5GATEWAYS 5day Retreat: Glastonbury/UK, 28th Dec-1st Jan 2017

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We're moving through times of profound evolutionary change.
People everywhere are evolving into Spiritual Enlightenment.
But with so many philosophies and practices, how can you be sure you're aligned with the shift into the Higher Paradigm? 5GATEWAYS is a profound spiritual routemap set down by masters through the ages. It has the capacity to illuminate where you are on the path. This Openhand 5GATEWAYS retreat will take you on an experiential journey, processing karma and catalysing your next evolutionary leap. It's an approach that's been helping thousands of people all across the planet...

    This 5day retreat at the very special Chalice Well in "Avalon",
    a place of profoundly uplifting, divine feminine energy.
    It's also perfectly timed to welcome in your New Year 2017 with a positive boost!

Retreat Highlights (Openhand level 2)

  • 5GATEWAYS routemap consciously navigated, to illuminate where you are on the path, thus easing unnecessary struggle and expanding inner peace
  • Guided meditations that catalyse profound shifts of consciousness, that your soul may integrate, break free and soar into higher dimensions
  • A Spiritual Compass, to help you demystify the varied inner influences on the path and integrate your spirituality into your daily life
  • Providing tools, tips and advice, to inspire the release of internal blockages, conditioned behaviours, limiting thought forms and past life karma
  • Relating your transition to global events from financial instability to accelerating climate change, that you may ride the shifts successfully and resiliently.
    "These Openhand Retreats are all about resonating a higher vibrational frequency,
    that unravel inner density, resonate authentic characteristics of your soul,
    and help you expand into higher consciousness."

Guided by Higher Dimensional Bridge: "Open"

Open, who has developed the 5GATEWAYS philosophy, works as a Bridge into higher dimensions of consciousness. His approach is to use intuitive meditation techniques, and self realisation exercises to align you with your soul. He is skilled at activating your Higher Self and removing karmic past life blockages. He can resonate, and help you attune, the authentic frequency of your being. Participants find themselves dropping into the profound nature of who they truly are; an experience which then infuses beneficially into every facet of their lives.

Delicious, plant-based and gluten free cuisine will be provided by the much celebrated Trinity's Conscious Kitchen.

Trinity has been the Openhand Retreat Chef for many years, developing amazingly uplifting, cleansing and rejuvenating recipes.

People feel light and invigorated - which tends to inspire positive and evolutionary dietary change in their lives.

Chalice Well: A venue of Profound Spiritual importance

We're thrilled to be working once more at the magical Chalice Well in Glastonbury, a world respected location of deep spiritual significance; it's been a site of spiritual pilgrimage for centuries. It carries the very special, and divinely feminine, "Magdalen Energy" in abundance.

    We'll be harnessing the vibration of the Chalice Well, working directly with the Benevolent Organising Energy of the universe. We'll help you attune to your soul, creating synchronistic mirroring experiences to reveal where you are on your path, what might be holding you back, and how to move positively forwards into the New Year.

The Openhand Approach incorporates guided meditation with movement, breathing and emotive music, to unveil lost aspects of your being and to set your soul free. Participants experience the process as deeply liberating, expansive and evolutionary. Such shifts of consciousness can integrate directly into your daily life for successful and resilient spiritual living.

Openhandway - a Spiritual Compass for your Routemap

What do you do when the masses are all heading towards the cliff edge? How can you find your sense of rightness even when everyone around you is telling you that you're wrong, when your very soul seems to be pulling in the opposite direction to everyone else? We need a Spiritual Compass - one that helps you align with the routemap; one that you can trust in; one that integrates your profound beingness into your life and changes the reality to one that fits with the core of who you are.

    "Openhand" as an age-old benevolent presence that's been around since the dawning of time itself. It's purpose is to help all sentient life find alignment with the natural flow of the universe. When you know how, it's an energy you can tap into at any time in any place, guiding you benevolently and successfully through all the choices you're faced with, ultimately unfolding your destiny.

On this retreat, aswell as the 5GATEWAYS routemap, we'll be presenting and guiding "Openhandway" - your spiritual compass - as a means of listening to and aligning with your soul. It helps peel away the distorting veils which so often confuse. It helps you build trust in your true self. Furthermore, it is a means of infusing the authenticity of your inner light, the only true way to shape a new reality more closely aligned with the core of who you are. It leads to a life of divine destiny: cherished, held and nurtured as the child of the universe that you truly are.

Administration details

  • Date and Timings: this 5GATEWAYS Retreat gathers on Wednesday 28th December at 3pm, and ends on Sunday 1st January at 1pm. It's purposefully timed to help you celebrate in the New Year with positive and creative energies.
  • Venue: The venue will be the marvelous "Chalice Well" on the outskirts of Glastonbury - a place greatly cherished and respected throughout the world for its deep, spiritual significance. Check out the website, it's our blessing to be there again...Chalice Well
  • Cost: The basic cost is £490, which includes all course fees and healthy vegan meals. Comfortable and spacious accommodation is available at the venue which is included in the price. Contact Trinity for more info... email: courses@openhandweb.org
  • Travel: Glastonbury is conveniently located in the heart of the countryside and yet within easy reach by plane, train, bus and car. It is about 2hrs drive from London and Birmingham and 3hrs from Manchester. It is a 1hr flight from Inverness in Scotland. We are a less than 1 hour bus journey from Bristol which has a main train station and international airport.
  • Booking info: To book a place, or to get more information, contact Trinity in the UK. email: courses@openhandweb.org
    ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible, if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

***PLEASE NOTE*** There are only 12 places available on this retreat, for maximum personal attention, and it is sure to book out. So book early to avoid disappointment.


We can no longer deny the tumultuous changes happening to Humanity and the World. The shadow side of society is truly revealing itself, destroying the 3D biosphere in which we live. Simultaneously, a powerful wave of higher consciousness is rushing in to facilitate a shift of consciousness into a higher paradigm for those who are ready and can embrace it. We're being called by the divine to join the new dawning in the Fifth Density.

It's a way of being you know well in the core of who you are. It speaks into the fibres of your heart. It's an interconnectedness, cherished, nurtured and supported by the divine in your every step. You can live that 24/7, now, in your relationships, work and every facet of your life.

That's what successfully navigating the path of the 5GATEWAYS can achieve. It will...

    Ensure you unveil the fullness of your Divine Being
    Infuse and live the light of your soul in every moment
    Join the Ascension into the New Paradigm as the old reality breaks down.

Those Booking Details again:

To book a place, or to get more information, contact Trinity in the UK... courses@openhandweb.org ***IMPORTANT*** We will respond to your email as soon as possible; if you have not heard from us within 24 hours, check your spam folder.

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Hi Openhanders out there! If you've been sitting on the fence about this one, waiting for the lastminute to book, well now is the lastminute! We have two places left for our New Year Retreat, 28th Dec- 1st Jan. It's sure to be a fantastic gathering at a fantastic time of year at an absolutely fantastic venue - the Chalice Well in the heart of "Avalon", where the portals into the Fifth Density are wide open.

    If you're up for deep transformation leading into the NewYear,
    if you're looking for an alternative way to celebrate new creative possibility
    If you love hanging out with conscious, like-minded people,
    Then this is a must!

    Here are some of the pictures from previous gatherings...

    Scroll to the top to get the full details about this very special retreat.
    Here's where you can ask specific questions and book...

    See you there - don't miss the party!

    Open *OK*

The New Year retreat is sooo special and magical, I'm really looking forward to being there and connecting deep with myself and the Openhand work.

With love, Fiona

The NewYear retreat booked up as quickly as ever this year - no surprises with it being at the very special Chalice Well. But due to last minute changes to personal circumstances, one of the group had to drop out.

It means there's one final place up for grabs!

So if you feel the resonance, due contact us. Even if you've done the course work before, each of these retreats is totally unique. It's all energy work which will engage you exactly where you are at and set you up well for the New Year.

If you're interested in that final place, email... courses@openhandweb.org