Attuning to the Flow of the Universe

Submitted by Fiona Reilly on Fri, 11/04/2016 - 08:24

Do you feel the support of the Universe and guidance in your daily life? Are you aware of the energy field that is moving and continually creating around you? There is a natural flow of energy that moves through all things. It creates and shapes the current moment. You are a significant part of this flow and an intricate part of life's web that is perpetually being woven.

How do you experience this flow as a daily part of your life?
How might your life be uplifted by it?

The Divine Dance

The Universe continually invites and supports us in aligning with this Divine Dance. We are a neccessary part of this interplay. When we pay attention and attune to this rightness, then remarkable miracles occur in our lives! It is not always easy or straightforward. Sometimes the flow may take us into challenges, so that we can unravel distortions and let go of that which no longer serves us and at times we don't align with what is right for various reasons such as fear, past experiences or conditioning. Our world at this time can be a dense and complex place and we are likely to resist and get lost on occasions. The wonderful thing about the flow, is that it is always there waiting for us, we simply need to tune back to it again.

Support in many forms

Divine support comes in many forms. We may receive intuitive knowings, vision or insight, that just land within us. We may feel intuitive knowing around our solar plexus, this is where the term "gut instinct" comes from. Our gut knows what is right. When I ask a question internally, if it is not aligned I frequently notice a tightness in my solar plexus, then if I consider an alternate possibility that is aligned I feel my body relax and expand. Sometimes I just inexplicably know what is right action, even if it would not be the logical or preferable choice according to my mind/ego. Each one of us is unique, so practise listening to your body and inner knowing, how does it speak to you? We have remarkable intelligence continually available to us way beyond the mind.

Benevolent flow is evident in signs and synchronicities that appear in our life and it is beneficial to pay attention to our landscape and what is happening around us. When we are open and aware all kinds of magic appears in our lives. The phrase "Show me" can be beneficial in welcoming in Divine guidance. Sometimes the support can be discreet and at other times clear and obvious. It could be the way the wind blows through the trees or a smile from a stranger, or a "chance" encounter with someone you have been thinking of. Be open to welcoming the magic into your life, pay attention and miracles happen. The key is to notice how you feel inside in relation to the mirror in your outer world. It is showing you something about yourself.

There are also other energies which are not so benevolent operating in the Universe. If however, we ensure that we are coming from an honest and authentic place and are not lost in our dramas or distortions, then these energies can have little or no impact on our vibration and the way we engage with the world. This is not to deny any "negative" emotions, the invitation is to feel deeply into them and work through them, rather than suppress them or cover them up with positive affirmations and thoughts. When we come from a place of authenticity, the whole Universe is available to support us. We are part of the whole Universe and are invited to be of divine service. As an interconnected part of the Universe, who are we not to play our role in the this Divine flow? I am reminded of the words of Marianne Williamson:

    "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.
    Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.
    It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us.
    We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?
    Actually, who are you not to be?
    You are a child of God.
    Your playing small does not serve the world."

Coming out of the mind and into the heart

In modern society the attributes of mindful thinking are seen as the pathway to success, measured in outwardly signs of progress and goal attainment. We are taught from an early age to think, plan and strategise. True success however in my view, comes from connecting more with our hearts and intuition, in being who we truly are and expressing our divine beingness. Here is an inspiring quote from Open of Openhand in relation to creating more space for attuning to the flow in your life and creating with the divine:

    "One of the greatest challenges of this society, is that you often end
    up doing too much. And simply doing is not the same as divine creativity,
    which requires space and presence to flow properly.
    So take a clear look at everything you end up doing in a day and ask..."
    Do I really need to do that? Does this serve my higher purpose?"
    If not, take it out and allow an open space to form.
    Focus on not doing, not thinking about what needs to be done.
    This is not easy, because the mind keeps running its conditioned loops.
    So come down into the heart, work to unravel the mind loops
    from being centred in the heart space. Create an opening.
    Then you'll end up marveling at the sheer miracles you create."

So take some time out, find time and space to connect with the Flow. Spend even a few moments throughout your day breathing consciously. Let go of agendas or any need for things to happen in a particular way. We can get fixed on a particular outcome, however the Universe has a much broader view of the world and what could unfold, than our limited minds could ever imagine. There are a multitude of possibilities available to us that we may have not have yet considered. I am reminded of these words from Gareth Brooks "Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers", some of our greatest gifts are also things we would never have imagined, so remain open to the boundless possibilities.

Below is an exploration of three aspects of Universal support that appear in our daily lives as external mirrors, the more we become aware and notice, the more prevalent such support becomes. These aspects are only examples, there are many other ways in which the Unverse speaks to us. The three aspects are signs and synchronicities, angelic support and animal medicine.

Signs and Synchronicities

As we pay attention we notice signs and synchronicities presenting themselves in our landscape. It may be the way the wind moves through the trees, the words someone says or a car registration number that speaks to us. Such synchronicities may not always be pointing us in the direction that would seem obvious, rather they may be an invitation to explore something more deeply inside. They can be quite abstract, such as cloud formations, it's what we notice about them and how we feel inside that is important. Initially we may need to be creative in interpreting what they could possbily mean. As we practise the answers become more obvious. It pays to be curious and playful in our engagement with these experiences. Trusting in what we feel and what we interpret is also invaluable.

Embrace from the Angelic Realms

The Angelic Realms offer a beautiful, magnificent and loving arena of support. I've always had a close connection with the angels. I frequently see and walk alongside floating feathers, which is a personal affirmation that angels are close by. A few days ago I was in a second hand shop and the song "In the arms of an angel" was being played. Then I knew it was time to write this article.

When I feel the angels around me, it feels like a warm, comforting embrace. It feels very supportive and nurturing. Why not close your eyes right now, take some deep breaths and invite the angelic realms to come close to you, notice what you feel and how your energy changes. In addition there are specific Archangels which exhibit different qualities, for example Archangel Michael imbues strength, courage and compassion. I am occasionally inspired to use angel cards, which can be surprisingly accurate and revelatory.

Animal Medicine

Animal medicine can also be a powerful guiding tool in our lives. If your attention is drawn to a particular animal or you have an encounter with one, it may be an indication to pay attention to the characteristics or medicine associated with that particular animal. There are some wonderful animal cards available or you can search online for the medicine associated with a particular animal. However most importantly use your intuition, before seeking any external reference what do you notice about the animal, what are it's characteristics. Latterly I have had a squirrel pee on me and a badger cross the road a few metres in front of me in the middle of the afternoon (badgers are usually nocturnal creatures). Both these occurrences had huge significance and relevance to what I was exploring in my life at that time.

How you might bring more Universal support into your life

There are numerous ways to play, align with the flow and bring more support into your life. Be curious, open and watch for where/what you feel drawn to. Here are some ideas to encourage you on the way;

  • Sit in a quiet place, relax, breathe deeply and invite in loving support from the Universe. Notice how you feel inside. Such a simple form of meditation can make a dramatic difference.
  • If you have a question or issue in your life ask "show me", the answer may not be immediately obvious or come in a form that you would expect, so be patient and stay open.
  • Observe your feelings and your body intelligence, they are significant indicators of rightness.
  • Pay attention to what is happening in your environment, there are no ordinary moments. What do you notice, what spikes your attention and how do you feel about it?
  • Angel or animal cards can be helpful in inviting in some guidance.
  • Create space in your life - meditate, spend time in nature, connect with the flow of the universe.
  • Find your joy and express it - this is a wonderful way of tuning into your soul.
  • Go on a freewheeling adventure - go on an outing with no agenda, follow the flow and see where you are taken.
  • Come out of your mind and into your heart, make choices more from your heart than your mind.

Trust your experiences

The magnificent Universe is part of you and you are part of it - we are One. We have this exceptional support available to us all the time, we just need to become aware, connect and flow with it. I love this short and very sweet animation. It speaks (without words) of how we can be in an aligned creative flow (or not) no matter what we are doing... it's how we are being that matters.


Fiona is an Openhand Facilitator and house manager at Avalon Rising (Openhand's Retreat Centre in Glastonbury). She is also a reflexologist and experienced doula. She is passionate about living true to her heart and soul and empowering others to do the same. Her website is...

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Beautifully written and expressed from the heart Fiona...

I remember the time when you had shared that a squirrel pee'd on you because almost at the same time this happened to you as I was riding my Harley and made a pit stop and as I was standing next to my Harley a Bird / Pigeon dumped or crapped on my motorcycle a few inched from my head! lol... still don't know what that meant but your sharing made me laff off what happened to me :)

You make me laugh Steve *ROFL*

When a bird craps on you, it's always good luck!

Open *OK*

Noted Open! who am I to disagree :)


Thank you Open, Steve and Trinity for the lovely comments.
I remember your bird experience Steve, the Universe does speak to us in a multitude of unexpected ways :D

Love Fiona

"The Universe continually invites and supports us in aligning with this Divine Dance. We are a neccessary part of this interplay. When we pay attention and attune to this rightness, then remarkable miracles occur in our lives! " The more we dance together, the more it all feels to flow and speak in all it's many many forms.
Thank you for sharing!

Hi Fiona

Very wonderful article — Thank You so much! It was quite synchronous for me! Especially your bit about animal medicine. So I decided to share my own animal experience, even though it ends up looking like a novel after being squeezed into one of these comment boxes.

Btw, this is another Jen. I plugged into this website/network after attending Open’s Seattle Breakthrough retreat, although I’ve been visiting this site for quite some time, sponging up everything.

I’ve had an interesting issue with flies these past few months. Living in Colorado in the woods, it is quite normal to end up with a healthy population towards the end of summer, with cold weather in the fall usually getting rid of the flies. The bulk of them move in with us because a) we don’t have any air conditioning, so rely on breezes through screened-off doors and windows, b) the screened-off windows and doors don’t really work, and c) well, they seem to have a good time in here — I’ll be jiggered what draws them in exactly… This year, it’s now November and summer has yet to end, and I’ve got all these little house guests that have overstayed their welcome inside our home. I use to give into the annoyance, and resort to the flyswatter to knock their numbers back, but it wouldn’t last beyond a day. Ever since getting home from Open’s retreat, I haven’t been able to use the fly swatter. I find I have zero desire or interest in killing them. Besides which, I can kinda see their good qualities. I've even started saving them when they end up stuck, taking a bath in water or some liquid -- I can't ignore their stuggles. And I must say, they have been rather well-behaved in that, despite their insane numbers, they rarely bother me personally.

While I was at the Seattle retreat, I had an interesting fly experience there. Which is perhaps why I couldn’t kill any after I returned home. I didn’t see nary a fly at the retreat at all. We were doing an exercise with Open, trying to find our seating with Presence, and then feeling what we feel. To make a long story short, I ended up having an exchange with Open which resulted in accessing some deeper emotions. Upon the conclusion of this, with tears still streaming down my face, this little fly landed on my hand. I tried to nudge the little stinker off, but he wouldn’t budge. So I left him alone and he hung out for a while (some number of minutes, which is a long time for a fly) walking all over my hand. I later shared this with some other people at the retreat, and Cynthia said “the fly landed.” He was an annoyance, but he landed. Or something to that effect, because I can’t recall her exact words. But it made complete sense and resonated with how it had all felt (Thank You, Cynthia!!).

So I can’t help but think there’s something to this whole thing with flies. I’ve been wondering what it is for quite a long time, and so then I come across your article with the part about animal medicine. Here is what I found regarding flies:

Fly Animal Totem: Fly can be a challenging guide, because many people simply do not want to accept its presence. But rather than reflecting poorly on you, fly actually shows that you have the gutsy strength to get what you need as you need it. If that means putting some people off, annoying people, or being selfish for a while, then do it. Despite fly's challenging nature as an animal guide, it teaches the indispensable lesson of persistence. Fly never gives up. Fly's presence suggests that your ego is doing really well for itself right now, and might be taking over your sense of humility. Despite seeming like a 'bad' thing, fly suggests that at times, such self-importance is actually necessary. Those who fear or dislike fly, often have a problem finding beauty and worth in less common places. Fly as a shadow aspect also challenges us to review our own self-image. Do you think of yourself as annoying, disgusting, unimportant or worthless? Do you attach negative words to your own view of yourself? Fly tells you to stop this behavior and replace it with positive reminders of your beauty and inherent worth in order to find your way to health and nourishment.

Most of this totally resonates with me; I’ve often wondered about the degree one has to focus on oneself when it comes to following the path of Breakthrough and the 5 Gateways. And while I don’t quite understand how the ego can take over my humility, given that it’s always owned it, I have nonetheless had huge challenges with a highly-tuned and dominant ego. I can’t say that I see myself as annoying or disgusting, but then I recall a particular dream I had where there was a character (a “blue samurai”) who I did see as disgusting and annoying. It took me a few years, but I now know that that character was and is an aspect of me. So this fly animal totem description is pretty spot-on in my case.

I tell ya, after reading this, I noticed I had a fly sitting on my shoulder and I felt so much love for the little bugger. Because I have a strong love and interest in Nature, I have been working with that aspect of things to see if I could bring healing and balance to things. We’ll see how it goes. As I write this, the fly party continues…


OMG what a beautiful, insightful sharing Jen! Thank-you so much, I had a fly experience one summer not long ago and your sharing has me reflecting.

Namaste dear Friend..


It's a beautiful story Jen :-)

I love flies - I have no problems with them - they serve an invaluable role of breaking matter down - very necessary.

The main point though is: to whatever we have resistance, we will draw to ourselves to overcome the judgment. It sounds like you were doing this really well.

If ever there is a fly stuck in my room, or in the studio, I open a door or a window, form a conscious connection with it, then gently visualise the way to the door/window. It always finds its way out.


Open *OK*

Thank YOU, Steve! I have gotten so much from your sharings, too! Blessings to you!

My heart is filled with Gratitude, Open, for your insights! You have given me even further clarity. "Breaking matter down" -- it doesn't just have to be physical, does it? You could say that breaking things down into its consituent parts leads back into Wholeness...

It's funny, up until I wrote about this experience in the above comment, I still wasn't willing to associate the "annoying and disgusting" descriptors with myself; those are really strong flavorful terms! But I was reminded of that dream while writing and I couldn't deny it. I know there are interesting past life experiences behind this, probably as some sort of warrior or fighter with a warped sense of humor and a vacuum of social graces.

Thank you also for this great tip! I will try this -- with all 231 of them! As much as I love these little guys, I'm ready for some relief.

Warm Hugs!

Hi Jen M,

Wow, what a powerful and deep exploration you are having with the flies. The Universe speaks to us in all sort of magical and unexpected ways.

With love, Fiona