to see the gifts of beingness and the shadow in others. She is both direct and subtle at affecting change.

This is a valuable exercise Open, and I do see how Vianne is mirroring back qualities that I possess. :-)


Hi Sandra,

How is it that people seem to have 'success' with relatively quick and easy healing modalities such as EFT and emotional freedom techniques? Good question.

I believe the 'success' is mostly short lived. Why?

In any healing situation, there are two aspects to deal with:
(1) The lack of self-realisation by the soul that identifies with the physicality of life, thus causing the problem
(2) The energy that the lack of self-realisation builds in your field.

The energy you build up as a result of lack of self-realisation is the affect, not the cause, but it is what generates the symptoms. Healing modalities can take this energy away really quickly, yes. But all that's doing, is removing the immediate symptoms - like tapping for example. But then the cause will at some point, manifest somewhere else in some other guise. Because the root cause has not been dealt with.

That's why in the Openhand 9 step process, we get deep into the source pain, and become one with it - as The One in it. You literally become the One, whereas previously there was only identification. Then you Self-realise and so the pain has gone - it doesn't manifest elsewhere.

Removing the energy without removing the cause first, is like removing the evidence at the scene of a crime. How can you now find the cause?

Open *OK*

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Thank you for your reply Open. I feel this topic is important to those on the path of self-realization and light workers who are in service to this journey. We reside in a world where attaining a goal means success, and "easy" lets us achieve the goal quickly. I feel that what is missing for many is the understanding that their source pain is an attachment formed by the soul. Focus is placed on repatterning the brain to create new neural pathways, and layers of energy that have built up in the field are removed. Perhaps the use of these modalities at the onset is putting the cart before the horse. Creating new neural pathways is part of the healing process of source pain, but as you point out in the Openhand 9 step approach, it is most effective when done at the end of the healing process. Bottom line - people do not understand the nature of their soul.