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It is my passion to live from a place of authenticity, to know the depths of who I am and to express that into the world in every moment. It is not an easy journey, but it is the only one that fuels the fire within me. My journey has been one of uncovering the truth of who I am, by working with what is being shown to me in my daily life, by feeling into the depth of the fear, the contractions, the worry, the pain and coming to the point that it does not define me. It is then, in the expression of the truth of who we are in our daily life, that the soul can fully sing it's true song. With a busy life raising three young children, I know the importance of integrating spirituality into every moment, of seeing and feeling into the constant mirrors that are presented in our daily lives and of living our highest truth here in every aspect of life. At the same time I am deeply sensitive and feel the energy of those around me, so I have learned how essential it is to give ourselves space, time to commune in nature, to feel deeply into who we are. Openhand is a constant source of inspiration, guidance and support that has constantly pointed to the journey within myself and now inspires me to share with others. I offer one-on-one facilitation sessions during which we connect and explore in an open and safe space. The session unfolds organically and sensitively follows the flow of what is arising for you in the moment. It is a great joy for me to connect with others in this way and I have found one on one facilitation sessions to be a powerful catalyst on the journey. With the use of meditation and soul inspired music and movement we can tune deeply into feeling. Intuition strongly guides these sessions and inspires intuitive questions to explore the places that may be holding you back. We have this innate beauty, these amazing gifts, that are just waiting to be uncovered, to shine forth fully into this world. These gifts are often held hostage by our conditioning, our fears, our distortions. However, if we can get into the distortion, feel into it completely, we can then unveil the gift and uncover a new way of being that is an expression of the soul. If you resonate with what I have shared, then perhaps I can offer you a mirror, which can lead you to find your own answers, to see your own way through, to self-realize and shine forth more of who you are.

Jen's website: Soul Radiance

Do check out Jen's inspiring website... soul radiance

Pricing and Contact

I live in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA and am happy to meet people in person or be in contact via the phone or skype. I can be contacted via email at I suggest a payment of $65 for a 60-90 minute session, however discounts are available so don't let cost be a deterrent.

Stage 2 Facilitator:

Jen has been involved with the Openhand work for some years now, and always with an infectious enthusiasm and unwavering commitment. From the word 'go', she's been ready and willing to dive into the density, be open and honest about it, then to courageously work with it. It's this approach that always ignites acceleration on the path, and has quickly revealed her outstanding ability as a heightened empath. Her increased sensitivity means that she can feel into other people's blockages, direct attention to them, such that people can readily work into them. It's a profound gift that can truly accelerate people on the path.

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Dear Moonstone42,

I am so deeply touched by your sharing. Our journey together has been incredibly illuminating for me as well - what a gift it is to share with another in this way. Thank you - warmed my heart. <3



My journey began with Jenn almost two years ago. During this time she has maintained a gift to create and hold space seamlessly. The space has been open to a depth of my own willingness to surrender to the lessons.
She has held the space throughout my journey with strength and wisdom.
A session with Jenn is an invitation to experience growth as deep as the ocean. Full of light, dark, depth, mystery and so many places to simply dive or swim into. It is as if her soul has been whispering softly to the soul to feel more, deeper and deeper finding the expression and allowing it to be and sit with it and then start all over in each moment. Each session stands alone to create an opportunity to unwind into the feelings and allowing the body to express as areas appear with contrast. Her ability to utilize her gifts to allow me to be held with an unconditional love and respect has been amazing. As a bonus, this process has been surrounded with the guidance and support of Jenn's continual work with Openhand community.


Awww thanks Oliver! Great to be here =) With love, Jen


Dear sweet friends,

Maureen - thank you so much for your support! I am so glad we got to know each other down here in Florida!

Fiona you are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for your heartfelt words <3.

Kim I feel so blessed for our friendship... Heart to heart soul sister =)

Lots of love,


It is so great to see you here. You have so many wonderful gifts to share. You are a real warrior inspiring others to follow their heart, sing their song and shine forth as you do. I so appreciate your insight, honesty and your kind and gentle nature and feel blessed for the parts of the journey we have shared. You are my soul sister!
Much love always,


Hey Jen,

Thank you for shining and sharing your wonderful gifts with the world. You are a blessing and inspiration!

With love, Fiona


This is fabulous news! Congratulations Jen!

Hugs to you,



You guys! I feel the love =)...Being part of this community is so important to me!

Open & Trin - You are pure inspiration...among many things, you show me the strength of sensitivity and the courage to be honest and hold up a mirror so that I may know the truth of who I am. There is no greater gift!

Cynthia, Jean -Michel, Catherine and Jan - Thank you for your kind words of support. It feels amazing to let myself BE. You guys feel like one big HUG!!

Funny you mention John Lennon Catherine...his words always weave their way into my life like a soundtrack...thank you for tuning in once again to the just right song lyrics for the moment! That's quite a gift you have! =)

Much love to you all!


Awesome news, Jen. A fabulous addition to the Openhand facilitation team with all your wonderful gifts of being. In John Lennon's words, "Who do 'ya think you are? A superstar? Well right you are." xxx Catherine


Happy to hear that u unfolded into your divine beingness as a facilitator Jen . Wishing u all the very best from the level 2 in Glastonbury and wishing to meet u in the near future . Much love , Jean-Michel


It is always a privilege to be in your presence with your gentle depth of insight and profound honesty. You are empathic integrity personified, and it's wonderful to see you here.